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20 December

@dailymaverick: “NEWSFLASH: Power failure plunges #Mangaung plenary into darkness just before Zuma’s final speech. Another sign from the ancestors?”

19 December

@msmkokeli: “Well well well, you are going to laugh. Or you will be shocked. There’s a grand stuff with the #NECvote.”

18 December

@MaxduPreez: “I would really like to ask Cyril R: your views on R250m for Nkandla? Secrecy Bill? Traditional Courts Bill? Education scandals?”

@JJ_UFS: “I just admire Motlanthe. There is more to democracy than winning. Respect, Sir.”

“To me Cyril’s no different to Kgalema – winning fans by doing absolutely nothing to defend the public from his party’s rot.”

“My point? Who gets elected at this conference is totally irrelevant. Just a different wolf from the same pack that’s been marauding since.”

“Therefore to expect that any of these people will deliver anything better is an extreme delusion. Old bread in a new wrapper.”

@NicDawes: “TNS Dec survey finds Zuma’s metro approval 49% v 55% in Jan. About to be dumped Motlanthe now 67% vs 49% in Jan”

@geoffreyyork: “party democracy, ANC style: no candidate debates; no platforms; dubious registration numbers; force everyone to vote at 2 am”

@ButiManamela: “I think voting should be done in the next 30-45 mins. Then counting. Results possibly after lunch.”

@carienduplessis: “Day 3 at conference voting is still taking place, @ButiManamela has tweeted. I’m going back to sleep now.”

@carienduplessis: “Now I hear voting starts 1-2am. Am afraid some comrades are so partied out from waiting that they’ll no longer make sober choice.”

17 December

@carienduplessis: “Massive party bus just passed #ANC2012 conference venue. Open top bus. Loud music.”

@carienduplessis: “People leave the hall. The past hour was amongst the most exciting in my career, along with Polokwane moments.”

@AdriaanBasson: “So it’s Zuma vs Motlanthe/Ramaphosa vs Phosa vs Sexwale/Mbete vs Modise/Mantashe vs Mbalula/Mashatile vs Mkhize.”

@GvanOnselen: “Fransman says he’s declining NEC nomination to dislodge the DA. Classic. His continued bumbling will help the DA no end.”

@Mndeni_N: “In this country we have to take better care of our mentally ill. Letting them run for President seems so cruel.”

16 December

@MakhosiniKekana: “I’m saying it in your face.If you support Jacob Zuma,you have a serious intellectual deficiency.Full stop.”

@verashni: “It was funny at first but now I’m angry. I want to shake these people awake and shout: ‘Hello?? You’re one of 5000 ppl deciding our future!'”

@msmkokeli: “Zuma shooting himself in the foot, making argument for change: he says: ANC needs ppl who can run SA properly.”

@StephenGrootes: “Zuma’s setting a tone with this song, it’s a clever move, and deeply respectful at the same time.”

@carienduplessis: “Wat abt the guy wu prays wit his eyes open while everybody has the heads down. doesn’t want his land stolen again. Clever.”

@carienduplessis: “Despite the party’s best intentions, media arrangements at ANC2012 are a fuckup again and journos are hot, bothered.”

@TiroMokoditoa: “This African time story is nothing but utter bull. If we are to progress as a people, we need to kick this habit fast.”

@TannieEvita: “Good luck ANC. Be careful of the ‘mock’ in democracy and the ‘con’ in reconciliation.”

@JJ_UFS: “ANC met all is financial obligations to the UFS for the Conference; a good start.”

@Bmasilela: “Mangaung mean a place of leopards and will knw ANC never change its spot.”

@lunchout2: “C’mon Mangaung press corps. Stop boring us with politics. Rather tell us who’s shagging who and who’s downing the Johnnie Blues.”

15 December

@NicDawes: “Cyril Ramaphosa is wandering the mimosa mall instead of attending the gala dinner. Make of that what you will.”

@carienduplessis: “Okay, Ace was right. Seems like the 20 Free State PEC members can’t attend ANC2012 conference but branch delegates may. Still humiliating.”

@rahimaessop: “Jeff Radebe says Free State delegates won’t be allowed to attend the Mangaung Conference.”

@MikeTinn: “Zuma is 4th best paid pres in world, but our GDP per capita is 70th!

@msmkokeli: “#Manuel SA wants to host and or run #Brics bank. You get my drift?”

@msmkokeli: “Confirmed: Trevor Manuel declines NEC nomination.”

@MandyRossouw: “Jeez our country’s leaders love their fancy cars, parking lot at NEC jam-packed with MLs,S-class and AMG.And that’s just the Mercs.”

@ShantiAboobaker: “People in Bloem just want us to leave. Say they ‘couldn’t be bothered’ by the ANC being in town. Kovsies students and staff too.”

@pierredevos: “Is the struggle still selfless, is it indeed still a struggle when you arrive in a R1 million taxpayer funded car?”

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