Oudtshoorn staring down the barrel of a huge SARS claim


SARS wants Major Sokopo’s VAT claims back!

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Oudtshoorn. 13 December 2012. 14h45. It was Thandekile Mnyimba, the municipal manager that never was because the High Court ruled his appointment ab initio null and void, that gave his buddy, Comrade Major Sokopo, the ANC’s Regional Treasurer for the Southern Cape and Klein Karoo, a lovely contract to recover VAT, ostensibly erroneously paid by the municipality, from SARS.

But O!O revealed in April already that Sokopo’s company, Major General Trading Business Enterprises, earlier made false VAT recovery claims in Ventersdorp and that the March 1 appointed had to be voided.

Guess what?

SARS is now unhappy with the Sokopo recoveries and wants its money back!

Just as O!O warned.

And Sokopo has already pocketed his 25% commission – and did not even bother to attend the meeting with SARS last week to discuss “the problem”!

Back in April O!O wanted to know why CEO Deon Lott did not stop the appointment of MGT on March 1. Lott must surely have known that MGT claimed R5m in VAT recovery in Ventersdorp and that a mere R200,000 (4%) was legitimate!
Why should Lott probably have known?
Because MGT was appointed in Ventersdorp by Lott’s Comrade, Kenny Leluma, former “political advisor” to the previous Bitou Mayor.
Although MGT received R600,000 in “fees” from the Ventersdorp Municipality, SARS now wants its money back!
The ratepayers of  Ventersdorp will have to bear the cost of repayment, with fines; commission paid to MGT; and administrative expense of a double payment.
MGT claimed VAT recovery on salaries and on loan repayments to the South African Development Bank!

O!O must confess that it is convinced that such a scam can only be effected when a SARS agent is in on the deal. How else can VAT be reclaimed only to be questioned again later by SARS!?
Apparently the scam works like this: The VAT Recovery Agents claim false overpayments from a SARS source; pocket the commission and are long gone when a SARS audit reveals the falsity and the reclaimed VAT is to be returned to SARS.
SARS may levy fines of up to 200% – to be carried by the ratepayers.
Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers will surely not stand for this kind of thievery! Will they!?
It’s time to stand up and do something to protect your pockets, my dear longsuffering readers!

Yet this was the DA’s reaction, by the party’s local chair, when O!O warned against the Sokopo contract on April 9:

… jy (hou) aan met treiter en steeds op dieselfde snaar asof die saak deur jou onthul, Kuba Missielkrisis-afmetings inhou. Wat verwag jy moet wie NOU doen? (Daar is) geen rede waarom die klaarblyke onwettige handeling van die munisipale bestuurder juis hierdie naweek DA optrede en of persverklarings vereis nie. Allermins verwag ek in ‘n Regstaat dat Provinsiale Regering oornag ingryp. Ek het my reeds uitgespreek teen oorhaastige ‘Wild West’ optrede. Ek volstaan daarby…Die DA koukus sal binne die reg hul demokratiese regte (en plig) uitoefen. Dan kyk ons hoe reageer die ANC koalisie in regering op Oudtshoorn. Dan tree ons verder binne raamwerk van die regsorde op… Terloops, as minister Bredell nie reageer op jou skrywes nie, soek jy verniet by my om jou hoorsê-berigte oor te dra.Click here.

Nou ja toe.
The municipality of Madibeng recently received a R60m fine for false claims, remedied by the intervention of legitimate professionals.
Six companies tendered for VAT Recovery in Oudtshoorn last year. MGT was not one of these companies. The tender lapsed, and Mnyimba unilaterally awarded the contract to his comrade, Sokopo, on March 1.
Thandekile Mnyimba; Major Sokopo; Gordon April; Deon Lott… you have to explain this MGT contract.

O, and Messrs DA – you have to explain why you did NOTHING in response to O!O’s “hearsay” warning.

A better alternative for Oudtshoorn. Purleaze!

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7 thoughts on “Oudtshoorn staring down the barrel of a huge SARS claim

  1. Colin, public servants have become known as “public disasters”

    Hannes waarom is jy nou so stil nadat jy so slim was toe die Sekopo gemors aan die kaak gestel is en vrae opgeduik het in April. Jou misielkrisis het nou inderdaad n Misielkrisis vir die lamsakkige DA geword

    Spreek broeder, spreek, die nasie wag in angs nadat jou naam nou so bollie gemaak is op die sosiale netwerke !!

  2. @Hardy, I for one have a great respect for you, and your opinions. While I am hugely impressed by your apparent turn around, the same can be said for me I suppose. Lets be clear, it was mainly your links to the A&C that gave the DAceivers the advantage in ward2. This I have confirmed with non-political naive voters.
    By the DA calling for the “Swart Gevaar” die koel was deur die kerk. If you are as sincere as you imply, I will most certainly meet you at our initial independently minded people’s gathering early next year, and I can ensure you that we will be the future in a real democratic S.A. Aluta Continua!

  3. Dear Correspondent. I am not for one second pretending to know all the answers but here is my personal take on the matter. The short answer to your question is “yes”. Whether there is a political will to amend the necessary statutes in order to implement such a system is a completely different question. The role of politics and administration is blurry in South Africa, particularly at the local government level. This is not unique to South Africa and seems to be prevalent throughout the African continent.
    Eighteen years into democracy, and the line between helpful intervention and corruption seems to be getting thinner and thinner. The values and principles of the ruling party in each municipality continue to remain in question, and the commitment to service delivery remains a dream that eludes the current government of the day.

    Political interference in administration clearly undermines legislation, policies and procedures put in place to govern local government; it intimidates the very people who are supposed to handle administration within local municipalities, who are tasked with ensuring effective and efficient implementation of the various legislation and goals set.
    It is high time that the ruling parties (the DA in the Western Cape and ANC elsewhere) take a stand to define its role as policy makers and instil new principles and values where political meddling in administration is concerned. If not, the dream of a “better life for all” will continue to remain just that; a dream.
    A much more effective course of action, in my opinion, is that independents should contest each and every ward in the next election and thereafter move to remove politics completely from local government. The politicians are welcome to fight their battles and play their games on provincial and national level but should leave municipalities to be administrated by professional officials.  I still need to find one single municipality where politicians actually contributed to the wellbeing of the town in general. The prospects of the independents winning however seem very dim after what happened last week in Plett’s by-election, but let’s try not to lose all hope. A lot could happen in two years.

  4. The role of politics and administration is blurry in South Africa, particularly at the local government level. This is not unique to South Africa and seems to be prevalent throughout the African continent.

  5. is there not a system where we don’t need councillors to run a town? just asking

  6. What has the DA done and accomplished since their letter dated 9 April “…binne die reg hul demokratiese regte (en plig)” and “binne raamwerk van die regsorde op”? Please can someone answer this?

  7. “nou ja toe” ha ha I love it. I think public servants in this country should be called ‘public masters’

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