The November 23 2010 AIFA Council Decision

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Oudtshoorn. 13 December 2012. 09h00. Here is Council Resolution 63.38/11/10 dated November 23 2010, approving the use of the aerodrome by TFASA and AIFA and also to erect a hanger. The matter is covered below.

Oudtshoorn. 12 December 2012. 14h10. The clamant lie that there never was a council decision 63.38/11/10 dated November 23 2010 to allow TFASA and AIFA not only the use of the aerodrome, but also to erect a hanger, has been exposed as yet another keystone in the false construct against the presence of the flight school.

Councillor Pierre Nel (DA Ward 2) demanded on December 6, during the council meeting, that the recording of the council meeting of November 23 2010 be played and warned that the false representation of a decision to allow the hanger will result in officials being discharged, or words to that effect.

Nel based his cautionary on the input of his party colleagues who claimed that no such decision was ever made.

At the end of the recording confirming the decision Nel said that he was “embarrassed and had been misled”.

O!O confirmed the decision months ago already, having spoken to the proposer, Wilton Kawa; and the seconder, Wessie van der Westhuizen, who both recalled the decision.


Yet the falsity that no such decision was ever made became a shibboleth for opponents of the flight school.

Months earlier, on June 13, AIFA CEO Willie Marais issued a media statement clarifying AIFA’s presence:

Aifa het reeds op 11 Oktober 2010 in ‘n formele ondernemingsbrief aan die munisipale bestuurder aangedui dat hy ‘n vliegskool op die Oudtshoorn vliegveld wil bedryf.

Die munisipaliteit het op 15 Oktober ontvangs van die ondernemingsbrief erken en op 23 November skriftelik toestemming vir die oprigting van ‘n loods verleen.

Op 28 Januarie 2011 het die munisipaliteit die bouplanne vir die konstruksie van die loods goedgekeur.

Op 2 Maart 2011 het Aifa ‘n getekende kontrak, wat deur die munisipaliteit opgestel en aangebied is, aan die munisipale bestuurder oorhandig. Aifa het tot vandag toe nie weer van die munisipaliteit verneem oor dié kontrak nie.

Tog het die munisipaliteit nog nooit te kenne gegee dat Aifa nie die vliegveld regmatig gebruik nie.

Op 2 Februarie 2011, byvoorbeeld, het die munisipaliteit ‘n fondasie-inspeksie op die loods-bouperseel gedoen. Die gebou is op 19 Julie voltooi.

Die munisipaliteit het Aifa eers na die voltooiing van die loods meegedeel dat daar geen kragvoorsiening was nie en dat Aifa dit op eie kosste sal moet voorsien. Aifa het R260,000 spandeer om ‘n substasie op te rig. Aifa het ook op eie koste die noodsaaklike water- en riool-opgraderings gedoen.

In Januarie vanjaar het Aifa besluit om ‘n beheertoring op te rig omdat dit addisionele veiligheid op die vliegveld verseker. Hierdie toring kos Aifa R1.6m.

Die toring het tot gevolg dat Oudtshoorn ‘n klas G vliegveld verkeersone word; en dat ‘n toegewyde radio-frekwensie aan die Oudtshoorn lugruim toegeken word; en dat alle lugverkeer sentraal aan die toring rapporteer.

1. Dat AIFA se bouplanne nie goedgekeur is nie, soos in die hoof-opskrif en teks van die OBV-advertensie beweer word, is ‘n infame leuen. Alle bouprojekte, insluitend die loods en die beheertoring, is afsonderlik skriftelik goedgekeur deur die munisipaliteit. Die departement van omgewingsake het ook skriftelike toestemming verskaf dat die beheertoring-projek voltooi kan word.

2. Die bekladding dat AIFA bepaalde lugruime “onwettig binnedring”, soos in die OBV-advertensie beweer word, is ‘n belediging in die lugvaartbedryf. Sulke onverantwoordelike optrede sal die opskorting van lugvaartlisensies tot gevolg hê. Oudtshoorn het ‘n geregistreerde lughawe en as sodanig word AIFA wetlik verplig om slegs die geregistreerde naderingspatrone en kringvlugte te gebruik.

These facts did not fit the opposers’ agenda and were dismissed.

Ye gods and faeries. We live in Chelm.

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14 thoughts on “The November 23 2010 AIFA Council Decision

  1. I have removed four comments on O!O since 2008. I have removed a fifth – one from Graham Pelham posted at 23h15 last night. I’ll have something in this matter by midday.

    And no, I do not delete anything from my blog that I do not agree with; only racist comments… And, well, this last one, even though I will replace it later today.

  2. I am under strict legal instruction not to reply to the accusations and to remove same.

    I adhere to the first instruction and am considering the second.

    As I was occupied since around 12h00 yesterday with the story to be published this afternoon, I did not really have time to consider a response.

    Comment on the Municipality-AIFA contract is welcome, but no further obloquy will be published.

  3. o!o ……Out spoken defendent of AIFA and ‘Sims City’ expert Mr. Pienaar (Oudtshoorn Aeroclub Chairman) sells out Oudtshoorn Residents in deal with Chinese, purchases ‘expensive’ hotel property in quiet Tsitsikamma Village and leaves Oudtshoorn Residents to live with the noise pollution while he enjoys life in his quiet forest lodge.

    Just why are Pienaar and several well know businessmen in Oudtshoorn defending AIFA in this unlawful activity, whilst condemning the Municipality on all other Municipal irregularities? What has been thier involvement?

    The sale of the Cape-flying School in lucrative deal with Chinese (were they also led to believe they were purchasing the rights to Oudtshoorn Aerodrome through the Oudtshoorn AeroClub) links in pretty well with Mr. Marais 13 June press ‘timeline’ press release as written by AIFA Public Relations Officer Mr Baird, and Mr. Pienaars purchase of expensive forest lodge and move.

    Extract from Tsitsikamma Village Inn Website: ‘On the 1st of November 2010, the Tsitsikamma Village Inn has changed hands and is now the pride and joy of the new enthusiastic owners, Chris Sykes, Irma de Villiers, David and Wilma Pienaar. Chris and Irma who have been in the hospitality industry along the Garden Route for many years, with David and Wilma Pienaar from Oudtshoorn, decided to ‘grab-the-opportunity’, and they took over the reign at this magical hotel.

    We are now the proud owners of a 49-bedroomed upmarket three star hotel.’

    Please explain the British Virgin offshore accounts and companies? The monies are not even being paid into South African companies.

    The truth will be exposed just like Mr. Baird has been exposed as a conman fraudster and thief. Birds of a feather flock together.

  4. Read your above statement and I rest my case. You Sir, are full of hate. Ag nee sies man!

  5. Zander; pathetic attempt to divert from the topic. This council decision is about a proposal to erect a hangar, does not mention AIFA or AVIC or TFASA or their right to use the Aerodrome AT ALL it is not worth the paper it is printed on and without supporting documentation or due Municipal Process – which in this case does not exists according to the Patel report. The council decision ends by saying tender process must be adhered to in the further use and development of the airport … Since 2010 who else tendered to use the airport, where was the proposed use of the airport ever advertised for Public Participation and input. no supply chain management was applied?

    NOW ZANDER: Why don’t you indulge us in your intellegence gathering as to why NTPS SA (TFASA) who were in a JV with the NTPS USA (National Test Pilot School) were kicked out of the USA in 2003? Tell us about the ‘too confidential for the public’ AVIC link to Denel (South African Defence Company) and how French and other western Military and Civilian technology purchased in the Arms deal have been supplied to China breaking international defense agreements with those supplier countries.

    This includies the French (Thales Group supplied through ADS) supplied avionics in the Rooivalk attack helicopter that make the helicopter one of the most advanced weapons delivery platforms in the world (not South African technology as claimed by TFASA).

    This includes illegal copying of SAAB, and BA systems technology. Chinese international patent breaking copying the French Airbus illegally and the US F35 stealth bomber, stealing that technology with the assistance of companies like TFASA that used to have close links to US .

    Tell us about the proposed development of attack drones for the Chinese military by TFASA?

    Why does AIFA (AVIC) need to remain in South Africa to train pilots now that Chinese airspace has recently been opened, why did they ever need to be here if the Military link is so strong as claimed by TFASA? Is this ‘training facility’ just a front for a future strategic Chinese airbases to house attack drones and aircraft to control Chinese African resources in the region?

    Tell us about why we the residents of Oudtshoorn should become embroiled in international defense issues that jeopardise our safety because of you the greedy and unethical few.

  6. Graham. Speaking of China, why dont you tell us about your inherent hate of the Chinese and other nations. Tell us about your involvment with Aviant Aviation and what Aviant Aviation did behind the facade of being a Civil Aviation organisation? Tell us about your ties with the French Foreign Legion. And then having said all of that tell us why we should trust your intentions?

  7. First the resolution doesn’t exist, then it doesn’t say what it says…

    Paragraaf 5 se “alle aansoeke tans op rekord” verwys seker na aansoeke deur die kosmiese knapies wat in die 50’s by Roswell wou land en nie daar landingsregte gehad het nie!

    Maar niks maak meer saak nie want die wêreld eindig mos volgende week, op die 21ste, dan nie?

    Dis alles vreeslik snaaks. Maar ek en my laggende maters sit hier in die Kaap en die saak is seker nie so snaaks vir die mense van Oudtshoorn nie.

  8. AIFA are Squatters, albeit with the blessing of some powerful politicians and civil servants; who are putting major political pressure from National level on our Municipality to fix thier unlawful situation and disregard civil rights.. Why is there such confidentiality and restriction on public access to information if all is above board?

  9. Where is AIFA / AVIC mentioned by name in this Council Proposal? This is a proposal not a council decision which in order to be valid requies an entire Municipal Systems ACT to be followed after proposal where:

    Public Notice is given (show us the adverts that went out) with reference to where the public may locate and familiarise themselves with the applicants business proposal, followed by public participation and a Social, Economic Environmental Impact Assessment carried out by the owner of the facility (Municipality in trust of Ratepaying Residents|. There is also under the Asset Transfer Regulations a requirement for open Tender of the Municipal Facility where proposals may be compared for use of the concerned property and evaluated by merit.

    We live in a DEMOCRACY with civil rights and a constitution, we are not living in China where air space is Military Controlled and environmental and community rights do not exist.

    The ORPA and Patel investigations identify the irregularity of this council proposal and explain in detail the legal requirements Council and Municipality are required to adhere to. What our local ‘public servants’ are doing is elevating themselves to politburo dirtatorship status.

    This battle we are fighting is not just about the Oudtshoorn Aerodrome, it is about the undermining of our civil rights and the quiet revolution taking place in our Municipalities that is throwing out democracy and installing a dictatorship.

  10. NICE!! What now ORPA, Pelham clan, Kitty, Keene etc??? Viva Aviation Viva

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