Municipal officialdom fails to meet minimum competency deadline

Millions wasted. Yet again.

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Oudtshoorn. 11 December 2012. 05h00. Municipal officials have been warned in June 2007 to attain certain minimum competencies on or before 1 January 2013.

Many of them failed either because they never even regsitered for the modules, or because they simply did not attend classes and did not submit papers.

Some of them skipped classes and some of them did not do the homework.

Those who did register and did not complete the course work obviously cost ratepayers and taxpayers money.

O!O wants to know which Oudtshoorn Municipal officials failed to attain the minimum competencies.

So, because the previous incompetent municipal manager, acting on instruction from the incompetent mayor, arranged that O!O’s emails can’t reach the municipal functionaries, I fired off a letter to the DA chief whip last night.

(I have a way of getting emails through to the clowns of Verwoerd Sq, when I care enough to reach them. At this time I don’t.)

The Chief Whip
Mr Chris MacPherson
Oudtshoorn Council
Verwoerd Sq

Dear Councillor MacPherson

Government Gazette Vol. 504, No. 29967 of June 15 2007 demand at paragraph 18(2) that municipal officials attain the required higher education qualification and the required minimum competency level for each competency area stipulated on or before 1 January 2013.

Although I am aware that national treasury extended this deadline by memorandum and that the MFMA allows departures from treasury regulations at s170(1) & (2) – by the minister’s application of mind on good cause shown, I nonetheless generally question the extension granted after five years.

I now demand that council forthwith

1. Identify officials sufficiently lethargic and irresponsible not to enroll to attain the required levels;
2. Identify officials who have in fact enrolled and failed to meet the minimum competency levels;
3. Provide reasons for such failure, both by torpidity and inability;
4. Disclose the total expenditure on failed attempts to attain the minimum competency levels, including travel and sustenance.

I further demand that you petition the Western Cape minister of local government for reasons the ministry’s oversight task team failed to ensure a) enrollment, and b) completion.

Please indicate, by expeditious return email, the steps to be taken by the DA/Cope opposition to hold responsible the failed officials, including the minister, for fruitless and wasteful expenditure and further steps to recover same from those officials who, in fact, did enroll and failed to attain the required levels.

The letter was copied to several Western Cape politicians and administrators, the national minister of Cogta and treasury officials.

MacPherson’s copy was returned “failed permanently”. Hopefully the caucus secretary, copied, will inform the unreachable chief whip.

O!O has information that director corporatwe services Francois Human and director community services Ron Lottering attended some classes but failed to complete the work.

O!O wants to know why they failed.

O!O wants them to repay the ratepayers and the tax payers.

And, as per usual, where is the Western Cape minister of local government!?

What does this individual ever do!?

By the way, the modules are easy. It’s designed so incompetents can get some semblance of competency.

The officials O!O spoke to who did attain the required minimum competencies appear not to have needed the courses – they were already competent. It’s those doofuses who didn’t bother…

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2 thoughts on “Municipal officialdom fails to meet minimum competency deadline

  1. It looks like the municipal officials who did not meet this minimum competence standard are probably now regarded as unemployable – why are they still there at the tax payers expense and what is Bredell going to do about it (only if he passed it too can he act, i suppose) ??

    OO, please give us a follow up on this ! This matter needs to be persued aggressively.

  2. I think I can answer the question O!O.

    They failed because they are utterly incompetent and will remain utterly incompetent because they just do not care for anything other than their own pockets. They are not interested in serving the public (or bettering themselves for that matter). They only want the pay cheque at the end of the month.

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