Learner driver backs into AIFA hanger


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Oudtshoorn. 12 December 2012. 13h35. Director Community Services Ron Lottering; Head Planning & development Jaco Eastes; and three colleagues I did not care to meet, held an in loco inspection at around 13h00 at the scene of yesterday’s accident.

There were general exclamations of incredulity and I suggested that the abject failure to get the management of the AIFA Flight School and the Driver’s License Center contracts in place is a function of “bloody stupidity”.

I spoke for myself and not as an agent for anybody. Then I left.

Oudtshoorn is run by idiots.

Oudtshoorn. 12 December 2012. 08h25. I have had a long and earnest telephone conversation with Western Cape minister of transport Robin Carlisle this morning.

It is abundantly clear to me that Carlisle, a minister I specifically rate, is not in possession of the facts surrounding the Licensing Center. And I told the minister so.

I am personally convinced that Carlisle is, in fact, keen and willing to fix the Oudtshoorn problem and we agreed that his ministry and the local media should join forces in solving the problem.

O!O is in possession of alarming facts and will investigate same today before reporting.

I was even able to raise Ron Lottering, Oudtshoorn’s director community services, the functionary with final responsibility for the Licensing Center, this morning. Lottering expressed his shock at the happenings at the center and promised to respond in full during the course of the day.

Oudtshoorn. 11 December 2012. 18h15. Eish!

The scene of the acident at the aerodrome this afternoon…

A Cessna 150 of the AIFA flight school; the 6-seater Aerostar of Johan Strassheim; and a Cessna Cardinal 177 of the Aero Club were damaged this afternoon when a learner driver from the Eastern Cape, Ms T Kolisi, backed into the AIFA hanger at the Oudtshoorn Aerodrome.

Mr M Godongwana, the brother of the owner of the vehicle, was training Kolosi when the accident happened. The pair was using the official municipal training and testing facility adjacent to the hanger.

Individuals familiar with aircraft estimated the potential damage in the region of R2.8 million and suspect that two of the damaged aircraft may be scrapped.

Damage to the hanger is estimated to be between R20 000 and R40 000.

That the municipality is liable for all damage has been confirmed by the highest provincial authority on condition of anonimity.

But the real story of interest is the illegitimate use of the official municipal training and testing centre – a matter that has long angered the people of Oudtshoorn.

Today’s mishap is all the more serious because it involves the illegitimate use of the municipal training and testing facility by a private individual, training someone he claims to be “one of my sisters”.

Godongwana had no business using the facility after hours. The desk closes at around 15h30 and no one is supposed to use the facility after closing time.

Oudtshoorn’s traffic chief, Thembuxolo Tyatya, is responsible for the training and testing facility and reports to the director community services, Ron Lottering. Neither could be reached for comment.

Golisa Gasa was appointed, with effect from November 1, as management representative of the Oudtshoorn Drivers’ Licence Testing Centre, an A-Grade testing centre which requires, in terms of the Road Traffic Act, the appointment of an A-Grade testing official, someone who is graded to test for all driver’s licenses.

Gasa did not even have a driver’s licence himself when he was appointed!

The municipality sponsored his attendance of the qualifying K53 Course at the Gene Louw College in Brackenfell after his appointment, but Gasa could not complete the course for lack of qualifications to even have been entered.

Gasa was given R30,000 to cover his expense for the course and even travelled to Brackenfell in a municipal vehicle although the allocated amount was intended also to have covered his personal transportation cost. Gasa has to date not supplied a single invoice or made any repayment to the municipality.

Earlier this year the Western Cape minister of transport, Robin Carlisle, urged the media not to report on the gross discrepancies at the testing centre where driver’s licences were sold openly, to allow the “Hawks”, as the minister claimed, to finalise an investigation.

The Serious and Violent Crime Unit of the Oudtshoorn SAPS’s Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation finally raided the testing centre on June 22.

Today’s accident confirms the absolute disdain of Oudtshoorn by the Western Cape DA government. It has been six months since the “o, so secretive and cunning plan to fix the licensing problems” came to fruition and the testing centre was raided.

The Oudtshoorn SAPS members are committed to eviscerate the clamant lawlessness at the testing centre, but their hands are truly tied by kilometers of red tape. The case against Tyatya and Lottering for defeating the ends of justice is currently being considered by the DPP in Cape Town. The officers have to wait…

Oudtshoorn is run by idiots.

The rational people of Oudtshoorn appear to be quite at ease with the status quo – I saw not a single municipal official or councillor at the scene of the accident this afternoon.

Who cares?

Certainly not the councillors and the officials of Verwoerd Square.

And the minister? And the premier?

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24 thoughts on “Learner driver backs into AIFA hanger

  1. Ps. I forgot to add:

    Why oh why, would Graham propose a public meeting “if mr.(sic) Baird wants to challenge his statements”?

    If, in fact Graham is in possession of “evidence against him”, why not take such evidence to court where an impartial judge/magistrate can decide on the relevance and/or reliability of such “evidence”. Why present it at a public meeting?

  2. This thread has filled me with much curiosity. One Graham, made some serious accusations against Mr. Drewan Baird, by name. Now, these accusations, should they prove to be false, will probably amount to serious libel, which could and should lead to an action for defamation against Graham.

    With what I have seen going on in Oudtshoorn, I have a couple of questions. Firstly, what weight can be placed on a report/investigation conducted by Adv. Patel? As far as what I have been reading about this individual, he is a rather questionable person. As they said back in the days, a person of ill repute.

    I note from the writings of Lizanne Pelham (and the ORPA) website, that they (ORPA) relies heavily too on a letter written by the Municipality under the hand of one Mr. T Mnyimba. Another very suspicious/unreliable source if there ever was one.

    I am also regularly surprised, no that is not the correct word, interested, to note how people regress to the ad hominem arguments when facing difficult questions. Why in the world Graham felt the need to refer to Mr. Drewan Baird’s personal financial position, or debt, or money issues is beyond me. But, that is the nature of the person I guess. If one has no valid argument, just attempt to discredit your opponent on other levels, thus negating HIS argument. This also just done with no factual proof being offered. If, for argument’s sake, it is true that Mr. Baird borrowed money from individual, which he has not yet repaid, then if payment is due, why have those individuals not taken legal action to recover the funds? Or maybe, if there are indeed money that has been lent and must be repaid, maybe the creditor and debtor has alternative arrangements. Just shooting in the dark here, but there could be loads of explanations, all of which might be a lot less sinister than just assuming Mr. Baird is dishonest.

  3. BETTER DRIVER THEN YOU::: Maybe she is just a backward driver.

    Talk of arrogance, AIFA chief says the test track must move to another spot. Sir that facility was there long before you even thought of coming to Oudtshoorn.
    To keep burglars out of my home I put up the burglar guards,not the burglars. What precautions have you taken to protect your hanger, if, as you say you were concerned about the proximity of the learner vehicles to the hanger. Barrier rails are suggested. I still question the existence of the hanger and its position. See my previous comments.

  4. What’s wrong with the driver, didn’t she know the car was going backwards.

  5. Regarding the statement by ORPA on AIFA insurance; the really important point to note is not their aircraft insurance which is of no relevance to the public, but the validity of their Public Liability insurance in lieu of no contract, unlawful use of aerodrome and airspace? What are the consequences if their is an accident and there are public damages, death or injury? Will on investigation the insurance pay out or will the victims be left for years trying to make claims?

  6. If mr. Baird wants to challenge my statements, I propose a public meeting next week with our local press invited during which our evidence against him will be presented.

  7. In my investigations I did not miss the fact that Drewan Baird is a fraudster and conman having conned several individuals that we know of so far out of thousands of Rand on pretext of urgently needing to borrow the money and promises to repay it the following week. Money he has failed to repay over the course of more than two years.

    Further, this investigation has led to my being approached by more individuals from whom Drewan Baird collected registration fees and donations on behalf of ORPA despite not being involved with ORPA or sanctioned to collect monies on their behalf. Funds that have disappeared and definitely were never paid over to ORPA.

    Anyone with information to support our legal case please contact me on: graham.pelham@gmail.com

    This is the Public Relations face of AIFA and several prominent businessmen of this town??

  8. Just remember AVIC / AIFA has no contract and right to occupy the hanger therefore they must definitely not even think about trying to sue the Ratepayers and Municipality, further the Insurers of AIFA (SANTAM AVIATION) is very interested in the fact that you have no contract!

  9. O!O is biased when O!O does not report what ORPA and the OBB determines to be virginal truth.


  10. o!o Comment on Adv. Patels report once you have seen it, you have been made aware of all the legalities of this matter since January 2012 yet you have been selective in your reporting thereof.

  11. Oudtshoorn Ratepayers Association (ORPA) and Oudtshoorn Burgerlike Beweging (OBB) have just had a meeting with Mr. Ronnie Lottering Oudtshoorn Municipality.

    According to Mr. R. Lottering AIFA do not have a lease agreement; AVIC (Chinese Parent Company) are in process (two and half years late) of requesting a lease agreement from the Oudtshoorn Municipality. This following the adoption and tabling of recommendations of the Patel report by Council on Friday 6 Dec 2012. The contents of this report are not available to the public?

    ORPA and OBB want the ‘Supply Chain Management’ aspect of the ‘use of Municipal land’; in this case the Oudtshoorn Aerodrome, to be transparently applied and in specific correct tender process and public participation (not an exclusive business group that does not represent the full spectrum of Oudtshoorn residents).

    For the past two and a half years AIFA have been and continue to be technically squatting on the Municipal Aerodrome as they have no official contract. TFASA applied for use of the Oudtshoorn Aerodrome according to a 2010 council decision proposed by Wilton Kawa and seconded by Wessie Van der Westhuysen; however, they are not the same company as AVIC / AIFA. Further even though proposed and seconded in Council no further action to correctly follow the Municipal Systems Act has taken place and TFASA are technically also squatting.

    Surely there are several business / community projects that would like to apply for the use of this Municipal land that may be of far greater benefit to the local community than a flying school that has not proven to this point to have brought in diverse benefit to the town of Oudtshoorn. Both pros and cons must be weighed up and the best investment proposal accepted.

    The rate-payers investigation / findings as per the Section 24 G Public Participation Process will be posted later today (12/12/12) onto http://orpa.co.za

    Lastly; we must ask what the implications on insurance will be regarding Public Liability Insurance for Oudtshoorn should there be any air crash causing damage destruction or death considering that AIFA are not ‘legally’ using Oudtshoorn Aerodrome?

  12. O!O completely distances itself from Graham Pelham’s above comments.

    O!O is in the process of informing both Mr Jonker and Mr Pienaar of the allegations.

    O!O is discombobulated by the reliance on intelligence by Patel and Associates, given ORPA and Mr Pelham’s indefatigable drive for transparent and clean administration an refer Mr Pelham to the 193-page Kapp Report of November 12 2011 ONGERYMDHEDE IN DIE REKENINGE VAN “PATEL AND ASSOCIATES” EN BEWYSE VAN BEDROG TUSSEN REKENINGE WAT AAN GEORGE EN OUDTSHOORN MUNISIPALITEITE GELEWER IS.

    Did not the “ORPA private investigators” pick up on this? And what else did the “investigators” miss or ignore or fabricate?

  13. Both Advocate Patel & Associates and ORPA private investigators have carried out conclusive investigations that are highly detailed and provide the names of those involved in the unlawful behaviour that has been conducted to the benefit of a few businessmen and detriment of many residents and stakeholders in Oudtshoorn. The investigations findings identify amongst others M. Jonker and Pinnar of the Oudtshoorn Flying Club who lives in a corrupt mafia version of Sims City, Greg Baartman and Jaco Eastes who misinformed and defrauded Oudtshoorn Council and AIFA who benefitted from shortcutting red-tape assisted by Minister A. Winde the Asset Transfer Regulations of the Municipal Systems Act. To state that it is the fault of the Municipality is not entirely correct. Yes maladministration and politics in our Municipality have left gaps open for unlawful behaviour; however, fraud and corruption do not exist due to a short-coming in the system, they exist due to individuals who knowledgeably make a conscience decision to do business unlawfully.

    Financially penalising the Municipality is financially penalising the rate-payers; rather unfair, so as a collective the residents of Oudtshoorn need to back ORPA in a zero tolerance to maladministration, fraud and corruption and bring INDIVIDUALS to book.

    The new Oudtshoorn Watchdog organisation is welcome; however, in the past seven years I have seen the same group of businessmen start and then let collapse a number of political and financially motivated organisations. Can we not just unite behind one non-political and non-financially driven organisation that shows no victimisation or favour?

    If you want the truth it is all there, do you think I would put my real name on these accussation with legal implications if I did not have solid proof to back up my claims? Just put pressure on our Municipality to release the findings of the Patel Investigation and ask for those individuals that acted unlawfully to be brought to book as individuals by Director Environmental Compliance and the Law.

  14. wat vir my kommerwekkend is, is die feit dat daar mense is wat hulself “verlus” in die affere. ek sien een “dame” het op Die Hoorn se facebook blad iets in die lyn geskryf van “hulle moes sommer almal daar weg gery het” of so iets. Die post is intussen verwyder. Mev Bekker, skaam jou, dit is laag.

  15. I would surely rather have this idiots run odn dan u. I wonder who r u reffering to when u say ‘ long angered the ppl of odn’ who r theese ppl u reffering too. As for private individuals using the center. Ask the young white girl dat was almost crushed by dat Mgodongwana car, why she was at the field at that time. As for Golisa Gasa, so u can prove dat he dd nt have a license……gagagagagaga Get your facts strait Boy

  16. Nie geweet daar is so ‘n persoon op die raad nie, allermins ‘n DA raadslid.. Is hy onlangs verkies? Miskien kan jy my ook inlig wie die raadslid is vir die omgewing waar die tennisbane gelee is op hv Adderley en Van der Rietstraat.

  17. Die Stem, Die lughawe en bestuurs-opleiding toetsgrond val onder DA Raadslid Le Roux, vir wat dit werd is.

  18. I get a bit confused sometimes but is the hanger under discussion a AIFA hanger or a municipal one? Do AIFA have a legal lease agreement to use the facility?. If not then they are squatting. I f the hanger was built by them on municipal ground without a contract/lease agreement, they are squatting and are for all intends and purposes illegally there. I ask these questions because from what I have read on this blog no paperwork has yet been signed or put in place. The driver of the car was obviously trespassing and unless he has proof that he was given permission to use the facility should be charged as such and be held liable for any damages that have occurred. Please help. To blame the municipality is to blame the rate payers and we cant afford to admit liability to municipal cockups anymore. What goes on in the testing ground has nothing to do with AIFA.

  19. Kittty – the municipality are local goverment and therefore responsible and accountable for activity within their judristriction.

    Igonorance of the law is no excuse. If the municipality has not implemented their mandate to the owner, user and public in this case then they need to be held accountable.

  20. Die gesegde lui ” as jy vir moeilikheid soek en dit nie kry nie het jy nie reg gesoek nie. Die bestuurskool is een groot ongeluk wat ‘n plek soek om te gebeur. Geen kontrole, bestuur en sisteme. Wat ‘n deurmekaarspul,met soos ‘n mens kan verwag, ‘n moewiese deurmekaarspul met geen toesighouding em bestuur.

    Kyk na die draadheinings. Pale gebuig en die drade plat getrap deur die voertuie/trokkies van die bestuurskole. Wie gaan dit regmaak en op wie se onkoste. Terloops, wie is die raadslid vir die wyk? Kan seker net ‘n anc wyk wees met ‘n korupte anc raadslid? Wanneer gaan daar beplanning gedoen word om ruimte te skep vir ‘n veilige toetsterrein met geriewe vir kandidate en bestuurskole wat deur hulle self befonds word?!!

    Terloops. Iemand onlangs die toestand van die tennisbane op die hv Adderley en vd Rietstraat gesien. Wat ‘n gemors. Kan dit waar wees dat inwoners in die omgewing net nie omgee nie! Wie is die raadslid in die wyk wat tog sekerlik die toestand moes aangespreek het?Drie maande reeds en nks gebeur nie!

    Dienslewering? Maar die raadslede en burgemeester is gewikkel in hofsake wat die belastingbetaler miljoene kos?

    Groot skroef los!’

  21. Is one unlawful activity more serious than another?

    AIFA do not have a tenant contract to use Oudtshoorn Aerodrome nor did they apply for building permission and no EIA was undertaken for the construction of the Hangar. Director of Environmental Compliance, based on a lie to them and the public by AIFA that they are a ‘Tenant’ has allowed AIFA to seek a Section 24 G rectification to this unlawful building of the hangar that even SACAA said was incorrectly positioned.

    Since neither TFASA nor AIFA has a contract for use of the Municipal facility in the first place as outlined in the separate but mutually conclusive Advocate Patel and ORPA led investigtions (700 pages) they are illegally using the facility. So how can they claim damages from the Municipality? Next question is thier insurance aware of thier illegal ‘tenant’ situation and the unlawful hangar construction. Are the aircraft damages and hangar not thier own fault and neither an insurance nor a Municipal claim?

    As for Lizanne Pelham ‘Go Girl’ keep standing up to the corrupt and fraudulent businessmen who think they can control the town through fear…..We love you!

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