Way to go, DA!

Bitou’s “safe” option government costs ratepayers millions
within 3 workings days of its ward 2 by-election success!

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Oudtshoorn. 13 December 2012. 15h15. Bitou has served Lonwabo Ngoqo with a review application.

It’s 6 weeks out of time. It smells of more expense for the ratepayers.

Ngoqo’s attorney, Hardy Mills, told O!O: “Here Bitou goes again! Allowing its ego to write out cheques the ratepayer must cash. We are currently in the process of drawing up our opposing papers as well as our cross review for a further R3.5 million and are very confident of success.”

Arn’t ya’all glad that the DA is “in control” of Bitou!?

Why, thank you ward 2 voters!

Oudtshoorn. 12 December 2012. 17h15. The Mayco capitulated.

MM Allen Paulse contacted Lonwabo Ngoqo directly, not through his legal representative, and offered R1,553,550.13 as settlement.

This offer was accepted on condition that the amount be paid by close of business today.

Council failed to pay and Ngoqo is now approaching the bargaining council and filing seperate contempt of court papers.
The DA is in control of Bitou.

There was no council meeting.

Because the Cope Deputy Mayor, Adan van Rhyner, was inexplicably absent and the DA had no majority.

In the absence of a speaker MM Allen Paulse postponed the meeting. There was a quorum, mind, but no DA majority.

So… The no confidence motion in the Mayor could not be heard. And a speaker could not be elected.

The DA is in control of Bitou. If Cope arrives.

What was it again that made the ward 2 voters so fearful?

Oudtshoorn. 12 December 2012. 11h45. The Ngoqo settlement is considered by the Mayco at this time.

A Municipal Manager is a public appointment as the MM is the custodian of public funds.

The full council should consider this issue in public, not the Mayco in a closed session!

Oudtshoorn. 12 December 2012. 05h45. Although a leaked document in O!O’s possession clearly indicate the settlement amount in the unnecessarily drawn out Lonwabo Ngoqo case – R1,609,635.40 – settlement talks were called off last night when the council failed to make payment.

Council argues that Ngoqo is attempting to resolve his performance bonus disputes at the same time as the dismissal dispute.

O!O was under the distinct impression that no dismissal is being disputed as the October 22 arbitration ruling reinstated Ngoco.

Ngoqo argues that his performance bonus forms part of the issues the commissioner ordered the parties to attempt to settle, failure upon which any party may approach the commissioner for a ruling.

Late last night Ngoqo accused council of deliberate failure to attempt to settle the dispute bona fide and comply with more than reasonable requests, such as an amount and date of payment.

Ngoco also said that he is now awaiting council’s review application.

A review is putting even more than the currrent estimated R3.6 million of ratepayers’ money on risk.

Oudtshoorn. 11 December 2012. 15h15. Hoo, boy! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Memory Booysen is as much a DA Mayor as the Pope is an Evangelical Bible Belter!

The man has never even been near the Middle East, let alone on some dusty strip to the Syrian Capital.

The Lonwabo Ngoqo fiasco, of the DA’s doing, is now playing out on the Bitou stage to my personal mirth.

Bitou has an ANC municipal manager. As far as O!O is concerned Allen Paulse is a straight shooter and a good manager. And the man has balls. Huge, round cojones that saw him take on the ANC and the DA alike in the Thandekile Mnyimba case.

Yeah, I know the “minister” joined Paulse’s case, but it was ne’er of the doing of the vellicating varmint of the Swartland.

But… The DA owed Paulse, and the DA delivered for Paulse. And now Paulse is reciprocating by fixing the DA’s Ngoqo nightmare.

Only… Ngoqo is getting excellent advice and is prevented from rolling over.

And… The heat in the kitchen is becoming unbearable.

Ye gods and faeries. An ANC mayor and an ANC municipal manager. And the DA thinks it controls Bitou. Did not the ward 2 voters confirm as much just last week!?


Oudtshoorn. 11 December 2012. 07h20. Still the Lonwabo Ngoqo case is not settled.

Ngoqo yesterday wrote the Bitou council that its “conduct is absolutely foolhardy and non-sensible” and that it should honour the arbitration award.

Ngoqo added tha he is “proceeding with contempt charges without any further delay as well as placing the matter before the commissioner for a finding on the amount”.

This would mean more expense. And a willing ratepayer base seems quite happy with the wastefulness – it secured DA control overwhelmingly just last week!

Way to go DA! Nobody can touch you now; you are in control of Bitou.

Did someone from the DA ranks mention “communication” and “accountability” lately?

I could have sworn someone did…

Oudtshoorn. 10 December 2012. 14h30. Even as Ward 2 voters overwhelmingly secured DA control of the council this Wednesday last, the Mayoral team so staunchly protected by the voters managed to waste millions of ratepayers’ money.

The then Bitou MM, Lonwabo Ngoqo, was found guilty after a long disciplinary hearing, and Presiding Officer Mr Justice P. C. Combrinck returned a sanction of dismissal, on February 6.

Ngoqo served notice on Bitou, on March 8, of his application to the local government bargaining council for an alternative finding and sanction.

The arbitration hearing was set down for Tuesday, September 5 and after postponements Salga Commissioner Coen de Kock on October 22 dismissed all charges against Ngoqo and ordered him reinstated.

The DA Council was to settle the matter by November 30, but is still in breech at this time, albeit with electrons brutally agitated in desperate attempts to conclude on an amout to be paid to Ngoqo.

The Ngoqo “ligte mistykie” is costing the Bitou ratepayers some R3.6million, give or take a hundred thousand or so.

The merit, or not, of the case aside, it must be noted that after an initially successful prosecution resulting in Ngoqo’s dismissal, the DA Council did not even bother, even though it was suggested – by O!O; by others, to refer to the original team and have them brief the SALGA representative in the review Ngoco eventually won.

To crown this Monty Pythonesque sketch, the DA Council even this morning still threatened antoher costly review!

The first “DA management success” since December 5…

Way to go, DA! Way to go.

Ye gods and faeries!

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24 thoughts on “Way to go, DA!

  1. Please please please, I beg Mr. Mills to get the councillors who decided to pursue this matter to pay for the (i) legal costs they caused (ii) te difference in the settlement that Mr. Ngoco accepted, and whatever Bitou is ordered to pay in the end.

  2. ANC could derive some well earned brownie points by agreeing to cooperate with DA in Plett..Maybe even a deputy post ??

  3. Miskien is dit tyd dat die ANC en DA verby hul kleinlike partypolitieke verskille kyk, besluit om saam te werk in die belang van hul onderskeie ondersteuners en die gemeenskap in geheel, en vir eens en vir altyd die COPE “King maker” uit te werk op ‘n raadsvergadering en sodoende sy magsgreep op ons dorp te staak. Sodoende kan sake voortgaan soos normaal en hopelik soos dit veronderstel is om te wees. Hul kan altyd weer daarna hul “wie het die grootste …….. kompetisie” voortsit, sou hulle die ou afgesaagde melodie werklik weer wil speel.

  4. Ek sien in vandag se Burger “depeutie” leier Theuns verstaan nie wat gebeur het nie… Hoekom het Cope so lelik gemaak, wonder hy.

  5. I believe attacking the DA is in some instances wrong…..perhaps their crappy selection of mayors and councilors mustcbe attacked and their lack of action to intervene when these fools can’t cope or deliver on the parties mandate.

    COPE…well I think they are not even worth putting pen to paper to….plainly put- opportunist that are just using the DA and where they have the swing vote…..as is clear in Bitou and Hessequa I believe

  6. Ai ja ne….die arme DA bewys nou aan almal hulle is glad nie so “Ready to govern” soos wat hulle se nie

  7. What an embarrassment for Plett and the DA. Poor Wayne was supposed to be sworn in today. Welcome to the world of politics Wayne, hope you enjoy your stay. Ten out of ten for Allen Paulse who took control and tried to settle the matter amicably and without any further unnecessary costs and embarrassment. The Rate Payers Association must insist on an investigation into the reason why they did not pay the agreed amount though. This is totally unacceptable. They must also insist on what this breakdown is costing us and why we are paying top dollar for a Cape Town attorney if his client needs to intervene and do the work himself? I can see that it’s going to be long two years for us. Ps: What happened to Colin Bell, I always enjoy his input?

  8. Daar is nie baie verskile tussen die DA en die ANC se doelstellings nie: Mag – tot die voordeel van sy kiesers. Ha-ha.

  9. Die manier hoe die DA die raadsvergadering vandag verhoed het is nes die ANC op Oudtshoorn maak. Die pot is so swart soos die ketel.

  10. That means, Karel Kat, that O!O is right when he says that local councils are run by the leaders at provincial and national level. Ward 2 voters have not really considered that I think.

  11. Cope het min beheer oor sy raadslede. Dit is ‘n baie groot probleem vir Zille en Lekota wat graag ‘n verenigde oposisie wil hê maar wat nie op Cope-lede in rade kan staatmaak nie.

  12. Witty, Adam van rhyner plays both sides of the divide. Right now the Da is vulnerable because the strong leaders like brummer are gone. Van rhyner cant afford to make enemies. The da wont chase him away because they will loose control. The anc probably don’t trust him but can use him like today. But the inevitable is only postponed.

  13. I hear that the ANC has huge influence with both Adam van Rhyner and Memory Booysen. I know O!O has said that Booysen is an ANC but I don’t really know where van rhyner stands. Does anybody know?

  14. Hoekom was die cope-lid nie daar nie? Eers het die OD-stert die DA hond rondgeswaai en nou die Cope-stert!

  15. Hoekom praat Memory Booysen en Allen Paulse nie met die belastingbetalers oor die skikking nie. En hoekom kan ons nie weet wat die hele ding ons kos nie?

  16. Dis nie ‘n verdagte verhouding nie, Plettervat, net ‘n interessante een. En ek dink ook dis ‘n goeie ding dat daar so ‘n verhouding bestaan tussen die minister en ‘n munisipale bestuurder. Ek sal later die storie vertel.

  17. Ek wil graag die storie hoor oor die verhouding tussen Anton Bredell en Allen Paulse.

  18. Die verhouding tussen Bredell en Paulse het ‘n interessante geskiedenis. Nie ‘n slegte ding die nie, maar beslis ‘n interessante ding, soos kollega Karel Kat sê.

  19. Ek hoor vreemde geluide hier in die wandelhalle van Die Party dat die minister en die munisipale bestuurder al te heerlik oor die Ngoqo-skikking beraadslaag het. Die MB het die minister glo belowe hy wat Paulse is sal die ou sakie DA-vriendelik uitsorteer. Tog ‘n goeie ding dat die verskillende vlakke van regering so nou saamwerk.

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