It’s up to you

Abject political failure in Eden can be prevented only by you

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Oudtshoorn. 9 December 2012. 07h36. Hardy Mills’s excellent piece on Themistocles and his Great Lie made me think again of one of my most favourite stories from Church History.

Christian Thomasius (1655-1728), a professor of philosophy and law at the universities of Lepzig and Halle was a true son of the Enlightenment (circa 650 until 1800).

Thomasius rose against the idiotic witch burnings of the church. Medical scholar Johann Weyer; Austrian Jesuit and mathematician Adam Tanner; and his order brother Friedrich Spee joined Thomasius in his quest.

The Church’s Johannes Greve, the Lutheran theologian Johann Mayfort and the Dutch Balthasar Bekker criticised the atrocious execution methods, if not the actual existence of witches.

Thomasius soon realised that no reason or argument would sway the Church and finally decides that he would mock the stupidity of the irrational practice.

Where even reason failed, Thomasius’s derision succeeded: In the year of his death the last witch burning is recorded in Prussia. Soon the practice ended also in all other countries.

Clearly reason and argument will also not sway the acolyte supporters of the ANC and the DA – the great unwashed, be they poor, uneducated, campestral cadres; or rich, qualified citified champions – will vote their fears against the DA, or the ANC, irrespective of specific circumstance and fact.

This bulwark of backwardness; this rampart of retardation can probably only be razed by ridicule.

Let me be clear: To vote ANC or DA in Plett after the violence of 2006 and 2011; after Lefatshe, and Rentworks, and Lonwabo Ngoqo, and Wavelengths, and Johann Brummer and Sumeia Ndayi, and Francois Geldenhuys and Wayne Craig; and Memory Booysen’s endorsed lies and impertinent mulishness, is, frankly, as irresponsible as it is foolish.

No fact, no reason, no argument will sway the voting cattle.

The people of Eden will have to raise themselves above the maelstrom of mediocrity.

It is intolerable to have political glove dolls run our municipalities. Period.

And guess what?

It’s up to YOU…

I feel nothing but disgust for the DA who refused to afford the voters of ward 2 even the most elemenatry respect of answers to ligitimate questions before the by-election Wednesday last.

If the DA had even a velleity of self respect, its Western Cape “Deputy” Leader, Theuns Botha, would have been fired for his “please do not respond at all” call.


In the latest M&G, Tabang Makwetla says that ANC members have been turned into ‘voting cattle’, used only to secure the status quo.

Sound familiar, ward 2 voters!?

Mamphela Ramphele, in Saterday’s By: “Partye en presidente kan goeie goed doen, maar suksesvolle demokrasieë is uiteindelik afhanklik van aktiewe burgers.

We are all of us in serious trouble.

Adds Ramphele: “Mense moet, soos die Van Zyl Slabbert-kommissie aanbeveel het, veral by plaaslike regerings, kan stem vir spesifieke kandidate wat hulle verantwoordelik kan hou.

And: “Daar is geen eenvoudige oplossing vir ons verknorsing nie, maar as daar ‘n oplossing is, sal dit aktiewe burgers wees wat daarmee vorendag kom.

It’s up to YOU.

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One thought on “It’s up to you

  1. I think that if we do not break the hold that is on us we will slip further into no where. As a resident in the Southern Cape I do not have much understanding of local politicts if far off towns such as Makekeng, Umlazi or even Cape Town, nor do I have any interist of what is going on there either. So why do I just assume that they have any interist in my well being? Jargun asside, look after your own backgarden!

    Maby the best option is to become the 10th province..

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