The ward 2 candidates on the by-election result

Craig “excited”; Geldenhuys will “repair damage”

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Oudtshoorn. 6 December 2012. 10h15. The DA’s Wayne Craig won an overwhelming victory in Bitou’s Ward 2 when he received 2,060 votes against the 190 of Independent Candidate Francois Geldenhuys in a 56% poll.
The new Bitou Ward 2 Councillor says that the DA’s excellent support base and infrastructure, and a tremendous team effort, secured victory in yesterday’s by-election.

Craig said he will communicate will all the communities of Bitou and that he will ensure accountability to all the people of Bitou during his term.

He said that he was very excited, “like a kid in a candy store opening Christmas presents”.

Craig referred to his long involvement in community affairs in Plettenberg Bay as a member of a family that has been present in the town for 40 years.

“My dad owns the biggest business in Plett”, he added.

DA Constituency Chair, Liz Mundell, said the victory meant that the DA/Cope coalition retained control of the Council: “Things can go forward again.”

She said the victory was “overwhelming” with 91.6% of the total votes for the DA.

Geldenhuys said that he now wants to focus on fixing the damage to his reputation and his family by the lies about him during the campaign.

Geldenhuys’ legal advisor intimated that a decision is pending on a possible High Court challenge, after the Electoral Court ruled Tuesday evening that it had no jurisdiction to hear complaints of campaign violations in the absence of a ruling first by the IEC.

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5 thoughts on “The ward 2 candidates on the by-election result

  1. I think you need to form a political party to fight the next round.. look at Bristol UK, they have an independent mayor

  2. Die DA het hom nou onteenseglik bewys as n klomp agterbakse vuilgatte , presies dieselfde as die ou natte en die ANC . Onbegryplik hoe oningelig ,goedgelowig en pleinweg aan die slaap die kiesers van wyk 2 is !

  3. My advice, yesterday, was to go to court even if Geldenhuys won.

    The DA’s despicable conduct can not be condoned.

  4. I cannot for the life of me imagine what good another court challenge would accomplish. The people have spoken. That is quite clear. To think the results would have or could have or even might have been different had the DA not resorted to their lying etc is a little far fetched I think. 2060 against 190. The independent might as well not have even been there. All this was done without the DA candidate even having to make a speech to draw the votes. People are sheep, they voted for the DA not for Wayne Craig – and no court order is going to change that. Ever. Just like the large numbers who support the ANC nationally. It is not going to change.

    My advice to Mr. Geldenhuys would be to bow out gracefully. Accept defeat (this time around), gather the troops and prepare for the next election in 2015. I believe a legal battle at this point would do nothing but embarrass him. It would look like a little boy who did not get his way.

  5. “Go for it Geldenhuys” en dalk word Craig later nog gediskwalifiseer met ernstige ‘egg on their face” vir Zille, Mundell en Booysen met al hul ‘stories’. Wie gaan die DA ooit weer glo of vertrou ?
    Hier kom n ding en die bekkige Colin Bell is tjoepstil !
    Het nie die moed om n paar eenvoudige vrae oor die oneerlike DA kampanje te beantwoord nie – SKANDE !!

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