Reality, ala DA

It’s like the Nat’s of olde, just more reprehensible

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Oudtshoorn. 4 December 2012. 12h53. It’s such a great word, is “discombobulation”.

It means to have self-possession upset; to be thrown into confusion.

It is exactly my state of mind as I consider the DA’s by-election campaign in Bitou’s ward 2.

It’s a quite brilliant campaign.

It is taken out of the Nat handbook, circa 1980: Scare the bejeezus out of them and win even if you have to lie through your teeth. Politics 101.

This morning an imported choir garbed in blue was asingin’ at the voting stations. The central musical theme was vote DA ’cause the Independent is an ANC wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The DA has offered nothing but fear of loss of control which it only has by the dubitable support of the Cope councillor, Adam van Rhyner.

The lies and the insults and the misinformation will most probably work and the DA will win ward 2.

The few DA politicians who are still talking to me tell me “everybody” are voting DA.

Even the SABC news bulletins are promoting the DA lie about Bitou control.

I had a bit of a discussion with the “public broadcaster” and then fired off this letter:

Our telephone conversation moments ago refers.

The 11h00 RSG news bulletin read that the Bitou by-election is important because the ANC will wrest control of the council should the DA lose the ward – or words that effect.

This is consummately inaccurate and, frankly, mendacious and misleading.

Before the sad death of DA Speaker Charles Dreyer, the DA had 6 seats; the ANC 6; and Cope 1. The DA/Cope coalition governed Bitou 7 to 6.

Should the Independent candidate, Francois Geldenhuys, be elected today, the council will consist of: ANC – 6; DA – 5; Cope – 1; and Independent – 1.

The DA/Cope coalition and the ANC will each have 6 members and the ANC will NOT have control!

I advise that you adjust your news reports to reflect the actual Bitou political balance and not the DA’s version of the facts.

I further advise that the SABC corrects the earlier statement that a DA loss will result in ANC control of the Bitou Council.

The DA is the better alternative – to the ANC, it is said. The DA is the lesser of two evils, it is said.

Yeah. Right.

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One thought on “Reality, ala DA

  1. Wellsaid OO. I also picked up that deliberate DA piece of propogada garbish on the 11 and 1pm newsbulletin on RSG

    Put them in their place

    I almost wish the pathetic mismanaged and inexperienced Craig wins it for the DA and then WATCH WARD 2 VOTERS FACES as the whole thing falls apart at the seems, more corruption and DA lies, less service delivery and higher taxes to keep this house of cards going. Once they realize what this DA Pied Piper has done for them, I WANT TO BE THERE TO TAKE A KODAK SHOT, with Hannes and Colin Belll in the pic too. The public will then need someone “to slag af’, both in Bitou and ODN.!!!

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