Ward 2: The choice

It’s difficult; it’s easy

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Oudtshoorn. 4 December 2012. 16h00. I’ve said it before.

For voters such as are those in Bitou’s ward 2, to vote against the DA is like saying last goodbyes to that dear old aunt who used to be the go-to member of the family.

It’s hard.

For Francois Geldenhuys to win ward 2 more than half of the people who do come out to vote must vote for him. Obviously. But bear in mind that 2,837 of ward 2 voters voted for the DA on May 18 last year. Only 144 voted against the DA.

It’s hard.

On May 18 last year, the ward 2 voters voted energetically to keep the ANC out. They were successful.

This time round it’s different. Of course the DA wants to bat on exactly the same pitch that gave them an innings victory last time. But the pitch, and the conditions, and the bowlers, have changed.

The DA/Cope government has failed Bitou.

Lonwabo Ngoqo. Monde Stratu. Grant Easton. Carl Mattheus. Johann Brummer. Sumeia Ndayi. Wayne Craig. Rentworks. Wavelengths. Abject failure. The DA government has exposed ratepayers to breathtaking financial risk. If Bitou was a company the shareholders would have fired the board.

Some eighteen months aafter the voters of ward 2 defeated the enemy, a new enemy has risen. The enemy is no longer the ANC.

The enemy would have been the ANC, if the ANC had any chance of regaining control of the Bitou council – which it doesn’t have. Then a vote for the DA would have been a choice for the lesser of two evils.

The enemy this time around is that dear old aunt.

And this time around there is a candidate that represents progress, not a lesser evil. This time around the voters of ward 2 can vote for someone, instead of against something.

Let’s evaluate the candidates.

The DA, by its Mayor, Memory Booysen, did not even allow its candidate, Wayne Craig, to speak at the very rally promoting his candidacy!

Booysen told a flabbergasted audience on Sunday that Craig was too inexperienced to speak; he had never served in council; he must still learn!

Say what!?

Are we to select a tighthead prop against New Zealand that has never run onto a rugby pitch ever!?

Ye gods and faeries!

If Wayne Craig was not allowed to speak on Sunday, what will the DA allow him to do in council – raise his hand upon instruction? Why would ward 2 send him to council at all?

I’ll tell you why the DA wants Craig in council – to fill a seat so that the party can remote control Bitou for the party’s good, all the way from Cape Town.

Craig eventually did speak on Sunday, for all but a few seconds – the poor man is obviously not an idiot and probably felt extremely embarrassed by Booysen’s bunks.

On the other hand there is Francois Geldenhuys.

He took on the mighty DA – is doing so even in court, at this very time.

He took the lies and the falsities on the chin and kept his head high… and never, not once, said a single bad thing about his opponent.

He spoke for himself, did Francois Geldenhuys. He did not import praise singers and representatives from wherever to make up numbers while noise made up for lack of substance.

And Francois Geldenhuys is prepared to put the voters of ward 2 in control – not himself; not some party machine in Cape Town. Francois Geldenhuys will resign if his voters recall him. That’s the money back guarantee of commitment and service – until the next election.

Where have you ever heard of such a commitment in South African politics!?

The only thing the DA, who refuses point blank even to discuss a recall option, can say about Francois Geldenhuys’s guarantee of committed service, is that Francois lies about it.

Laughable. Even if one is a die-hard supporter of that dear old aunt.

It’s difficult to say goodbye, I know. But it is necessary.

Wayne Craig: mum; obdient; a pawn at the DA’s disposal.

Francois Geldenhuys: standing tall amid venomous insult; answering only to the people of Bitou.

Vote wisely on Wednesday.

It’s not just Plett and Bitou watching; it’s the entire country watching!

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3 thoughts on “Ward 2: The choice

  1. With the entire country watching and some very very worried madams in Cape Town…

  2. Must I reward the DA with a vote for the enormous electricity tariff increase.. u must be mad..

  3. Well said OO, its the ENTIRE COUNTRY WATCHING !

    Craig too inexperienced to speak,perhaps needing his influential parents to ensure he becomes the new head boy (undeservedly) and allowing Colin Bell to do all his dirty DA washing on OO – and failed miserably.

    Then comes the credited Francois Geldenhuys, a self made man with lots of business acumen, honesty and integrity. With no strings attached from an arrogant party behind him to call the shots and continue to mismanage Bitou with a Mayor like Booysen who ‘shame, only has 18 months experience” enslaving and leading the flock of Bitou astray with its hollow Pied Piper sounds.

    Only ONE CANDIDATE puts its money where its mouth is, with a recall clause, and that is your INDEPENDENT candidate, FRANCOIS GELDENHUYS. No baggage, no unrealistic promises, 100% Bitou, 100% for you or he can be sacked !

    Ward Two can make HISTORY tomorrow. Think INDEPENDENT, be brave, be gutsy, you have EVERYTHING TO GAIN !! A Nation holds its breath – winds of change is here “Mr McMillan !!”

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