South Africa’s Chief Electoral Officer advises criminal charges and civil action against the DA

Lying DA functionaries “should be reported to the South African Police Services”

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 4 December 2012. 06h30. The complaints filed with the IEC by Independent candidate Francois Geldenhuys against the DA were escalated to the Chief Electoral Officer, Mosotho Moepya, by the Provincial Electoral Officer yesterday.

Moepya responded to Geldenhuys at 17h46 yesterday afternoon:

Clearly the IEC considers the DA’s morally reprehensible Bitou campaign to be criminal.

So much can be said against voting DA tomorrow, but all fades in the incandescent light of this letter by South Africa’s Chief Electoral Officer.

Who would stoop to vote for a party incapable even of managing an election campaign honestly and decently?

Clearly the DA can not be trusted. You have it in black and white. By South Africa’s Chief Electoral Officer.

Elect Francois Geldenhuys to the Bitou Council tomorrow.

You know it’s the right thing to do, ward 2 voters.

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10 thoughts on “South Africa’s Chief Electoral Officer advises criminal charges and civil action against the DA

  1. Colin Bell
    Methinks the Lady protests too much and would have been far better off, staying on the side line
    You’ve already been exposed, so why continue participating , a Craig, Mundell en Memory Booyens mismanagment Team supporter ?
    Toe, weg is jy, kantlyn toe (sin bin). Jy antwoord in elk geval nooit die vrae wat kwel nie.
    You’ve been served with the Recall option China, weg is jy my ou Sirkusklong !!!!

  2. As you say O!O, hearsay. Many thanks for making the distinction as the psuedo’s are easily confused. I think I am on safe ground by confirming that two are the genuine article. Which leads me to puzzle over why you never confirmed whether Jef’s TIT’s (Tiresome Identity Tricksters for the uninitiated) are real or fake?

  3. Colin B, I hear say that the DA Council screwed up yet again in the ongoing Ngoqo case.

    O!O readers: I can confirm that Colin; Colin B; and Colin Belter are three different commentators.

  4. Great stuff, tired of being lied to by the travelling politician – Bredell. Why have DA leadership never corrected him?

  5. I’m impressed that Mr Mills has his ear so low to the ground in Ward 2. Mr Geldenhuys (The Candidate) will no doubt welcome this demonstration of support for his Campaign coming as it does, from Mr Mills. If he is now still in the ether so to speak is he in a position to give us an update on his negotiations with the Council on the issue of compensation for Mr Ngoqo.

  6. Ek sal DIT vir jou sê, DB… Jy faait met ALLES wat jy het. En jy gee nie moed op nie. Go boy!

  7. The DA’s chickens will come home to roost, either tomorrow or in the very near future
    They no longer have clean hands and are as bad as their competitors in Govt

  8. Yes Hardy, You have it spot on, this is exactly what the talk of the ward is. If the DA lose , it will be of their own making. Maybe they should attend another workshop on ” How not to kick a gift horse in the mouth”

  9. I trust that the DA’s strategy is clear for all to see. They know they are in trouble in Ward 2 and are now scraping the barrel of the political bag of dirty tricks. They do however underestimate the intelligence of the average Ward 2 voter. The people are talking and are not going to be fooled into a state of fear and thus change their vote to a more familiar and “conservative” vote, the DA, as they are hoping for. I know the DA decided to go full out against the independent and is prepared to face the consciences of their actions after the elections. They are more than prepared to pay a fine, after they scared the majority of voters into voting for them on Wednesday. I believe this strategy would have worked in most wards in South Africa, but it will not work here. In fact, it is already back firing on them. The people are disgusted by their blatant lies and appalling political maneuvering.

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