Francois Geldenhuys applies to the Electoral Court

Independent wants the DA candidate disqualified

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 4 December 2012. 17h00. The Bitou Ward 2 Independent candidate, Francois Geldenhuys, has issued the following media statement moments ago:

I have today applied to the Electoral Court, Braamfontein, for an order against the Independent Electoral Commission (First Respondent); Wayne Craig, the ward 2 DA candidate (Second Respondent) and the Democratic Alliance (Third Respondent) in the following terms:

1. Condoning non-compliance with the forms and service provided for in the Rules of this Court and directing that the application be heard as a matter of urgency.

2. Declaring that Second Respondent has acted unlawfully in publishing false information regarding the applicant, with the intention of influencing the conduct or outcome of the election in Ward 2 of the Bitou, Western Cape Province, of 5 December 2012, in violation of the Local Government: Municipal Electoral Act 27 of 2000, and the Code of Conduct thereunder.

3. Directing First Respondent to, without delay, take all necessary steps to disqualify Second Respondent from participating in said election’

4. In the alternative to the relief sought in paragraph 3 above, directing First Respondent to hold fresh elections within eight weeks, from which Second Respondent shall be exluded from participation.

5. Granting further and/or alternative relief.

6. Ordering Second Applicant to pay the costs of this Application.

My complaint is founded in the Bitou DA Constituency Chair Liz Mundell’s fictitious claim that my backers and I are closely aligned with the ANC or are ANC members; that the ANC had paid me R500 000 to run against the DA; that I was party to the violence that rocked Bitou just after the 2011 elections; that I was the reason arsonists and rioters “got off free” in courtthat I am “the proxy of the ANC”; that the factual statements contained in my carefully worded election pamphlet is “crap”; that my commitment to honour a recall contract with the voters of Ward 2, allowing voters to enforce my resignation for non-performance, is a hoax.

Such deplorable misrepresentation; such abject lies; and such questionable language is against stipulations of the Act and Code as quoted in my original complaint, and warrants disqualification of the transgressing party.

I have made every effort to meet with the parties in question with a view to have this disinformation corrected, but to no avail. These unfounded allegations constitute egregious lies and have injured me personally while fraudulently influencing voters not to vote for me, undermining the by-election to the point where it can hardly be regarded to be free and fair.

This application fully represents the kind of progressive energy O!O wants to see in a councillor!

Enough with the self-serving, mealymouthed, circuitous, allusive, cravens of our unfortunate political landscape!

Well done Francois Geldenhuys, well done, sir!

The foundation has been laid for a robust independent movement in Eden – irrespective of the outcome of tomorrow’s by-election.

The people of Eden shall take back their municipalities; shall recover their towns from the soi-disant clutches of political party bosses using towna as pawns on the “bigger picture” chess board.

Alea iacta est! The die is cast!

Events have passed a point of no return, something inevitably will happen!

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12 thoughts on “Francois Geldenhuys applies to the Electoral Court

  1. Craig off the hoek something fishy will win today but with a slim majority.. it will be close…. this is a wake up call the blue team.. taking ward 2 voters for granted… all as a result of those stupido pwc consultants who think they can milk ward 2 voters by increasing electricity,, just wait for the big elections,, if it continues,, by by da plett..

  2. There will be a big protest vote today.. THE DA has taken Ward voters for granted that they could afford a elcetricity stepped tariff.. The DA are in for a big surprise today..

  3. Zille owes the nation an APOLOGY !

    The DA has now reached its lowest point ever !
    And Bredell still flanks her and her cronies. Maybe Hannes and Colin Bell want to apply once Bredell is fired – Birds of a feather flock together !

    Francois, well done, show the NATION, and show up all inept and corrupt POLITICIANS similtaneously !

    Politics has NO PLACE IN THIRD TIER GOVERNMENT – corrupt, inept and feeders at the trough. Just watch the ODN Council, does little or nothing, fruitless expenditure, poor service delivery but all they want is an increase, corruption in the municipality is rife – what do you call that ? POLITICS sir !!

    Time for wholesale change !!!!! Bitou and Ward 2, show the NATION or it will be more of the same after tomorrow, all at the expense of your hard earned taxpayers money for being gullible and naive !!

  4. Sharp, wooden spoon!

    If a rule nisi is issued, no council decision will be possible before the matter is heard.

    By the way, the chairman of the Electoral Court, Mr Justice Khayelihle Kenneth Mthiyane, a judge of the Supreme Court of Appeal, has appointed three judges to hear the matter tonight!

  5. What will probably happen is that a rule nisi will be issued tonight and the by-election continued.

    Should Wayne Graig win tomorrow, and lose the court case later, the election result will be voided.

  6. my question as well………or is he trying to prevent a great defeat tomorrow for himself?

  7. And on the other side of the fence – “This way to the Southern Cape – All Welcome unless you are a lawyer”

  8. I propose a imaginary fence around the southern cape with a gate and sign that says “no politician allowed”

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