IEC warns irresponsible DA

“Do not fuel old existing tensions”

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Oudtshoorn. 3 December 2012. 12h45. The Western Cape Provincial Electoral Officer, the Reverend Courtney Sampson, this morning issued a written warning to the DA Provincial Leader “not to fuel old existing tensions” in Bitou.

This follows the official complaint lodged by Independent candidate Francois Geldenhuys against the DA for false and inciting campaigning.

Already the DA’s Bitou “war room” is leaking like the Titanic at the time the string ensemble forced melancholy sounds on the deck as the behemoth of the seas went under.

The DA was found to not play fair. Period.

The party pontificating fairness amid the terpsichorean musing of a single white female surrounded by liveried black dancers, was shown up for false and inciting campaigning against a candidate of character – Francois Geldenhuys.

From that leaking war room, O!O had not one, but two reports of how the IEC complaint was to be “handled”.

Not to worry, DA, you’ve been warned and that is quite sufficient – the people of Ward 2 get the message: the DA campaigned on dangerous grounds, found to border on incitement.

O!O has researched the story of the Bitou violence and will report comprehensively on the matter after the election. That the DA can have the gall and the rancour to refer to these unfortunate occurrences is beyond all decency and, frankly, unimaginable!

The DA lied about Francois Geldenhuys.

The DA is known to sacrifice even their own on the altar of expediency…

Ask Pierre Nel;

Ask Johann Koegelenberg;

Ask Henry McCombie;

Ask Patrick Murray;

Ask Johann Brummer;

Ask Jemayne Andrews;

Ask Beauty Charlie;

Ask Beverley Cortjé-Alcock;

Ask Delina Goedeman…

And these are only matters of 2012!

If any spark of ethical politics and moral management is to be reintroduced in the Bitou Council, Ward 2 will have to elect Francois Geldenhuys on Wednesday.

It is a well known fact that the ANC can not be trusted. Just consider Jacob’s second term!

Now, unfortunately, voters face something quite like the death of a dear old aunt who used to be the go-to member of the family: The DA too can’t be trusted.

Fortunately, there is an alternative for the people of Bitou who look to their peers in Ward 2 to choose wisely on Wednesday.

Choose wisely on Wednesday!

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3 thoughts on “IEC warns irresponsible DA

  1. Colin B, here’s some excellent advice, free and gratis: g-e-t r-e-a-d-i-n-g g-l-a-s-s-e-s.

  2. IP – should you take the trouble to go back over previous articles you will see that I have never endorsed, or for that matter tried to justify, any of the actions of the local DA. Mr Geldenhuys (The Candidate) is perfectly entitled to take his complaints to the appropriate authorities, which I hope will be dealt with expeditiously if only to reduce the amount of verbiage that O!O will no doubt want to give to it.

    I trust O!O that you have now retracted that premature ejaculation of support for the DA party, albeit at provincial and national level, and that both feet are now firmly back on board the good ship ‘Independent’.

  3. Colin Bell, do you condone Zille and Mayor Booysens false utterances this past weekend about IndependAnt Geldenhuys ? Also, any comment about the warning to the DA by the IEC ?

    The more you try and justify the Da mismanagment Team in Bitou, the more the voters see BOTH you and the DA as masqurading sheep in WOLFS CLOTHING !

    There is only one sensible way to vote on Wed 5 Dec Ward 2 – that is Francois Geldenhuys, the INDEPENDENT !!

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