Dishonest DA scrapes the moral barrel

Bitou Mayor Memory Booysen lies as he breathes

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Oudtshoorn. 3 December 2012. 14h00. Even though the DA was this morning advised to be careful not to fuel old existing tensions, the Bitou DA Mayor was heard on Safm that “an agreement of understanding” existed between the independent candidate, Francois Geldenhuys, and the ANC (to jointly govern Bitou should Geldenhuys be elected).

This is an bald-faced outrageous lie of supreme insolence.

I have written the Reverend Sampson to propose that the IEC act expeditiously against a party morally clearly at sea – surely an attempt, at least, to return some semblance of decency to the DA’s derailed Bitou campaign is demanded!?

This is quite discombobulating!

Spinning is one thing; malicious mendacity…

Yet, at least the DA has now confirmed without a velleity of doubt that it can not possibly be trusted.

For this confirmation I thank the DA.

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One thought on “Dishonest DA scrapes the moral barrel

  1. O!O – we should be used to this by now. Remember, the fear of the ANC beast is the ONLY way the DA can campaign. Especially in Bitou, they cannot even campaign on the grounds of proper governance or service delivery.

    Lie, and tell the people that voting for the opposition (or abstaining from voting) is as good as voting for the ANC. That is their only very dead horse.

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