Wayne Craig reported to the IEC

Francois Geldenhuys demands DA candidate be disqualified for intentional false statements

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Oudtshoorn. 2 December 2012. 22h00. In another dramatic turn in the Bitou Ward 2 by-election, DA Leader Helen Zille and Bitou Mayor Memory Booysen have too been cited in a formal complaint laid by Independent candidate, Francois Brummer.

In a letter submitted this evening, Geldenhuys writes:

My letter of November 30, attached, refers.

I am now compelled to supplement my complaint in lumine sicco of a DA rally this morning, addressed, inter alia, by the Leader of the DA, Premier Helen Zille of the Western Cape; and the Bitou DA Mayor, Alderman Memory Booysen.

Booysen referred to me as “the proxy of the ANC” and called the factual statements contained in my carefully worded election pamphlet, “crap”. He as well as Helen Zille stated numerous times that I am not independent and that the voters should not be fooled.

Booysen even called me a liar, declaring that my commitment to honour a recall contract with the voters of Ward 2, allowing voters to enforce my resignation for non-performance, is a hoax.

Booysen further intimated that I was party to the deplorable violence that rocked Bitou just after the elections, was the reason why arsonists and rioters “got off free” in court, and further described me as “radical”.

Such deplorable misrepresentation; such abject lies; and such questionable language is against stipulations of the Act and Code as quoted in my original complaint, and warrants disqualification of the transgressing party. It’s not only unbecoming of a campaigner, but indefensible for a Mayor sharing the stage with the national leader of the DA!

The public condonation, both tacitly and overtly, of the Mayor’s utterances by the leader of the DA, the Premier of the Western Cape, the Honourable Helen Zille, obliges me to cite her also for investigation for breach of the Electoral Act 27 of 2000, as set out in my attached letter.

Oudtshoorn. 2 December 2012. 07h00. In a dramatic turn, the independent candidate in Bitou’s critical Ward 2 by-election on Wednesday, Francois Geldenhuys, petitioned the IEC late last night to have the DA candidate, Wayne Craig, disqualified for intentional falsehoods.

In a letter to the Western Cape IEC, copied to national IEC heads and civil liberty leaders FW de Klerk; UCT’s Raenette Taljaard, formerly of the Helen Suzman Foundation; and former IEC head Judge Johann Kriegler of Freedom under Law, a not-for-profit organisation for the promotion of democracy under law and the advancement of the understanding and respect of the rule of law and the principle of legality, Geldenhuys writes:

I am the independent candidate for ward 2 in the Bitou by-election of 5 December 2012.
I respectfully submit that the IEC disqualify the DA candidate, Mr Wayne Craig, for breach of the Electoral Act 27 of 2000.

I attach copies of emails by

1) The chairperson of the Bitou DA Constituency Committee, Mrs Liz Mundell, on 18 November 2012,to addresses apparently listed in a DA electronic database (IEC2) claiming that my backers and I are closely aligned with the ANC or are ANC members; and

2) The DA candidate, Mr Wayne Craig, to addresses contained in the database of the GAA (IEC1).

It is generally accepted that ward 2 consists of white voters who are fearful, in actual fact, of ANC rule in Bitou. A DA/Cope coalition governs since 18 May 2011 after many years of ANC rule and ward 2 is the DA stronghold, having returned 95% of votes cast in the 2011 election for the DA.

Following on Mundell’s fictitious claim that my backers and I are closely aligned with the ANC or are ANC members, the Cope Deputy Mayor, expecting not to survive a vote of no confidence should the governing coalition lose its majority as a result of my election, recently made a public statement that the ANC had paid me R 500 000 to run my campaign.

I have made every effort to meet with the parties in question with a view to have this disinformation corrected, but to no avail. These unfounded allegations constitute egregious lies and have injured me personally while fraudulently influencing voters not to vote for me, undermining the by-election to the point where it can hardly be regarded to be free and fair.

I refer to sections of the Electoral Act 27 of 2000 and accordingly petition you to disqualify Craig:


– No person, when required in terms of the Act to make a statement, may make this statement –

– – Knowing that it is false; or

– – Without believing on reasonable grounds that the statement is true.

– No person may publish any false information with the intention of-

– – Disrupting or preventing an election

– – Creating hostility or fear in order to influence the conduct or outcome of an election; or

– – Influencing the conduct or outcome of an election.

Section 9 deals with the code of conduct.

– No party or candidate may-

– – Use language or act in a way that may provoke-

– – – Violence during an election; or

– – – The intimidation of candidates, members of parties’ representatives or supporters of parties or candidates, or voters;

– – Publish false or defamatory allegations in connection with an election in respect of-

– – – A party, its candidates, representatives or members; or

– – – A ward candidate or that candidate’s representatives.

Yours truly

The mere fact that grounds exist for a call to have a candidate disqualified for falsity screams against the DA’s so-called image of political propriety.

The Bitou DA management is an embarrassment to the party, and the Craig campaign typifies the inherent ills.

Bitou is in trouble.

Clearly the ANC, generally, is not capable of running a beach in Bloem.

And the DA runs Goldilocks municipalities very well, but when management effort is demanded, the dearth of local leadership is as evident as a sore on the nose.

One thing is certain: Wayne Craig and the DA can not be trusted. The flagrant lies of the ward 2 campaign confirm this.

Ward 2 voters have an opportunity come Wednesday of halting the Plett rot, and showing South Africa that it is possible to return local government into the hands of locals, and not submit to party whims.

Vote independent. Vote Francois Geldenhuys.

Would you please, voters of Ward 2!?

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21 thoughts on “Wayne Craig reported to the IEC

  1. Once again the leadership in Bitou has shown that the lies that they have spread over the last 18months are continuing to come out of their mouths. I am so tired of liars like Adam van Rhyner who is only clinging to his position cause he won’t make it out here as an uneducated conman.

  2. Hello Karolus,
    Their is no untrueth in what you are saying, looking back over the past 18 years the politics of the day have caused our towns and cities to be in the disaray they are . Politicians are a specie of their own, Their are councillars who are honest, hard working and really try and do their best for the voters and their town.They are from all political parties,but unfortunately some councillars ,the majority however can be questioned regarding their ability and entegrity. What we need is a solution , I believe get competant people to make them selves available and vote for them ,Im’e sure in every ward in every munisipality their are such people, We the voters must find these capable persons and vote for them to manage our munisipalities without any political agenda , Now that rates and taxes are becoming unaffortable the voters are becomimg more conscious of the shortcomings in their munisipalities and I believe given the opertunaty they will vote for the person and not for the party, I sincerely hope that Francious Geldinghuys is elected by the voters in his ward .

  3. I think Zille should worry more about what comes out of her mouth , then the shape of it, another face lift? Vanity the route to a downward path with no shame.

  4. I want to contradict what was said above.

    Please DO NOT VOTE or follow your gut!

    That is why this country is in the state it is in. Because we have many millions of voters who vote with their guts, their emotions and their hearts instead of using their minds and THINK before they cast their votes. Think about it carefully, weigh up the options, check the history and then vote with your intellect. If you do this, there is no way on earth that you will cast a vote for any political party in this by-election. Period.

  5. IP – I have misjudged your contributions to this forum. Putting to one side the petit insults and the occasional snotklap, if there has been any humour to have come out of these exchanges it has to be your malapropisms. There have been some real gems:

    “From an ourtight win the last time around to ‘cautiously optimistic’ ”

    “Colin, want to return that badly – be my guess”

    and your ‘ piss de resistance’ –

    O!O ….. please continue with your ” No holes barred reporting”

    Lead the way and we’ll precede.

  6. Karolus, you are a MAN of HONESTY and INTEGRITY, well done, i salute you !. Hopefully you will one day stand as an INDEPENDANT (the spelling espesjally for Colin Bell) in your area and that your honest and heartfelt feelings penned above WILL OPEN ALL WARD 2 VOTERS EYES in Bitou and in the rest of the country.

    With Geldenhuys voted in on 5 Dec, he will be like a ‘speed camera’ in your area, keep politicians and municipal officials honest, services will improve etc. Bitou needs a King Maker NOW, ONLY an INDEPENDENT can secure that peace of mind. Ward 2 can make NATIONAL HISTORY on Wednesday – its up to its intelligent voters ! What a weight and responsibility rests on your shoulders. Your actions will have National repercussions !!

    To all voters in Ward 2, may the best chance to honesty, survival and growth in Bitou win. With continued DA mismanagment you are not going to get there, give Geldenhuys, the Independent a chance and vote with COURAGE and GUTS !!

  7. @ I.P and Wooden S, you are right, there is always hope and one should follow one’s gut, but one gets to a point – after having, as a white Afrikaner, stood up against apartheid policy, against the N.G.Kerk, against the exclusive schooling system, being forced to resign from a managerial position because my white colleagues were threatened by my views in 1992 – where one simply wonders if democracy is at all worth the name. We cannot get past the fact that people are governed only by fear and we live in a society where fear for prosecution has died a silent death.
    Why do we adhere to the speed limit in areas where there are cameras – because we know we will be caught, why do we follow blindly a religious system – because we are afraid that there just might be a god and then we are in trouble. Why do we take out insurance – because we are fearful that our house might just burn down.
    Fact is majority of society does not do what is right because they have a moral obligation to do it – they do what is right because they are scared of being caught.
    Now add to this the fact that our legal system is in such a red tape turmoil that even if one does get caught there is very little chance of being proscecuted within the near future and we have leaders who don’t realise that to have a tree in 20 years you have to plant it yesterday.
    Until our society gets to a point where we do what is right because we feel morally obliged to do so we are screwed. If you take a town like Oudtshoorn where our friend Drewan resides – regardless of democracy they have an executive mayor who does what he wants – a dictator voted in by democracy who will only change his mind if his salary is taken away or he is actually locked up.
    Perhaps my state of mind has to do with the season of joy – according to millions of people a saviour was born 2000 years ago – and at this very moment we are still looking for saviours in all shapes and forms and some of them are getting disgustingly rich because of our belief that someone will swoop down and save us – be it by means of a political system or divine intervention.
    So let me stop rambling – I shall endevour to stay positive and find the middle ground – I am not from your area so I can’t vote for your independent candidate but I hope he gets in and proves the theory of hope floats.

  8. The Bitou Peoples Party, is rising up early next year, due to people being….fed up!




  12. Karolus. When everything seems lost, there is always that “Little bit of hope”.Like it could happen.
    IP told you “Follow your gut”. Follow that “Little bit of hope”, you know what to do. The Premier told us today “An Independent cannot be independent”. BULLSHIT!. An Independent can vote with the party that has the best solution, on every single issue. There is no need to allign with a party, The Independent with the casting vote will force all the other councillors to up their performance. Give it a go.

  13. Ek het die volgende sms-gesprek met “Karolus” gehad na sy kommentaar hierbo…

    DB: “Brilfokkinjant!”

    K: “Dis hoe ek voel Drewan… daar is in my hele verwysingsraamwerk nie een opregte bewys van ware demokrasie nie.”

    DB: “Maar natuuuuuuurlik nie!”

    K: “So why the fuck do we vote?”

    DB: “To attempt to be exposed to the lesser evil.”

    K: “Shit, is there a lesser evil? Almal lyk vir my scary.”

  14. Karolus, your negative hopeless sentiments is not going to get you ANYWHERE my friend. Your disillusionment with the current DA/ANC political clowns are well understood.

    Vote with your GUT then, give it a chance as the height of stupidity still is when you think things are going to improve when you keep doing the same things !

    Colin Bell is clearly a wolf in sheeps clothing, as seen by those who want to see! NOTHING has changed under DA mismanagment, but for going further south with more cover ups by the day.
    Do you want change?
    Then take that leap of faith and try something new and different ! The recall clause is a start to hold political clowns to ACCOUNTABILITY and please don’t believe any sop Colin Bell dishes up. He has already admitted being in the “Mundell/Craig Camp” after a heavy extraction effort !

    Be bold, be daring, still STANDING !

  15. From a small boy in Gr 1 till in my matric year, four years as a student and two years in the army I was taught that apartheid in South Africa was democracy – even the dominee’s blessed the “democracy” from the pulpit, at weddings and at at baptisms of new followers. I learned that stalwarth Afrikaners who go to church every Sunday and vote to keep a minority in power are a lying bunch of @$%&’s with only the preservation of their own skin in mind. Then came 1994 and true democracy kicked in – or so we thought. F@$#, people – nothing has changed – there is still a minority ruling – they get the majority of votes but the decision makers have, just as their apartheid predecessors, only one thing in mind – “take care of myself”
    Reading the above fiasco I find myself in the army again – who do I believe? – the clean cut stout colonel who barely passed matric and tells me to shoot to kill because they will chace my children into the sea one day or the black man with a law degree who is locked up for wanting freedom?
    So it is 2012, not 1982, who do I believe? O!O who digs up dirt under every rock and swears to be impartial, the groomed white auntie from Cape Town who got someone to teach her to toi-toi like a Xhosa so that she can get voters, the minister of local affairs who is so careful he won’t even take a pee if the toilet hasn’t been checked by security forces six times, the off-spring of the law graduate who spent his life behind bars to become president and who is now probably himself wondering what went wrong, or do I trust an independent who swears he is the new Messiah who will lead Bitou out of the line of danger before the walls of Jericho crumble and squash us all? I am so tempted to say – ” Who the f@#% cares – from now on I do what I have to do to save my own skin.” (After all my fore-fathers have been doing it for years)
    To say I, as someone who stood up against apartheid, who celebrated 1994 with glee, am truly and totally disillusioned in politicians will be a gross understatement. Good luck to the voters – which ever way you vote – it won’t be for democracy – democracy has left the building.

  16. No OO, The DA will win because FG’s campaign efforts were a non-starter.
    But yep the eyes they are opening, like HZ’s famous kitten joke..hahaha

  17. Methinks the lady protests too little.

    The DA will probably win on Wednesday, mostly because ward 2 voters still can’t believe the empress is naked.

    But, like ANC supporters, the eyes they are opening.

  18. The last gasps of a dying Campaign. Nice try, but even O!O doesn’t believe it has any validity as he wouldn’t continue to make impassioned pleas to the voters of Ward 2 to support Mr Geldenhuys (The Candidate).

  19. What a bombshell to wake up to. Liz & co should just resign to save themselves from huge embarrasment and retain whatever little dignity they still have left. Lets see how her masters sidestep this one, as they have done on her previous proven lies. Good luck FG.

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