Bitou Mayor takes political campaigning even a few nothches lower

‘Francois Geldenhuys is the ANC’s proxy’. Ye gods and faeries!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 2 December 2012. 18h00. Today’s DA Road Show in Plett’s Piesang Hall…

The venue was just over 3/4 full. There are 14 rows of 28 chairs to seat 392. There were approximately 80 empty seats, so I make the following calculation:

Total seats – 392
Empty seats – 80
First 4 rows seated imports in DA livrery – 56
Eden DA representatives – 40
Helen Zille’s terpsichorean troupe – 30

That leaves 186 ward 2 voters, not all DA supporters… Not a good turnout to hear the “Dear Leader” herself, methinks.

186 people represent 4.66% of the total voters and 6.24 % of the DA voters in 2011.

It was a road show. And the turnout was disappointing.

A lady of Plett complained that the ‘culture” of DA meetings alienates her. She does not warm to the singing and the dancing and the sloganeering. That, unfortunately, is, as they say, tough. The DA has embarked on a particular route that calls for a specific profile and the image will estrange some. That is simply a marketing and branding issue and the DA has every right to position itself as it sees fit.

My correspondents were simply flabbergasted by what they had heard.

Memory Booysen, the DA Mayor of Plett, called the independent candidate, Francois Geldenhuys, ‘the proxy of the ANC’. Amongst other things.

I think it is done. The DA has failed municipalities most in need of strong, ethical leadership. The DA, as the lesser of two evils, will continue to have my support, and the support of those I can muster, at provincial and national level in order to curb the deplorable inability and atrocious mismanagement of an ANC completely and utterly eviscerated by years of frenzied feeding by felons.

But the DA is utterly undeserving of support by people most in need of strong, ethical leadership in their towns and municipalities.

Geldenhuys issued the following media statement moments ago:

Media Release by the Independent Candidate,
Bitou, Ward 2:
Francois Geldenhuys
Plettenberg Bay
2 December 2012
Decency. And fair play.

I have learned with shock and sadness that the Bitou DA Mayor, Alderman Memory Booysen, this morning called me “the proxy of the ANC” from a formal DA platform and that Booysen added that the factual statements contained in my carefully worded election pamphlet, compiled with respect for my constituents and due regard for fair play, is “crap”.

Booysen even called me a liar, declaring that my commitment to honour a recall contract with the voters of Ward 2, allowing voters to enforce my resignation for non-performance, is a hoax.

Such deplorable misrepresentation and such questionable language begin to shed some light upon the reasons for the unsatisfactory management of Bitou’s affairs by the current DA/Cope coalition town government.

The condonation, both tacitly and overtly, of the Mayor’s utterances by the leader of the DA, the Premier of the Western Cape, the Honourable Helen Zille, pains me and impresses upon me the magnitude of the job to be done to bring Bitou back to basic decency.

I apologise, in the name of all that is honourable, for the deplorable performance of the DA Mayor this morning. As he is entrusted with the responsibility to lead Bitou on behalf of the DA, I promise to do everything in my power to help Mr Booysen to mend his ways when the voters of Ward 2 elect me to council on Wednesday.

It is, in part, by reason of this very disdainful approach and partisan attitude displayed by the DA Mayor that I had decided to stand as a party independent candidate in Ward 2 in order to afford the Bitou residents and ratepayers an opportunity to have their interests, rather than party political interests, represented in council.

I have the greatest sympathy with my opponent, the DA’s Mr Wayne Craig, whom the Mayor called too inexperienced to speak for himself at the meeting. I wish Wayne well as he struggles to come to grips with a party machine fuelled by misrepresentation, mendacity and malevolence.

A very important by-election on Wednesday will allow the good people of Ward 2 to exercise not only their democratic right and privilege, but also their keen sense of respectability, and to elect someone to Council who will at all times represent, first and foremost, the interests of Bitou, its people, and the voters of Ward 2 in a dignified, becalmed, and respectful way.

I am looking forward with great excitement and a keen sense of responsibility, to serve the people of Bitou.

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12 thoughts on “Bitou Mayor takes political campaigning even a few nothches lower

  1. Colin B continues to mislead like a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing, does not answer questions put to him and spreads doubt and misinformation with ZERO positive building blocks. Wonder who put him up to it, Memory, Theunsie or Zille herself ?

    Vote DA for continued Bitou missmanagment – a total no brainer hey ?

    Geldenhuys seems honourable, committed and deserves a chance. The DA really underestimates the intelligence of Ward 2 voters – what a slap in their faces !!

  2. The Bitou DAceivers , under Memo just will lie and cheat their way to power, the same as the ANC did. The puppet masters Liz and Donald just have no morels. Rates are sky high and a little birdie tells me Memo is putting them up early next year, so vote DA ……if you can afford to, me im no millionaire!

  3. Irrespective of what is written, you read what you will, Colin B. Remarkable.

  4. Yet another vacuous report from the armchair Cloaca Machine.

    Mr Geldenhuys (The Candidate) has not been well served by the very people who encouraged him to stand against a man that few wanted. Whether it was from the lack of unity demonstrated by the PBC, the failure to produce a signed and published recall contract in advance of the election, the lack of any coverage on his ‘meet and greet’ meetings or the absence of any clear statement on his voting intentions for the Motion only time will tell. What is clear however is that his endorsement by an unlikely coalition of self-serving individuals/parties played into the hands of the DA right from the start and effectively destroyed his chances.

    Should we therefore be surprised that, as he states above, and even in advance of the vote O!O is distancing himself from the ‘Independent’ cause and re-asserting his faith, albeit at Provincial and National level, in the DA. Ye gods and faeries!

  5. some people say DA stands for dubble alles,, well my electricity bill is double , so maybe it is true..

  6. FG scored a plus by putting flyers behind the windshields of all cars parked there..nice marketing tool

  7. Ek weet ‘n benoude kat maak benoude spronge maar die DA-kat het vanoggend sommer heeltemal van die aardbol afgespring van benoudheid. Ek was ook daar en bespempel die vertoning as die algemene laagtepunt van die DA se terleurstellende en droewige vertoning die afgelope jaar en ‘n half. Enige ondersteuner met ‘n greintjie integriteit sou sy/haar kop in skaamte laat sak het vanoggend om te luister hoe hulle in die onafhanklike inklim, en dan kom ek nog nie eers by die oorverdowende getoi-toi, dans en in vreemde tale praat nie. Sal graag wil weet of Colin B ook daar was en wat hy daarvan dink….

  8. The 7pm news on SAFM says Helen Zille said in Bitou today that she is cautiously optimistic about Wednesday’s election. From an ourtight win the last time around to ‘cautiously optimistic” a few years later is almost like an acknowlegment that we messed up wholesale and will be lucky to be trusted and voted back in.

    I hope Ward 2 Voters eye’s have opened up and that they will give the Independent Geldenhuys their full confidence and support on Wednesday as the DA’s mismanagment continues.



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