Zille is coming to town

To the tune of Santa is coming to town. For the harpsichord.

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 30 November 2012. 09h15.

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Zille is coming to town
She’s making a list
And checking it twice;
Gonna find out Who’s naughty and nice
Zille is coming to town
She sees you when you’re sleeping
She knows when you’re awake
She knows if you’ve been bad or good
So be good for goodness sake!
O! You better watch out!
You better not cry
Better not pout
I’m telling you why
Zille is coming to town
Zille is coming to town

Ye lucky people of Plett!

The DA Leader, Helen Zille, has managed to squeeze you into her busy schedule – at 11h00 on a Sunday. Enough said already for the DA’s disdain of marginal municipalities that cannot contribute to the “greater picture” like the Goldilocks versions.

She’s coming to endorse Wayne Craig, DA Candidate, Ward 2 By-Election.

She’s gonna be atalkin’ about the DA’s record in the municipalities the party govern.

The “Independent issue” will be addressed. The “Independent issue“!?

She’ll talk about the unrest in the Western Cape. Just to show that the DA plays on the important national stage, not on ward stages only, especially ward stages that cannot contribute to the “greater picture” like the Goldilocks versions.

Ye gods and faeries.

On 17 October already O!O reported that the western Cape DA “Leader” has nothing to say; the “Deputy” Leader won’t talk, nor allow talk; the Mayor is lying; and the candidate is muted… God help Bitou!

If Zille has anything to say on Sunday, she must respond to the following questions, put to Wayne Graig on October 14, and still unanswered because Western Cape “Deputy” Leader Theuns Botha instructed all at 15h17 on October 16:

“Please don’t reply at all”

Here’s the questions:

1) Is the information that Mayor Booysen offered Mr Grant Easton R825,000 pa, for the position of Municipal Manager, instead of Council’s proposed R1,012,000 pa, correct; and if correct, why did Booysen misrepresent Council’s offer?

2) Did Easton make a counter proposal of R1m pa; and did he decline subsequent to Booysen’s refusal of his counter?

3) How do you justify the second, costly, recruitment process, eventually to appoint Mr Allen Paulse, when the original effort resulted in the identification of a suitable candidate available at a Council approved package?

Booysen, Bitou Mayor of the party which you will represent in council if you should win Ward 2, has persistently refused to answer these questions bearing directly on the DA’s ability, or not, to manage the affairs of ratepayers… since July 16! I repeat: since July 16.

Booysen has also persistently refused to answer the following questions, again bearing directly on the DA’s ability, or not, to manage the affairs of ratepayers… since July 18! I repeat: since July 18.

4) Did Booysen, at any time before June 21, instruct the Acting MM to draft an item advising Council to rescind a decision to institute disciplinary steps against Director Community Services Monde Stratu?

5) If Booysen so instructed the Acting MM, did Booysen act of his own volition, or in consequence of an instruction from any one of more DA Leaders?

6) Did the Council, on July 13, proceed to rescind its earlier decision to institute disciplinary action against Stratu?

7) If Council did so rescind its earlier decision, was the decision to rescind made in consequence of considering advice from the Acting MM?

8) What, in broad terms, was the advice proffered by the Acting MM?

9) Were there any votes recorded against the motion to rescind, and who were the Councillors, if any, who voted against the motion?

10) Please explain, in but a few words only, how Stratu happened to be assessed the third preferred candidate for MM in a report of June 2012, when disciplinary action was at that time pending against him?

Since August 23, I have solicited, with no success, answers from your party’s James Selfe; Anton Bredell; Theuns Botha; Donald Grant; Kobus Marais; Debbi Shafer; Christelle Vosloo; and Liza Albrecht, on questions bearing on the so-called “automatic” termination of Johann Brumer’s DA membership, and the appointment of Ms Sumeia Ndayi as proportional member in Brummer’s place.

I now ask you to respond as this matter bears directly on the interests of the voters of Ward 2:

11) Why was Brummer’s membership “automatically”, as James Selfe deposed before the High Court, terminated when only another 3 Western Cape councillors, out of “about 37” (Selfe again) suffered the same fate?

12) Were you interviewed for the proportional appointment at the time of Ndayi’s selection?

13) Is there any substance to the persistent reports that Ndayi is indebted to the late Speaker, Charles Dreyer, who was at the time of the alleged origin of the debt also her employer?

14) Why has the Western Cape minister of local government, the Western Cape DA Chairperson Anton Bredell, not replied to Brummer’s detailed complaint, of August 2, about the rescission of Bitou Council Resolution C/1/48/4/12?

15) Why has the DA not yet addressed the Rentworks mismanagement brought to Bredell’s attention on May 4?

16) Please let me have your considered assessment of the financial loss to ratepayers as a result of the above DA management.

Mayor Booysen, in a recent Mayoral Letter, declared: “We are scrutinizing every expenditure and concentrating our resources only on our core responsibilities, as set out in the Constitution. You asked for truth and transparency and that is what I will give you… but in order to keep you fully informed we have to be open and transparent.”

The DA Mayor is making a mockery of this principle!

Can you do better, Mr Craig?

Botha’s unspeakable and ludicrous instruction to ignore questions is an obvious breach of the DA’s constitution (see below*) but it also makes a mockery of Bitou Mayor Memory Booysen’s “undertaking” in a recent Mayoral Letter:

“You asked for truth and transparency and that is what I will give you… in order to keep you fully informed we have to be open and transparent.”

You lie, Booysen! You have not answered any of O!O’s questions since June – even though you solemnly promised to do so, within earshot of several of your party colleagues at the East Region Conference at Baron’s Palace in Oudtshoorn on July 21!

Risible. Ridiculous. Embarrassing.

The DA has no answers.

This is the selfsame DA that called the presidential hotline a “100% failure” in 2010 when the parliamentary Leader, Athol Trollip, told City Press: “It is clear that there is absolutely no urgency on the part of the ANC government to address complaints from the public.”

The DA said criticisms of the hotline included unresolved issues… and the long time it takes for calls to be answered.

Why won’t the DA respond to OO’s questions?

The answer is obvious: The DA has no answers.

Zille will on Sunday pontificate about DA successes in local government – in Goldilocks councils, be aware!

If you want to know how the DA acts and “represents the interests of local residents” is all but Goldilocks municipalities, consider the following:

Consider what the DA did to stalwarts like Johann Brummer, and Jemayne Andrews, and Beverley Cortjé-Alcock when the DA “automatically” terminated their party memberships in August.

Consider how the DA stood idly by while one of Eden’s foremost Councillors, the irreproachable Johann Koegelenberg, and two of his DA colleagues, Henri McCombie and Patrick Murray, were chagrined for nearly three years until the Regional Court found, on June 11 this year, that no case could be made against them and dismissed all charges without even hearing evidence by the accused.

The DA provincial secretary, Anton Bredell, also the DA Western Cape minister of local government, promised several times to legally intervene and never lifted a finger to aid, within the law, the three Councillors.

If the DA can do this to one of their own imagine what the DA can do to you.

On January 26, 2007, the DA suspended five of its Oudtshoorn Councillors for voting against a Caucus decision, when they elected to put Oudtshoorn above party political conniving to protect a local ally of Patricia de Lille, then needed to secure a DA majority in the Cape Metro.

Four of the five Councillors cowered while the fifth, Pierre Nel, stood firm and was eventually exonerated by the federal law commission, the highest DA authority.

If the DA can do this to one of their own imagine what the DA can do to you.

When O!O called on DA political leaders and communications functionaries – over and over and over again – for answers, the new Western Cape “Deputy” Leader, former leader Theuns Botha, instructed his crew: “Please don’t reply at all.”

Vote for the DA, dear Ward 2 resident?

What, are you meshugge? Dotty?

The DA won’t even answer your enquiries; let alone represent your interests!

And now the DA has come up with a threadbare, hackneyed, out-worn, stale gogga-maak-vir-baba-bang tarradiddle: First Johann Brummer was an agent for the ANC, and now Francois Geldenhuys is an agent for the ANC.

It is demanded, by reasonable South Africans, that the elite voters of Bitou Ward 2 – Plett’s royalty – wield their democratic right with due consideration and responsibility. That Ward 2 voters this time round not vote in false fear, as the National Party of BJ Vorster and PW Botha cajoled, blarneyed, inveigled, palavered, coaxed, wheeldled and downright conned, swindled and scammed their mothers and fathers before them to heed the swart gevaar and the rooi gevaar and the Engelse pers gevaar and the Afrikaanse letterkunde gevaar.

Vote your conscience! Don’t vote your irrational, DA defined false fear. Don’t do as voters of your ilk generally accuse the ANC masses of doing: That they vote for the ANC because they always vote for the ANC because they never think and always just vote as the ANC directs.

In any event, what the DA is currently warning – that a vote for an independent candidate will hand Bitou back to the ANC – is ridiculous… because the ANC already runs Bitou! By Mayor Memory Booysen and his deputy, Adam van Ryhner. And the milksop DA caucus who could not see a conspiracy if one sat up and spit in its collective eye.

The Bitou DA caucus cannot finagle a frisky feeling in a floozy with a fistfull of fifties.

The Ward 2 voters are verily asked by the independents to vote Bitou out of ANC control by voting independent!

Obviously the DA has already concluded that the voters of Ward 2 are idiots. That much we can reasonably accept.

Why else would the DA call each and every telephone number in its wanting database with a message that Francois Geldenhyus is an ANC agent – after the people of Ward 2 voted Geldenhuys their independent candidate!?

And remember: If Geldenhuys does not do as the voters of Ward 2 expect, the voters of Ward 2 can recall him and replace him.

Wayne Craig, however, can do as he is told by the DA for four more years – and if the DA chooses not to accuse him falsely of owing money to the cause, nobody can ever get rid of him before 2016!

I am not known to pussyfoot around issues and for being mealymouthed. I am quite proud of my in your face reputation of calling a spade a shovel. And I am here to tell you, voters of Ward 2, that if you send Wayne Craig of the DA to the Bitou Council to represent you, you are poking your neighbours in the eye; and you are screwing your fellow residents in other Bitou wards; and you are turning on South Africans generally; and you are failing democracy. Period.

Think Memory Booysen; Lonwabo Ngoqo; Monde Stratu; Carl Mattheus; Deon Daantjie Lott; Grant Easton; Allen Paulse. If the DA is capable of manipulating so unashamedly, imagine how the DA can con YOU!

Think Pierre Nel; Johann Koegelenberg; Henri McCombi; Patrick Murray; Johann Brummer; Jemayne Andrews; Beverley Cortje-Alcock. If the DA can do this to some of their own, imagine what the DA is capable of doing to YOU!


Then vote.

O, and if you really want to know how the DA governs municipalities – Zille won’t tell you about this on Sunday – click here for the story of Oudtshoorn, your Eden brother town.

Note on the DA constitution
* Botha is acting in flagrant disregard of the DA’s “CODE FOR PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES”, as approved by the federal council on 12 April 2002:

3.6    Availability and Responsiveness

Public representatives are expected to communicate with other members of the Party and with members of the public when they are contacted, and are expected to deal expeditiously and courteously with enquiries from voters.  Public representatives are expected at the very least to acknowledge receipts of voters’ enquiries and to refer these, where appropriate to the correct organ
of government.

3.7    Media Profile

Public representatives are expected to establish contact with the local media operating in their constituency or ward, and should monitor such
publications and contribute articles or letters to them.

Perhaps I should draft a complaint to the DA Federal Executive.

Now that will be a waste of time!

Talk about the ANC ignoring incompetence and irreverence!

Ye gods and faeries.

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7 thoughts on “Zille is coming to town

  1. Wag nou het die DA in Plett hulle “nasionale baas” gaan haal vir arme Francois. Nee Vader man

  2. En steeds swyg Colin
    Praat van maak sy naam PLANK !!

    Wat kan geagte Colin op die tafel plass as n oplossing, ‘more of the same DA mismanagment, or has he something better to dish up for Ward 2 voters this time ?’

  3. Zille should visit more often, the pot holes get repaired very quicly when she is on her way..

  4. Isn’t it extraordinary. I acknowledge that there are important unresolved issues such as Rentworks, Wavelength that still need to be fully investigated and I’m chastised for it! As for who will last laugh, three days to go and the voters are still in the dark. We might have been a little the wiser if O!O had taken the trouble to report back on Mr Geldenhuys’ (The Candidate) ‘meet and greet’ session last week but there obviously couldn’t have been anything to report back on.

  5. Shame Colin,Shame……NOW everyone knows who is the loser of this round!!,Wie die laaste lag,lag die lekkerste!

  6. Ye Gods and faeries O!O you must have spent all night putting that together, although ‘Cut and paste’ is a real time saver. Unfortunately most of what you refer to is history and, like your confidante Mr Brummer, has no relevance any more. There are however some matters of substance buried inside the minutiae you have taken the trouble to regurgitate and I have no doubt that they will be resolved over time.

    p.s. loved the song.

  7. Wil Slim Colin Bell dit dalk waag om bg vir die leserspubliek te beantwoord ?
    Ons weet reeds dat Zille of Theunsie of Bredell, wat nog te staan Craig dit sal beantwoord !!

    Maar hul wil jou stem he vir “more of the same DA maladministration” en al wat jy oor en oor hoor is Midvaal en Kaapstad – maar wat van BITOU, dis hier waar die Wyk 2 ‘voters’ bly madaam Zille en “Slim vang sy Baas Colin Bell “!!!

    Toe toe Colin, answer if you can !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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