Should Francois Geldenhuys win…

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Oudtshoorn. 22 November 2012. 00h35. I say again that I do not speak for the independent candidate in Ward 2.

Yet, this is what I think should be the strategy should Geldenhuys win on December 5:

The Assumption
That the Independent wins Ward 2 on December 5.

The Consideration
The Independent needs, above all, to establish political influence.

A Singular Fact
The Independent has the political balance of power in Bitou.

The Situation
Neither the ANC, nor the DA/Cope can govern Bitou without the Independent’s kingmaker status.

The Issue
The unique political circumstances in Bitou known, the question arises as to why the Independent must align with either the ANC or the DA/Cope as opposed to the Independent assuming authority and inducting both the ANC and the DA/Cope to establish a government in Bitou.

Therefore it is proposed that
The Independent vigorously maintains his independence in a council torn by political horse-trading and factionalism that has already denied Bitou any semblance of effective and efficient government since 2006.

The Independent promotes and implements a government not of unity, but of what may be best defined as one of inclusive cohesion.
The Independent forms a Mayco consisting of 1 Independent; 1 Cope; 2 ANC and 2 DA members, and a Council with an Independent Mayor; ANC Deputy Mayor and DA Speaker.

The portfolios consist of Finance; Corporate; Community; Technical; and a new portfolio, preferably Strategic, to be established and to ensure an uneven number of Mayco members under the Chairmanship of the Independent mayor.

The Independent caucuses with both the ANC, and the DA/Cope.

All Councillors be encouraged to vote their conscience in delivering services to the people of Bitou, rather than serving provincial and/or national political agendas.

The Independent governs Bitou.

Is it unusual? Is it difficult? Of course! But it’s possible! And it’s preferable!

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36 thoughts on “Should Francois Geldenhuys win…

  1. Bitou has had independents before,, aka Pierre Koep.. At least with Zille coming all the pot holes in town got repaired very very quickly,,

  2. Since when does Royalty answer a straight question? I for one do not have any problem with a 20% rule. How can this be unachievable as is suggested? If a councillor F^%&ks up, get off your lazy backside and garner the signatures, easy, unless your’re Royalty and haven’t actually physically campaigned before.

    The accountability of FG shows up the unaccountability of the rest and therefore is a major worrying factor for them.

    CB, accountability at election time is a given, but then again you do not have to suffer the severe lack of promises and service delivery in the second class area’s for the next 3.5 years.

    If your ear is at ground level, you’ll know that come next election, Bitou will be properly run by a Bitou People’s Party made up of all independents , with full accountability, AND merely representing the wishes of the voters. This group will be replicated in all Eden towns and will also run EDEN.

    There will be a inaugarel gathering of like minds in January from all Bitou wards, be there to help shape the future of Bitou and help try to reshape politics as it stands today.

  3. Hi O!O – I’m delighted to see that you are responding once more and was was beginning to think that I may have said something that had offended your sensibilities. IP has been a pretty poor substitute in your absence and will soon wear out his exclamation mark key if he is not careful.

    I’m not sure I understand your first question and will therefore ignore it. You also seem to have misunderstood me in your second question as I said that it was the coalition that was accountable for its actions and not the council. By accountability I mean that voters have the power to remove incumbents at election time. It happened to the ANC in Western Province and it happened in Bitou.That is what happens in a democracy, with all its flaws, and that is what will provide Mr Guldenhuys (The candidate) with an opportunity in the by-election.

  4. Let me get this straight, Colin: FG’s accountability somehow compromises the accountability of the other councillors!?

    How, pray, is council made to be accountable to constituents!? See my several questions.

    Ye gods and faeries!

  5. Hi Sceptic – I can understand the logic for having a recall contract in place for an Independent candidate who is being endorsed or sponsored by an organization, such as the PBC, or a group of people as it ensures that he/she will adhere to their wishes or instructions. Ironically, O!O’s draft contract makes it virtually impossible to satisfy the requirements of the recall process and is slanted too much in favour of the candidate. Whilst in theory he may be seen as accountable, in practice he could do what he likes without fear of being recalled. This may explain why no contract has been signed or published yet and the voters are left in the dark.

    My second objection relates specifically to the situation we will be faced within Bitou, should Mr Guldenhuys (The Candidate) wins. As he will have total control over the council any decisions he makes will impact on the whole of Bitou and not just the Ward 2 community. What may be good for Ward 2 (those people O!O strangely describes as the ‘Royalty’ of Bitou) may not be good for the rest of the municipality but where is his accountability now. There is no recall process outside of Ward 2 and cannot be therefore held accountable to the vast majority of Bitou’s communities.

    Regardless of the your views on the current arrangements at least the coalition can be held accountable across the whole of the Municipality

  6. Well put Sceptic !

    Al wat Colin aanvang is verdagmakery en GEEN ALTERNATIEF op die tafel plaas.
    EXPOESD for what he is, thus propagating more of the same DA mismanagment and he thinks the informed voters of Ward 2 will fall for his and the DA crap again ??

  7. HELEN ZILLE IN PLETT (This Sunday-Pisang Valley 11.30) If you vote- be there- ask questions-THINK.

    Endorsement of Wayne Craig, DA Candidate, Ward 2 By-Election..
    * We know that Wayne is his own man, is Helen a help or a hinder after all the broken (DA) promisses.
    The DA record in the municipalities we govern.
    * Bitou had an unqualified audit for many years under the ANC. Under the DA we have lost it. How about Swellendam? Serious questions and not all roses!.
    The Independent issue.
    * Very important and debated all over town. Good for Plett? Bad for Plett? Only alternative for Plett? Think before you vote..
    Unrest in the Western Cape
    * Helen will tell us “Insprired by the ANC”. Correct or wrong?? Are the farmworkers underpayed? Can the industry afford more? Do we have to re-think or just “Call in the army and crack the wip”?

  8. Hi Colin B,

    I need to understand something – how do you propose the recall should work? Should the independent councilor be subjected to a recall by one single person?, That hardly seems fair, or workable, and would lead to certain absurdity. It would mean that one single disgruntled voter can recall the councilor (forcing another period of a hung council until another by-election can be held).

    With all your criticism of the recall idea, it is still miles ahead of what protection the voters currently enjoy! It may not be perfect (yet), but the alternative (of voting for someone who won’t be allowed to have any say or support any idea/proposal he might believe in without the go-ahead from the leadership in Cape Town) is unthinkable if not disastrous. See, the party politicians are not accountable to the voters, they are only accountable to their masters (party leadership), who in turn is only accountable to their bank rollers. Voting for anyone other than an independent candidate only means giving power to the elite few.

    As the saying goes, insanity is to do the same thing and expecting different results. Vote DA (or ANC) if you like, but then don’t expect any different results. The mayhem, corruption, mismanagement, wasteful expenditure etc will continue (UNCHECKED). That is a fact, and you can take that to the bank!

  9. If fewer than 1 in 5 voters is unhappy with a councillor, the councillor should not be recalled.

    The recall is not a vehicle for curmudgeons to entertain bingo hall complaints about a councillor’s habiliment.

    Obviously the DA candidate need not answer to his intended vote in the no confidence motion… He’s already been programmed.

  10. Well, there in lies the difficulty for the voter and the problem for the Independent. At present, the recall contract has not been signed or published and the voter therefore has no information as to its validity. To illustrate my criticism of the recall system, if we are to accept O!O’s draft it clearly states that anyone wishing to recall the independent would need to get signed support from 20% of the electorate before being able to lodge their complaint. This is unachievable and therefore negates any claim that the councillor is accountable to the community.

    Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge the candidate has still not indicated his voting intentions re the Motion and, in my opinion, this is completely unacceptable. The voters need to know.

  11. Thanks Colin, now how difficult was that simple YES ?

    The voters of Ward 2 is going to have a very interesting , yet simple choice come 5 Dec.
    It is in the end about; – More of the same under DA mismanagment or a new Independent Cllr with a “recall contract” should he not perform or remain accountable !

    Now how difficult is that simple choice Ward 2 ?

  12. IP – The word ‘condone’ is an interesting choice. My understanding of its meaning is to forgive or excuse and within this context my response to your question would therefore have to be yes. The emergence of an ‘Independent’ candidate to contest Ward 2 would have been seen as a serious threat to the coalition’s further control of the Council and, in my opinion, Ms Mundell could be excused for responding in the way that she did.

    However, it is for the voters of Ward 2 to establish the veracity of the statements she has made and form their own opinion and in this regard I assume that the Independent Campaign team will be working hard to present their own interpretation of the facts.

  13. Gentleman ? Gentleman !, Gentleman ??, Gentleman !!, gentleman ???, Gentleman !!!-??? We are discussing the economic future of Bitou. We are not in some game, we are not dreaming, We are in a realiticy show that will end! How??????? You tell me. But do you really care?????????????????????? Why care about Bitou???? It’s all a game. The party YES (Of course). My own Pocket Deffinite.(Why ask) The un-employed WHO? say again!
    Lets all wake up and start working.

  14. Gentlemen ,gentlemen, shall we leave the topic of spelling a side (which is after all a side show) and FOCUS on the topic at hand. If it gives Sceptic (n maatjie van Colin) great pleasure to rephrase the question, (so be it) put it anyway you want, Colin still seems to dance on a hot plate like a cockroach – Colin, “Do you condone Liz Mundell’s Public Statements ? What is your answer ?
    Patiently waiting !

  15. Hi Colin, I know this is completely off topic, but in the process it seems that IP has lost the ability to spell guest, as in by my … as well as statement.

  16. Sceptic – thank you for taking the trouble to point it out although I sense that IP is a bit of a lost cause. If anything positive has however come out of this exchange it is that IP has now learned how to spell Independent.

  17. @ Investigative Public, me thinks Colin B hit you with a bit of a plank. Your question is phrased as to not allow for a Yes or No answer.

    Maybe, your question should have limited your Yes/No question to one question, for instance:

    Do you condone Liz Mundell’s Public Statements?

    Just saying.

  18. Colin, want to return that badly -be my guess “en slaan jouself met n PLANK , elke keer !! ” Your continued Ducking and Diving to straight forward questions about Liz Mundells embarrassing public Stetement, tells us all exactly where you stand – “totaal ruggraatloos en sonder enige murg in jou pype!”

    Thus without ANY CREDIBILITY left Colin, your future comments will only use up space and give some readers a chuckle of embarrassment on your behalf. “Voeter voort, niemand gaan jou stop nie !” You’ve made your bed (out of a PLANK), now “lie” in it !!

  19. Oh Robert, you saw the opportunity. It could so easily have worked if only IP had resisted the temptation to respond.

    IP – As your enthusiasm for replying released me from my self imposed exile to the sidelines I shall continue to comment on the absence of anything tangible for the voters coming from the Geldenhuys Camp. I will allow
    O!O time however to report back on the Independent Public meeting, assuming of course that Mr Geldenhuys (The Candidate) does not grace this forum with his presence before the Meeting. Highly unlikely, methinks.

    As for the Mundell email, it pains me to have to spell this out but there seems to be a need.

    Question: Do you or dont you condone Liz Mundells Public Statement ????

    Required Answer: Yes (or No for that matter)

    Any the wiser?

  20. Colin… rephrase,,, rephrase….how much simpler can i put it because the more scope you are given, the more you tend to paint yourself into a corner. Once again Robert has given you excellent advise, you’ll find it quite educational on the sideline whilst your deliberate your non response to the above which is a clear indication of an “embarassing YES” to Mundellls absolute nonsense from your side ! She is going to be very unhappy with you chum…. trouble, trouble… She’s feeling the isolation and stupidity of her act clearly now…….!

    Enjoy the peace and quiet in the sideline and whilst you are at it, the Gents are at the back of the stands where the Hot Dog stand is. Keep me some, cause when the show is over and Geldenhuys elected, i’ll be hungry and need a bite 🙂

  21. IP – if your challenge is for me to respond with a simple ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ as indicated, then can I suggest that, either way, you will be none the wiser. Perhaps you could consider rephrasing the question, or alternatively, free me from the constraints of a one word answer. In the meantime and whilst you are pondering over your response I will withdraw from the stage and give the floor to Francois.

  22. Colin, either you are a slow learner or a poor reader or BOTH.

    Let me repeat and please read slowly and carefully this time.

    Colin Bell, seems you have just got “another diplomatic public snot klap” from Robert again which has somewhat softened you up a bit. Keep your arrogant trap shut and give the newly elected Francois
    Geldenhuys a chance ! You sound like an Old Nat ‘ wat almal wil doodskreeu met jou niksseggendheid”

    Francois, the floor is yours, all eyes on you………….. uhhh, uhhhh,…. Colin,…. now keep your trap shut, give Francois a change you ” DA stage hogger !!!”…. and before Robert gives you another political lesson and lights out “snotklap”

    And you still have to repond to that Public Challenge. Do you or dont you condone Liz Mundells Public Statement ???? Yes or No ??

  23. Insults – the last refuge of the defeated.

    O!O – can you ask JEF to exercide more control over his TITS.They clearly don’t know how to behave in public.

    Sceptic – I have never felt the need to raise my voice or even resort to the use of capital letters to make my point (JEF’s TITS excepted). Sadly, there has been very little substance to argue against, just vague promises, vacuous mantras and precious little else, but will accept the challenge.

  24. Bell. Robert explained it. How can Francois know how to vote without knowing the facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He is not ANC, DA or COPE who will follow instructions. This is not a wich hunt. It is for the survivel of Bitou’s economy and only an INDEPENDENT can make a differance at the moment.. Francois is not after the Mayor to gain political points, but he will expect the Mayor to do his job in the interest of all in Bitou and (YES WARD 2)
    Lets get real, GO INDEPENDENT.

  25. Colin Bell, seems you have just got “another diplomatic public snot klap” from Robert again which has somewhat softened you up a bit. Keep your arrogant trap shut and give the newly elected Francois Geldenhuys a chance ! You sound like an Old Nat ‘ wat almal wil doodskreeu met jou niksseggendheid”

    Francois, the floor is yours, all eyes on you………….. uhhh, uhhhh,…. Colin,…. now keep your trap shut, give Francois a change you ” DA stage hogger !!!”…. and before Robert gives you another political lesson and lights out “snotklap”

  26. Believe me Robert, the voters need to know one way or the other, which way he is going to vote. The implications are too critical to be ignored and out of respect for their concerns he has a responsibility to state his position ahead of the election. Enjoy the view!

  27. Colin (B has dissappeared!) Thank you. You cannot pin Francois down on his intention for the motion. I have mentioned it before, it will be debated in Council. I am sure that the ANC want the Mayor removed and the DA/COPE have other instructions. But in a debate someone has to come up with credable information. What is wrong and why is it wrong. Do we blame the Mayor, the DA Caucus or even the ANC Councillors? Francois will have to find the “WHY” and than make a desision. During the first evening he stated that he wants to work with all the Councillors, get to know them, see how strong (or not) they are and he even wants to mentor them to create a team that can go forward, even after the next election. That does not sound to me that he will support the motion. If the Mayor gets a team that, everything is possible, could actualy learn to work together Bitou will win. Colin, I never give up and I believe that Bitou can be turned around, a sound economic platform can be established and that jobs can be created. The Mayor has an experienced MM and, if possible and I feel it is, someone can cement the current team together BITOU CAN DO IT. So will Francois vote for the motion? Will one of the DA Councillors step in as a Mentor if Mr Craig wins? Will Bitou turn around?
    Will it happen? One day perheps! This Chrismas, who knows. Its up to the voters of Ward 2
    And, as i sit on the side line, i will now be quite and will watch.

  28. Robert – you are an honest man and far too decent for this forum. As I mentioned some time ago ‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ may be all the justification that the ‘Independent faction’ needs but the voters of Ward 2 deserve to know more and to date there has been nothing except froth. I am delighted to see that he is at last making a public appearance and expect him to make a credible start towards dispelling the concerns that the voters of ward 2 should should rightly have as to his credentials and and his voting intentions on the Motion.

  29. But Colin,,, This is ward 2 we’re talking about, Not the other cash strapped wards, where Kranshoek only got R300 bucks and a few T-shirts & a handful of poster to put up from the well oiled machine.

    FG should be having meet&greets every week, plus Knock & Greets every single day and night. I’m sure funding should not be a issue, there are many venue’s that will accommodate him with pleasure.

    Maybe FG should write a info letter for us all to distribute to all our address books and mailing lists for the uninformed people.. Before you ask, yes I have many DB’s for ward 2. Yes they are mine , I extracted them from voter PDF’s myself wasting many hours for the so called well oiled machine.

  30. Colin ( B ) You are a bit hard with “14 days to go etc”. The tragic loss of the former Speaker was not planned and, forming an Independent organisation out of nothing takes time. Look at COPE, that Organisation is still trying to “Form”, but is KINGPIN in Bitou with a very simple contract for the PR Councillor! (Vote for the DA or…. and no input from the COPE voters).
    I fully agree, but I don’t vote, that Francois is not as visable as Mr Craig. The DA posters are well displayed in ward 2. But the DA has a well oiled election committee to do that job. The question every voter has to ask him/her self: Who is the best for Me (Yes) – Ward 2 – Bitou.
    I see, What’s New”, that Francois is having a “Meet & greet” on November 26. I hope that the voters of ward 2 will meet with Francois and ask all those questions you have and +. He might be able to answer them all and put a lot of minds at ease. But in the end, I hope that the best man wins in the interest of us all.

  31. “I must admit though Francios (sic) is a bit slow out the starting blocks, as many people I have engaged with do not have a clue as to what is going down.” (CK)

    You are not alone in discovering that CK. I’ve heard he is still being led around the paddock in ever decreasing circles looking for the exit. But then what can he say that people need to hear. 14 days to go, no published Recall Contract, no statement of Intent viz-a-viz the Motion (unless you are daft enough to accept O!O’s reassurances), no Good Folk Committee in place , just a lot of meaningless ‘doing the right thing for the people of Bitou’ endorsements from his stable. What a shambles!

    Incidently O!O I thought the draft Recall contract was quite well constructed. As for accountability though, I think Mr Geldenhuys should have no concerns as to job security as the need to obtain support from 20% of the electorate to initiate the recall process is a non – starter. Still, a good first stab. As for the Utopian nonsense you have constructed above, the words cloud, cuckoo and land come to mind. We are talking politics here, not a fund-raising W.I coffee morning.

  32. AHA OO, Now you’re talking my language,,, see previous post. I agree this can be the only way forward for Bitou. It all revolves around the people of Ward 2. I must admit though Francios is a bit slow out the starting blocks, as many people I have engaged with do not have a clue as to what is going down. O O, where is the media bombardment you promised?

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