Bitou Ward 2 By-election

A Very Concerned Citizen reacts to the DA message

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Oudtshoorn. 20 November 2012. 00h00. “A Very Concerned Citizen” asked that I publish his reaction to an email from the Bitou DA Constituency Chair, Liz Mundell.

Mundell’s words are in normal type; the reaction in bold. The text is publish verbatim.

Ward 2 By-Election
It’s your choice: DA or ANC
A false statement

This by-election is about asking the DA to continue its work to rebuild Plett, or to return the town to the wastefulness of the ANC’s 15 years in power.

Why is ill-informed writer of above deceiving the people of Plett in so many ways in just one sentence?  “The DA to continue to rebuild Plett,”  when abundant evidence is available regarding all the lies and false rumours they have spread, wasteful expenditure and an uncalled for, irregular witch hunt, causing extreme divisions and hurt amongst our small community. A large proportion of this community will possibly disagree with you and state that the town’s management is now no better than before, possibly even worse!!

How can you be so blatantly deceitful or ignorant, to make a public statement “vote DA or return the town to the ANC”  when the ANC haven’t even nominated a candidate to stand, therefore impossible to go ANC. 

Please if you want us to take you seriously , speak the truth.

There is no third or “independent” way.

The independent way is the only way, history has proved the “political party way” has failed us dismally.

A vote for an “independent” candidate is at best a vote for instability – or at worst, a vote for the ANC.

A vote for an independent, especially the calibre of “Francois Geldenhuys,” (the candidate) is exactly what we need:  no more outright control by a bunch of goons, but an independent casting vote by a councillor with integrity and the towns interest at heart and not some higher up far removed organization with hidden agenda’s  (Of which many examples can be exposed)  NO INSTABILITY AND NO ANC, JUST TRANSPARANCY, HONESTY AND GOOD MANAGEMENT.

Where are we now? Council is hung with 6 DA/COPE seats and 6 ANC seats – you will vote for the 13th and decisive member who will make the difference between good, stable government or a period of greater instability.

This is the only true and factual observation you have made in your total statement, with which we must agree.

Why wouldn’t an “independent” councillor work for Plett? Some reasons…

What about adding why an Independent councillor would work for Plett ????  or again, are all your thoughts and deeds only one sided ???

He does not have the support of a caucus of fellow councillors or the backing of an organization with clearly stated principles and policies.

Never heard anything further from the truth  (maybe we have to become used to this).  He has this priceless support of fellow councillors,  (after all he is only 1 of 13)  with the backing of all their clearly stated principles and policies to help guide him.   BUT HERE IS THE PUNCH LINE: THE TRUTH: THE INDEPENDENT CAN NOW DRAW FROM THIS VAST BASE OF “HIGHLY INFORMED PEOPLE” .. 12 OUT OF 13..  AND EITHER VOTE WITH ALL IN AGREEANCE… (as this is what it should be, if all were working with the best interest of our town at heart). OR VOTE WITH THE PARTY  (6 councillors)  WHO ARE MAKING THE CORRECT DECISION FOR BITOU, THEREFORE AT ALL TIMES AVOIDING AN IRREGULAR ORGANISED VOTE GOING THROUGH AND THE CORRECT DECISSION BEING TAKEN.

As one vote in a Council of 13, he is not able to implement or do anything.

Again totally untrue! As an independent, whenever there is a standoff he is able to swing the vote in his favour, by voting with one of the parties, the party which is calling for the decision which favours Bitou as a whole. If both parties are calling for indifferent decisions, but both are not good for the betterment of Plett the “INDEPENDENT” can abstain and thus avoid an incorrect decision being made. Therefore the Independent, working for the good of Bitou will be the decision maker, between good or bad.

He is not subject to any party code of conduct.

True and thank goodness, now we can have an honest informed Bitou decision and he will be adhering to the code of conduct laid down by the Bitou residents, after all they are the people that know what they want and know more about what will make Plett work and not some far removed group with their own agendas and holistic approach.

Who would be elected as Speaker? Mayor?

The Independent would not interfere with the present status-quo, as he has not yet worked with any of them and would rather spend his energy on attending to all the burning issues challenging our beautiful town.

Council could become mired in political manoeuvring and horse trading instead of focusing on its key task of service delivery.

Again very far removed from the true situation, the Independent will as far as possible, with his “CASTING VOTE”,  avoid any maneuvering and horse trading and FOR THE FIRST TIME, GET ON WITH THE REAL BUSINESS IN BITOU, DOING WHAT THE CITIZENS ELLECTED HIM FOR, not to please some ideological political party.

How could the DA/COPE coalition implement any cohesive policy without having an outright majority?

By making the correct decisions i.e., follow all the legal procedures, have Bitous interest at heart, be totally transparent, make sure all Officials are doing their job and following the rules and themselves doing an honest day’s work, not for the party, but for the community then they WILL have the INDEPENDENT’S casting vote. As simple as that.
Worse, it would probably lead to the return to power of the ANC simply by the Independent siding with the ANC and passing a vote of no confidence in the Mayor.

A very extraordinary comment to make….The only assumption I can make from this statement is that your party is extremely worried (they should be) about the way they have governed our town. to believe that an INDEPENDENT, selected by the Bitou folk would side with the ANC. Secondly the INDEPENDENT has no intention to get involved in any of the on-going “political party bantering” and definitely does not have enough knowledge at this stage to pass a vote of confidence or no confidence in the Mayor. Contrary to your statement, one of the goals the INDEPENDENT has set for himself, is to unite all the councillors so as to allow maximum energy to be made available to improve the people of Bitou’s lives.

Why? Consider these facts …
It’s common knowledge both parties have failed us dismally, therefore this is most probably our greatest opportunity to get this town running smoothly. It’s either an Independent with plenty of positive prospects, or back to where we have been!!!

Fact: the independent candidate is opposing the DA in this by-election.

Totally true, thank goodness for that, now we as Bitou might have a chance.

Fact: He and his backers are closely aligned with the ANC or are ANC members.

Again common DA propaganda. (This will be addressed later,  with their propaganda they have cost this town R millions.)

It is a FACT  that the Independent, having lived most of his life in Plettenberg Bay is a true “Plettonian”, also a Godly man, who in the true spirit believes in reconciliation, honesty, integrity, self-discipline and that Plett is for all and not a selected few and also as a man who is known for his reconciliatory attitude in life, by all the counselling and arbitrations he has been involved in during his life span. His true Plett spirit has allowed him to befriend many people in Plett, his home. True some of them are ANC, others DA, some COPE and to be honest there must also be people with other political alliances unknown to him, because it did not matter to him as it does not matter to him now what party they belonged to, if any. Same as he did not mind if people were black, white or other, whether they were rich or poor, fat or thin, male or female, all that mattered to him was, that he could befriend them and try to make a meaning full difference in their life. With every single person he has ever come into contact with he has tried to be honest, positive and said exactly what he felt, so their fore of course he will know possible ANC members as well all sorts and is proud to know them. As far as his backers go, well that only the 5th of December will tell, he is hoping and trusting for the majority of town to be his backers. You see, the beauty about being an INDEPENDENT is, that you don’t have a political alliance and therefore anybody can back you.

Bitou Municipality is now well on the way to recovery! Vote DA.

Only if the INDEPENDENT WINS! Vote INDEPENDENT – you will never regret it, remember in any company (this is what this is) a human being makes the difference, not policy alone.

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11 thoughts on “Bitou Ward 2 By-election

  1. O!O – I did warn you that irony would only confuse the “pseudos”. Stick to simple.

  2. Sorry DA, i cant help but observe a ZERO comment or any back up for Liz Mundell’s “insanity” by DA Champion, Colin Bell. I am not surprised cause he does not want to be classified as either a public GOON or DOOFUSS !

    Well done Colin ! What an absolute embarrassing CLOWN the DA has become !

  3. After reading this, if Bitou DA Constituency Chair, Liz Mundell does not get fired by the DA THIS WEEKEND, then the whole DA remains a bunch of GOONS !

    Unbelievable, talk about “limited education”, rather its the grey matter that is 100% absent here with the DA , insulting Ward 2 votes intelligence 500% ! DA = DOOFUSSES !!!!!!

  4. Is the decline of Bitou under DA governance not just as bad as when it was governed by the ANC?

  5. @ Piet Retief…..and Bitou is speedily heading in the Oudtshoorn direction,under DA governance!

  6. One’s whole being ,evolves around decisions, look at succesful people ,look at unsuccesful people ,it’s all about decisions ! every day we make numerous decisions , succesful munisipalities have councillars who make the correct decisions. Can a political party make the correct decisions for a particular town in a particular munisipality ? since the last election what has happened ? I am starting to believe that any council with a few wise independants dominating the political parties in a council can only be an asset to any munisipality. I shudder when I think of Oudtshoorn ! when I think of the decisions that have been made since the last election,What a waste of taxpayer’s hard earned money ,and the situation becomes more sickening every day.

  7. Indeed, Mike!

    Please can someone, somewhere, give as reasons, oe at least one reason, to vote DA on December 5!

  8. I actually cant believe whats going on, here we all have a chance to get some stability in council by having a good person, also a business minded person to finally assist all the Councillors that need a good motion carried to have it carried. after all is that not what councilors are therefore, to serve the town in the manner that town would like to be served. why are the DA going about spreading false ugly rumors about one councilor, when all he is trying to do is make sure the right things happen in council, surely they should welcome the assistance with open arms, not fight it. There must be a hidden agenda on the DA side.
    Please rather tell the public what you will do for them, not spending your whole campaign attacking other people, I mean the ANC are not even standing, not in the race but you lie and confuse people to say vote DA or ANC. I would be very careful about some of the statements some senior people are making at the moment, you are going to be taken to task, my time has run out, but i will be back becase some of the things happening are nothing but disgusting

  9. This remains funny. How the DA can contradict themselves so many times in one short message is beyond me!

    This little gem is one of my favourites: “As one vote in a Council of 13, he is not able to implement or do anything.” So, if this is the case, why on earth are they so worried about the 13th councillor not being one of their puppets?

    I agree, thank goodness that the independent is not subject to the control of a caucus and party structure higher up. That is EXACTLY the point, at last there will be a person in office who cares about the well being of the town instead of the wishes and demands of his masters in a party.

    If anything, an independent will remove the political maneuvering from the Council as his interests is not political in nature, but rather driven by the interests of the people of his town.

    How could the DA/Cope coalition implement blah blah blah outright majority?! Serious? Serious? This is exactly what is needed. Now governance can be clean instead of one party running the show their way, firing all who oppose etc. Concentrate on governing instead of party politics. Plus, the one swing vote councillor will keep all others accountable.

    So, opposing the DA is a bad thing?! Oh, yes wait, if you oppose the DA, you automatically support the ANC. That is the DA propaganda, I forgot. But yes, the independent candidate is not only opposing the DA, he is also opposing the ANC. ie. he is INDEPENDENT.

    The presence of an independent councillor will ensure that the correct decisions are made rather than the decisions that serve any specific political party. It would mean that whatever “cohesive policies” the DA wish to implement will have to be in the interest of Bitou, not in the interest of the DA. It would mean that the DA (Province) won’t be able to force their will on the Municipality willy nilly any longer. They will have to apply their minds and bring workable solutions and proposals to the table. If the ideas and policies are good for Bitou, the independent will certainly support them, if not he won’t.

    I think the following describes Ms. Mundell and the DA perfectly:

    They are not stupid. They just have bad luck when thinking!

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