A mendacious Mundell message muckrakes the DA

So it has come to this, Messrs DA!?

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 20 November 2012. 13h45. Disinformation. Falsities. Misrepresentation. And not a single reason to vote DA – that is the essence of a recent “Vote DA because Francois Geldenhuys is a baddie and the Independents are useless” email.

Here’s my response, in bold, without the sanction of the independent candidate, Francois Geldenhuys.

Ward 2 By-Election
It’s your choice: DA or ANC

This by-election is about asking the DA to continue its work to rebuild Plett, or to return the town to the wastefulness of the ANC’s 15 years in power.

The ANC has not been in power in Bitou for 15 years, and it is indeed indicative of the DA’s lazy and neverminded approach to disrespect fact so blatantly. It makes one wonder what one should believe from the DA’s communications machinery, doesn’t it?

Yet if this disinformation is what the DA wants Ward 2 voters to accept, the question begs: If the DA could not make a difference and could not stop the “abominable ANC” for f-i-f-t-e-e-n years, how can voters even begin to expect that the DA will now suddenly, after December 5, make a difference for the better?

The DA has been in power now for some 18 months and…

Well, it is abundently clear that the DA can not be trusted with the affairs of Bitou.

Two municipal managers and a third ready to sue for compensation, to mention but a single of the many problems the DA has caused in so short a time speaks volumes fo the DA’s “ability”.

There is no third or “independent” way.

Says who? The very party most fearfull of losing power? The independent way is the only way. Both the ANC and the DA have dismally failed Bitou. Of course there’s a “third way”; an “independent way”.

Note how deftly the DA tries to ridicule “independent” by putting the word in quotation marks. As if you, who are considering the independent option, is really quite naive, quite stupid. Rather disrespectfull, don’t you think? A democratic party ridiculing “independence”. Quite laughable.

A vote for an “independent” candidate is at best a vote for instability – or at worst, a vote for the ANC.

This is a sad admission of complete and utter inability. The DA can not provide a single compelling reason for voters to support the party and must rely on the old Nationalist Party text book method: Tell them the other lot is bad for them.

A vote for an independent, especially the calibre of “Francois Geldenhuys,” (the candidate) is exactly what Bitou needs: no more outright control by puppets of Luthuli House or the Marks Building, but an independent casting vote of a councillor with integrity and with the town’s interest at heart untouched by some political party agenda to maneuvre on the provincial or national front often at a risk to Bitou.

Where are we now? Council is hung with 6 DA/COPE seats and 6 ANC seats – you will vote for the 13th and decisive member who will make the difference between good, stable government or a period of greater instability.

This is the only true and factual observation of the entire current DA message. Ward 2 voters have the perfect opportunity to send someone not in service of either the ANC or the DA/Cope to council on December 5 to ensure that council decides for Bitou and not for the ANC or the DA/Cope.

Send Wayne Craig to the council and Cape Town will continue to rule Bitou.

Send Francois Geldenhuys to the council and Bitou will decide for Bitou!

It’s a no-brainer really. It’s is quite unimaginable that the DA can be so ill advised as to bring up an argument that points dead against it own candidate.

Why wouldn’t an “independent” councillor work for Plett? Some reasons …

1. He does not have the support of a caucus of fellow councillors or the backing of an organization with clearly stated principles and policies.

Is the DA saying that the DA councillors will work against Francois Geldenhuys, rather than seek opportunity to improve the Bitou government and service delivery to all Bitou’s people by seeking to work with Francois!?

Is the DA really saying that Francois can not expect the support of DA councillors if elected? There can hardly be a better reason not to vote DA on December 5!

Francois will support all councillors who put Bitou first.

This is exactly why Bitou must have an independent balance of power – so that councillor cliques can not ever again get away with putting party policy above Bitou’s interests; so that councillor cliques can not ever again get away with turning their backs on the best for Bitou so that party instructions can be upheld.

2. As one vote in a Council of 13, he is not able to implement or do anything.

No so! As one vote in a council of 13 no faction of 6 will be able to force party political agendas in Bitou!

But of course the real effect of that single 13th vote scares the living daylights out of the power hungry DA. The fact of the matter is that no decision can be made and nothing can be implemented without the independent’s backing – the INDEPENDENT’s backing, mind, NOT the DA’s backing, or the ANC’s backing.

Bitou’s very survival and Bitou’s long overdue start on a road to recovery starts with an independent determining that Bitou is served and not the DA and not the ANC.

3. He is not subject to any party code of conduct.

Indeed! True and thank goodness, for now Bitou can finally be assured of decisions made for Bitou and not in service of the DA or the ANC.

It is quite unbelievable that the DA can have the effrontery to refer to a “code of conduct”.

If Francois Geldenhuys does not deliver for the people of Bitou the voters of Ward 2 can recall him – fire him, and force a new by-election.

The DA refuses point blank to place this power in the hands of the voters. Once the DA candidate, heaven forbid, is installed, he’ll stay put until the next election… or until the DA conjures some debt and “automatically” terminate his party membership, perhaps?

Want a “code of conduct”!?

Here’s a code of conduct: Send the DA candidate to council on December 5 and the DA will decide for you. Send Francois Geldenhuys to the council on December 5 and you’ll decide for yourself. And if Francois does not deliver, you can take him out. Period.

How’s that for a code of conduct?

4. Who would be elected as Speaker? Mayor?

The council will decide. NOT the DA; NOT the ANC; the council will decide – and the people of Bitou, if Ward 2 voters send Francois Geldenhuys to the council on December 5, will have a casting vote!

The people of Bitou will decide the Speaker – not the DA; not the ANC.

The people of Bitou will decide the mayor – not the DA; not the ANC.

The independent balance of power means that all parties will be forced to work for the benefit of Bitou, because neither the ANC, nor the DA will be able any more to implement their party instructions.

Did you, dear voter, make Memory Booysen Mayor, or did Helen Zille and Theuns Botha and James Selfe make Memory mayor?

After December 5, if Ward 2 voters send Francois Geldenhuys to the council, YOU will decide the Mayor, not Marius Fransman or Helen Zille.

5. Council could become mired in political maneuvering and horse trading instead of focusing on its key task of service delivery.

Not so!

Again, the DA’s terror at losing power in council is already affecting its thinking.

An independent balance of power prevents the horse-trading that has crippled Bitou.

It’s easy, really: you send Francois Geldenhuys to council to represent you, the people of Bitou, and not to represent some political party.

Francois states your case to council. If the DA and the ANC disagree with what YOU want, Francois will not support a decision forced by either the DA or the ANC.

6. How could the DA/COPE coalition implement any cohesive policy without having an outright majority?

An outright majority is what has Bitou in the state it is.

And independent removes the outright majority.

This is good. Very good.

The DA opposes the loss of an outright majority because it loses power.

Is not the DA making the decision to send Francois Geldenhuys to council o, so easy with these ridiculous made up “problems” which are in fact the very solutions to Bitou’s problems over “the last 15 years”!?

Worse, it would probably lead to the return to power of the ANC simply by the Independent siding with the ANC and passing a vote of no confidence in the Mayor.

Oh boy!

Losing the mayorship.

A terrifying idea to the DA.

Let council decide, won’t you? Not the DA. Not the ANC. Council – with YOU holding the balance of power with Francois Geldenhuys’s casting vote.

Why is the DA not rather leaning towards an expectation that Francois will support them – if they propose motions that benefit Bitou? Why is the DA scared that Francois may support the ANC? Is the DA not confident of its policies to favour the people of Bitou?

Why? Consider these facts …

Fact: the independent candidate is opposing the DA in this by-election

No. No. No! The DA is opposing the people of Ward 2 in this by-election!

The independent candidate is opposing both the DA the ANC and is standing for the people of Ward 2.

The reason the ANC is not standing in Ward 2 is because the ANC is not absolutely stupid. It received 95 votes, out of 2,981 on May 18 last year. It probably realises that it doesn’t stand much of a chance in Ward 2. There’s no rocket science in the decision. Even the ANC gets this one. Do you? The DA obviously doesn’t.

Francois needs 1,491 of the people who voted for the DA and other parties last year to vote for him and he will be installed as a councillor of the people for Ward 2, not as a councillor of the DA’ not as a councillor of the ANC.

Fact: he and his backers are closely aligned with the ANC or are ANC members.

Bunk. Balderdash. Baloney. Bilgewater. Bollocks. Bosh.

Rubbish. Nonsense.

I, editor of O!O am an ANC supporter?

The Pope is a Hindu!?

The DA is obviously scraping the barrel. And who can blame the DA.

The only noteworthy element of this entire mendacious message is that not even ONCE, not ONCE, is the DA giving you any reason whatsoever to vote for Wayne Craig representing the DA.

The DA only gives you wrong reasons not to vote for Francois Geldenhuys, representing the people of Bitou.

It is truly sad that the party we all have hoped would be able to stand up to the ANC onslaught has nothing but fear of failure to offer people.

Lies dressed up in a cheap tux.

Bitou Municipality is now well on the way to recovery! Vote DA

Bitou is indeed well on the way to recovery – because an independent candidate has the temerity to stand up to the DA and the ANC bullies to represent the people of Bitou rather than the DA or the ANC.

Vote DA? Only if you want to return Bitou into the hands of the very council that has so dismally failed you even in only 18 short months in power.

The first thing Francois Geldenhuys brings to this particular political fight, is resepct for the people of Ward 2 and respect for the people of Bitou in general.

Respect not to lie to voters.

Respect not to belie and besmirch his opponent.

Respect to face the insults and the misinformation and the lies and the innuendo from who but the DA – the “principled DA”; the “ethical DA”; the “moral DA”.

Francois is already protecting you against the DA.

You are already winning, people of ward 2 – winning for yourselves and winning for all the people of Bitou. Even before you have cast your vote for Francois.

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20 thoughts on “A mendacious Mundell message muckrakes the DA

  1. The recall clause is a fab idea, and yes the DAceivers will never agree to it. They are being led like the blind leading the blind. Lord help Bitou because these jackasses dont give a hoot! ANC COPE DA all are in it for their own pockets time for a change!

  2. Colin, you just dont and wont ever get , will you ? Geldenhuys has publicly subjected to a recall clause WHICH THE DA AND ANC REFUSES TO DO BECAUSE THEY REFUSE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THEIR CONSTUTUENTS. This is what is at the heart of it, dont you get it ??? You keep on hampering on 2 weeks to go, no signed contract but you or Craig offer NOTHING to match it, but rather more of the same, a DA Wolf party masquarading in sheeps clothing, seeking another meal ticket for 5 years without ACCOUNTABILITY so the DA can continue to enslave its constituents another 5 years. THAT CONTRACT will be signed by Geldenhuys when all the tee’s are crossed and the i’s dotted or Geldenhuys will be recalled the day after his election – something the DA refuses to do.

    Put your money where YOUR mouth is and stop misleading Ward 2. Your deception is clear, discredited by the RESULTS of an inept DA party in Bitou, as well as by your own deliberate misinformation. Of the 5% of those who voted in Ward 2 who attended that pathetic attempt of a DA public meeting last night, i wonder what intelligent percentage of those 5% will vote for the DA ? Voters are tired of the DA’s pathetic promises and CONTINUED LIES AND DECEPTION – Swellendam and Oudshoorn is the next to see Independents flourish as the DA continues to falter and mislead !

  3. An impressive first contribution AZ, offering much potential for the future.

  4. Independent – I think it would be reasonable to assume that there are now 170 more enlightened voters who have a clearer view on how they will vote. Democracy in action!

  5. IP – I am at a loss to understand why you think that nothing is forthcoming from Mr Craig although I recognise that it would have required you to attend one of the many meetings he has initiated.

    As for Mr Geldenhuys well – Two weeks to go, No signed recall contract , No Good Folk Committee, No mandate to speak on policy and an identity crisis!! And you are expecting the people of Ward 2 to vote for him. Ye …..( no O!O I shall resist the temptation). It is you who are insulting their intelligence and the only people who should be chastised are the stalking horse’s backers.

  6. DA’s ward 2 By-Election Public Meeting this evening to Introduce DA Candidate Wayne Craig – The facts about Council issues & Ward 2 Concerns. 2981 people voted DA in Ward 2, 170 people attended tonight! 5.7%.

  7. Colin Bell, you sound like a desperate man, hoping to win some favour from a BANCRUPT, unprincipled, inept DA !

    All you do is launch an absolutely negative unwarrented attack on a wonderful piece and absolute brilliant expose from OO regarding the sensibility voting for an independent, thus voting for YOURSELF and Bitou Mr./Mrs Voter. Yet NOTHING from Mr Craig is forthcoming – not even a public RECALL option, public statement or policy. Yet Colin, you have the deceptive ability to try and confuse and deceive. You ARE THE PITS, completely underestimating the intelligence of the voters of Ward 2.

    I believe logic, intelligence and BITOU will prevail, so will the future of all independents in future. Hopefully Swellendam will be next and this wave of unhappiness with the existing corrupt inefficient political dregg will end.

    Bitou has absolutely NOTHING to loose by going independent, but EVERYTHING to loose if they go the old scewed and unimpressive ways of the DA who have forsaken voters, only interested in another 5 year meal ticket at the trough, abandoning their constituents, following the inept Pied Piper from Cape Town.

    Ward 2, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, VOTE FOR YOURSELF, CHASTISE YOURSELF if Geldenhuys does not perform, you can do it !! This is YOUR TIME !!!

  8. Fair cop O!O I’ll take a hit on that one. Adding irony to your armoury caught me unawares and I will clearly need to regroup. I wouldn’t recommend using it too much though as you will only confuse the psuedos.

  9. Ag neeeeeeee man Colin B! Ag néé man! As I typed the quotation marks I actually thought of you and was confident you’d get it… but you didn’t.

    I don’t need Mr. Geldenhuys’s sanction because I don’t represent Mr. Geldenhuys.

  10. Cape Times 20.11.2012

    Swellendam ratepayers Association chairwoman Itha Taljaard said the instability at the council and fighting
    between political parties had them so worried that they were considering fielding independent candidates in the next election. “It will be better if we have our own independent councilIors that can focus on delivery’,she said.

  11. Indeed, a very sharp analysis Fred. Note how deftly O!O tries to ridicule “Francois Geldenhuys,” by putting his name in quotation marks. ‘A vote for an independent, especially the calibre of “Francois Geldenhuys,” (the candidate)’
    Bit of an own goal there O!O and the only ridiculing I can see is that you feel the need to remind readers that he is the candidate. Two weeks to go, no signed recall contract , No committee, no mandate to speak on policy and an identity crisis. I’ve a feeling it might be a good idea to get Mr Geldenhuys sanction before responding in future.

  12. Ek het mense in wyk twee en ek sê hulle om onafhanklik te stem.

    “Maar jy werk dan vir die DA”, sê hulle.

    Dan sê ek: “Ek werk vir die PROVINSIE en ek sê jou ‘stem vir die onafhanklike!'”

  13. Bleddie briljante gatskop van die DA O!O! Hoog tyd dat die donirs wakker skrik.

  14. Wat n skerp ontleding van die feitlike situasie op Plet. Enige kieser in hierdie wyk wat ooit kon getwyfel het of hy weer DA moet stem of dalk onafhanklik, sal na die lees van hierdie briljante ontleding van die DA se bankrotskap nog kan twyfel. Liewe hemel mense, dit gaan mos nie oor die DA en sy soeke na mag om die Kaap te red van die ANC hierso nie! Daarvoor wil hulle so veel as moontlik munisipaliteite beheer om hul posisie in die provinsie te versterk. Die spesifieke dorp se belange is dan ondergeskik aan die groter provinsiale prentjie van die DA.

    In Plettenbergbaai het die unieke situasie ontstaan dat met een wyk kan die mense van die dorp beheer terugneem van die eiebelang politici. Geen minister kan dan die onafhanklike raadslid intimideer om in belang van die party te stem nie. Jy weet,skorsing ens.

    En kyk net wat het die DA nie alles gebrou en gekorumpteer in die afgelope paar maande in Plet nie. Die enkele swaeltjie fluitjieblaser in die naam van Johan Brummer, konnie van binne die geledere van die DA die swak en korupte besluite van die DA stop nie, want hy is bloot geskors, gemuilband en verhoed om op te tree deur die magte van die DA uit Kaapstad omdat dit nie hulle agenda gepas het nie. En as jy twyfel, vra vir Johan.

    Ek doen n beroep op almal wat kan stem op 5 Des om met hulle verstand te stem. Moenie gebrainwash word deur die lee beloftes en storietjies van die DA nie. Kyk net hierbo hoe netjies en klinies ontleed die O!O die leegheid van die DA se verkiesingsmasjienerie se propaganda. Wie kan nog twyfel na dit gelees is!

    En asseblief…almal wat dit kan doen, publiseer hierdie stuk van O!O. Print dit uit en gee dit vir jou buurman, jou vriende, en die kafeeeienaar om die hoek om uit tedeel aan al sy kliente. Miskien sal iemand dit druk op glanspapier en onder elke kieser se deur versprei. Maar PRAAT asseblief!!

    Die saak is te groot om stil te bly. Die geleentheid om n werklike verskil te maak vir ons dorp, net te realisties haalbaar. Die res van Suid-Afrika sal met ingehoue asems kyk na die voorbeeld wat Plet stel dat die inwoners weer n slag self beheer kan neem oor hulle eie dorp. Kom ons denkende kiesers staan vir n slag saam en behaal n oorwinning vir selfbeskikking!

    Viva Plettenbergbaai!!!!!!

  15. “The only noteworthy element of this entire mendacious message is that not even ONCE, not ONCE, is the DA giving you any reason whatsoever to vote for Wayne Craig representing the DA.”

    Yet another O!O misrepresentation of the facts. What O!O ommitted to comment on was the invitation that appeared at the bottom of the email. Not a party political broadcast. Not an inflated, self-congratulatory statement of achievement. No attention grabbing headlines. Just a simple invitation to the voters of Ward 2 to listen, to challenge and to form their own opinion.

    Democracy in action!

    For those who did not see or cannot see this was the text:

    The DA invites you to meet our Ward 2 candidate, WAYNE CRAIG, at the
    Public Meeting on 20 November at the Piesang Valley Community Hall at 5.30pm.

    The meeting is being held to
    Introduce Wayne Craig
    Outline the challenges inherited, progress made and future goals
    Discuss Ward 2 concerns
    Provide information about the by-election.

  16. Reading Lizz’s statements above is a joke

    She is the chairperson of ward 2,but lives in ward 7
    She is not even a legitimate constituency chairperson

    She makes a mockory of everything the DA stands for, and just loves power and the power to control others.

    The DA Bitou caucus is a joke,their mayor has no clue what is going on and the members are lied to by all……I WILL NEVER VOTE DA IF I LIVED IN PLETT, NEVER!!

    Thank heavens I got a job outside this area, Bitou’s youth have NO HOPE under a DA Bitou government.

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