Council is failing us AGAIN

Council could not organise sunshine in the Sahara

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 19 November 2012. 07h55. It was, of course, to be expected. That council would not meet today as scheduled.

Why, Gordon April, he of limited education, as the High Court found must face the opposition, such as it is, and even some of his own governing roguerie in explaining the idiotic attempts to appeal the June 1 verdict ruling Thandekile Mnyimba unfit to be municipal manager.

Gordon must pay for this little legal adventure.

And the doofuses of the ANC, Icosa, and the NPP who appointed Mnyimba with brows untouched by human thought must reimburse the ratepayers for their pigheaded insistence on the cadre form Jansenville in the face of overwhelming evidence of Mnyimba’s inability.

There are numerous urgent and already belated items to be decided!

Why is there no council meeting!?

Clearly April cannot run a beach in Bloemfontein.

And the little fellow just doesn’t get it: Nobody realy wants him around; not even his own party.

But, given the High Court finding on April’s ability, he wouldn’t get it if you put it in a sheep’s bladder and hit ’em over the head with it.

How will the DA react?

Can we expect another “it’s difficult” from the opposition?

Such insight brings tears to mine eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Council is failing us AGAIN

  1. Vraag bly, wanneer gaan beide April en Bredell loop ??
    Ek luister na Bredell se respons rakende Swellendam en kan maar net sug, “fooi” Kan iemand nie maar vir Bredell lesse in Engels aanbied nie, ‘fooi tog !! ” Sy onwilligheid (of is dit onvermoe ? ) om op te tree of in te tree VERSTOM, so ook sy engels, fooi tog !!

  2. OO, … and tears to mine eyes too! What does Anton Bredell has to say about the absence of council meetings amoungst all the other instances of neglect, misconduct, unauthorised wasteful and fruitless expenditure? If Zille can force JZ face the music in parliament, why not do the same with April in council instead of bemoaning the “difficult” situation?

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