We’re all in your hands, people of Bitou Ward 2

Please, please stand up for the people of South Africa

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Oudtshoorn. 17 November 2012. 07h20. On Thursday evening, at the DA’s public meeting in support of Bitou Ward 2 candidate Wayne Craig, at Craig’s restaurant in Plett… 14 people showed.

(At the independent primary on October 23, 162 people cast their votes; some 180 attended the event.)

The candidate and Bitou’s ANC Mayor arrogating as a DA member, resplendid with membership card and title, were among the 14.

Hardy Mills was there too. First to have arrived, mind. Hardy is not particularly well known for his support of the DA.

At least two others, identifiable, were supporters of independent candidate Francois Geldenhuys.

That leaves 9 people out of 2,837 who voted DA on May 18 last year. No doubt some of the 9 were DA management members and obliged to attend.

Quite embarrassing.

But the indifferent attendance does not mean the DA is no longer the odds-on favourite, by some margin, to retain Ward 2 on December 5.

The voters of Ward 2 have to be convinced to make a decision.

The voters of Ward 2 have to be convinced that it is all right not to vote DA.

Only then can Geldenhuys make a clear run for victory.

People do not change readily. It is safe, so 2,837 Ward 2 voters argued 18 months ago, to vote DA against the ANC onslaught – an onslaught that is particularly scary at this time given what the savant manc leaders of the ANC is doing in the Boland and Swellendam and Oudtshoorn to trick unsophisticated people into even physical violence for the political ends of the elite.

The ANC is a despicable political cabal justifiably feared.

Over the next fortnight O!O will regularly publish factual evidence of the DA’s deplorable local government record – in non Goldilocks municipalities. Read the facts. Then decide.

For the moment O!O must insist on a public debate between Geldenhuys and Craig.

The people of Ward 2 will send a message to the entire country on December 5. That message can be one of fear and withdrawal and hiding; or it can be one of hope for our towns to eventually be managed and run by independents not responsible to party bosses who use local governments as pawns on the national chess board to gain footing for that so-called “bigger picture” sold as beneficial for all in the long run… while the marginal municipalities bleed to death.

Therfore the DA candidate and the independent must inform the voters, from a joint stage, how they will inluence politics and service delivery in Bitou.

A debate is essential!

Several rather influencial DA supporters and members corresponded with me and spoke to me over the last few weeks. Most all of the discussions were about a feeling of failing and deserting and foresaking the DA should the independent Geldenhuys be supported.

I have heard passionate calls from good people reminding themselves of a political ancestry I enthusiastically share: the Progressive Party; the PFP; the DP; Harry Schwartz; Helen Suzman; Colin Eglin; Van Zyl Slabbert; Zach de Beer. Many spoke of an affinity for Helen Zille.

I share all of the sentiment; I share the affinity and respect for Zille; I too am disgusted by the manipulative ANC rogues cozening the unsophisticated masses into support of a failed state outcome dressed up in the cheap tuxedo of an empty dream.

Yet I am ready to tell you that even Zille’s only response to the tsunami of evidence supporting the dismal failure of the Bitou DA is that “now would be a bad time to desert the DA”.

It is the duty of each and every individual who will remain in South Africa, by choice or circumstance, to make yet another brave decision, quite similar to the one made in the period leading up to 1994: That it is not only acceptable; not only reasonable; but absolutely imperative – for the very survival of orderly government – to change the pattern of the past and make a new choice for an alternative to the otherwise inevitable failure of our very way of life.

Independents must run our towns.

Let the ANC and the DA play their mind games with the masses on provincial and national level – YOU, and you alone – can make a difference in the municipality where you live and work and play and raise families and receive visits from your grandchildren.

It’s up to YOU.

Do you have the wherewithall to make yet another brave decision to avoid an alternative too ghastly to contemplate?

Do you, Bitou Ward 2 voter?

Do you?

Please that you may.

See also: The case for independent councillors; The DA approach to local governments.

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25 thoughts on “We’re all in your hands, people of Bitou Ward 2

  1. I just read this and HAD to post it here. I think it is rather apt:

    I can eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit a better argument than that!

  2. OO, Why are you waiting to debate the NO confidence motion and Liz’s mail? There is no time like the present.
    My take on the No-confidence is it is a great opportunity to make the either or, a win win. Bump the Mayor , so he can get some rest. Put a DA speaker in place,, Elaine is due,, then equal up the balance of Mayco with the independent + anc / da cadres. And get rid of those chair warming PR DA wanabe’s from Mayco.

    Maybe this wakeup call is whats needed.

  3. Colin (B). I don’t agree with your answer. The DA policy is wel known and Mr Craig will not be his own man.
    I don’t know Mr Craigh and/or Mr Geldenhuys personally and I have nothing against either, but as an Independent Mr Geldenhuys will have more room to represent the interest of his “Flock”. I also feel, but that is personal, that all ward councillors should be independent (Not nominated by the Party bosses).
    For Bitou, I feel, we should have 7 Ward councillors direct responsible and answerable to the residents of their ward and not the political party. The remaining 6 PR seats are than devided, according to the %, under the political parties. That way the Ward councillors can vote in the interest of Bitou. But, the system is there and I really hope that the Voters in ward 2 will think hard before they vote in the interest of Bitou.
    By the way I will be at the Publc Meeting on 20 November out of interest. You know that I don’t have the vote.
    This subject is now becomming stale, lets move on.

  4. I like a man with a sense of humour, Colin B!

    How’s the DA’s recall policy coming on?

    I’m a one man show and Bitou is a 4h round trip, but I’ll do my damnest!

  5. Ye Gods and Faeries O!O! get your act together. The recall contract should have been signed weeks ago and the Committee up and running.

    Incidentally, in case you hadn’t been told, there is a DA Public Meeting on 20th November at the Piesang Valley Community Hall 5.30 pm. Can I suggest some first hand reporting.

  6. Colin

    I shall speak for myself, to be sure, and absolve you of any duty to decide and announce my views.

    I have shared my views on “the motion” in confidence and will also comment on it here at some stage.

    It really is up to the people of Ward 2 and Bitou, hopefully represented by Francois Geldenhuys.

    I have also this evening submitted my input for the recall contract which will be drafted and announced soon.

    The extraordinarily embarrassing email by, apparently, Liz Mundell, will be addressed tomorrow.

  7. I’m gratified that this exchange of views has moved on from a blatantly misleading article which was written solely for the purpose of ridiculing the DA candidate. A cheap shot and one that deserves to be identified as such. O!O knows this and he will also know who won the debate.

    To answer Robert’s question – This meeting, arranged by Mr Craig, was an opportunity for the PBC to assess his credentials and to demonstrate, by strength of numbers, their unity and support for the independent candidate. By turning up in such small numbers they singularily failed to do this and in doing so threw away their opportunity to force a debate between the two candidates. The DA heirachy would not have been impressed.

    What does interest me is that some thought is now being given to Mr Geldenhuy’s stance viz a viz the Motion. but therein lies a problem for the Independent movement. Under the proposed recall system he will be required to vote in accordance with the directions of his committee. If we are to believe that the committee will be formed democratically from the voters of Ward 2 then we can assume that this will not take place until after the election. The consequence of this is that Mr Geldenhuys will have no mandate under the recall system to announce his voting intentions on the Motion before the election – leaving the voters of Ward 2 completely in the dark and unable to make an informed decision. This is not acceptable. They deserve to know as the implications could be disastrous for Bitou.

    Rather than playing a guessing game as to which way Mr Geldenhuys will vote perhaps O!O could apply all his skills to coming up with a solution. One, I sincerely hope, that doesn’t cast doubt on the integrity of the recall process.

  8. The DA is threatening the voters of Ward 2: Vote DA or we’ll relinquish the government to the ANC.


    What a bunch of milksops.

    What if Francois Geldenhuys is elected and does not support the no confidence motion?


    Watch “Deputy” Leader Theuns Botha waltz his way through that one!

  9. “The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living” British author.

    Sadly, both the ANC and DA fall under the latter part of this statement as they continue to support this notion to hold onto a meal ticket for the next 5 years after each election. Both make radical promises with hard earned tax payers money, to retain power, yet things are spiralling down ward faster each day. The height of insanity is to continue doing the same things, expecting a different result. It aint going to happen, politicians know this very well, yet they move to phase (ii) and continue to spead misinformation, lies and corruption to stay in power at all costs. If this was not so, WHY DONT THEY ALL SIGN A VOTERS RACALL CLAUSE ??? I rest my case !!

    Het Hannes al bedank, want Bredell as n tipiese politikus hierbo beskryf, gaan blykbaar nie ? Die “gravy” op die belastingbetaler se rekening is mos te lekker, “supported and ENJOYED by those who vote for a living”

    Kommentaar hierop Colin Bell / Hannes !!

  10. Colin ( B ) I fail to understand why the demand for a debate between 2 candidates was removed, as so few members of the PBC attended. Personally I understand the DA position, as I understand the ANC position and I did not expect fireworks during Thursday evening. (I also had family members visiting). Had it been an open debate between the 2 candidates I would have been there. I agree that there will be a No-Confidence motion during the first Council meeting, as it has already been tabled. But why should Francois go with the ANC? Francois will be there to represent the residents of Ward 2. Do the Residents of Ward 2 want our Mayor removed? Currently I don’t think so.as the Ward has been a DA stronghold. Do the residents of Ward 2 want a change in policy (As currently expressed by the Bitou DA) YES. Personally I feel that an Independent representing Ward 2, right at this moment, will actualy improve the DA change of winning the next election.

  11. Dear Colin. Reading the above comments, it clearly looks like OO got the better of you in this public debate.
    With reference to me calling OO the “Julian Assange of SA” was meant as as a compliment IN ITS CONTEXT and i stand by that. Who else has the guts in SA to expose all sides of the fence, call a spade a spade, running the risk of personal attack, both to property and limb, but steadfastly stands by the exposed truth as it becomes known.

    Can and will you do the same ?

    Talk and critisism comes cheap, so does your poor performance and attempt to bolster a failing DA apparatus, one that had lost its moral compass to LEAD and tell the TRUTH. I hope that Ward 2 will have woken up to this fact comes Dec 5. Elsewhere in the W/Cape the DA suffers the same problem of credibility. They might be streets better than the ANC, (not that the ANC any longer can be used as a yard stick) but the DA a faltering party non the less that is spiralling downward will less and less credibility by the day. The DA might have some honourable people scattered here and there, but it seems to be the exception rather than the norm.

    A very sad day and time for SA !!!!

  12. CPR- you raise a number of important issues in your comments. Both Candidates will have their own campaign strategies which will be sufficiently flexible to respond to events. Without wishing to second guess the DA strategy they may well have considered the prospect of a debate. However, in my opinion the pressure for that was removed when the PBC failed to demonstrate their commitment to this demand by having so few members at the meeting. You also suggest that the voters of Ward 2 should look into the credentials of the candidates. Well again, the PBC did not set a very good example. Even O!O acknowledges that.

    As for the DA position should the independent candidate win, this is a red herring. O!O’s suggestion that there will be no Motion of Confidence can be ignored as it will happen at the first meeting and the DA will, in my opinion, be forced into calling an election. You understate however the consequences of an ANC led council as ‘disturbing’. It would be catastrophic.

    You also refer to the recall agreement and I assume that he has only agreed to sign in principle as he would be a little silly to agree to a contract that he has not already seen.

    O!O – I look forward to more ‘No holes barred’ reporting although I must confess to missing any signs of deviant activity in your previous articles. It did occur to me at the time however that Investigative Public’s reference to you as ‘the Julian Assange of SA’ was not the most flattering of compliments. I shall attempt to be more ‘street-wise’ in future.

  13. The ANC also do not want a debate, I see – on the joint opposition motion of no confidence.

    Wayne Graig and the DA act rather disturbingly similarly.

  14. I hear say that Liz Mundell has distributed an email claiming that the ANC had been in power for 15 years in Bitou. She is wrong of course. Either ignorant or mendacious.

  15. CPR

    Thank you.

    Indeed the official DA position is that it will stand back and be the opposition if Geldenhuys wins.

    I will address this unspeakable cowardice next week.

    The DA is ineffably craven.

  16. Colin, I was one of the PBC members at the meeting at “Off the Hook” and my comments on the evening would be that as a result of the Mayors presence, Mr Craig was not able to answer the majority of the questions asked. I totally support the insistance of a debate between Mr Craig and Mr Geldenhuys. At the meeting Mr Craig was asked to enter into a debate and he declined. I believe that if he was as self assured as he claims to be, he would welcome the opportunity to publicly prove his point. At the meeting there was reference made to the “credentials” of the candidates. Perhaps the Ward 2 voters should make sure to look into these credentials and attempt to put aside the lies and deceptions put forward by the DA (the party I have always voted for), and make the intelligent decision. They are lucky the candidate is Mr Geldenhuys and not me. WHEN he wins, they NEED him to be able to work with them. I would not be able to forgive them for their actions. Luckily he is a better man than I. Further comments made by our Mayor on the evening were even more disturbing. eg handing the Municipality back to the ANC if an independent wins. What a crock!!!! Mr Geldenhuys has agreed to and is waiting for the recall agreement that will hold him accountable for his performance. This will be signed by himself and members of his constituents. I for one welcome the idea that ANYBODY is prepared to BE ACCOUNTABLE. Thank you Drewan for your “no holes barred” reporting.

  17. Ho-hum.

    Colin, in debate, one saying so doesn’t make it so. You need to refute my facts; not premises and promises.

    Obviously you are pained by any criticism on the DA. Quite sad.

    Let’s get to the facts. Not interested in an is – is not sandpit brawl.

    Let’s talk why the DA should be supported – Zille says one should vote DA ’cause it’s a bad time not to.

    Ye gods and faeries!

  18. No Drewan, the only relevant issue here is your credibility and we both know where that currently stands.

  19. Obviously not many PBC members are taken by Craig and his party. This is the sole relevant issue here.

  20. Drewan, if you felt it relevant to mention the venue (incorrectly) then I am justified in correcting you. It has no real importance, just accept that I thought the sentence had more context by its inclusion. However, DA public meeting – No. Private Invitation – Yes. (incorrect again) And only nine people attending is more a reflection on the PBC than Mr Craig. He made the effort, they didn’t. Can I take it that you will now retract the retraction of the assumed retraction?

  21. Colin, having the venue wrong in a town I do not know is insignificant and only 9 people on invitation is worse than 9 by general notice.

    No retraction!

    You clearly read what you want to see, irrespective of what is written.

    You’re most welcome to the delusion.

  22. I will assume that your response is tantamount to a retraction. The only horse I recognise is Rocinante and its Knight Errant is deluding himself as usual if he believes he can ‘take the DA apart’.The only Mills he should be tipping his lance at are of the legal variety and instead of publishing false information should be restricting his creative flair to the facts.

  23. Always interesting to see what people object to in a story.

    The venue was changed, I believe – from the original venue, which belongs to Craig?

    I cant see that the venue is very important but that the eventual place was smaller than the original.

    I am also informed that anybody could have attended; that nobody would have been denied access. Even I had an invite and I don’t even reside in Plett, let alone have membership of the chamber.

    Only some 9 people from the business community attended on invitation!?

    It’s even worse than I thought!

    Get off your hobly horse, Colin.

    And please indicate the lies and deception.

    If the facts to date irk you, you’ll be on medication by the end of November – I’m going to take the DA apart, my good man.

  24. Dear O!O, I should like to preface my comments by reminding you of a phrase you recently used

    “The injustice of spreading disinformation, however, is offensive and insufferably insolent.”

    In your article you deride the DA candidate for the low attendance at a ‘DA public meeting’ on 15th November. This is a gross and disgraceful misrepresentation of the facts as this meeting was held at The Lookout Deck which has no connection with Mr Craig and the invitation was extended solely to members of the PBC and not the general public. The fact that Mr Craig was prepared to be questioned by an Association that has publicly endorsed another candidate speaks volumes for his character and commitment and little for the respect that the association should have accorded him. It may be of interest to you that a similar meeting held the evening before with Probus, a far less partisan association, was attended by seventy people.

    As with everything else you regurgitate about Bitou I have found nothing but lies and deception. You have not been served well by those who feed you so much rubbish and should now accept that you have no authority left, whether moral or otherwise, to comment on such matters.

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