ANC: Unfit to govern

The ANC’s constituents are just generally too bloody stupid to elect a responsible government

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Oudtshoorn. 18 November 2012. 17h30. Stephen Mulholland writes in the Business Times

Shrieking Tina plays a cheap political game


IT WAS scary to hear our Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson shrieking like a banshee on Tuesday, urging striking farmworkers in the Hex River Valley grape-producing region to keep pressing farmers for 100% pay increases.

And she promised them – amid destruction of property, intimidation and violent blocking of roads – the government would ensure no farmworker faced criminal or disciplinary charges.

She screamed: “We will speak to the National Prosecuting Authority and the police minister to ensure that all cases of intimidation and public violence are withdrawn.”

Now, despite the merits of the strikers’ demands, it is surely not for a minister to claim she can halt legal proceedings the police or others decide must be pursued arising out of strikers’ actions?

She went further to make cheap political capital out of a situation in which serious damage was being done to the local economy, and in which farmworkers were not being paid or fed and non-striking workers were threatened with the burning of their homes and the rape of their wives.

Joemat-Pettersson blamed farmers’ “intransigence” on the Democratic Alliance, accusing it of trying to create a Western Cape “apartheid colonial state”.

Against the background of Marikana and deaths and injuries among non-striking miners, police and security guards, plus destruction of property and violent blocking of roads, it was the height of irresponsibility for a minister of state to stir up passions while promising immunity to those who transgressed the law.

She hysterically promised workers she would tell President Jacob Zuma that “we cannot ignore the call of the farmworkers”. From Zuma, she yelled, “we will go to the labour minister to discuss sectoral determinations [minimum wage rates]”.

Cosatu’s Tony Ehrenreich, not to be outdone, gave Zuma two weeks to sort it out or the strike would resume. Who’s in charge?

Someone must have had a quiet word in Joemat-Pettersson’s shell-like ear as overnight her tone changed dramatically. She said: “I have no capacity to advise or influence the employment conditions commission.”

She also claimed that she had, single-handedly presumably, restored relations between farmers and workers. By offering immunity from the law for violence and intimidation?

There’s no end, it seems, to this lady’s capriciousness. On Tuesday, she roused the mob. On Wednesday, after telling strikers they had “won”, she said her department “acted as a facilitator to allow these negotiations .. to stay on track… We cannot afford this sector to lose jobs … [so] we decided to participate in normalising the situation.”

She is spot on that jobs should not be lost, but labour appears bent on pricing itself out of the market. Manufacturing employment has dwindled as cheap Eastern imports, mainly from our new best friend China, have taken over our markets.

Labour-intensive work is available only where the cost of labour justifies it. Now it is technology, and not the sweat of labour, that rules. In the US, by far the largest agronomy, the proportion of people working on the land at the start of the past century was almost 60%. Today, it is just over 1%, and they produce vast surpluses of food.

Driverless tractors working 24 hours a day, computer-driven crop rotation and endless other tech advances drive agriculture today, not physical labour.

Oudtshoorn. 17 November 2012. 13h55. I am rank raving mad for having to write this piece. I truly never thought I would (have to).

I’m not quite “incandeascent with rage”, as I believe, if memory serves, Prince Charles once were when bro Edward’s lot had pictures taken of William.

But I am… Pissed.

I can hear it already: Baird is a racist; what did I tell you?

Before I start, let me assure you, my dear longsuffering reader, that I do not discriminate on any basis but stupidity. Period.

One of my all time favourite columnists, David Bullard, tweeted yesterday: “Intelligent people know that the term ‘racist’ means to have the guts to tell it as it is. It’s used to frighten timid whiteys.”

That I am indeed prejudiced is absolutely certain: I detest stupidity. Be the doofus white, pink; black, light or dark brown; yellow; or red.

And I am here to tell you that what has transpired in the Boland this week past, and especially what has happened in Swellendam, and also what is happening in Oudtshoorn, is idiotic and leads me to say that the way in which white people, on the one hand, and black and brown people on the other hand – generally – react to events is so far apart as to make it virtually impossible to co-exist without sporadic eruptions of dismay that will inevitably sever the strained stitching of our so-called now already long in the tooth New Sefrican fabric.

Ye gods and faeries!

The unutterable impertinance of Marius Fransman and Tina Joemat-Pettersson to “stand unashamedly” with the Boland farmworkers and to “salute the farmworkers for their brave victory” while the “wage dispute” is a function of ANC decision making is so outrageous as to be too farfetched to be included in a Monty Python sketch.

Only rank bloody idiots will be unable to see through Fransman an Joemat-Pettersson; only comatose votaries of the pathetic crackpot liberation movement will refuse to acknowledge the impudence.

Imagine! The ANC has turned its back on the workers and now have the temerity to claim the workers are behind it!

Okay – with deference to the 1st Earl of Birkenhead.

How ineffably anserine is it not for workers to destroy capital equipment and engines of production in wage disputes.

Ye gods and faeries, these people are dolts!

You protest your wages and you destroy the very means by which wages is created: Un-f…believable.

But it is the comparison of Swellendam and Oudtshoorn that incense me.

On October 30 the High Court ruled, and I write in very general terms, the moronic ANC initiated “alternative” Swellendam council null and void.

The ANC bussed in blacks from Cape Town and broad havoc resulted.

Why? Because it wasn’t some sangoma of Zuma’s traditional dispute settlement plan who handed down the decision, but a judge!?

On June 1 the High Court ruled Thandekile Mnyimba unfit to be Oudtshoorn’s municipal manager.

Although a few people east of Jacobson Street sporadically shouted insults in the general direction of the MM’s office – mostly because they were not given seats on the gravy train, no riots ensued.

White people weren’t bussed in from George to burn down liqour stores and cause indiscriminate mayhem.

I conclude that the great unwashed is clay in the hands of rogue ANC manipulators. I say that the ANC is a contemptible pack of varlets undeserving to be treated with any respect whatsoever.

Unless the ANC’s stranglehold on the masses is broken, South Africa steams irrevocably toward failed state status.

ANC supporters are mostly effing stupid.

What possible other conclusion is permissable given the fact that the ANC has Jacob running the land!? And April – ye gods and faeries – running Oudtshoorn!

Morons. All.

Yeah – even the “intelligent” supporters. Because they have to explain the Zuma’s and the Aprils of the political landscape. And the Fransmans and the Joemat-Petterssons. O, and the Lindiwe Sisulu’s – too damn dumb to even be able to find a half decent touch in debate.

Ye gods, the ANC have some dumb asses in their midst. It’s a right bloody comedy.

Morons. All.

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3 thoughts on “ANC: Unfit to govern

  1. A sad day for SA. Joemat en Fransman behoort van Hoogverraad en Terrorisme aangekla te word sodra hul aandadigheid bewys kan word. Die Weskaap is hul teiken, hul OPDRAG en as duisende hul werk GAAN verloor, skeel dit hul min. Jakob het gepraat en hy gaan presies dieselfde taktiek toepas om aan bewind te bly, lees ek.

    Hoe kan n land ooit vooruitgaan wanneer n “Mafia” aan bewind is. Uiteindelik gaan die publiek, ook die oningeligtes en ongeskooldes lont ruik, en dan gaan hul hierdie “Mafia” verskeur. Dans dit te laat !

    Wat Fransman en Joemat geensins verstaan, “is the reslove of our farmers and all its people of all colour” Hul is deur twee Anglo en wereldoorloe en het uit die as opgestaan sonder om aanhoudend of ooit, vir aalmoesse te vra. Kweek bg tweetjies onwetend onderdane en slawe, of – trotse burgers wat se, ‘wat kan ek vir my land doen en beteken, en nie andersom nie ? Al ooit daaraan gedink Fransman en Joemat ? Blyk duidelik of jul slawerny verstaan en wil uitbrei, jul mense verarm en verhonger en selfrespek laat verloor. Werk is werk, ken geen kleur, is edel en n absolute voorreg, selfs @R80 p/d , eerder as werkloos wees want ek kan verder leer en myself opwerk in n vrye mark – NIE HANDOUTS nie wat GEEN WAARDE toevoeg en selfrespek ondermyn nie !! Maar hoe sal jul tweetjies nou rerig weet as daar geen toegevoegde waarde van jul kant is nie. Vertel ons jul eerbare waarde toegevoegde storie, ons wag !!

    “The problems we face today are there because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living”

  2. Here is statement from the board of Directors and management of Dutoit Agri about the anargy in the Western Cape fruit industry.
    1. It is impossible to carry on with our business as usual during the last three (3) days.
    2. Dutoit Agri suffered millions of Rands damage to property and vast consequential losses due to critical agricultural practices, which were disrupted.
    3. Our management and well-intended workforce were assaulted, traumatized and fear for their lives.
    4. The government is not doing enough to protect our assets and people.
    5. This situation causes a major break in confidence and may result in the loss of thousands of work opportunities.
    6. At Dutoit Agri we are proud of the long term record of creation of sustainable work opportunities and good working relationships.
    7. This political campaign left us little room for constructive engagement and negotiations with our work force.  This anargy during the last three (3) days forces us to reconsider our long-term strategy.
    8. However, we will do everything within our ability to carry on with critical tasks in order to minimize the impact of this anargy. 

    Pieter du Toit
    DUTOIT GROUP (Pty) Ltd
    Managing Director – Marketing

  3. Completely ridiculous. If I wasn’t living in south africa and didn’t experience,see and hear this reality on an everyday basis I would never think that they took themselves seriously, but a sad truth is the mentality of the anc does not extend very far. In fact not far at all.

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