Dissing the distinguished

Objections to the flight school: those who do little speak much of those who do much and speak little

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Oudtshoorn. 15 November 2012. 09h50. Ye gods and faeries! Now the “group of 4” is disjointed!

And this while ORPA chair Lizanne Pelham claims, in today’s Die Hoorn, that the organisations together have 1,000 members!

I hear say that members claim that Kersop and Harris were threatened to distance themselves and their organisations from the group’s mean missive to the Oudtshoorn Business Chamber on October 30.

O!O has confirmed that the national management of Afriforum approved a letter of October 18, addressed to the Western Cape minister of finance, and to every man and his dog, which was issued on a joint letterhead of Afriforum, Orpa, and the OBB and contained also the details of the Rosebank Residents’ Association.

The letter contains this disputatious statement:

“… knowingly complicit in the foregoing unlawful conduct are the Oudtshoorn Aero Club, the Oudtshoorn Business Chamber, Agri SA, AVIC, AIFA, TFASA and AMS.”

The local Afriforum chair has no authority to distance Afriforum from this earlier letter.

O!O has asked Afriforum head of local government affairs Pieter Rautenbach to comment.

As it stands Kersop and Harris has only distanced themselves and their organisations from the letter of October 30, and not from the letter of October 18. Kersop did, however, in response to my telephonic enquiry about the October 18 letter, say “I distance myself from everything.”

What!? Your guess is as good as mine.

What is beyond dispute is that the group of 4 do not know the one what the other intends or not.

How then can we, on whose behalf the four speak, posibly know!?

Here’s the letters…

Oudtshoorn. 14 November 2012. 10h15. Yet again the Oudtshoorn Business Chamber and AIFA are attacked from the peripheries, by people with strange claims and weirder ideas.

It is never-ending. It is boring. And I for one do not understand the longanimity of AIFA and the business chamber.

They respond from time to time, but they display way too much propriety in the face of soi-disant prevarication and misrepresentation – in the face of deceit, to be sure.

In a door-to-door pamphlet, like some obscure sect fixing to boost a dwindling membership, the following lies are brazenly tendered in a package festering with contempt:

– Flying up to midnight;
– Military jets;
– Helicopters…

This popular local pastime – insulting the Oudtshoorn Business Chamber – needs be addressed once and for all.

The right to freedom of speech is inviolate.

The injustice of spreading disinformation, however, is offensive and insufferably insolent.

To suggest that the business chamber is conspiring to damage Oudtshoorn is such an outrageous lie that the first consideration is to simply ignore the idiocy of the malevolence.

To further suggest that an international corporate giant the likes of AVIC is conspiring as an agent of the world’s second largest economy in cahoots with our democratically elected government to pester the people of a town halfway around the world with a view to future dominance of some undefined nature, is such a ludicrous absurdity that no consideration of the folly can possibly be entertained by any reasonable local.

But because a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes, as Mark Twain famously said, and because goodwill and tolerance from both the chamber and AIFA has given lies a head start, I think the baloney must now end.

Then it is ORPA, warning about a future out of a science fiction horror movie; then it is AfriForum, tagging along; then the OBB lays a rotten egg; and the Rose Valley Residents’ Association wishes also to be noticed.

In the ensuing chaos individuals enter as on to the stage of some third rate fringe soapy rejected even by obscure broadcasters, to proclaim, for reasons selfish alone, their objections to the introduction of progress threatening their escapist Shangri-la.

The Oudtshoorn Ratepayers’ Association (ORPA); AfriForum; the Oudtshoorn Burgerlike Beweging (OBB); and the Rose Valley Residents’ Association can not even among themselves determine if and when alleged representatives, of the self-styled so-called representatives of the people of Oudtshoorn, did, or did not sign a formal letter (on a letterhead nogal) to the chamber – the legitimate representative of 165 businesses in Oudtshoorn providing a livelihood for the vast majority of the very people of Oudtshoorn.

Ridiculous. But, unfortunately, true:

George Kersop, local chair of Afriforum, and Andre (sic, alias Tyson) Harris, chair of the Rose Valley Residents’ Association, in a formal letter and an affidavit respectively, attached below, distance themselves from the latest joint indulgence by “community leaders”.

Yet Lizanne Pelham, the chair of ORPA, arrogating to speak for ratepayers it has failed since inception to identify, claimed that Kersop and Harris were ready and enthusiastic signatories to the latest repeat of taradiddles, tommyrots, toshes and twaddles, fermented by the odd absurd assumption and poor presumption.

Dragged along for reasons obscure, is a willing OBB, a motley of mostly meddling members, the originating leaders of which no longer even associate with the residual cabal.

Who is less than candid about the “powers” behind the objections to the presence of AIFA?

Is it Pelham?

Is it Kersop and Harris?

When I spoke to Kersop about a letter of October 18, bearing the logos of Afriforum, ORPA, and the OBB, he curtly replied that he distances himself “from everything”.

The October 18 letter contains this little jewel:

“… knowingly complicit in the foregoing unlawful conduct are the Oudtshoorn Aero Club, the Oudtshoorn Business Chamber, Agri SA, AVIC, AIFA, TFASA and AMS.”

Ye gods and faeries!

Can any being with a central nervous system take the whinging whomevers seriously!?

If the protestors can not even be trusted to be truthful about who signs their letters, how can they be trusted to represent any persons, or communities… and more to the point, how can their outrageous claims even be considered?

If they don’t know what they’re doing, can one accept that they also don’t know what they’re talking about?

Possibly. Probably, even.

The Oudtshoorn Business Chamber is a free association of registered, paid-up members committed to the establishment and maintenance of effective, efficient, empowered trade and industry within the macro environment of relevant legislation and municipal regulations and bylaws, for the mutual benefit of Business Oudtshoorn and the people of Oudtshoorn, in service of a stimulated, vibrant local economy.

AIFA is a flight school – a business with profit intent that has been bending over backwards in energetic attempts to compensate for an inefficient public administration harming the business for lethargy and ignorance while tolerating imagined horror stories from so-called civilly mandated fringe groups arrogating to speak for Oudtshoorn.

The right and duty of civil leaders to challenge government and business is a cornerstone of democracy.

The right and duty of organised business to indicate its legitimacy and be left to operate in the absence of noisome nettle, is equally a cornerstone of orderly communities.

What is, however, despicable, is blatant disinformation designed to undermine legitimate enterprise.

I, for one, is simply sick and tired of a fight that never should have been in the first place.

Enough already.

Here are the refutations of Kersop and Harris:

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14 thoughts on “Dissing the distinguished

  1. Dit is interessant dat die organisasies mekaar se ledetalle en Afriforum se amtelike seën nodig het om lyf aan hulle verteenwoordiging te gee. Iewers het ek ‘n voëltjie hoor fluit dat die OBB se bestuur byvoorbeeld die afgelope tyd skipbreuk gely het en dat twee senior lede wat op die bestuur gedien het hulle nie meer so gemaklik in die organisasie vind nie. Voeg hierdie voëltjie se fluitjie by die feit dat ORPA nou skielik die Rose Valley Komitee ook naderskraap om hulle getalle te stu en ‘n ekstra stempel op hulle blaadjie te verdien. (As ek reg onthou het selfs die DA ierwers langs die pad die Rose Valley Komitee nadergeskraap by ‘n vergadering om hulle argument meer lyf te gee)
    As die OBB en ORPA so ongelooflik begeester is met die belange van die mense in Oudtshoorn en veral die omstandighede van mense in Rose Valley en ander arm gebiede (soos ‘n OBB lid op ‘n dag opgmerk het – “dit gaan oor my mense en die feit dat die vliegskool niks vir hulle beteken nie.”) waarom donder hulle voort om die vliegskool en die besigheidskamer te kruisig – hoekom nie dit in die howe opneem nie en eerder hulle energie as burgerlike oranisasies wat kliphard namens die armes praat, spandeer en probleme in die arm gebiede aanspreek. Trek vir ‘n verandering die Jeeps en die Fortuners en die Mercs uit, laai ‘n klomp klere en komberse af en hou op om die mense te probeer opsweep om punte te verdien. Daar word chronies gevra wat doen AIFA en die besigheidskamer vir die armes – wel Mnr en Mev miljoenêr – ek sal graag wil hoor hoe groot is u maandelikse bydrae om armoede te verlig.

  2. Sjoe Drewan, regtig? Jy het ‘n hele post toegewy om te verduidelik hoe simpel jy dink inwoners is om te kla oor die lughawe. Ek stem saam dat hierdie spesifieke post oor die bedroglike brief gaan, maar ek reken dit sal goed wees as jy dalk kan kyk wat die klagtes agter die skrywe is. Ek dink die rede hoekom meeste hierdie blog volg is omdat jy wanadministrasie en korrupsie aanvat. (Nie soveel vir die “gods and faeries” nie.) Doen jou lesers ‘n guns en ondersoek die klagtes agter hierdie skrywes. Dankie vir die skakels wat jy gaan aanstuur – ek is ‘n gereelde lesers en ek onthou straks enige ontsteltenis op hierdie blog oor die beweerde ongeruimdhede oor die lughawe.

    Ten slotte het ek heeltemal begrip dat hierdie nie ‘n objektiewe nuusbron is nie. Jy is ‘n kommunikasiekonsultant, en dit sou redelik wees om aan te neem dat jy kliënte op die dorp het wat besighede is. Die rede hoekom ek, persoonlik, jou blog volg is omdat jy die knaters het om korrupsie vas te vat. In hierdie spesifieke geval voel dit vir my of jy in die pad staan eerder as om te help. Maar dit is maar hoe ek die posts lees. Sê maar net.

    Help ons asb verstaan hoekom van die inwoners so belaglik is om bekommerd te wees oor ‘n toename van lugverkeer, en potensieël jets. Veral aangesien dinge nie volgens die reëls geskied nie. En kom ons bly by die feite. Dan kan ons al die prima donnas en verbeeldingsvlugte agter ons sit.

  3. Waggebietjie Johan! Wáár speel ek die man en nie die bal nie!?

    O!O het absoluut objektief berig oor die munisipale onkapabelheid wat Oudtshoorn báie besigheidsgeleenthede ontneem!

    Die AIFA-geskiedenis is duidelik op O!O – vir die wat gerieflikheidshalwe nie kan onthou nie; verskaf ek later skakels na dié berigte.

    Tans, hiér, op hierdie draad, is die sirkus van jy het geteken, ek het nie, is, issie, die onderwerp!

  4. I wonder why O!O is playing the man and not the ball… Your slogan is “Exposing maladministration in local politics” — so why no big tiff about this? Why are you not all over the irregularities regarding the airport?

    Drewan, verduidelik asb. vir ons, jou lankmoedige lesers, hoekom jy nie hierdie aantuigings van korrupsie ondersoek nie. Daar is duidelik kwessies hier wat aangespreek moet word. Met enigiets anders is jy gou om te rapporteer, maar hiermee is blyk jy meer belang te stel in die bakleiery as oor die aantuigings.

    Komaan – ons almal wil hê die aantuigings, verbeeldingsvlugte en belaglikheid moet stop. Doen jou deel. Skryf een van jou artikels met feite wat al die aantuigings van korrupsie weerlê. Dan kan die blaffende honde gaan slaap.

  5. O!O has learned that Kersop is not going to retract his retraction.

    Great leadership, ORPA! And OBB! And RVRA!

    Wn wat sê júlle, Afriforum!?

  6. ORPA – Management of ORPA confirms having sponken to Pieter Rautenbach from AfriForum in Pretoria this morning and AfriForum head office confirms that Mr Kersop acted on his own accord and that he is in the process of retracting his statement and letter sent to Oudtshoorn Business Chamber as it does not reflect the official stance that AfriForum head office embodies interms of Fraud Corruption and Maladministration.

    ‘It seems after discussion with Pieter Rautenbach Afriforum this morning that George Kersop acted off his own bat – he is apparently going to see van Greunen retract the retraction and rejoin the fold – Pieter will advise later but assures me that AfriForum are in 100% support of what we are doing and is not put out by the suggestion that if other parties have been complicit in abusing the malfeasance so redly offered by our “municipality” to entering wrongful and unlawful arrangements then it must be told as such and those parties must understand we are standing for legal and proper processes and not attacking “development per se”‘

  7. Nike please share your internet search result on the ‘Pelhams’ as all I can find is his honourable work for UN Security Council and the African Union in preventing the shipment of weapons of mass destruction in the DRC conflict.

  8. Twee van die vier “ondertekenaars” het blykbaar ‘n probleem met presies wat die vier organisasies “wat die mense van Oudtshoorn verteenwoordig” nou eintlik bedoel.

    Wát sê die mense van Oudtshoorn namens wie dié organisasies praat as die mense se “verteenwoordigers” nie eens weet wat die kollektiewe verteenwoordigers sê nie?

    En wat maak dit nou eintlik saak wié op Oudtshoorn die inhoud van die brief sien en aan wie dit gestuur word – as dit dan kwansuis die mense van Oudtshoorn bevoordeel!?

    Dis lagwekkend dat O!O nie die skrywes ontvang nie, maar tog onmiddelik daarvan bewus is – en, soos gewoonlik, eerste is om te reageer.


  9. Wat Andre Harris betref : “Ek hou van ‘n man wat sy man kan staan.” Ek hou nog meer van ‘n man wat Afrikaans verstaan : “Indien ek dit sou geweet het sou ek hierdie skrywe nooit onderteken het nie.” Dit maak jou evidence net mooi niks werd nie. Om te lieg of nie te lieg nie; dit is die kwessie!

  10. Fred, I got an e-mail where it stated “we don’t want those people in our town”. That is pretty much where I decided I want nothing to do with ORPA. Kind of ironic for an organization to complain about corruption when they send out a letter that turns out to be (in my opinion) a fraud.

  11. Is dit waar die eintlike probleem met die vliegskool en munisipale regulasies, en die vreeslike lawaai van die vliegtuie , nou eintlik le? Sekere mense se vooroordeel oor die Chinese se teenwoordigheid in Oudtshoorn?

    mmmm!! I smell a racist rat somewhere!!! a Big one!!!

  12. Oh my word. Is dit nie bedrog nie? Ek het ook daardie epos ontvang, en dit het my baie ontstel – as drie burgerlike organisasies kla oor bedrog sit mens nogals regop!

    Kyk – ek wens mense wil sit en lysies maak van wat presies die probleme is. En bly by feite. JA – almal voel sterk die ontwikkeling moet gedoen word binne wette en met ‘n impakstudie. Dit is egter nou in proses.

    Drewan, soos vroeër versoek – wat van jy speel ‘n meer aktiewe rol daarin om hierdie tipe nonsens te ontbloot? Dalk met meer feite op die tafel kan al die stories stop en almal baie spanning spaar.

    Ek het net een vraag — en dit is die één ding wat ek dink billik is om oor bekommerd te wees — kan iemand duidelikheid gee oor wat die situasie is met die gebruik van jets op by die vliegskool? Kyk – propellervliegtuie raas weinig meer as motorfietse, maar jets is ‘n ander ding, veral met die laerskool af in die straat. Kan ons nie dalk ‘n stelling kry van AIFA hieroor nie, dit sal dalk baie monde stilmaak?

  13. Well done Afriforum and Andre Harris.
    The problem is with the Pelham’s. Go and google the Pelham name. Some history with the Chinise huh Graham?

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