“Automatic” problems

The DA suffers “automatic” recoil

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Oudtshoorn. 12 November 2012. 16h30. Remember the “automatic membership termination” in August, of Johann Brummer (Bitou); Jemayne Andrews and Beverley Cortjé-Alcock (Cape Town); Beautu Charlie (Knysna); and Delina Goedeman (Matzikama)?

The DA has persistently refused to answer questions about this “ligte mistykie” until the “deputy” leader, Theuns Botha, instructed his acolytes and media personnel not to answer O!O’s questions.

This from a “democratic” political party complaining that the government does not reply to its questions fast enough; a party that is dedicated to freedom of speech… yadda, yadda, yadda.

Well, the first repercussion, after Brummer failed to gain interim relief and Andrews is awaiting the ruling of the High Court after successfully interdicting the IEC on 14 September from holding a by-election in her ward, manifested last week: Goedeman won the seat the DA’s computer vacated without human intervention – won it for the ANC.

The DA’s provincial leader was silent, but the “deputy” leader, Theuns Botha had this to say: “We will have to work harder next time. I don’t know what happened. Will have to do a post-mortem.”

I would have liked to know the views of the Western Cape “leader”, Ivan Meyer, but only the “deputy” spoke.

Meyer was probably too busy at the time fighting for the rights of wife Faeza embroiled in a land dispute with the DA-led Witzeberg municipality over the termination of a holiday lease. The Western Cape DA leader in a dispute with a DA council over cheap residence rights… Oy gevalt!

“I don’t know what happened.”

Yeah. Right.

O!O does know what happened.

Like the DA attempted to smear Andrews before her constituents, the DA tried to smear Goedeman as the paint balloon exploded in its collective face.

Said Goedeman: “The DA was pulling me apart.”

O!O emailed “The Dear Leaders” (Helen Zille; James Selfe; Ivan Meyer; Theuns Botha; Anton Bredell; Debbie Shafer; Donald Grant; Jaco Londt; Liz Mundell; and Kobus Marais) earlier today:

Gentleman all, and ladies

It’s been 3 months, or will be this Friday, since Johann Brummer paid the DA R5621.00 in dues that cost him his membership.

You have not returned the money, nor have you reinstated Brummer.

If you don’t get a move on, Brummer’s computer might automatically cut you off at midnight Friday.

There is absolutely nuttin’ that can be done about this automatic process. It is the age of the machine and we are fodder in its data chelae of zero’s and ones.

Please be assured that there is no velleity of prejudice in this ineluctable denouément. It’s just that the gods in the machine can not be swayed by any measure of supplication – not even the sacrifice of a virgin within the window of the witching hour Friday can possibly forestall the (generic) kismet.

You may want to see O!O sometime this afternoon for some interesting facts.

There is the matter of councillor Theresa Thompson who was not “automatically terminated” and was allowed to make arrangements to settle her debt with the DA even after Brummer paid up, with prejudice, but in vain, to settle his dispute.

The DA refuses to answer O!O’s questions about this outrage!

The facts surrounding Thompson’s special deal are confirmed by a most trustable DA source – someone in premier Zille’s cabinet. (And the DA wants you to believe its members do not talk to O!O. Oy! I could plotz! The insignificant is silent yes, those who matter and those who realise the inconsistencies speak freely, openly and truthfully.)

Like the senior functionary who responded to the above email, having received a blind copy: “You go boy, Drewan! Hilarious! Excellent!”

In the aftermath of the “automatic terminations” the then provincial treasurer, a man of irreproachable character and standing, Kobus Marais, told yet another cabinet member that he completely disagreed with the terminations (O!O thought they were “automatic”, as James Selfe told the High Court!) and… well maybe we should leave it at that.

Even a third cabinet member wrote against the “automatic terminations” – O!O is in possession of a copy of the letter.

Trust the DA with matters pertaining to your life as a resident and ratepayer!?


If the DA can do to Johann Brummer; Jemayne Andrews; Beverley Cortjé-Alcock; Beautu Charlie; and Delina Goedeman what it did; if the DA can do to Johann Koegelenberg and Henry McCombie and Patrick Murray what it did; if the DA can do to Pierre Nel
what it did – their own councillors! – just imagine what the DA can do to you!

The DA can not be trusted.

People of Bitou ward 2 beware! You have a chance to fix your municipality on December 5.

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3 thoughts on ““Automatic” problems

  1. Aai ou Theuns, man! Ons weet almal jy’s ‘n slim mannetjie so moenie jou onnosel probeer hou nie. Dit pas jou rerig nie. al wat jy doen is om die voor die hand liggende antwoorde uit te lok. Jy weet presies wat gebeur het. Laat ek jou dan maar help.

    Die kiesers het vir die DA ‘n boodskap gestuur.

    1. Ons hou nie daarvan as julle vir ons lieg en bedrieg nie.
    2. Ons hou nie daarvan as julle mense viktimiseer nie.
    3. Ons dink voor ons stem. Net omdat ons eenkeer vir julle gestem het beteken nie dat julle ons stem vir ewig besit nie.
    4. Ons bevraagteken julle integriteit an geloofwaardigheid ten sterkste.
    5. Ons ervaar julle as oneerbare mense.
    6. Ons het in so ‘n mate vertroue in julle verloor dat ons self vir die ANC sal stem.

    Ons het nuus vir jou. Jy kan so hard werk as wat jy wil om ‘n verkiesing te wen, maar as julle optree soos jy opgetree het die afgelope paar maande en in die algemeen tussen verkiesings sal ons julle gesamentlike gat skop by die stembus. Julle presteer swak. Uiters swak. Bredell swak.

    Moenie ons verder probeer bullshit nie, jy WEET presies wat met julle gebeur het. Die kiesers het nie julle kakstories geglo nie.

    Nadoodse ondersoek? Toemaar, ek glo nie dit het so ver gevorder nie. Nog nie, maar oppas. Op hierdie stadium sou ek se is doodgewone ou dermsuitryg genoeg. Raak in die proses ontslae van die lintwurms, lewerslakke, neuswurms, bosluise, myte ens wat die DA perd besmet en dit sal dalk nie nodig wees om lykskouing en begrafnis te hou nie. Miskien is daar eers na 2014 ‘n karkas vir lykskouing hou.

  2. O!O, I suspect the reason why your questions remain unanswered is locked up in the manner in which your correspondence is addressed. I am sure they are still running around frantically in attempts to find a single gentleman and/or lady in their midst…

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