“Die Nkandlaniet met ongematrikuleerde skete”

Is the law indeed an ass?

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Drewan Baird. Oudtshoorn. 11 November 2012. 11h00. The Equality Court found, on August 2, that I am enjoined from referring to the executive mayor of the greater Oudtshoorn as “standerd vier klong” (sic) and forbidden to refer to the mayor in any way that may demean and / or ridicule the mayor because of his restricted formal schooling.

In the apology the honourable court ordered me to publish I accepted that the mayor’s schooling could be attributed to social circumstances outside of his control as a result of the Apartheid policy.

Yet, today, Rapport‘s columnist, Pollux, calls the state president “die Nkandlaniet met… ongematrikuleerde skete“.

What is all that prating about sauce and goose and gander, I wonder?

And what does this all say about the quality of South Africa’s leaders and the apparent lese majesty of mentioning the dearth and paucity of educated incumbents?

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