Jacob: Jeez!

What does Jacob Zuma say of the ANC?

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 3 November 2012. 08h50. How does one identify an ANC supporter?

It’s the one with half a brain cell and wobbly central nervous system.

Barack Obama is in trouble with unemployment at 7.9%… Jacob Zuma is safe with unemployment at 40% – double the 1996 figure.

For all Jacobs other ills, and perhaps you need to have another look-see at O!O’s recent To hell with Aunty Meisie, nearly half the people he rules have no job.

As long as Jacob is the boss man no other conclusion but that ANC supporters and functionaries are rank idiots will cover the facts.

Jacob Zuma!?

Ye gods and faeries!

Well, O!O is not known for delicacy. If you want dainty, buy a newspaper bulging with municipal adverts.

This publication is here to tell you that the ANC is a maladaptive mélange of morons; a dysfunctional digest of doo… doofuses.

I rest my case with irrefutable proof: Jacob Zuma, moegoe extraordinaire.

Ye GODS and f-a-e-r-i-e-s!

As long as Jacob is the Chief Changeling in Charge, all below him are nothing but dorks.

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4 thoughts on “Jacob: Jeez!

  1. Stel jou voor die direksie van die Klein Karoo Koop neem oor by die huidige dorpsbestuur. Die direksie het homself bewys as ‘n klompie toegewyde intelligente vernuftige sake breine wat die Koop onder uiters moeilike omstandighede op koers hou. Salarisse word betaal en hulle slaag selfs daarin om wins e maak. Die verskil tussen die munisipaliteit se maco en die direksie van die Koop is integriteit, deursigtigheid en geloofwaardigheid gepaardgaande met ‘n goeie dosis breinselle. Die Koop het geen politieke agenda nie. Winsmotief tot voordeel van sy lede is al wat tel. As die direksie nie presteer nie word hulle gefire! Aanstellings geskied volgens meriete met geloofwaardige meriete. Verbeel jou die direksie ruil Maandag plekke met die raad se maco. Die maco neem Maandag oor by die direksie van die Koop en Gordon April word uitvoerende hoof? Wonderlike nuus vir ons dorp. Slegte nuus vir die lede van die Koop. Verbeel jou Majimba is die koop se nuwe bestuurder. Hoe lank voordat die Koop sy deure gaan toe maak?En o ja. Die vroueslaner en huidige voorsitter van finansies in die maco word finansiele bestuurder!
    Die realiteit is dat ons tans hierdie mense in die raad verduur en vertrou met ‘n begroting groter as die van die koop! Sou die lede en aandeelhouers van die koop die maco verduur as direksie? Wat ‘n nagmerrie!

  2. Reading the above, the price one always seem to pay for “DEMOCRACY IN AFRICA”
    Once the investors and the money is gone, jobs are destroyed, the land overgrown, Zimbabwe a distant memory, daily suffering and groanings evident, what then ?

    Once the free 15 million + hand outs of “The enslaving African dole” in tatters, the unofficial policy of entitlement, pay back time, nepotism, corruption and incompetence and cadre deployment finally destroyed, it will just pop up somewhere else in another African nation who have refused to learn from past history, ruining all in its devastating path.

    The answer is SIMPLE ! As long as most of our fellow South Africans remain a ‘begging nation’ dependent on hand outs, adding little value, giving little or nothing in return, we are all doomed

    Teach self reliance, pride in work and our independence, refusing hand outs that enslaves a nation and its people, applying good ethics, morality, integrity, love, sacrifice and service to our neighbours and community (ubuntu), we will survive and prosper. In the end it is all about what we can do for others, NOT what others or our country can do for us !

    Anyone beg to differ ? Now go and tell Zuma and the NEC that and stop buying voters with taxpayers money. When it dries up, and it will, your imploded legacy and reputation will be spectacular, loooooong before Jesus comes ! Leaving behind more suffering and devastation than ever in history before.

    Anyone beg to differ ?? Anyone?????

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