Pay up Gordon! Pay up!

Why should ratepayers pay for the Mayor’s stupidity!?

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Oudtshoorn. 2 November 2012. 10h45. The ANC and Icosa and NPP councillors must reimburse Oudtshoorn’s ratepayers for the wastefull expense of Thandekile Mnyimba’s Aanstelling v Mnyimba
illigitimate appointment.

And the one with limited formal schooling, as the High Court had found, Gordon April, must pay up for the ridiculous attempts at appealing the June 1 verdict declaring the appointment ab initio null and void.

In ’n rigtinggewende uitspraak in die saak Huibrecht Catharina Kitshoff en ander v die speaker van die Distriksmunisipaliteit Wes-Kus, Lunga Gali, en ander (7136/2008) op 11 Junie 2008, het regter Patricia Goliath van die Kaapse hooggeregshof bevind politici wat belastinggeld mors nadat hulle advies daarteen ontvang het, uit hul eie sak moet opdok.

Mnr. Leon van Rensburg, prokureur vir die aansoekers (DA en OD), het destyds by navraag aan aan Die Burger gesê gesê die uitspraak is rigtinggewend vir alle vlakke van regering.

“Dit wys dat openbare verteenwoordigers in die toekoms nie kan verwag dat die belastingbetaler moet instaan vir kostes wat uit hul onwettige gedrag voortvloei nie.”

Somebody must ensure that April and his cadres pay up!

It must be remembered that Gordon April is only mayor because he has the ANC over a barrel.

The ANC never wanted Gordon to be mayor.

But the dour dawdler of Dysselsdorp threatened last June to resign his seat and help return the DA to power if he not be allowed to play mayor-mayor.

So now Oudtshoorn sits with a mayor with limited formal schooling, as the High Court had found, who clearly has no ability to run the town.

I deposed before the High Court on April 18, in April’s equality court claim against me, about the happenings last June:

In the aftermath of the May 18, 2011 General Elections, the Municipal Council of Oudtshoorn was constituted of 11 ANC members; 11 DA members; 1 Cope member; 1 Icosa member; and 1 National People’s Party member.

A coalition was demanded and in the ensuing negotiations the Complainant, being the ANC member for ward 9 and the immediate past Executive Mayor, approached local DA functionaries, of whom I was one, with a view to resign his seat and force a by-election.

The Complainant inveighed that the ANC refused to reinstate him as Executive Mayor and that he would resign his seat and endeavour to have a DA candidate win his vacated seat in return for a DA appointment to parliament.

After arduous effort the Complainant was finally convinced that one has to be elected to parliament and that one can not simply be appointed to Parliament.

The Complainant subsequently altered his quid pro quo to employment in a DA Municipality, commensurate with the earnings of an Executive Mayor.

The posited motivation for this elaborate plan to return the DA to power on a victory in the Complainant’s vacated ward, according to the Complainant at the time, was that the situation within ANC ranks was unbearable (“onuitstaanbaar”, or a word to that effect) and that he simply wanted to be rid of the asperities of local government and party politics and be employed at a remuneration equal to that of an Executive Mayor, and in any town but Oudtshoorn.

The Complainant used words to this effect: “Ek wil net my geld hê vir die volgende vyf jaar.”

April must pay up!

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3 thoughts on “Pay up Gordon! Pay up!

  1. Vir Flash Gordon het ek die volgende raad
    Parliament ? Parliament ? Genadig tog nooit nie !
    Die naaste wat jy aan Parliament sal kom my knaap is om jouself te gaan “Park in cement” Dis amper soos “Parliament” (Hard)koppig maar min beweging vorentoe en dit vreet net die belastingbetaler se geld SONDER enige toegevoegde waarde (Verstaat djy ????).

  2. OO can the same question be asked about Bitou Municipality as to why must we as ratepayer pay for the Stupidity for all the cases the municipality has lose.

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