April reaches a new low

Yet another record for the bloke with “limited formal schooling”

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Oudtshoorn. 30 October 2012. 08h45. Oudtshoorn’s cluless Mayor, the one with limited formal schooling, as the High Court found, has failed yet again.

On October 8 council resolved that April obtain yet another legal opinion on the Mayco’s on again, off again irresponsilution to appeal the June 1 High Court verdict declaring Thandekile Mnyimba’s appointment ab initio null and void… And that April report back to council within 10 days.

April did not report back.

Is April too lazy, or too dumb, or too ignorant to do as council instructs?

Is the ANC too lethargic, or too evil to fix the April problem by simply firing the rapscallion?

Clearly the ANC, from Jacob thru Gwede thru Marius thru Putco to the local chap, whomever he may be, endorse April’s irresponsibility and inability.

So… How can the ANC possibly be trusted with any decision!?

The ANC in Oudtshoorn has clearly reached a new low. And they’re still digging!

As O!O reported yesterday, some legal opinion conjured by NPP president, Badih Chaaban, is apparently being discussed by some doofuses arrogating to be decision makers on the South Western corner of Langenhoven and Voortrekker.

Bredell’s Rule 49(11) and April’s appeal are due to be heard by the High Court on Thursday.

If the appeal is withdrawn, Mnyimba will be out – finally.

Clearly Gwede Mantashe’s ramblings about municipal appointments are nothing but hot air – the ANC says pretty things and do nasty things.

Ye gods and faeries.

How did things come to this!?

Idiots running local governments.

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7 thoughts on “April reaches a new low

  1. Wat kan verwag word van n bandiet oppaser, was mos hoog in by POPCRU het daar alles geleer hoe om in nuwe SA te werk te gaan. Optredes strook 100% hoe dit moet werk om almal die hoenders in te maak, want hul is mos untouchable.

  2. Ja, ou Piet. Die beste stuurmanne (uitsluitend Raadslid Stuurman, natuurlik) staan altyd veilig aan wal. Baie te se en niks te doen. Maar nie eens geinteriseerd genoeg om vergaderings by te woon nie of om die moeite te doen om te gaan stem nie. Ons almal, die stuurmanne op die walle van die politiek…

  3. Come to think of it ! What a pity we have so many ” political genius’s ” running our province and our country.

  4. Well, we can at least assume that April’s ANC membership is paid up, otherwise he might have been fired by now…

  5. Reluctantly, I must say “touché”.

    Perhaps the man is an idiot savant [French: learned idiot] – in psychiatry, a mentally deficient person with extraordinary skill or ability in a special field, such as musical performance or mathematics. (Like Tom Hanks’s character forrest Gump.)

    I’ve never heard Gordon perform at the Music Society, maar hy kan waaràgtig somme maak…

  6. maybe he i.e.April is even having an underground bunker and a heli pad built at his family residence in his hometown of De Rust , who knows ?

  7. I disagree Mr Editor, I think April is a genius a ” political genius ” the way he got himself to become the mayor of the greater Oudtshoorn , the way he is dictating and ruling everyone , not even the high court of the land can touch him , he has the cheque book and is using it ,the way in which he continues to stay in the driving seat as mayor, just look at his salary and his perk’s ,he entertains his friend’s in Oudtshoorns best and most expensive restaurants where they drink french champagne and eat only the most expensive items on the menu [ by the way these restaurants are owed 10’s of thousands of rands ] nobody can touch him ,” limited formal schooling ” yes !BUT A GENIUS !

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