Chaaban’s legal opinion may sink Mnyimba

Yet another opinion; yet another dilation; yet another turn

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Oudtshoorn. 31 October 2012. 11h15. On the agenda of today’s cancelled council meeting the Mnyimba case, to be heard in the High Court tomorrow, appears under “In Committee Reports”:

A13. Legal Opinion – Allan (sic) Paulse.

There was some ANC type excited hullabaloo at the Bergoord yesterday where the Chaaban originated legal opinion was apparently “considered”.

This fact, however, stands: there is no council decision backing any argument by April or the municipality in tomorrow’s hearing.

O!O has informed Bredell’s legal team. Nobody else bothered to do so.

Oudtshoorn. 29 October 2012. 15h30. I am reluctant to report on anything relating to the Oudtshoorn council.

This council is run by idiots and past redemption.




Thandekile Mnyimba is a regular on the top floor, as if he is still the municipal manager, bolstered by sangoma voodoo.

And now O!O has learned that the president of the NPP, Badih Chaaban, has obtained a legal opinion trashing the appeal against the June 1 verdict declaring Mnyimba’s appointment ab initio null and void.

Why does not the ANC do the right thing and remove the juggins of Jansenville?

How can the people of Oudtshoorn trust to a political party that lacks even the elementary ability to honour High Court rulings and legal opinions?

O!O cannot confirm that a council session is on the cards for any time before the Rule 49(11) hearing cum appeal is heard on Thursday.

And the pantheons help us if the matter is considered by April and his mensa Mayco.

What a cockup.

And nobody, but nobody, is informing the people of Oudtshoorn about developments.

Not the useless ANC; not the pathetic DA.

Don’t they know?

Well, how come O!O to know!?

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9 thoughts on “Chaaban’s legal opinion may sink Mnyimba

  1. Ja nee! If certain lawyers can just be truthful to their clients, but if you can make a buck why not persuing the matter? I once overheard a lawyer closely linked to Oudtshoorn saying that he does not care about the politics as long as he can make money. Money ja money thats what it is all about these days.

  2. Surly the municipality should have listened to their first attorney’s advice not to oppose the application of Allen Paulse. The matter could have been dealt right there and there. Despite of his opinion, he was nevertheless instructed to proceed and Adv Patel was forced on him. It is no secret that these two legal eagles never agreed on any aspect of the managing or arguing of the case. In fact attorney Mills refused to act as the instructing attorney in court and Patel took over this role. When the municipality lost the case they blamed it on Mills, accusing him of not contributing his skills and input towards the case as they came to know him in the past. Mills repeated his dim view of the changes of success and said that the municipality’s case was borne dead. He then refused to proceed with appeal prodecengs and withdraw as attorney of record from the case. This didn’t sit well whith the municipality and the ANC. Nevertheless, other attorneys were appointed and the matter went on and on and on. Can someone please do the calculation of all the legal costs wasted from the original legal advice received, to where we are now? Please O!O?

  3. Tawwe Tienie’s “Guys, the only solution is the Public Prosecutor”. We have actualy started the process to take the matter to the Public Prosecuter so I will not comment on this matter again in public.
    But why one has to go to the High Court and win, MEC Bredell not accepting and appealing to the Supreme Court of Appeal in Bloemfontein all To create Employment!!!!!!!!
    If any serious person/organisation wants to know more, they can contact me on

  4. Guys, the only solution is the Public Prosecutor! It is also high time that the provincial Minister of Local Government and national minister of CoGTA be informed that the community will demand them being held liable in their personal capacities for their negligence and failure to act, well knowing of the President’s SIU and all the non-compliance and incomptence issues destroying Oudtshoorn Municipality.

  5. Robert,

    If only I had the answer. Maybe hit them where it hurts. Mass action. With hold paying taxes. I don’t know. But I do know, that whatever the solution will be, it will mean that everyone will have to stand together.

    Maybe find a way for everyone to pay their taxes into some trust account and tender payment to the municipality upon proper performance by them?

  6. O!O, I believe it is not a matter of the ANC and the DA not knowing. It is a matter of them NOT CARING.

  7. How can the people of Oudtshoorn trust to a political party that lacks even the elementary ability to honour High Court rulings and legal opinions?
    Ed. I have the same problem with MEC (DA) Mr Bredell. The High Court rules, but MEC Bredell knows better (Adviced by whom and spending tax payers money)?) If they loose, so what as it is only taxpayers money.
    MEC’s and officials should be hold personally accountable for the cost of court cases they start but can never winn. That will cut Government started High Court and Court of Appeal cases down by at least 99%. Will we get there? Not at the moment in SA.

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