DA: Bitou voters are fools

How to win elections by insulting voters – a DA exclusive! Right out of The Olde Nat Book of Dirty Tricks

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Oudtshoorn. 27 October 2012. 10h30. The DA doesn’t really care whether it wins Ward 2 or loses it. The DA doesn’t really care whether it governs Bitou or not.

In fact, the DA would welcome an opportunity to “officially” hand back Bitou to the ANC (who already runs the shop) – the DA never wanted to win Bitou in the first place.

Replacing Johann Brummer with Nompumelelo Ndayi; nominating Wayne Craig in Ward 2… the DA is fixing to cut the albatross away.

O please O!O! Get real. You can’t be serious!?

O yeah!? Consider this…

In an email of February 8 this year, copied also to DA fedex chair James Selfe and Western Cape minister of finance Alan Winde, then DA Western Cape leader Theuns Botha explains the DA’s approach on provincial political control:

“The DA has 22 municipalities in the Western Cape. We need 16 out of the 30 to make our statement on the political landscape. We are not willing to have any dysfunctional DA council. It is much more valuable to be a good opposition to a bad ANC council than to be stuck with a bad DA council, sucking energy and damaging the brand.”

The ANC controls Bitou in any event in all but name. Consider the DA’s management of Memory Booysen; Lonwabo Ngoqo; Monde Stratu; Carl Mattheus; Deon Daantjie Lott; Grant Easton; Allen Paulse: Every one of these cases have been reported on O!O and will again be emphatically covered on O!O over the next few weeks. Read it and reflect.

The DA is not lifting a finger to address the Rentworks grand theft ratepayers which cost the people of Bitou millions when the ANC council spent as much as thirteen times! more on IT equipment than the market price, and sold the price inflated equipment to an IT rental company… only to lease it back! Public Finance by Lonwabo Ngoqo and Deon Daantjie Lott. Required reading for cadres feeding at the trough.

The DA council did not even request, let alone demand a briefing of Alex Kannemeyer, its SALGA representative in the Lonwabo Ngoqo arbitration review, by the team that originally successfully prosecuted, Thys Giliomee and Frances Schröter. The DA was fixing to lose this review. No other reasonable conclusion, the final award notwithstanding, will cover the facts.

Consider what the DA did to stalwarts like Johann Brummer, and Jemayne Andrews, and Beverley Cortjé-Alcock when the DA “automatically” terminated their party memberships in August.

Consider how the DA stood idly by while one of Eden’s foremost Councillors, the irreproachable Johann Koegelenberg, and two of his DA colleagues, Henri McCombie and Patrick Murray, were chagrined for nearly three years until the Regional Court found, on June 11 this year, that no case could be made against them and dismissed all charges without even hearing evidence by the accused.

The DA provincial secretary, Anton Bredell, also the DA Western Cape minister of local government, promised several times to legally intervene and never lifted a finger to aid, within the law, the three Councillors.

If the DA can do this to one of their own imagine what the DA can do to you.

On January 26, 2007, the DA suspended five of its Oudtshoorn Councillors for voting against a Caucus decision, when they elected to put Oudtshoorn above party political conniving to protect a local ally of Patricia de Lille, then needed to secure a DA majority in the Cape Metro.

Four of the five Councillors cowered while the fifth, Pierre Nel, stood firm and was eventually exonerated by the federal law commission, the highest DA authority.

If the DA can do this to one of their own imagine what the DA can do to you.

When O!O called on DA political leaders and communications functionaries – over and over and over again – for answers, the new Western Cape “Deputy” Leader, former leader Theuns Botha, instructed his crew: “Please don’t reply at all.”

Vote for the DA, dear Ward 2 resident?

What, are you meshugge? Dotty?

The DA won’t even answer your enquiries; let alone represent your interests!

And now the DA has come up with a threadbare, hackneyed, out-worn, stale gogga-maak-vir-baba-bang tarradiddle: First Johann Brummer was an agent for the ANC, and now Francois Geldenhuys is an agent for the ANC.

It is demanded, by reasonable South Africans, that the elite voters of Bitou Ward 2 – Plett’s royalty – wield their democratic right with due consideration and responsibility. That Ward 2 voters this time round not vote in false fear, as the National Party of BJ Vorster and PW Botha cajoled, blarneyed, inveigled, palavered, coaxed, wheeldled and downright conned, swindled and scammed their mothers and fathers before them to heed the swart gevaar and the rooi gevaar and the Engelse pers gevaar and the Afrikaanse letterkunde gevaar.

Vote your conscience! Don’t vote your irrational, DA defined false fear. Don’t do as voters of your ilk generally accuse the ANC masses of doing: That they vote for the ANC because they always vote for the ANC because they never think and always just vote as the ANC directs.

In any event, what the DA is currently warning – that a vote for an independent candidate will hand Bitou back to the ANC – is ridiculous… because the ANC already runs Bitou! By Mayor Memory Booysen and his deputy, Adam van Ryhner. And the milksop DA caucus who could not see a conspiracy if one sat up and spit in its collective eye. O!O has already proven this beyond a velleity of doubt. And O!O will do so again in the weeks following.

The Bitou DA caucus cannot finagle a frisky feeling in a floozy with a fistfull of fifties.

The Ward 2 voters are verily asked by the independents to vote Bitou out of ANC control by voting independent!

Obviously the DA has already concluded that the voters of Ward 2 are idiots. That much we can reasonably accept.

Why else would the DA call each and every telephone number in its wanting database with a message that Francois Geldenhyus is an ANC agent – after the people of Ward 2 voted Geldenhuys their independent candidate!?

And remember: If Geldenhuys does not do as the voters of Ward 2 expect, the voters of Ward 2 can recall him and replace him. As they can still do now if they should so choose!

Wayne Craig, however, can do as he is told by the DA for four more years – and if the DA chooses not to accuse him falsely of owing money to the cause, nobody can ever get rid of him before 2016!

I am not known to pussyfoot around issues and for being mealymouthed. I am quite proud of my in your face reputation of calling a spade a shovel. And I am here to tell you, voters of Ward 2, that if you send Wayne Craig of the DA to the Bitou Council to represent you, you are poking your neighbours in the eye; and you are screwing your fellow residents in other Bitou wards; and you are turning on South Africans generally; and you are failing democracy. Period.

Vote for the DA, dear Ward 2 resident?

What, are you meshugge? Dotty?

Or just plain goddamned irresponsible!?

Don’t get pissed at ME!


Think Memory Booysen; Lonwabo Ngoqo; Monde Stratu; Carl Mattheus; Deon Daantjie Lott; Grant Easton; Allen Paulse. If the DA is capable of manipulating so unashamedly, imagine how the DA can con YOU!

Think Pierre Nel; Johann Koegelenberg; Henri McCombi; Patrick Murray; Johann Brummer; Jemayne Andrews; Beverley Cortje-Alcock. If the DA can do this to some of their own, imagine what the DA is capable of doing to YOU!

Think! Dammit!

Then vote.

The DA. What a bunch!

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40 thoughts on “DA: Bitou voters are fools

  1. You credit me with too much Colin!

    So you think no one of the two candidates participating in the primary qualify as independents.

    Quite an independent view.

  2. Drewan I DON’T LIKE my avatar anymore, it makes me look stupid. Who will ever take me seriously for as long as that little schmoemcebn facie steals all my light which is supposed to make me look good; and MOROVER, I demand to be allocated an avatar with exactly the same hard core, and same “I’ve been around the bloc”attitude!!

  3. “As we are actually talking about the future of the community and not participating in some political board game lets not beat about the bush”.
    Colin B. The (Bitou) DA has been playing a political board game. They were given a (49%) mandate by the Plettonions and we are all watching. Is Tourism, our main industry, going anywhere? NO. Is there an “Up surche” in the construction industry? NO Is there any improvement in our local economy? NO Is there a fall in crime? NO Are businesses opening again instead of closing? NO SO WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “ARE WE ACTUALY TALKING ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THE COMMUNITY?”
    Both the DA candidate Waine Craig and Francois will be focussing on just that. lets get them in the same room to answer questions from the floor and stop playing games. We are talking about our future in Bitou.

  4. So Colin Bell. Do we have to import a “Truly Independent” from outer space? As for sure your definition excludes any Plettonion unless the (DA) WCPG can “Second” us a suitable candidate.

  5. Is it safe then to assume you are voting for Waine Craig on the 5th Colin B? You are off course perfectly entitled to do so, just please tell me why?

  6. Nice try Mr Baird. I would not presume to define a ‘true independent’ but I do know what a ‘truly independent’ candidate is and neither of the primary candidates fall into that category. I can forgive Robert for failing to appreciate the difference but as as a self-appointed communications expert who congratulates himself on calling a spade a shovel you are fooling nobody.
    As we are actually talking about the future of the community and not participating in some political board game lets not beat about the bush. If you believe you can make a difference by standing as an independent then you stand as an independent. You don’t look for endorsement from a small and unrepresentative section of the community and then either bow out gracefully or agree to have a sword of Damocles hanging over you. But then I forget!. It was your game and you made up the rules.

    Isn’t it about time you backed off, allowed the proper democratic process to take place and stuck to exposing maladministration.

  7. From “JEF”: re the disciplinary hearing for the previous MM Mr Ngoqo
    ■”Thys Gilomee was appointed as investigator. The applicant put forward that he was not independent as prescribed by regulations owing to him being in talks, for a position, with the government of the Western Cape.”

    “It is confirmed that the terms of the secondment of Thys Giliomee to Bitou Municipality are that PGWC is responsible for his monthly salary and Bitou must reimburse Thys Giliomee for his accomodation and transport cost.”

    From the Mayor’s first newsletters:
    “An outside specialist investigator (I believe that to be Mr Thys Giliomee) has been appointed to investigate the allegations and supply him (Acting MM Duppie) with a detailed charge sheet within 30 days”.
    From the Mayor’s 7th newsletter:
    “Arising out of these two resignations, Thys Giliomee, has been appointed Acting Chief Financial Officer until the position can be advertised and filled.” (Still seconded by the WCPG???)

    Collin. Judge Combrinck and the DA accepted Mr Giliomee as an Independent investigator during the disciplinary hearing , despite being seconded to Bitou by the PGWC. I believe that If Mr Thys Giliomee was Independent, you cannot state that Johan Brummer (Currently not a member of the DA) and Francois are not Independent.
    But I agree with the ED, What would make a “true independent”, Colin?Someone who prescribe to the DA way?

  8. No, your assumption is quite wrong, Colin.

    What baggage?

    How about the primary?

    What about the recall option?

    And, I am quite the longsuffering chap to be sure.

  9. You sound a little tetchy, Mr Baird. I assume that all these questions were intended to be rhetorical and I am therefore saved from the need to respond.

  10. Colin, pray what baggage!?

    Do you disapprove of the primary?

    Do you disapprove of the recall option?

    Or is your general criticism a function of your party’s aversion to O!O?

    What would make a “true independent”, Colin?

    Someone who prescribe to the DA way?

  11. Robert, if you read Mr Brummer’s latest comments in Brummer V Geldenheys you will concede how flawed the Independence campaign is. We should not be surprised as, if you are to believe Mr Brummer, the architect of the primary and the recall system is our very own O!O. As a consequence of signing on to this hastily constructed and ill-thought through process both candidates fatally compromised their ‘Independence’. Regardless of his competence, Mr Geldenhuys must now be realising that with all the baggage he now carries, whether perceived or true, the electorate of Ward 2 will never see him as a credible alternative. There is a place in the political structure for independent councillors but only if they are truly independent.

  12. Thanks Ed and JB. Colin are you on board? Anybody else on board? lets make it work and show SA that it can be done.

  13. @Robert. I think you have just summed it up beautifully. That is IT in essence.

  14. Robert: “What I want: Clean – open – transparent local Government that works for, and with, the local residents.”


  15. “Having witnessed the skillful disposal of your first round opponent”. Colin I have no opponents, did not vote (Pay taxes, but have no vote) and wished both candidates well. The Voters of Ward 2 made the choice and everybody, in the interest of ward 2 (and Bitou) should now look at both candidates. Others might still come forward to dilute either the Independent or the DA vote, but I hope that the voters of Ward 2 will disregard those “Independents” and see the reason of them entering the arena.
    Lets now be positive, give them both a platform to discuss and be interegated by the voters. After that it is up to the voters of ward 2.
    A “Kingmaker” NO. I am a member of the PBC, did not agree with the endorsement of an Independent but understand the principle behind it. Interested in politics Yes, Involved No. Watching wat’s going on in Bitou DEFINITE. What I want: Clean – open – transparent local Government that works for, and with, the local residents. If we have that the rest will follow. And I am sure that you want the same. If you want a coffee sometimes let me know.

  16. Colin

    No reasonable person, subjective as such definition is, can review the last ANC and the current DA governments of Plett and trust decision making to any one of these parties.

    A strong, informed, savvy Independent can only improve responsibility… methinks.

  17. Robert, you are clearly more informed and involved than I gave you credit for and I now detect the subtle machinations of a ‘Kingmaker’ in your approach. Having witnessed the skillful disposal of your first round opponent and, in the process, scuppering the best laid plans of his backers the DA would be well advised not to underestimate the challenge that lies ahead.

  18. Colin. So we give Mr Geldenhuys a platform to express his views and you will be open enough to give him the benefit of your doubts! Great, so now it is up to Mr Geldenhuys.
    But the DA candidate has the same platform. Could it be possible to have an open meeting for all the voters/residents in Ward 2 to have a meeting where both Mr Geldenhuys and the DA candidate answer questions from the residents/voters of ward 2. Democraty in practise. Are we up to that?

  19. Peter, leaving aside your first three statements which, I believe, as far as Bitou is concerned, have no substance whatsoever, I think it was unfortunate that the DA candidate was not able to attend that meeting. It is my understanding that it was a charity fund raising race he had committed to and did not want to disappoint his sponsors and the charity. We will all have a view as to whether that was the right decision or not.

    What I do disagree with is the premise that ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ which was held by so many of the contributors of this forum and which provided a platform for someone as inplausible as Mr Brummer to present himself as an independent. Fortunately for the Bitou community this prospect was averted. Until more
    information is revealed as to Mr Geldenhuys views I fail to see how anyone can draw a conclusion as to the contribution he could make as a councillor. Suffice to say that in my opinion, electing a candidate who will effectively control the balance of power in Bitou will not be in the best interests of the community.

  20. Colin, open your mind and lets give it a chance. Francois’s “advocates” where there to start the process that had to come. Ward 2 voters supported him and those “Advocates” ,who are in fact arch enemies, are still at each others throat’s trying to destroy what they agreed on! One lost, one won but they cannot accept the outcome. I congratulate Francois for staying out of this all and I hope that he is talking to the residents/voters of Ward 2.
    Peter, Dr Ramphela is correct and we need a change. But as I mentioned before “Are we ready for it at this moment?” the 5th December will tell.

  21. I agree with Dr Mamphela Ramphela when she said that the South African electoral system must change. The fact of the matter is with the current partylist and pr system is that there is no accountability. Public representatives should be held accountable by the constituencey they are representing and not the political party they belong to. Bitou and more specifically ward 2 has the opportunity to set the trend.

  22. Robert, I can agree with you completely and your sincerity is refreshing. I just feel nervous when O!O also agrees, but enough of conspiracy theories. However, I still believe that given the huge problems that still face the municipality the prospect of a hung council with one independent councillor having the balance of power is unsustainable. Had Mr Brummer won the primary and went on to win the ward I have no doubt that the council would have quickly ceased to function. Given the pedigree of some of Mr Geldenhuys advocates I am still not inclined to change my mind.

  23. Collin Bell are you saying that the corrupt DA is the best option for Bitou? Are you saying that someone who is going to be controlled from Cape Town is going to be good for Bitou? Are you saying that someone who does not have a glue of corporate governance like your candidate is good for Bitou? Are you saying that someone like your candidate who did not even attend the first DA meeting to be introduced to the voters of ward 2 and is on a junkit in the Stormsriver is good for Bitou? Are you saying that someone who is just going to be a jabroer is good for Bitou? Sir we need someone with forthsight, integrity and the interest of the people of Bitou at heart and not a political party to represent ward 2!

  24. Colin, I am not naive and have a pretty good idea of what is going on. But I grew up in a Democratic Country in Europe, being The Netherlands. I don’t look over my shoulders, when I write something I believe in it.
    I agree with you that much is being put on O!O and other blogs that represents vested interest. But, and I don’t put other wards down, ward 2 can be regarded as a ward of people who should be able to think and not follow.
    But the history of SA is such, and it is only 18 years since it all changed, that people followed and accepted. That, I feel, is accross the rainbow and represent our problem.
    However the time has come that people should feel free, think for themselve without “fear factors” thrown into the mix and question what is going on. Is it to early, quite possible, but lets give it a platform.
    I feel that we should give the “Independent” and the DA candidate open platforms to, honesty, discuss all the issues that affects Ward 2 and Bitou and stop all the mud slinging. Lets give democraty a chance, support and accept the outcome.
    Can you agree with this?

  25. Hmmmm. Yeah. Perhaps we should just accept that the DA is the best option.

    Ye gods and faeries.

  26. Robert, if you have been reading the various articles and comments over the last few weeks you will have witnessed lies, deceipt, false alliances, personal attacks, character assassination, bigotry, absurd conspiracy theories, threats and very little else. Much of this coming from people who profess to know what’s right for the people of Bitou or believed they had the necessary qualities to represent the people of Bitou. These are the combatants who will do battle to control the actions of Mr Geldenhuys and not the good gentlefolk of Bitou. Your attempt to present an idealistic picture of the role and process of accountability of an independent councillor however noble is, quite frankly, naive. The recall system is not an instrument of accountability. Its a collar and very short leash accompanied by a heavy stick to ensure that the wearer does not stray far from the chosen path. Bitou deserves better.

  27. Collin. The way I see it working. The Ward 2 Residents/Voters will have to establish a committee that represents them and not the vested political interests. That committee, representing his support base, and other committee’s representing other wards in Bitou and other Municipalities will in the long/short run convert to an organisation of affiliated committees etc. to capture the PR and the DC vote %. It is going to be run like the ANC and the DA & COPE, but control over a ward and its representative in Council will stay with the ward committee that was elected by the voters/residents of that ward. There has to be a simular contract with the PR and DC Councillors with the representatives of the different ward committees of a municipality.
    Just the way I see it at the moment but lets wait and see if Bitou / Western Cape / South Africa is ready for a new approach and we will learn that on 5.12.2012. Interesting times.
    “Is he really going to be allowed to act as a truly independent councillor? Not a chance.” If the ward committee is made up of a good cross section of the residents/voters and the candidate Councillor is a strong caracter (I believe Mr geldenhuys is) I believe he has a very good chance of being Independent (from political influence not vested in Bitou) and allowed to work in the interest of the people he represents.

  28. O!O has never said anything if not that political parties should stop screwing ratepayers. You surprise easily Colin?

    The recall contract is being drafted. It’s not rocket science.

  29. These demonstrations of sincerity and fine principles are most unexpected and perhaps I have misjudged you all along. As presumably one of the architects of the recall process perhaps you could share with us how you envisaged it working in practice.

  30. Heeding the wishes of one’s constituents and agreeing to vacate one’s office when one fails to serve is a bad thing!?

    It’s a bad thing!?

    Ye gods and faeries.

  31. Robert – my apologies if I did not make it clear that the real battle for power/control, call it what you like, will take place far away from the council chambers. You are correct in saying that he will hold the balance if elected and as such will come under enormous pressure from the many individuals/factions who will seek to influence his position in Council. You naively call it guidance from ward 2 residents, I call it manipulation by those with vested political and commercial interests. Unfortunately, Mr Geldenhuys agreement to the recall system will ensure that this happens. Is he really going to be allowed to act as a truly independent councillor? Not a chance.

  32. “This will force all the other Political alligned Councillors to put the need of the Bitou residents above the need of the Party and that can only be good for the whole of Bitou.”


  33. “Francois Geldenhuys must know that, if elected, he will likely become a very small pawn in a battle for power in Bitou”. (Colin Bell) For Mr Geldenhuys to win, and this being a Ward Election, he has to secure 51% of the votes in Ward 2 being 2034 votes..
    In 2011 Ward 2 had 3989 registered voters and the DA secured 2983.(74.78%), 1006 did not vote.
    COPE collected 466 valid Ward votes overall. (473 PR votes and 460 DC votes) i.e appr 470 COPE voters, out of 24.975 registered voters were responsible for the current DA/COPE Council.
    If Mr Geldenhuys wins he will be a lot more than just a “Very small pawn”. He will hold the balance, he will be guided by the Ward 2 residents/voters through regular meetings and has no accountability to any political party.
    This will force all the other Political alligned Councillors to put the need of the Bitou residents above the need of the Party and that can only be good for the whole of Bitou.

  34. Ek en Karel Kat werk saaam en ook ek wil graag ‘n verduideliking hê! Nee magtag man, Theuns Botha!

  35. Jy sal waaragtig moet verduidelik, Theuns Botha! Ek het al gesê dat ek tussen die “ministers” werk en ek sê weer: jy sal so wragtag moet veduidelik meneer Botha!

  36. Hierdie klok het ‘n kraak!

    Have the kindness, Mr Bell, to let Francois Geldenhuys speak for himself.

    Clearly a DA supporter is our Mr Bell.

  37. More unedifying drivel from the Cloaca machine. It’s reassuring to know however that Mr Geldenhuys has wisely avoided any association with your forum. Who needs enemies when you have friends like O!O. Whatever his aspirations are he must know that, if elected, he will likely become a very small pawn in a battle for power in Bitou.
    Incidently, my understanding is that Memory Booysen became the first black DA mayor in the country. Your premise that the DA have no interest in running Bitou is absurd. Similarly, what is the problem with employees of the municipality being supporters of the ANC provided they carry out their duties in a competent manner.

  38. I do not believe that Theuns Botha wrote that email, this must be a mistake. I think that the voters of Ward 2 must demand an answer and/or a qualification of this statement made by O!O. The DA cannot refuse to rebut statements like this and expect any votes in the election. I cannot believe that the DA would merely surrender a town like Plett to the ANC jaws of death simply because it will hurt their “brand”. This is just not true.

  39. Thank you for pointing this out to me. I am convinced that my fellow voters in Ward 2 will also be guided by their conscience and by their intellect when voting on the 5th. For me the question is really simple, do I want change? Or do I want the current mess of our town’s administration and governance to continue? For me this is a no-brainer.

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