November 1 hearing postponed?

The Verwoerd Sq clowns fall over their own feet yet again

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 1 November 2012.

12h45. O!O can now confirm that the ANC decided yesterday to relieve Mnyimba of his duties.

The decision followed a legal opinion that an appeal against the June 1 verdict had a low probability of success.

It is unconscionable that it could have taken the ANC 4 months to conclude the obvious and speaks to the extraordinary obtuseness of Mayor Gordon April, his Mayco, and advisors.

O!O songratulated Anton Bredell’s legal team and sms’d the minister “dankie Anton!”

This sms attracted criticism from even DA supporters calling to say that Bredell did little to settle this matter as the ANC withdrew its appeal.

Yet, O!O believes that Bredell at least stoods his ground on this one.

This Mnyimba fiasco confirms that Oudtshoorn has a useless council and pathetic administrators.

Who will foot the bill for this farcical appointment and wasteful legal action!?

The ANC/Icosa/NPP councillors who appointed Mnyimba and allowed April to play legal silly buggers must pay!

11h50. Mnyimba is finally history!

A Court Order will be issued within the hour confirming the June 1 verdict declaring Mnyimba’s appointment as municipal manager ab initio null and void after the parties reached an agreement earlier this morning.

It took the ANC four months to get it!

Ye gods and faeries!

10h50. The municipality is requesting a postponement opposed by Bredell.

Yet O!O has received intelligence minutes ago… Watch this space!

08h00. O!O will be first to report today on the happenings in the High Court. (See the story at 26 October below.)

It was suggested yesterday in conversation between O!O and Bredell’s office – the part that actually functions well – that if April, cum the municipality, does not attempt any further postponements or manipulative manoeuvres the minister would not ask for a cost order.

The rational consideration is that the taxpayer will be paying for the idiotic doingses of April and his pathetic Mayco, and at which particular level the costs are paid is not really relevant.

O!O hopes the DA will make every attempt to have April pay in his personal capacity.

Ye gods and faeries, the ANC is a dark force!

Oudtshoorn. 26 October 2012. 06h50. O!O reported, on August 29, that the Western Cape minister of local government, Anton Bredell, finally filed the in limine application, which O!O earlier proposed, in the High Court on August 27, seeking to lift the stay on the June 1 verdict ruling Mnyimba’s contract null and void. The verdict was stayed when the municipality filed a notice to appeal.

(Click here and scroll down to 28 August 2012 at 18h00.)

On October 7 O!O reported that Bredell’s Rule 49(11) application and April’s application to have Resolution 60.100/07.2012 (of July 26 removing Mnyimba, among other things) set aside will be heard together on November 1.

On October 5, however, council rescinded Resolution 60.100/07.2012. April’s application to have the resoltion set aside is therefore obsolete.

It now appears that nobody on the April side of the dispute bothered to inform the legal team…

Ye gods and faeries.

Gordon April could not run a bath if it was plugged and someone else opened the taps.

Counsel for april, adv Norman Arendse, requested a postponement, but was denied by Allen Paulse’s team.

Bredell’s reponse is not known at this time.

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10 thoughts on “November 1 hearing postponed?

  1. They should have listened to their first attorney, Mills, from the start. But nooo they had an agenda, a master plan, and a Patel up their sleeves!!!!

  2. Die ironie is OO word nie deur belastingbetalers se geld betaal vir sy volgehoue beriggewing en die DA paape en “dekmantel raadslede” wat “erg poog” om vir hul kiesers te werk, ten duurste op swaarverdiende belatingbetalers gelde sit al vir jare lank aan die stuur en slaap en word net wakker as dit “trogvreterstyd” is om hul maandelikse tjekkies op te tel. Ek daag die hele lot op ODN om vir die publiek te bewys watse waarde hul tot ODN byvoeg en wanneer hul klaar is met niks, gee ons OO n kans om sy se tot waardetoevoeging te gee.

    Kan dit een van die redes wees hoekom Bitou met n ONAFHANKLIKWE afgeskop het met n ‘recall clause ?

    Het Hannes en Bredell al bedank, kan enigeen my se ????

  3. Dankie O!O. Ons sal nie die somme kan maak oor die invloed wat jou volgehoue beriggewing en druk wat aanleiding gegee het tot die ontslag van Mayimba nie. Selfs die DA het nie soveel druk toegepas soos jy nie. Inteendeel jy het hulle saam gesleep en gedwing om pal betrokke te bly. Die plaaslike pers kon nie eers bybly nie en het aan jou tafel kom sit en vreet. Jy het hulle goed laat lyk!

    Vanoggend lees ek in die Burger van die gemors met die verkiesing by HO. Sou die saak ooit op die lappe gekom het as dit nie vir jou was nie?

  4. Terugwerkende terugbetalings op die spel vir April en Kie-ANCse eie rekening (waistful expenditure)vir hierdie onbevoegde Munisipale sukkelaars. Ek hoop die DA gaan daarvoor druk met alle mag, anders is hul net so deel van die Gravy train – dan gaan die poppe behoorlik Dans !

    Weet iemand of Bredell en Hannes Barnard al bedank het ? Wie was eerste ??

  5. Dan is sy PA, Amy ook onwettig aangestel. Hoop hy vat die nikswerd ook saam!

  6. Here is a joke: “a legal opinion that an appeal against the June 1 verdict had a low probability of success.”

    Low probability? Low probability? Serious? How about NO PROBABILITY. Some legal opinion that must have been.

  7. Question is will the 60 days “special leave” still apply and will he be paid in full for the period?

  8. An agreement was reached?! You mean to say, that all this time and money was pissed away for what?! He was supposed to be gone by June 1. Does this agreement have any terms to the effect that he will not have to repay salaries etc he received and costs not to be paid by those in charge etc?

  9. Kom ons hoop hierdie is nou finaal, want so iets het ek nog nie gesien nie, en dan volgende April maar hy sit erger as dinges in n wol kombers. So met hom sal dit maar neuk. Die untouchables hul kan mos maar maak soos hul wil.

  10. UITEINDELIK. Iets wat in wetgewing gestipuleer was en waaroor regspraak gelewer was. So maklik maar oooooo so moeilik!

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