To hell with Aunty Meisie!

Concentric circles of diminishing reasonableness…

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Oudtshoorn. 24 October 2012. 13h15. The neuro scientist, Sam Harris, speaks of concentric circles of diminishing reasonableness… with moderate supporters on the outer circle, and extremists at the centre.

And, argues Harris, the moderate dupes give cover to the extortionate rogues at the centre.

In other words: Aunty Meisie, of Dysselsdorp, having seen Gordon April grow up before her very eyes, and having suffered insult and harm under Apartheid, votes for April… and must of neccessity share in the blame of April’s mismanagement, such as there is, for protecting him by her vote.

Aunty Meisie, salt of the earth and all, would not take a cent wrongfully, aiding and abetting the doingses of April!?

By her vote, yes.

And this is the story of the ANC.

No organization where it is possible for someone like Jacob Zuma to rise to the top can be taken seriously. Period.

Such affront is only possible because of the moderates on the fringes protecting the crazies in the middle.

Not Zuma; not Gwede Mantashe; not Jessie Duarte; not Marius Fransman; not Putco Mapitiza, not any of the local lot are lifting a finger to remove April… let alone anybody moving seriously against Zuma protected by o so many Aunty Meisies.

If the ANC is to be diminished, it has to be from the outside circles in.

I, for one, have had it with the ANC. In deference to renowned University of Texas, Austin, cosmologist Steven Weinberg, on a particular ideology, the ANC to me may be like “a crazy old aunt” who tells lies and stirs up mischief. She was beautiful once. She’s been with us a long time. When she’s gone we may miss her.

Yet I am utterly fed up with the respect the Aunty Meisies have been brainwashed into bestowing upon the ANC.

Look at our land.

Look only at education. If all else were well, the depraved state of education in South Africa would still indicate that the future is bleak. The ANC fails right there. At the doorstep to the future. All else is a used band aid on a malignant wound.

Look at the ANC leaders – from Zuma in the Union Buildings; down to April at Verwoerd Sq.

The pantheons help us!

Not only did the ANC fail to fix South Africa’s terrible legacy, the ANC worsened the patient.

The ANC failed. The ANC is failing. The ANC continues to fail. And the ANC does not even have the presence of spirit to own up… it’s Apartheid’s fault, don’t you know.

Or the fault of colonialsm!

The ANC. A bunch of useless idiots.


And to those wailing cadres bemoaning the presence of Zuma and April: Act, or make way for someone who will.

I am sick and tired of ANC excuses for incompetence.

And I am nauseated by “well-meaning” Aunties Meisie abbetting the varments.

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11 thoughts on “To hell with Aunty Meisie!

  1. Mary Ann. SPOT ON and that creates the current problem in SA. The majority accept what the President, the Premier, the Minister tells us. They don’t realise that those Officials are there to create a better life for all and are accountable. The younger generation, growing up at the moment, will be different if they get the education they are entitled to. Some do, some don’t but…they will make a difference and will change SA.
    We still have a long way to go and many battles to fight, but we will get there.

  2. Oi. Whites had world class, well maintained education facilities, but under apartheid education black and white were not taught to think…some of us were fortunate to meet that one person, one teacher or stranger who encouraged us to think, examine, question.

  3. Volledig beantwoord. Weke gelede al. As jy nie die antwoord kry wat jý wil hê nie beteken dit nie die vraag is nie beantwoord nie.

  4. Pletty-Brummer-Pletty???? Selvin, Colin, Hardy are we sure??? Someone is having fun and I don’t think it’s Johan Brummer.
    JB accepted (in his own manner, but he accepted) and I feel that he will have a role to play in the next elections when there will be a new political party to “Support and intergrate” the Independents who will stand, and winn, and will change the Western Cape political arena.
    Johann hang on, as there will be a role for you to play.

  5. @Pletty/Brummer – What are you still doing here Johan, didn’t you promise to leave town if you lose last night? No one cares what you say anymore, whether you say it in your own name or under “Pletty”.

  6. this may be a very simplistic view. An uneducated, ignorant and poor population dependent upon government for almost all its needs is what keeps a poor government in power. The longer that status quo can be maintained the better. Bantu education system was designed to do just that. The ANC have had to take that to ever greater depths as their own performancein government has deteriorated. I shudder to make the prediction but I believe we will not see any significant change in education under ANC rule. Maybe I’m wrong. I certainly hope so.

  7. O!O – I concur! Except for one small detail. You say:

    “No organization where it is possible for someone like Jacob Zuma to rise to the top can be taken seriously. Period.”

    I so wish this was true, and in a land of educated, or even just sensible people, this might be true. It SHOULD be true, and orginisation like this SHOULD not be take seriously. But seriously, they MUST be. They are after all governing us, and they most likely will for many more years to come.

    Lets be honest, why do you think education is in the mess it is? Because the ANC knows all too well that once their people are educated and empowered to think, they will not support the ANC any longer. They will not be their people any more. It is easy to manipulate and influence masses of uneducated people. Do you for one second think educating people is in the interest of the ANC? Not a chance my man, not a chance in hell.

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