Brummer v Geldenhuys

The debate; the election… the candidate

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Oudtshoorn. 24 October 2012. 06h00. I was roped into the moderator’s role last night and refer you to the JEF report by Wicked Mike: Click here.

Fuurther reports will follow.

Plettenberg Bay. 23 October 2012. 17h00. The debate will start soon – no later than 17h30.

Each candidate will have ten minutes to put his case.

Questions written down by the audience will be read out by the chairman and each candidate will have two minutes to respond.

People can vote at any time.

The poll will close at 19h00 and votes counted.

The result will be published on O!O as soon as it is available.

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40 thoughts on “Brummer v Geldenhuys

  1. In my opinion the last time I checked I was allowed to state my opinion fearlessly in this country whether it is for the ANC or against. If someone family member got a job through due process why not. Helen Zille the “goddess of rigtheousness and transparency” gave a advertising contract to a company that she liked in a questionable manner and when the Public Protector gave a negative report she literally intimidated the Public Protector. Rich people do it all the time so why is it wrong for our people. I hope I make sense. Probably not

  2. Well sceptic you have infact expose yourself. To report something like that to the authorities will not help they can’t even resolve matters that were referred to them more than a year ago. Shame OO whats wrong with your today? I leave the hanging to you and your ilk.

  3. Or perhaps Peter is actually a corrupt individual and wants to project himself on other individuals?Just a thought

  4. mfundo

    I have a good idea who peter is and I am convinced he’ll hang himself. Soon.

  5. Dear editor

    I find the statement of “Peter”,who clearly has not got the balls to write under his own name, statement on Simmers very odd.

    This country is blessed with a legal system throug which, if any wrong doing is committed and can be proven with hard facts, a individual can be challenged in a court of law if to prove if they acted wrong in any way and in any form.

    One of my close friends from George also talked to the individual in “Peter’s” comment to ask if he could not help him with a job…..his reply,and I qoute my friends words”…..he actually told me to throw in your CV at our HR department, if you need help to draw up a CV I can help you before throwing in your CV I have a template……but to get a job all processes for appointmentmust be transparent and fair…..”

    So either “Peter” is trying to trample on the name of a good and transparent leader or he also tried for a job and job and got the same apply…….but in Gods name do not slander a good mans name!!!!

    If “Peter” believes any councilor or municipal official is corrupt as he states…..give legal prove or shut up!

  6. Simmers made damn sure that Godfrey Louw appointed some of his family members at Eden whilst Wessie Renoster is claiming that they have embarked on a saving iniative and on the otherhand they are want to retrench certain officials. Ag k..k man Simmers is just as corrupt as Memory and Wessie Renosterkop.

  7. He-he, Colin B – nice one.

    I want people to vent on O!O – I prefer to say my say under me own name (I am known to use a pen name, an analogy, not a pseudonym). If others do it differently…

    We need to get ideas and frustrations defined and discussed, methinks.

    Under whatever names.

    But the IP addresses are revealing, I can tell you.

    Mum’s the word, though!

  8. Dear O!O Could you please come to my assistance. In an idle moment I decided to read some articles on the JEF website and came across one which had the headline “Oh Noooo…The Bitou Council Were Warned!”. This had a curious effect on me and I decided to trawl through the contributions you receive on your forum. After considerable effort I came across the following:

    Daceived no more – Brummer v Guldenhuys

    “Has he ever stood up to Donald and Liz , noooo.”

    “@colin, sooo true thats why I thought a Bitou party with a recall clause was the way to go.”

    Wasted Costs – November 1 hearing postponed?

    “But nooo they had an agenda, a master plan, and a Patel up their sleeves!!!!”

    Investigative Public – Pouty Lizzy pesters Perky Brummer

    “……ONAFHANKLIKE vir Bitou laaaaankal nodig was om die ANC/DA gemorsnes te kom skoonmaak!”
    “…..wat hul so aaaaaanhoudend onder die mat wil invee en gerieflikheidshalwe anner kant toe wil kyk !”

    Investigative Public – Jacob: Jeez!

    “When it dries up, and it will, your imploded legacy and reputation will be spectacular, loooooong before Jesus comes !”

    Marius Murths – Lonwabo Ngoqo Reinstated

    “Looking at previous judgements of The Retired Judge I thought this is a guy that will allow sanity to prevail, but nooooo.”

    Pretty strange, eh! I thought to myself could it be that so many different keyboards had the same sticky keys, ………or maybe early evidence of an outbreak of ‘blooooggers fiiiinger’, (incidentally, this ailment could have serious consequences for your own moniker O!O as it would end up all over the page looking like some orgasmic outburst) ………or could there be a more sinister explanation!!!

    Opting for the more thought provoking answer my head started to spin and I even began to doubt my own existence! What if I was also a figment of JEF’s imagination??? and what if I had created those characters who replied to me??? Surely not the orthographically challenged Investigative Public? Definitely not the other Colin as he dissociated himself fom me right from the beginning. Robert however was far more credible and therefore a plausible ‘alter ego’, I decided.

    Emerging from this brief bout of paranoia I concluded that JEF either has a multiple personality (its clinical name is Dissociative Identity Disorder, or ‘DID’ for short) or is pulling what is commonly known as a Tiresome Identity Trick (‘TIT’ for short) on O!O and his followers. If he falls into the first category then he has my sympathy but if he turns out to be a real TIT then I hope you will take the appropriate action. Lots of comments may be good for your revenue stream but if they are all coming from the same person it can only be bad for your credibility.

    This leads me to ask for your help O!O and rather than invoking those little woodland deities of yours can you call upon all your hypothesising skills to expose this crisis of mal-identity. I would even accept a soupcon of postulation if it gets to the truth.

    P.S. I saw no reason to question the authenticity of Pletty as he is clearly his own man.

  9. Followers are as good as leader. take liz & co out and replace with good leader. followers (councillors) will follow excample of new leader. Eden Councillor Simmers can be good leader for Bitou. our only hope to solve serious problem.

  10. But one thing is for sure-the DA Bitou is a farce…..nothing like the DA proclaims it as a party is…..and all because of Lizz and her “exco” of useless councilor, the mayor included

  11. @DAreceived…….if he is as nice a guy as you say, then he is certainly a good leader because here in George I often hear DA members talk highly of him.

    Perhaps he is the answef for Bitou, but then Donald and Lizz should be taken out of positions where they can undermine him……just a thought. What do you think?

  12. Tertious will just be another pawn for Donald Grant to play with. Has he ever stood up to Donald and Liz , noooo. Hes a nice guy and nice guys dont last around them. Such a shame for Bitou, only answer is a Bitou peoples party screw the ANC,DA. Thats my humble opion.

  13. @Marius Murths……now why would you like to see Tertius Simmers on the EXCO of Plett?

    Do you really believe that he can make a difference for Plett?

  14. Daar is een politikus in die woorde van Johann Brummer wat ek graag wil sien op die EXCO in Plett. Sy naam is Tertius Simmers en ek gee nie om of hy DA is of nie.

  15. Geagte Johann

    Weereens het ek gaan kyk na wat jy skryf en verkondig op hierdie blog, weereens is ek verbaas oor die feit dat ek al die jare vir jou sulke hoe agting en respek gehad het. n Tipiese voorbeeld is nou dat j absoluut niks te se het oor die Wavelenghts saak nie. Dit is vir my immers verbasend dat jy nou die DA skuld gee vir alles terwyl jy die belastingbetaler etlike miljoene gekos het in sinnelose hofuitdagings. Die een ding wat ek weet is dat jy nie op een van hierdie twee sake al n woord gerep het nie, nogtans voel jy om klip te gooi na n man wat sowaar net probeer om die regte ding te doen ten alle tye vir hierdie dorp. Gaan New Horizon se mense huise kry Johann siende dat jy instrumenteel was in die feit dat die Ebenhezer gronde nie gekoop was vir behuising vir die armes nie. Kom New Horizon toe en verduidelik vir almal hoekom ons gemeenskap nou nie meer gaan huise kry nie dan miskien sal ek jou weer ondersteun.

  16. Beste Johann. Ek het nog altyd die wereld se respek vir jou gehad. Selfs toe dinge warm geraak het op die slagveld het ek nooit skaam gekry om my respek aan jou bekend te maak en te verdedig nie. Toe jy gestaan het teen Francois (wie ek baie goed ken) het ek nogsteeds jou ondersteun omdat ek geglo het jou ondervinding maak jou ‘n beter kandidaat. Na jou verloor het ek op hierdie blog jou gevra om jou gewig agter Francois te gooi en die dorp vorentoe te vat. Ek verstaan heeltemal dat jy ‘n deal met die ANC wou maak om te verseker dat die 100 odd stemme na jou te kom. Dit skeel my geensins aangesien dit ‘n goeie startegie was om te wen sou die tellings naby is. Ek dink nie vir een oomblik jy sou daarna hulle jou stem gegee het nie, maar die ouens wat jou nou hieroor kritiseer verstaan duidelik nie politieke manuevaring nie! Wat my egter stomverbaas is nou jou ongenaakbare aanvalle op Francois (wat dit glad nie verdien nie – jy ken hom nie eers nie!), Hardy (bitter revenge omdat dit sy skuld (volgens jou) is dat jy uit die DA is en die verkiesing teen Francois verloor het) JEF vir wie weet wat? JEF het onse mense ‘n uitlaatklep gegee vir al die woede en haat wat gekom het na optredes van jou, Duppie en Thysie. JEF het ONS kant van die storie berig!! JEF het vredesoneenkomste gesluit met die ANC en ANCYL – wat presies is jou probleem hiermee? Is jy terleurgesteld omdat die geweld en skade gestop is van Gauteng af? Jy weet goed die “ander kant van die storie” word nooit gepubliseer nie so waarom beledig jy JEF nou? Jy sal verder BAIE verbaas wees as jy weet wie almal deel van JEF is. Jy stel my diep terleur my vriend, diep. En al die jare se opkom vir jou was blybaar gemors want jy het die laaste paar dae jou ware kleure gewys. Dit is kleure wat ek nie mee geassosieer wil wees nie. Sterkte vir jou toekoms Johann, mag jy eendag weer jouself vind asseblief.

  17. Baie, baie interessante onthulling. Dit spreek boekdele dat vriend Colin Bell nie vir die DA in die bresse tree nie. Dit wil dan voorkom asof die DA se leierskap nie eens hulle eie grondwet en reels respekteer nie. Dit dan die party wat se hulle respekteer die land se Grondwet en die oppergesag van die wet. Poedelnakend staan hulle.

    Maar, miskien kan ‘n mens die verweer opper dat dit net twee vrot eiers, Grant en Mundel is. Maar daar is skynbaar geen aksie geneem deur die manne hoer op nie, spesifiek Botah en Bredell. As hulle dit nie goedkeur nie, dan sou hulle tog sekerlik opgetree het teen die mense wat hulle grondwet so verkrag, nie waar nie? Dan blyk dit ook nog uit wat Brummer beweer dat Botha ‘n aktiewe rol gespeel het in die wraaksugtige optrede teen die fluitjieblaser in hulle midde.

    Maar dit is tog sekerlik ‘n relatiewe kleinigheidtjie en kon tog sekerlik intern om ‘n tafel uitgestryk gewees het? Klaarblyklik was daar geen poging aangewend om dit te doen nie. ‘n Mens kan nie anders as om te wonder of daar nie dalk iets anders en veel groter en baie ernstiger agter die onverklaarbare optredes sit nie. Iets wat ons as kiesers behoort te weet voor ons ons kruisie vir die DA gaan maak op 5 Desember en in 2014.

    Hoe lyk dit, wil iemand (Botha? Brummer? Bredell? Bell? Booysen? Mundel? Grant? Selfe? Zille?) nie die soom van die blou kombers so ‘n bietjie oplig sodat ons ook kan sien wat daar in die donker aan die gang is? En moet net asseblief nie die ou “skuld” storie afstof nie. Dit, weet almal lankal is onwaar. Hoe lyk dit mennere en miesiese Mundel en Zille? Uithaal en wys tyd?

  18. @mfundo. I’m afraid he is probably lost to Plett in the narrow sense, but in the greater scheme of things I think we can pin our hopes on him. He is the kind of person we need in ploitics in SA. Well brought up and true to his roots. Well educated and constantly busy improving his knowledge. Above all he is a YOUNG man and has the time to do the things that must be done and has the luxury of being able to “softly, softly catchee monkey.” It is with men like him that the DA’s hope to change course and find its way back to the ethical approach lies.

    If the DA had been serious about good governance in Bitou, they would have delayed the process a bit in order to redeploy him to take my place on council and put him in the Mayoral position to sort out the mess. That would have been the sensible thing to do, but it would have meant they would have had to admit they lost the plot, screwed up with the choice of mayor and they also know he would not have gone along with or covered-up the irregularities. Of course what would also have counted against him is that Liz does not like him because she will never be able to control him like she controls the other councillors.

    You are right, he understands the DA, how local government works, how to play the political game and most of all his heart is in the right place and he has integrity. Give him some time and you will see him achieve great things. He is working to a plan.

  19. @JB thank you for the detailed answer.

    Thou it has caused me to wonder- a few years back I canvassed with a young colored guy from Kranshoek….what happened to him? is he lost to Plett… I only hear him on Eden FM talking on behalf of DA George and their youth structure…..and sounds like he understands the DA well hey

  20. @Sceptic. Mills and his accolytes have put an enormous effort int on behalf of Geldenhuys. In the process they have applied every dirty trick in the book. Geldenhuys has accepted what his campaigners are doing on his behalf without protest. That speaks volumes. At last tuesday’s debate the team that has worked so hard on his behalf spreading lies, was there in force. Anybody in the know would have noticed that the hard core of his team built around Mills are ANC stalwarts. He then claimed to be an independent. That speaks volumes about his lack of integrity and credibility.

    @DAceived. A local party/association of independents will come, but until then – 2016 – the political parties will hold sway and the battle is bound to continue and Plett will get trampled into the dust by the two elephants.

  21. What a tangled web of deceipt and lies the Bitou DA get up to. This happened to me and associates we were told lies and led around by Liz like fools.
    No ward has had a DA meeting, it is a joke, Liz and I say it again, yawn yawn, runs with Donald the Bitou DA like the mafia.
    I think JB you are wrong when you say the ANC and DA will battle for this town for ages, people I have met are screaming for the Bitou Peoples Party to start.
    They as us all fed up with big party politics and corruption, Donald and Liz should be ashamed of themselves they have ran the DA here into the ground, no the toilet! Support is non existant.

  22. JB, You have made me wonder. If what you are saying is indeed accurate, and if Mills is spreading lies about you as part of Geldenhuys campaign, and if Geldenhuys does not distance himself from this, I have to place a huge question mark on his integrity.

  23. @Robert. You misunderstand me. My heart is with those PRINCIPLES which the DA used to actually stand for, not just to profess to stand for. Constitutionality, openness, transparency, the rule of law, the rules of natural justice, the seperation of powers etc etc. With regard to these basics the DA’s leadership have lost the plot completely in their head-long rush for POWER. They have sacrificed the most basic principles. most importantly for the current debate here in Bitou, they have callously sacrificed the future and prosperity of Plett for power on the big stage. I thought that it could be corrected from within, but as everyday passes I realise that a leopard cannot change its spots and that the rot is far too deep. I was purged from the party because I would not sacrifice the principles and the town. I want nothing to do with the DA under its current leadership and with the current direction it has taken. When I said I was standing as an independent I meant it. No allegiance to any party or interest group.

    Francois’ campaign has desperately tried to connect me to the ANC in an effort to distract attention from his own connections to them. The lies about me doing deals with them are quite laughable. In fact I bumped into Putco yesterday afternoon, the first time I had seen or spoken to him in nyears and we had a good laugh at the implausibility of Francois campaign’s lies. Francois would do well to stop and think why Mills found it necessary to spread that particular lie.

    My definition of an independent councillor is one who does not owe allegiance to any party or grouping. Francois owes ellegiance to Hardy Mills who is making all the running on his behalf and who speaks on his behalf, negotiates on his behalf, is his closest and most trusted advisor etc etc. For example, when his campaign in the person of Mills and his ANC aligned accolytes launch the most outrages defamatory and insane personal attacks on his opposition, Francois remains silent and accepts the benefit. He owes them. Mills used the PBC to claim and promote their MEMBER, Francois, as their candidate. He owes them, too. Francois’ puppet master is Mills, who is joined at the hip to the ANC, and who owes the ANC big time for allowing him a front row spot at the Bitou trough.

    Granted, it appears that Francois is too inexperienced and naiive to understand what is happening in his name and on his behalf. In the unlikely event that he does win this by-election he will find himself firmly under the control of the puppet master and then it will be too late for him.

    That is why I say, Francois Geldenhuys is NOT an independent. He may not be directly connected to a political party, but he is DIRECTLY connected to the PBC who is ANC aligned and Mills, who is joined at the hip to the ANC is his campaign manager and closests advisor. Francois Geldenhuys is NOT independent. People like Mills et al are making a huge investment in him and the quid pro quo will come. As he clearly illustrated last Tuesday, he has no knowledge of what he is letting himself in for and doesn’t even have the faintest inkling of how a council works and the dynamics that are in play. Again, in the unlikely event he wins the seat his wagon will remain hitched to the ANC, failing that he will be ignored by all and the DA will retain its weak and unstable grip on power in Bitou and limp along for the next three and a half years.

    If you take a closer look at the individuals and entities you mention, you will realise that JEF is Hardy Mills’ blunt instrument to spread lies about others and was specifically created to attack the DA and I and anybody else who dared to go against him and the ANC. It serves to lend credibility to the incredible and to create the impression of strength and support where it does not exist. The PBC as I have said above, is an organisation which is being abused by Mills and other individuals to promote personal interests. Its ANC alliance stems directly from that as does its alliance with Francois.

    O!O is Drewan’s blog which is a vehicle to reveal maladministration and to promote the concept of an independant balance of power on councils. Drewan believes strongly in that and makes no secret of the fact. The idea of the primary debate, recall etc were his and meant to promote the concept of independents, the people’s choice and giving the power back to locals. I believe he has let his enthusiasm run away with him in latching onto and supporting the “independent” Francois. He is over hasty and I believe that he will do the independent cause harm by suppoprting a candidate which he knows is NOT independent and who is wholly inexperienced, incapable of and unsuitable to do what must be done. I believe he should have accepted the set back in this round, stopped, regrouped and and taken the opportunity to better and more fully develop the concept to be better prepared for the next by election or the 2016 LG election. I told him so, but the decision is his and his alone.

    The battle in Bitou unfortunately remains between the DA and the ANC and that will now continue to the ultimete detriment of the town and its people. It is one of the unfortunate and unintended consequences of democracy. But, Democracy must be allowed to triumph whether or not the outcome is “right” or “wrong” The people of ward2 will vote and will get the government they deserve. Huge sacrifices have been made by many to allow for that.

    @Mfundo. Sorry, I must have missed earlier question.

    To take the ward2 situation first. The AGM was irregular in that ito the DA’s own constitution you are a member in the ward you reside ONLY. Liz, Wyn, Di Butlin and Gavin Gennould who were elected as the offfice bearers are resident in wards other than ward 2. The first three in ward 7 and Gavin in ward 1. The only person elected to the committee who qualified was Maryna Dreyer. BUT… the AGM was inquorate in that although 55 people attended as against a required quorum of 13, in every instance the proposers and/or seconders were non-members, so on that basis again the AGM was irregularly held. The presiding officer was Donald Grant. He obviously knew or at the very least should have known the rules under which the AGM was held but he deliberately turned a blind eye as did all those involved.

    All this was no innocent mistake. The “audited” membership list for the branch which was scrutinised for any anomalies by Liz contained the names of all these persons and was signed off as being correct by her before the AGM despite very obviously being incorrect. It is telling also that a computer generated list of members should have been used as attendance register to ensure that only legitimate members take part but was not. In the event a blank attendance register was used. That check and balance was neatly side stepped by Liz and Donald.

    It is ironicand at the same time telling that Liz applied the residence rule and quorum requirement rigidly when presiding at other branch AGMs held at around that time.

    The DA constitution allows that the Provincial Executive, on good cause, can give permission for a member to belong to a branch other than the one in which they reside upon application. I am unaware of any such application being made and Theuns Botha, the leader of the DA in the WC, who would have had to consider such an application/s confirmed unequivocally to me that no such application/s had been received nor considered. Besides that, the branch would have had to have been advised of any such special dispensation granted or at the very least asked for comment. Neither happened.

    It is telling that despite the DA’s constitutional requirement that the branch executive must meet at least four time per annum, ward2’s branch executive has not met even once in the past year. There have been no branch plans, activities and no branch meetings in that time either. I know, because ex officio as a councillor I served on the executive of the ward2 branch in which I reside. The ward2 DA members will also know, because one of the constitutionally laid down functions of a branch is to select candidates to be run in their ward. That did not happen. Twice in the past month!

    But the plot thickens. Where the real power in the party in Bitou lies is with the office bearers of the Constituency Committee. The committee which is made up of, ex officio, Donald Grant (his position as designated Constituency MPL) all branch executives and all councillors. The committee elects an Executive Committee at an AGM. That so-called EXCO then holds the power.

    Earlier this year when the Constituency AGMs became due ito the constitution, a date was set and announced by the incumbent EXCO. Elaine Paulse indicated that she wanted to run for chairperson and requested me to assist. She had been wanting to do so for a number of years and everytime she was talked out of it by Liz on the basis of her inexperince in the party’s processes and procedures or up-coming elections or some such. everytime she agreed to settle for vice chair position on the basis that Liz would teach her. That never happened.

    Elaine approached me for my support for her bid and I agreed. To that end I set up a meeting with the other councillors to get their support for her. Liz got to hear about it and she, Donald and Charles, through a process of lies and intimidation prevented the meeting from occurring. The intimidation was so strong that even Elaine, to whose benefit the meeting was to be, “forgot!!” to attend the meeting and apologised days later by SMS!

    Liz then unilaterally postponed the constituency AGM without even offering a reason. Clearly that was done to allow time for her to consolidate her position with the other branch executives and to ensure they support her. During that time she instructed the executive of the Bossiegif/qoleni branch not to communicate with me, despite the fact that she had directed that I serve on that branch executive as their councillor.

    I suspect that she needed time to engineer, ex post facto, permission to have memebrship of a branch other than that in which she resides to legitimise her position. I suspect that was achieved via the DA’s Federal Executive chairman, James Selfe.

    On the day, prepared lists were handed in by the majority of branches nominating (unopposed) the illigitimate ward2 executive with the inclusion of Elaine as vice chair, for election as the constituency EXCO. “Inexplicably”, totally unconstitutionally, and against even common sense and practice, Donald Grant, a member of the constituency committee holding the AGM, acted as presiding officer!!! True to form he could find no fault and certified the AGM as being correct.

    A later objection, raised by a member, was swept under the carpet by the DA.

    My own objections to this state of affairs were completely ignored and a Kangaroo court held by James Selfe and Theuns Botha at the instigation of Liz found me guilty of being a “trouble maker” and banished me to Eden district municipality. When that did not have the desired outcome, I was purged from the DA on the basis of a fallacy that I owed them money. An automatic consequence of the DA constitution according to James Selfe.

    If one has regard for the DA constitution one will find that there are other “automatic consequences” in the constitution, such as that a branch ceases to exist if it does not hold an AGM by the due date as contained in the constitution. That is end of September for branches.

    These “automatic cessations” according to Selfe, operate entirely independantly of any human intervention. Therefore, the gospel according to Selfe, is that all the DA branches and its constituency EXCO ceased to exist at the stroke of mid-night on the last day of September and nobody can or could have done anything about it!

    As far as racism being behind her actions, I hesitate to blindly take a wild flying jump to that conclusion and would rather not comment, becuase I would have to do so purely on speculation and that would simply not be sensible or fair to anybody.

    That’s the long and the short of it, and I have hard documentary evidence to back-up my claims and conclusions.

  24. @JB…… Can you answer my questions now about the legitimacy of Lizz as constituency chairperson and the ward 2 chairperson as well? As she lives in ward 7… is it possible for her to be the ward 2 chairperson?

    And as she lives in ward 7, is it not racist from her to rather drive through the colored area that is the bulk of ward 7…..into a ward where she can be chairperson for an all white ward?

  25. JB, as I understand from the above you are also not an “Independent”. Your hart is still within the DA, your fight is with the current leadership. I see the involvement of OiO, “JEF”, Drewan, Hardy and the PBC as a reaction against what is happening in our town and the whole of the Garden Route. That whole lot are not “Mates”, but circumstances brought them together and they discussed and formulated the “Independent” movement. But the gloves are still off, now that the Residents/Voters (how ever small) have decided to go with Francois. They should all back off, now that the initiative has been borne.
    I call that democraty and we should all respect that. Now it is up to Francois to connect to all the residents in Ward 2 and show “Who he is” & “What he stands for”. It is now up to Ward 2 to take the initiative and show Bitou what can be done. I also expect the DA to do the same and trust that the Voters will make the right decision in the interest Bitou.

  26. @ Colin. “I will continue in politics, specifically working on putting real independent councillors who genuinely put thee the interests of their town first on councils.”And ja, Bags are packed. I am a man of my word. How’s Hardy doing on his bags?”

    Wat verstaan jy nie, Colin? Met die DA onder sy huidige leierskap wil ek niks te doen he nie, en hulle kan ddoeenvoudig nie bekostig om my as lid van die DA te he nie. Miskien eendag wanneer hulle nie meer daar is nie, want ek glo steeds dat die Party so grondslag reg is.

    Jy het verkeerd gehoor Colin, of jy nou wil sweer of nie. Die harde feit is; dat ek nie so gese het nie. Ek vertrek op 15 November oorsee. Die besprekings was reeds geruime tydgelede gemaak en dit kos ongeveer R10k om dit te verander. So…daar is nie ‘n manier wat ek sou gese het ek gaan hom met sy verkiesing help nie. Daarbenewens glo ek nie hy is die regte persoon om te doen wat gedoen moet word nie. Al wat hy kan en sal doen, sou hy verkies word, is om Hardy Mills en by verlenging die ANC se instruksies uit te voer.

    Ek se duidelik ek sal werk “on putting real independent councillors who genuinely put thee the interests of their town first on councils.” Francois is nie onafhanklik nie. Hy is Hardy Mills en die ANC se man en staan onder die vaandel van die PBC. Hy is miskien te groen om dit te besef maar hy is hulle pop. Dit is heeltemal teenstrydig met die konsep van onafhanklike raadslede wat die welvaart van die dorp bo alles stel.

    @ Robert. We never know what is going to happen in politics. One thing is certain however, the “balls ups” will continue as long as Memory continues being advised by Hardy Mills. Once Memory allowed Liz Mundell to hijack the MAYORAL newsletters for party political purposes open and honest communication took a knock. When at about the same time bad decisions started being made, and the newsletters started being used to spread untruths and cover up serious irregularities it became an impossibility to communicate openly and effectively. When you have something to hide you can no longer communicate openly and honestly and that is why the newsletter will never again play the role it could have and should have.

    I agree that we must remain positive. We will continue with bad government in Plett for the foreseeable future. I believe that the DA will win this one and continue governing abominably until 2016. The next local government will be a watershed election for Plett, where hopefully we will have capable well organised and above all REAL independents making a run for council.

  27. 24 hours is a very long time in politics. 5th December is many 24 hours away. How many “Ball’s Ups” will the Bitou DA make before the 5th? Will our economy continue to go down? Will the tourist go elsewhere? Will the Municipality continue on its current direction? Will the Court cases continue? Will tourism continue to be a battle field and nothing will happen? So many questions and so few answers. Our Mayor used to communicate with news-letters? No more, why? But we are possitive, we will win this battle and Plett will regain its position on the Garden Route. Its just a matter of time.

  28. Brummer skimp jy nou by die DA om jou terug te vat? Fat chance! Raak maar vinnig gewoond aan die political desert, want dit is presies waar jy gaan wees vir die res van jou lewe. Haai en ek kon sweer ek het gehoor dat jy gisteraand (voor dat jou “eie mense” jou verwerp het) belowe dat die verloorder (jy) saam met die wenner (Francois) gaan werk. En nou Brummer? Niemand stel meer belang in jou of wat jy te se het nie Brummer, so spaar jou internet vir die maar jare wat kom. Cheers

  29. @Amba. sorry missed you there at the top. What is the DA doing right? Uh, Don’t know.

    @Mfundo. You’re right. And you are right again. When the voting is driven by blind allegiance rather than after careful consideration of what is needed and best under the circumstances, we get an unsatisfactory result. He displayed his real allegiances while at the same time denying them and claiming to have integrity.There were enough people there who did not owe him any allegiance who saw that and the word will spread rapidly. He won the battle last night and at the same time lost the war to the DA.

    And ja, Bags are packed. I am a man of my word. How’s Hardy doing on his bags?

  30. @Hardy. Ah, a Silver Tongued Devil, indeed. We soldier on, battles lie ahead. No hard feelings as always. Nothing personal. Now it’s you vs ‘Lizbeth and the DA in her stronghold.(If she doesn’t become “the corpse” as O!O predicted.) None the less you, the PBC and not forgetting Francois, have a fight on your hands. The rewards for you have been great, and one must assume will be even greater should you pull this one off.Regardless of the outcome of the election you will continue running Plett. Well done, you won this battle.
    Good luck in the next, from one Kanniedood to another. I’m watching you!!

    @DAceived. I agree with you, but time is against us. I do believe, however, that there have been a couple of significant lessons learnt last night and I would certainly do it differently in future. As you know, it has been a real battle in the DA, both against the ANC and sadly also within the DA. I have always said I can beat the ANC, but I can’t beat my own party. I was proven right on that I think. (Excepting of course if the DA loses on 5 December then it all goes back the other way. Ding-dong.

    Under the circumstances that I have worked for the past twelve years, it was simply not possible to let my guard down. It has been a lonely and tiresome time. What has been enormously encouraging for me though was to find out over the past few months just how many of my “sworn enemies” grew to respect me as a person and took the trouble to commiserate and wish me well, even this morning after my defeat.

    That stood in stark contrast to the reaction of my “colleagues” in the DA when the “automatic cessation of membership” kicked in. Not a word of shock, sympathy or commiseration expressed; not a grain of support from anybody in the entire organisation. Makes you think doesn’t it. Politics is a dirty and very destructive game. One goes into it with your eyes open and Cowboys simply do not cry. Everybody does what they must do andf nothing should be taken personally because it should never be. You cannot be sensitive and get all bitter and twisted if you get zapped. You simply learn the lesson, shrug it off and march on otherwise you may as well be dead.

    I will continue in politics, specifically working on putting real independent councillors who genuinely put thee the interests of their town first on councils. It is the politics of power at all costs practiced by political parties that works against good governance at local level. You will never take politics and political parties out of local government but it is possible to pull their teeth by loosening their exclusive grip on power at this level.

    My prediction is that Bitou will continue to be run by a council totally devoid of the necessary, knowledge, skills and experience to do so properly and being manipulated knowingly or unknowingly by unscrupulous people. the political battle for control will continue. As a result it is going to cost the town very dearly. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. All going well, in 2016, we may just get a council that is not made up entirely by incompetent party hacks and yesmen but will include enough real indepenents to loosen the deathgrip that political party ambitions have on council. People of integrity who can really do the job. Ons sal sien. Just imagine a council with office bearers from different parties chosen on merit working together for the betterment of the town!!

    Sorry to run on like that, but I believe these things need to be said and as ever….

    To get back to the primary debate debate about a second debate, it presupposes that apathy will be overcome and you actually get to draw significant numbers of people with real interest who listen to the debate objectively and vote according to what is best for the town and not driven by anything else.

    @Colin Bell. That one I do understand and happen to agree wholeheartedly. Fortunately and I use that word with great reservations it is unlikely that he will be succesful against the DA. His ANC links were just too visible and those who were not his supporters will spread that word sufficiently to almost ensure a victory for the DA.

  31. mfundo…

    I’d like to see the ANC and the DA do what the Independents did in the Piesang Valley Hall last night.

    If the DA wins ward 2 on December 5, it is because the people of ward 2 would have voted so.

    Democracy. Refer to any half decent dictionary, but I would not trust to one of the unused volumes in Luthuli House or the Marks Building.

    The people of ward 2 now have an alternative.

    The job is mostly done.

  32. Well,well, well………lets see how many votes the independant will get on election day…..even thou I distance my self from the DA it is fair to say-they are going to win ward 2,and win it big.

    Yet the voters of ward two will vote blindly for the DA,and not its candidate……and this is the true shame in all of this for the people of this ward.

    Has JB packed his bags already?

  33. @colin, sooo true thats why I thought a Bitou party with a recall clause was the way to go. But guess others thought different. A Bitou party can have representatives in each ward fighting together for a brighter better Bitou. Come 2016 they could be strong enough to take this town to a new hight.
    I think this was a wasted opportunity, others will differ, I think 1 debate was not enough also.
    The PR councilors are party reps they can be recalled by the party anyway (they never do). But if we had a Bitou party instead of independants everywhere we might well win a couple PR seats. Makes me wonder who is pulling the strings for the.independant he mentioned he is not part of the ANC but I see there were more ANC members then at a Bitou ANC meeting last night.
    Anyway interesting times ahead.

  34. JEF ‘Instead of voting for a political party, as is the norm nowadays, he could vote for what’s best for Bitou’

    And so if he wins the seat we will have one person deciding what is best for Bitou. Just watch the puppet masters lining up to pull the strings.

  35. It was a great idea, but you should have had a follow up debate, as in the US.
    Im sure this is not the end of you, you conducted yourself with pride and respect, and won over a few sceptics im sure, me included, its actually such a pity you have hidden behind the cloak of the DA for so long, people need to see the real you.
    Dont give up, so you wont be a independant now, there is another route.
    You did not get to thrash out any important subjects thats why a 2nd debate would have been a good idea, and I believe the poor will suffer with your loss.

  36. Dear Johann. You might have known me, you might not. We may have fought in battles together, taken on giants together, or pondered together in the social dump yard of our town. We might be friends, we might be from different factions, we might be enemies, and we might be strangers. But hear me out for just a little while; I have traveled these roads for a long time and played this game all too often. Along the way, I’ve grown and learnt so much from every individual I have met. Thank you for the honour of being part of my life. Please always remember that one’s greatest enemy is one’s own perception. Never allow yourself to hate your enemy, it clouds your judgment and causes you to falter. Take care my friend and don’t allow tonight’s defeat to damper that brave and bold spirit of yours. It is a very rare commodity nowadays.

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