Lonwabo Ngoqo reinstated

Dismissal unfair both substantively and procedurally

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Oudtshoorn. 2 November 2012. 15h45. Bitou’s newly appointed lawyer, Bradley Conradie, has been instructed to take the arbitration award on review.

This means Labour Court action.

Conradie provided Bitou with a legal opinion in this matter before being instructed to have the award reviewed.

Here is Conradie’s sales pitch:

Bradley has 13 years experience as a labour lawyer. He has a BA degree in Economics from the University of Cape Town, an LL.B degree from the University of the Western Cape and an LL.M degree in Labour Law from the University of Cape Town.

After completing his Masters degree, Bradley joined Cheadle Thompson & Haysom attorneys as a candidate attorney in 1997.

In 2003 Bradley joined the Employment Law Department of Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs where he later became a partner.

Bradley has acted as instructing attorney and personally argued major cases in South Africa and Namibia and has been involved in several local and international labour law publications.

In 2009 and 2010 Bradley was chosen by his peers for inclusion in the Best Lawyers® list of Solicitors for South Africa in the area of Labour and Employment Law.

Bradley acted as a Judge in the Labour Court in 2009 and 2010 and is a past National President of the South African Society for Labour Law (SASLAW).

Ngoqo’s attorney, Hardy Mills, warned against “frivolous and vexatious litigation” in a letter to Conradie.

Conradie resonded: “If your client is interested in resolving this matter amicably then our client is prepared to have discussions with your client about settling this matter, notwithstanding its right to review the award.  Our client is only prepared to do so if your client vacates the municipal offices.”

A source in minister Bredell’s office said that the matter should be resolved in the best interests of the people of Bitou.

Oudtshoorn. 23 October 2012. 05h40.
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Oudtshoorn. 22 October 2012. 19h30. O!O has reported volumes on Lonwabo Ngoqo since late last year – click here.

After a lengthy disciplinary hearing last year, Supreme Court of Appeals Mr Justice P. C. Combrink, retired, found Ngoqo guilty and dismissed him.

Today, Salga Commissioner Coen de Kock, who, incidently, also chaired the original Noël Pietersen hearing, dismissed all charges against Ngoqo and ordered him reinstated.

I am discombobulated.

Not so much by reason of the merits or demerits of the case as by the fact that two respected legal minds can be so at odds over the selfsame evidence!

Ye gods and faeries!

Combrinck described Bitou’s finacial status under the Ngoqo / Lott administration as “parlous”… fraught with danger; perilous; precarious; touch-and-go; unsafe; not secure; beset with difficulties; and affording no ease or reassurance.

Yet the CEO of Bitou at that time is to be reistated – justifiably so, given a fair technical process… I just don’t know how we shall ever see transparent, clean, successful local government in our land. I just don’t see it.

Well done Hardy Mills – you won the day and this arbitration award will remain a bright and shining jewel in your legal crown, my friend.

I am discombobulated.

Mostly because I probably just don’t understand.

Bitou’s DA government will now have to explain this six figure “ligte mistykie” in the face of December 5…

It will take no lesser DA personage than Godzille herself to come explain this one.

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72 thoughts on “Lonwabo Ngoqo reinstated

  1. Peter, I am in possession of an instruction by Bitou to this effect. Not for publication, I’m afraid; I have sources to protect.

  2. Ed, I am waiting to see the notice of intension to take the arbitration award on review to the Labour Court.

  3. Ed. Did you verify your information? Please follow-up I think your info is oudated or someone is misleading you.

  4. Very good question Robert. It is very strange this new development. but we have to waite and see because Ngoqo offered his serves yesterday and some interesting discussions followed thereafter between the parties.

  5. Like politicians Judges should also be made to pay for dicey judgements that is clearly opposed to reasonable standards, reasonable man tests and evidence to prove the opposite !
    Bitou vs Coen de Kock sal nogal n interessante een wees !!!!

  6. Ed, who made the decison to instruct Bradley Conradie to take the arbitration award on review. Council, Caucus, Municipality or Province?

  7. We are waiting for Bradley because this will be very interesting! It will cost them tripple what they have to pay now.

  8. Observer. THANK YOU for pointing this out. O!O is a platform to debate, get out views, clear your soul and get ready for another day. Not to sceme, not to lie, not to try and get your point over. Its to try and get to know your opponents and see if a bridge can be build. Not destroyed but build with the help of all the bloggers on this BLOG. We all want to see a better SA, we all want to see better Politiciens, we all want a secure future for our children, even grand children. How do we achieve that? Work together, the “Bloggers” of this world have no boundaries and we can achieve what ever we want in the interest of all. No politician can stand in the way as they are “Expandable” and have to understand that they are there for us, not the other way round.
    Lets take control.

  9. Thank you for taking a firm stand against this pollution which had recently taken over the O!O Ed! It’s clearly an attempt to water down the truth in what’s happening all around us, the truth which we as the people so rarely hear. Please all bloggers, I urge you to get down to business and make a stand against our common enemy, the politicians!!! I personally think that the DAceivers are behind all of this! Take no prisoners O!O!, that’s how we know you!

  10. Pieter, ek het jou laaste kommentaar verwyder. Wat mense doen as die kantoordeur agter hulle toegetrek word het niks met my, of met jou, te make nie. As jy wil skinder, praat met die Son. Probeer dit weer op O!O en ek verwyder jou.

  11. Drewan. Gaan vra jy maar vir Ralph Stander, arme Dreyer was nie eers koud en toegegooi nie, toe konkel hulle alreeds. Lyk my dis al wat Brummer kan doen, hy met sy Ku Klux Klan girlfriend. Vra hom sommer oor die geldwassery by Monkeyland. Ag Drewan, dit is algemene kennis dat die ANC ‘n ooreenkoms het met Brummer. Waar pas jy nou eintlik in?Brummer het gese hy sal selfs met die ANC werk om die DA by te kom….Maar nou ja toe, ons weet waar Brummer staan. Jy weet maar min kan ek sien……

  12. Wáááát!?

    Die wûrtjunil ANC onderteken ‘n tentatiewe ooreenkoms – hóé op áárde “onderteken” ‘n mens ‘n “tentatiewe” ooreenkoms – met die sleg moer van ‘n Brummer!?

    Ye gods and faeries!

    Ek is teen die grond!

    Om te dink voorbeeldige, toegewyde mense soos Lonwabo Ngoqo en Putco Mapitiza en Marius Fransman heul met iemand soos Brúmmer!?

    Nee kyk, nóú het ek áls gehoor.

    Jy moet ‘n blog begin, Pieter! Maar oppas dat Monty Python jou nie dagvaar vir intellektuele diefstal nie.

  13. Drewan. Is dit waar dat Brummer nou met die ANC bande gesmee het. Jy sal seker weet ne?Jy is darem tog seker sy campaign manager en ook in die binne-kringe??Ek het betroubaar verneem dat Brummer op hoe vlak samesprekings gevoer het met die ANC en daar was/is ‘n tentatiewe ooreenkoms met die ANC onderteken.

  14. Neewat di lyk vir my ons gaan niks uit ou Drewan se grootbek hoor as dit gaan oor Edendm nie. Maar hier gaan nog sommer gepraat word oor Eden, George, Mosselbaai en Hessequa. Jy se mos hierbo ” O’ONLINE: EXPOSING MALADMINISTRATION IN LOCAL POLITICS: ne Drewan en jy moenie nou kleinkoppie kry nie , ons wil praat oor die feit dat jy slegs vir Oudtshoorn, Bitou en Kannaland uitsonder as die munisipaliteite waaar daar na bewering wanbestuur voorkom. So hou maar hierdie spasie dop hier kom groot onthullings.

  15. Editor, maar wat van Godfrey Louw…….jy weet baie goed maar jy swyg weerens in jou stilte….

    Jy weet en ek weet Godfrey Louw het by George Mun gewerk laas jaar Direkteur en volle pakket gekry. Jy kan vir Trevor vra as jy my nie glo nie.

    Toe hy terugkom, toe vat hy ie net back-pay, nie, maar ook sy regskostes, EN n performance bonus vir die tyd wat hy by die huis gesit het. Drewan, hoe se jy altyd “ye god ands and fairies..”

    Te minste kry Ngoqo net dit wat die komissaris vir hom gee terwyl Louw homself sommer baie goed gehelp het. Hy het nie net jam gevat, maar sommer die jamblik en die kroonjuwele. En dit onder die watch van Koegie en jou ander tjommie daai skelm Wessie met die groot gesig soos n renoster.

  16. Louise, nice work if you can get it! If Ngoqo accepts the double income the matter of integrity, also of the system, should be settled.

  17. Weereens pragtig in perpektief geplaas Louise. As hierdie bliksems dit nou nog nie verstaan dan moet ‘n engel aan hulle verskyn!

  18. Ed wil jy daardie inligting he oor Godfrey Louw. Dit klink nie juis of jy dit regtig wil in die hande kry nie, of het jy dit soos ek vermoed?

  19. Sceptic i was at his hearing and i read both the Combrinck judgment and the De Kock judgment. I am also fully aware of the political shenanigans that brought this matter to the fore. So ja ek weet presies waarvan ek praat.

  20. Ou grote, Gaan vra vir Godfrey louw, die DA se beste munisipale bestuurder,,,,,,hy sal jou kan antwoord..hy is gesout op dubbeld salarisse verdien….ten minste sal Ngoqo nie n bonus eis vir die tyd wat hy weg was, soos mnr Louw…..ek kotz sommer vir die dubbel standaarde

  21. Dear Editor,

    As to your question whether or not Mr Ngoqo will receive payment from Bitou in respect of the period he was working at Sondagsrivier municipality – the answer is readily apparent from De Kock’s ruling.

    De Kock considered Ngoqo to be entitled to so-called back-pay, i.e. payment of his salary from the date of his dismissal (mid-Jan) up to the date of resumption of his duties (1 Nov). In terms of De Kock’s ruling, the Bitou municipality must pay this amount by 30 November. This “back-pay” constitutes the compensation Mr Ngoqo is entitled to as a result of his unfair dismissal (on both procedural and substantive grounds).

  22. Pieter, ek steur my wel, en innig!

    As Combrink bevooroordeeld was reflekteer dit swak op die regstelsel; as De Kock verkeerd is, óók.

    Andermaal is hier net verloorders.

    Ek wonnir… Gaan Ngoqo ook Bitou-betaling kry vir die tyd dat hy in Sondagsrivier se diens was?

  23. Drewan, ek sal nie te veel waarde heg aan die ruling van Combrink, bloot omdat hy n afgetrede judge is en ook (meerendeels) dat hy nie spesialiseer in arbeidsreg nie. Hy is heel waarskynlik een van die fossiele wat uit die ou bedeling kom (almal dink dit mara wil dit nie se nie) terwyl Coenie jonk mag wees maar hy is baie intelligent. Hy het heelwat ruling gegee wat beide kante toe gegaan het en sal nie iemand soos Combrink aanvat as hy nie sy feite en argumente agter mekaar het nie. Tewens, dit was tog sekerlik in sy agterkop toe hy die ruling gemaak het….(dat iemand ander dit kan overrule,) so hy sal nie daardie fout begaan nie.,

  24. Dear Editor, De Kock did not “overturn” Combrinck J’s ruling on the basis of a perception of bias. De Kock’s finding as to a reasonable perception of bias only served as a basis for finding that Mr Ngoqo was subjected to a procedurally unfair disciplinary process, which entitled Mr Ngowo to compensation. The finding as to bias had NO relevance to De Kock’s findings on the merits.

    As you may know, an arbitration is, in effect, a new hearing. The parties can decide to lead new evidence, or rely on the evidence lead at the disciplinary hearing. Here, the parties decided to rely on the record of the disciplinary hearing. In other words, De Kock considered the same evidence as Combrinck, including the evidence of the new witness, called by Combrinck. Based on all the evidence, De Kock found Mr Ngoqo not guilty of the charges.

    Finally, there is nothing sinister in De Kock’s findings as to perception of bias. In Leboho v Commissioner for Concilliation, Mediation & Arbitration & others (2005) 26ILJ 883 (LC), the Labour Court considered a case very similar to Ngoqo’s case. There, the arbitrator also called new witnesses after the conclusion of the hearing out of his own accord. The Court held that in doing so, the arbitrator “[effectively] assisted the [employer] to discharge the onus resting on it … certainly such action created a perception of bias in the mind of the [employee]”. It is not for the independent chairperson to close “loopholes” in any party’s case. Also, it is trite that a presiding officer should not engage in ex parte communications with any party. There are countless cases where ex parte communications have caused courts to find that such conduct gave rise to a reasonable perception of bias.

    It is also unfortunate that people are speculating about Combrinck J’s motives. At the end of the day, De Kock only found that Combrinck’s conduct gave rise to a reasonable perception of bias; not actual bias. We need to tread carefully and not get mired in some conspiracy theory. That simply detracts from De Kock’s findings.

  25. Ja O!O – I agree, very alarming indeed. Mr. Combrinck should have considered this before he apparently colluded with the prosecution to the exclusion of the defense. Now, whether he was in fact bias or not, and whether he did indeed collude with them remains mere speculation. BUT, and this is a big BUT, it does create an undeniable impression of bias when the presiding officer calls his own witnesses after the case has been closed and AFTER he was in correspondence and communication with the prosecution. The red flags are raised by the mere fact that he spoke with and corresponded with one party and did not include the other. This is highly irregular and I am sure your legal minds will agree (ans so will you). I mean this is certainly not even a legal question, even I can see that it is plainly wrong.

  26. Sceptic

    I am first to admit that questioning verdicts and arbitration rulings is a dangerous venture.

    That all the findings of a SCA Judge can be overturned with a damning declaration of bias is alarming, to say the least.

    I assure you that I have only raised this matter because the people I approached do in fact know the specific case and are respected legal minds – although most legal minds are respected.

    The arbitration award stands. To double guess it is dangerous, but the again, O!O is not for the feint hearted I daresay!

  27. Hi O!O, I would like to know whether these legal minds you discussed the de Kock award with, did they have the opportunity to study the transcription of the entire trial as well? Were they present during the trial? Did they read the heads of argument of both parties which was considered by de Kock? Or, did they just read the award and maybe the judgment by Combrinck? I would venture an opinion that any legal mind who is willing to come to any conclusions without availing themselves to the relevant facts, is a bit dodgy.

  28. Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? You know my dear Mary your esteemed father is a disgraze for the legal profession. He allowed the so-called independent investigator Kaalvoet Thysie Giliomee to cross-examine one of the witnisess during the disciplinary hearing. If that old judge is there with you ask him now about it or maybe his already fast asleep, so don’t bother him ask him tomorrow after breakfast. He was as bias as hell!

  29. Het Johann Koegelenberg (Koeggies) die DA raadslid wat nog verwag van die mense wat op sy plaas werk om vir hom baas te noem nie vir jou die inligting verskaf nie? Ek stel dit aan jou dat jy het daardie inligting want jy het Louw manhaftig verdedig verlede jaar na sy heraanstelling. Volg asb dit op asook Johan Stander se heraanstelling en jy weet ook van hom wat geimpliseer word in ‘n forensiese verslag van Edward Nathan Sonnenberg Forensies en toe bedank het voor die aanvang van sy verhoor en nou weer deur Louw aangestel. Please be consistent when you report about corruption in municipalities. As jy die inligting verloor het kan jy probeer om dit by Eden te kry. Indien jy nie regkom nie sal ek dit vir jou gee.

  30. Drewan jy het my nog nie antwoord oor De Kock se uitspraak rakende Godfrey Louw? Hoekom het jy en die DA nie ‘n ophef daaroor gemaak nie? Hoekom sien jy nie dat Louw die geld wat hy die munisipaliteit skuld terugbetaal nie? Jy sidestep hierdie issue meneer die redakteur jy side step dit, hoekom?

  31. No “ED” It is INDEPENDENTS time. Mary is dreaming, Peter knows something and I am waiting! Hardy is accurate and Colin’s “What comes around goes around darling ” is sport on.
    But lets get to the facts! Who is going to pay for all this??? YES, you and me being the Plett Ratepayers.
    Millions are being diverted from service delivery to pay the lawyers!!! For WHAT!!! Can anybody tell me!!
    Please ANYBODY. I want to know. ANC, DA, COPE, ANYBODY in our town?

  32. Yes Ed, it was indeed a travesty when he was charged at the behest of the DA. The problem with you Ed is that you don’t want to understand and you were licking lip[s in anticpation of Ngoqo’s fall and now you have been proved wrong. The retired esteemed judge must enjoy his retirement and not get himself involve in party politics. If the esteemed Judge President Hlope could attempt to influence the judges of the Concourt and the esteemed judge Motata could get himself driving under the influence of liquor who is the esteemed judge Comrinck not to be influenced by the DACEIVERS? (Drewan ek is nog nie klaar nie)

  33. Ah, Peter, I’m looking forward to your final word. Then, at least, we’ll all understand!

    This Ngoqo thing is a travesty!

    Like our land.

    It’s ANC time. It’s disaster time.

  34. Mary the Ou Baas new exactly what the witness would say. And what about Fiona Steward Premier Zille’s legal advisor who was blatantly sitting opposite the witness in order to intimidate him whilst he was testifying? The Ou Baas esteemed judge was well aware of it. I am certainly not finish with the esteemed judge Combrinck (Ek moet net gou gaan eet saam met my esteemed familie)

  35. Dear Mary. Have you for one second considered the possibility that the municipal manager might be innocent?

  36. So Mary did your father ask you to defend him on this blogg? So this old man offered to assist the DA to get rid of this corrupt black boy who is in charge of the jewel of the Garden Route. He tarnished his own reputation by getting involve in matters that he does not understand or he was influenced to find Ngoqo guilty finish en klaar. Well lady the esteemed just is a human being with prejudices who was involved in many cases where he defended the apartheid laws. The DA must now take De Kock’s judgment on review so that the esteemed judg Combrinck can be further scrutinized by one of his peers.

  37. You live by the sword you die by the sword. The “esteemed” judge took it on himself to risk the reputation he worked for his whole life to assist the DA, and in the process destroy the municipal managers’. I have no symphony with him whatsoever. What comes around goes around darling.

  38. To claim the retired judge was biased is ridiculous.

    As Chairman of the hearing his task was primarily to establish the truth. To determine whether Ngoqo had indeed received the assurance telephonically from Province (which was providing the funds) as testified by him, that a specific clause in the contract would not be enforced, the Chairman called for the witness to confirm or deny that he gave such an undertaking. The Chairman had no idea what he would say – whether he would support Ngoqo testimony or not. If the witness had testified that he had stated same to Ngoqo the case would have had a different result and Ngoqo would have been exonerated. And the Chairman would probably now be accused of being biased in favor of the ANC. As it is the witness vehemently denied having given any such undertaking and indeed drew attention to the fact that the clause was contained in a legal document. For the record Ngoqo has a law degree and surely understood the ramifications of clauses in legal contracts. De Kock states that Ngoqo was seriously prejudiced by such witness being called. If the witness had testified in Ngoqo favor would he stil have been seriously prejudiced?

    In any event I hardly think an esteemed Appeal Court Judge of Combrincks stature and experience would be influenced, dictated to or be biased in favour of the DA in Plettenberg Bay. His integrity and reputation would surely be more important to him than a disciplinary hearing in a small town. To my knowledge he has no ties to the DA and was not approached by them to act as Chairman in the hearing. In fact he volunteered to chair the hearing at No cost to the municipality after a newsletter from the Mayor was published calling upon the residents to assist the financially embattled municipality by offering any services they were able to render.

    Let’s stick to the truth shall we and not stoop to destroying reputations.

  39. Ek sluit af met iets wat een van my groot DA vriende gese het (na aanleiding van die Rapport se voorblad destyds) toe ek hom aanvat oor die feit dat daar geen verskil is tussen korrupsie wat die ANC en die korrupsie wat die DA pleeg nie en dat hulle almal presies dieselfde is. Ek haal sy antwoord aan “daar is ‘n groot verskil, okey altwee kry hulle vriende, familie of vennote in om die tenders te kry en almal weet hulle word dubbel betaal as wat nodig is maar ten minste bou ons die f@%n brug en hy sal daar staan vir die volgende 100 jaar nog”

  40. Hardy, die merkbaarste verskil tussen die Natte en die ANC is dat die ANC die beginsels van die Nat-handboek baie beter toepas as wat die Natte ooit kon droom!

  41. Indien die mense vir eens en vir altyd vir hulself begin dink is daar hoop Drewan. Maar ons almal weet die DA propaganda masjien is magtig. Die ou Nasionale Party het nie om dowe neute so lank bestaan terwyl hulle die skole, kerke, leiers en heelwat buitelandse regerings om die bos gelei het nie. Ek het transkripsies van die parlimentere debat gelees oor hoe Hendrik Verwoerd die senaat oortuig het om destyds apartheid wetgewing in te stel. Nadat ek dit gelees het het ek vir die eerste maal my eie ouers en volk vergewe. Ek verstaan. Ek verstaan ook derhalwe hoe Brummer 64 stemme gisteraand op hom getrek het. Let wel 64, ek weet die rede vir die ander 4.

  42. Hardy, van 19h45 af gisteraaand, meen ek, is daar net Francois Geldenhuys volgelinge?

  43. Peter… De Kock dus ook?

    Ek het ‘n enkele woord vir hoe ek oor munisipale administrasie voel: kotsmakend.

  44. Drewan ek sal my eerder nie nou uitlaat oor jou kitstoets oor wie die beste uitspraak moet gee nie. Sit jy en al jou Brummer volgelinge? Gino Damonse en een of twee ander van die ANC (uitgesluit Lulama en Mary-Anne)wie gisteraand daar was het vir JOHANN BRUMMER gestem! Jou groot anti-ANC held het ‘n “deal” aan Putco ge-offer. Ek weet nie wat daar toe eventueel op besluit was nie maar dit moet jy maar vir Putco en Brummer self vra. Al wat ek weet is dat Gino Damonse namems Putco daar was en dat hy deurgaans as middelman opgetree het. Hy het selfs vir my advies gevra oor hoe die ooreenkoms afgedwing sal kan word waar ek hom geantwoord het dat ek NIKS verder wil hoor nie en dat hy ‘n ander prokureur moet kry. En sou jy wonder, ja ek verbreek nou my prokureur-klient priviligie en sal aanvaar as ek van die rol geskrap word hiervoor. Ek kan egter nie verder toelaat dat Johann Brummer almal ‘n rat voor die oe draai nie.

  45. Of Combrinck verstaan nie plaaslike regering nie, of hys beinvloed deur die DA. Dit is vir my vreemd dat die DA provinsiale regering na die uitspraak kyk dit laat my soms wonder of hulle al die uitsprake bestudeer wat deur die bedingingsraad gelewer word. Ek stem met Pieter Muller hierbo dat Bredell en Kie het nie De Kock se uitspraakn oor Godfrey Louw bestudeer nie, hulle het deur Theuns Botha vir Wessie vd Westhuisen opdrag gegee om Louw aan te stel alhoewel Louw aan ernstige finansiele ongeruimdhede skuldig bevind is. Dieselfde Louw wat ‘n bonus eis wvir werk wat hy nooit gedoen het nie. Al was Combrinck ook vir ‘n honderd jaar ‘n regter hys beinvloedbaar. Hy is nie ‘n God nie!

  46. Met wedersydse respek, Hardy… Ek het met verskeie regskenners oor die Coen de Kock-toekenning gesels vandag.

    Wat die rooi liggies vir my laat flikker het is die feit dat De Kock toegelaat is toe regter Combrinck reeds 36 jaar ‘n resgspraktisyn was. Combrink was 18 jaar lank ‘n appèlregter en ook ‘n regter in die nywerheidshof…

    Iets is nie lekker nie.

    Ek sou reken dis nie eens die moeite werd om die toekenning op hersiening te neem nie; die tersaaklike wetgewing is oorweldigend ten gunste van die werknemer.

    Openbare administrasie verloor.

    Maar dan weer… Suid-Afrika het die geveg reeds verloor.

    Oor JB… Ek reken beide hom en jou onder my vriende en ek is nogals gretig om my eie keuses te maak.

    Ek het geen rede hoegenaamd om JB se toewyding te betwyfel nie.

    Hel, jy weet waarskynlik wat van mý gesê word!

    JB se erns en tussen die oë aanslag is mý soort manier ook. Ek noem die kind by sy ware naam… En die kind se naam is Wit Willem.

    Ek is gatvol vir die koes-koes benadering tot die ANC. As die ANC skoon regering wil hê kan die ANC skoon regering hê. Die ANC het oorweldigende mag. Die ANC hét nie skoon regering nie. Maak self die som.

  47. Met baie groot respek Drewan, maar ek dink eerlikwaar jy het heeltemal te veel tyd saam met Johann Brummer spandeer. Ek is seker die laaste ou wat kan preek vir iemand anders maar neem kennis dat die slimste ou wat nog ooit geleef het,die volgende wysheid opgeskrywe het “Drive out the mocker, and out goes strive; quarrels and insults are ended.” Hopelik was jy nou die laaste persoon wat Johann besmet en beskadig het met sy ongeneesbare bitterheid, onblusbare woede, en skelm manier van mense manipuleer en misbruik tot sy voordeel.

  48. This is astounding…if it is true.. It has similarities to the Godfrey Louw. I just wonder did also study the ruling given by (also…….) Adv De Kock at that stage???This is hipocricy at its best and worst(depending where you sit and on what you are sitting)……But what is clear is that the powers that be in Wale Street love playing marbles….The Plett mess is their making…..no-one elses, its theirs for the taking..

  49. Ed, see this is where the problem lies me thinks. See, when the DA took over in Bitou, it was run by Province. Make no mistake the locals had NO power. Their strings were and are pulled by the guys from Province. For proof of this just look at the presence of Thys Gilliomee, Duppie et al. In other words, what you are suggesting is the WCPG must have oversight over themselves in Bitou? Every mess since the DA took over in May 2011 in Bitou was created by Provincial interference. As a matter of fact, the whole Lonwabo Ngoco trial was run by Province.

  50. Sceptic

    But of course provincil government must intervene when local government doesn’t make it! The Constitution provides for such action (s139). It is only the caitiff hearts of the functionaries that prevent the execution!

    What, you want me to trust to Memory Booysen’s abilities and initiatives!?

    And national into the affairs of provincial.

    And the courts into the affairs of national.

    What is the point of “oversight” responsibility without action, for crying in a bucket!?

    Ye gods and faeries!

  51. Mr. Ed, you have now touched another, quite large nerve in my body. What business does the Western Cape PROVINCIAL Government have considering the Coen de Kock arbitration award? This confirms to me that Bitou is run by Province (DA) not by the Bitou Municipality. This is clearly unconstitutional and undeniably rotten. 3 tiered government and all. Local Government is a autonomous sphere of government. Now, let us see how Province once again interferes in Local matters to the detriment of the taxpayers.

  52. Marius

    I spent the entire morning in and out of court where an ANC Mayor, Gordon April, appeared on charges of theft and corrupting the course of justice. Yawn.

    (Nobody in the ANC is lifting a finger to remove the April embarrassment, by the way. Count me out as an ANC sympathiser. I give you Zuma up there and April down here and put this to you – ANC: Doofuses. And those tolerating the doofusss: Idiots. Period. Now don’t get me started on the DA.)

    When I wasn’t in court I was on the phone and I can report that the Western Cape government is looking at the Coen de Kock arbitration award quite intently.

    This ruling stunned me, I’ll have you know. And I am not the only one stunned.

    Bitou clean?

    Is the Pope an atheist?

    Hell, Bitou was run by the ANC, there’s a clue.

    And now Bitou is run by the DA.

    Ye gods and faeries!

    You have an enormous responsibility, Francois Geldenhuys…

  53. I was fortunate enough to attend the entire disciplainary hearing of Lonwabo that was held in Council Chambers Plettenberg Bay. I did not even have to be an advocate to understood that the DA had no leg to stand on, much less a Judge. Looking at previous judgements of The Retired Judge I thought this is a guy that will allow sanity to prevail, but noooooo..he had to meet the DA Hit Squad that evening before he was suppose to give judgement. Come to think of it was Johann Brummer involved with this whole debacle, but I refuse to speculate. What happened in that disciplinary hearing was not only embarrassing to Thys, Duppie and the rest of the cabal it was a serious educational hiding not only in matters of the law, but in principles of cash management and modern finance as well as a lesson in valuations, which was presented in affidavit form by an authority on valuations calling the previous valuations criminal. All this was presented before the Retired Judge but none of this mattered because he was instructed by the HIT SQUAD.

    These guys some think they are the more clever then anyone else they meet until today. Slim vang sy baas en raai wie gaan betaal.

  54. Something went amiss, I tried to post the following post, which does not appear here. I’ll try again:

    O!O – let is take a look at Bitou’s finances indeed. The DA is severely proud of the 8 consecutive unqualified audit reports the City of Cape Town brags with. This, they use as their proof and campaign of the clean government. “Look at us, we have unqualified audit reports, thus our finances are in order and above board.”

    Funny thing is however, that for the 4 years pre-ceeding the DA take over of Plett, Bitou too got 4 consecutive unqualified audit reports. In other words, according to DA logic, when the DA took over Bitou, the municipality’s finances were in order and above board (at least as much as the City of Cape Town’s was). It stands to reason, not?

    But, no the DA was adamant that the same rules do not apply to Bitou (which was under ANC control) and Cape Town (which was under DA control). They spent millions on Mr. Gilliomee et al to find and expose these financial nightmares, which it seems, was just a load of horse manure. Which the DA was supposed to know and support, since an unqualified audit according to them is proof enough of good clean governance. Strange business this. I digress.

    So, the DA took over Bitou with a clean financial bill of health, and had to use the waveslengths debacle to create a crisis that did not exist – see, DA Province and DA Bitou worked together to fumble this very, extremely simple matter in an attempt to let the heads fly. Which succeeded (for a while).

    Bottomline is, Mr. Ngoco may now return to office in Plett. Mr Paulse will have to go. But, the little problem here is that Mr. Paulse has a legal (?) contract with the council, or at least a binding and enforceable one. He will probably be successful in claiming the balance of his contract term from the ratepayers (ultimately).

  55. Remember this judgement delivered by Adv Doralingo? “The irony in Mr Sitishu’s case is he is one of the few municipal mangers in the country where you have multi-party governance that has been nominated by all the members of the council. In fact councillor Brummer said he was the one that was unanimously appointed. If that is the case, why then if you have appointed someone, why do you go and you almost go to the point of destroying his career. You must remember he is not a politician, he is an official. Why do you link and draw him into politics when you are the very one that appointed a person. I think in terms of our support for local government, in terms of our support for the country and in terms of our support as to the where we are going to, we need to change the way we operate. We cannot place someone in a position of authority and then you discredit him and on top of it your discreditation (of the person) is without any basis. In fact you come back and you say I have made a mistake, I should not have done that. What bothers me about that is, let us call if political point-scoring, let us say you wanted to get back at the opposition party, what has happened here, an official has been tarnished, his image has been tarnished, in fact the country knows that there is Bitou Municipality, all be it alleged, all be it taken out of proportion. In fact the evidence here is that the finance of this particular municipality is in good standing. That is the real evidence. The world out there does not know that. What they know today is that someone had conducted some financial irregularity and we hope that that very proclamation of financial misconduct and irregularity will be countered by: “I apologise, I made mistake, the finances in Bitou is in order”.

    If some things have been clarified then we would not have gone to the papers. It think that is what is, if we want to say let us work on governance in Bitou, then that is the route that we should go. But we cannot as a society, this not the way that we are going build our governance systems, this is not the way that we are going to build our people. I think when you look at the ordinary citizen out here in Bitou, they may, probably their concern is “ai:”, when they think of the council and the municipal manager and officials, I wonder what they are stealing today, whilst there are simple explanations for the things that has been taken out of proportion.

    So hopefully those could be some of the lessons that we can take out of, and I almost want to call it; “the unfortunate incident in the municipality”.

    I think councillor Brummer confirmed when the story broke, it was like icing on a cake. I think again I would plead for sensitivity around these issues, because as the people of Bitou, the community of Bitou, what happened based on this icing on a cake, it is now the icing on the one side and the cake on the other side, there is now division.

    When the politicians want to score political points, I think they should refrain from using the officials and I think that is the type of accountability that needs to happen.”

  56. O!O – maybe, if you accept the fact that the judge at the hearing was not impartial, as is required of such a person, you will be able to understand why 2 legal minds can be so at odds. And maybe then you will be able to understand why the findings such as those you quoted namely:

    “Combrinck described Bitou’s finacial status under the Ngoqo / Lott administration as “parlous”… fraught with danger; perilous; precarious; touch-and-go; unsafe; not secure; beset with difficulties; and affording no ease or reassurance.”

    cannot be accepted because they were based on and tainted by the presiding officer’s bias. Hope this helps clarify things for you.

  57. The fun bit here is the findings the Arbitrator made regarding the honourable ex-judge’s bias (or the perception thereof). This is (in my mind) the worst thing any presiding officer can be – partial. I can accept (to a degree) mistakes made bu a presiding officer, I can forgive (to a degree) when a presiding officer is slightly unqualified/imcompetent. Not that this was the case, the presiding officer was a Judge of the highest order. As O!O has reminded us many times. So, what is left, when mistake and incompetence is ruled out in a blatantly wrong decision? I’ll leave that for your long suffering readers to work out all for themselves. In my mind, our learned judge has now become what can be equated to the Bryce Lawrence of Local Government. Now, who is going to believe a word Bryce has to say after his performance in THAT Quarter Final? I will ask again, how much weight can one still put on this judge’s opinion of Mr. Mills? Think about it. Once our presiding officers become partial, what is left?

  58. Kom ons neem dan aan Drewan dat “Memory sweet Memory” oorweeg dit om die uitspraak op hersiening te neem na die arbeidshof. Weer geld mors want dus nie hulle(DA sin) nie. Hulle gaan hul gat sien want De Kock het vrek seker gemaak in hierdie geval want hier was mos ‘n juds soos my ouma sou gese het betrokke. Hulle kan maar op-en-af spring betaal gaan hulle betaal. Jy moet sommer by daai ouens met wie jy vanaand hier in Bitou gepraat hoor op watter gronde hulle die uitspraak op hersiening neem, hoor!

  59. Pragtig gestel Louise pragtig! Ek hoop jy neem kennis Drewan? Ken jy nie ‘n regsgeleerde wat jou kan help met hierdie soort van aangleenthede nie Drewan?

  60. Peter, I had some talks with a few interesting people this evening. This case, I daresay, may not be over. Let’s see.

  61. Soos ek verstaan is Mnr de Kock ‘n Advokaat en nie net sommer enige hierjy nie. Die feit dat jy dit uitgelaat het, maar jy het blykbaar genoeg tyd om daai afgetrede Lord se posisie in detail te deel spreek boekdele. jy gaan sover om Advokaat de Kock te probeer discredit deur sy assosiasie met Noel Pietersen. Ag nee Drewan. hoe gaan ek nou ooit weer enige opinie van jou ernstig opneem na die ooglopende kantvattery?

    Tweedens waar is onse Pletty so stil, die was mos een van sy pepperduur tydverdrywe.

  62. Louise, opinion is what I express! As, I see, you are also wont to do!

    My vigour, or lack thereof is mostly a function of time which I unfortunately do not have much of just right now.

    But I’ll be back with a vengeance, to be sure.

  63. Did you understand the Louw matter or were you simply led by the nose by Koeggies? Louw still owes the ratepayers of Eden R360 000.00 for incurring fruitless and wasteful expenditure. You must reaad the De Kock’s judgment in the Louw matter OO IN ORDER FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND! AND READ AGAIN THE nGOQO JUDGMENT OO AND IF YOU STILL DO NOT UNDERSTAND ASK SOMEONE CAPABLE TO ASSIST YOU!

  64. It is a shame that you have seen fit to express an opinion regarding Commissioner De Kock’s findings, without making any serious attempt to analyse the factual or legal premise thereof. Reading your comment, the reader is left with the impression that De Kock somehow erred and that something sinister is afoot. Most importantly, you have not even mentioned the fact that De Kock found that Combrinck’s conduct had given rise to a reasonable perception of bias. In fact, De Kock went so far as to describe Combrinck’s conduct as a serious procedural irregularity. De Kock based this finding on the basis that, inter alia, Combrinck had (1) called a new witness after conclusion of the hearing and after the municipality had conceded that their failure to call this very witness meant that Mr Ngoqo’s defence on one of the charges must be accepted (2) had engaged in ex parte communication with the municipality’s lawyer (i.e. he communicated with one party, to the exclusion of the other). De Kock’s finding as to the calling of a new witness by the presiding officer is in line with several decisions of the Labour Court. It is not for a presiding officer to close the gaps in any party’s case. He or she must be seen to be independent and impartial.

    Finally, this is not one of those cases where Mr Ngoqo “got off on a technicality”. Over and above Commissioner De Kock’s findings as to the procedural irregularities, he also went on to find Mr Ngoqo not guilty on all the relevant charges.

    Your readers deserve an objective analyses of De Kock’s decision; not some vague and ambiguous commentary that serves a political party agenda.

    Mr Ngoqo’s name was dragged through the mud over the course of the last year. If you consider yourself to present an impartial voice, you are obliged to report on this decision with the same vigour that you published adverse comments about Mr Ngoqo’s alleged (and now disproven) conduct.

  65. It is also the same De Kock who reinstated Godfrey “fruitless and wasteful expenditure” Louw but in Louw’s case De Kock confirmed his guilty on all the charges and in Ngoqo’s case he was found not guilty on all the charges. Ja OO thats the difference between Louw and Ngoqo and you are the one who defended Louw all the time but now with Ngoqo’s matter you don’t understand.

  66. OOH MY HAT! AND NOW DA/COPE ? Bitou people the losers again. Do the right thing, resign all your positions.

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