Zille’s double standard

Complains about Zuma not responding;
refuses to respond to O!O

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 21 October 2012. 08h50. Helen Zille deplores the fact that Jacob Zuma won’t reply to her questions.

This reluctance, refusal even, may indicate questionable leadership, says Zille in today’s Rapport.

Where do you get off the bus, Zille, criticising anybody refusing to answer your questions when your Western Cape “Deputy” Leader has instructed all not to reply “at all” to questions from O!O?

Your DA has no reservations about keeping the residents of Oudtshoorn and Bitou in the dark about the doingses of their councils – and Bitou a DA council.

But you complain about Zuma brushing you off?

Criticism of a political ego is a sure ticket to silence.


By the by, O!O is waiting for even a single snippet of misinformation published about the DA’s performance.

None forthcoming.

And if there is something, the undertaking stands: O!O wil apologise.

In the absence of such misinformation, will you apologise to O!O?

And while we’re at it:

O!O challenges any DA councillor in Oudtshoorn or Bitou to a debate on the performance of DA councillors.

We don’t even have to go out – it can be done right here, on O!O.

Any takers!?

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5 thoughts on “Zille’s double standard

  1. It will never happen, they dont give a toot. They only appear when its voting time, then they only cry foul on the ANC, they can ANC bash all day and night, not once have I heard a proactive comment, the DA are reactive not proactive. Take Grants closing down of the schools, its all about economics, and when you ask the difficult questions, you get but the ANC did this and did that! Crazy, time to start up pirate/local partys as in europe now, but for Africa. The time of the proffesional politician is over, let us run our towns!

  2. DA now reaching the height of Hypocracy !!!
    Albrecht promises to respond — deathly silence continues – more broken DA promises – pathetic !!
    Helen, this is not going to go away, the DA needs to respond URGENTLY !

    If you choose to continue to ignore, it will be at your and the DA’s own peril
    As you follow the public debate on OO between INDEPENDANT JBrummer and the public, things look even worse for the pathetic DA.

    Care to comment with corruption and incompetence as rife in the DA as the ANC. What befathoms me is to think YOU ZILLE, can sweep that under the carpet too and THINK you can get away with it.

    How little do you think of the voters, hugh ??

  3. Speaking of horoscopes and predictions. If ward2 chooses brummer as independant candidate to run against the DA we are bound to see HZ live on stage in Plett. (Will she dance for the Whiteys?) If not, she won’t bother to appear and we will have to make do with boring Billy Bunter or Alan Winde. Given the track record of her ministers Winde would be the best choice – except maybe for the fact that he proposes to close down the majority of local tourism offices and centralise everything in Cape Town. That could get uncomfortable, so maybe that is not such a good idea.

    I have to agree with O!O the DA does not have the depth of leadership nor the intestinal fortitude to govern “trouble” spots like ODN and Bitou.

  4. Ag nee mnr Baird! Vanwaar die horoscope skakel? Jou nuusblad verdien beter.

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