Johann Brummer announces

The man who delivered Bitou from the clutches of the ANC rides again!

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Oudtshoorn. 17 October 2012. 15h45.


Over the past two months there have been numerous unfounded rumours, simple gossip and also downright untruths regarding my dismissal from the DA and Bitou Council. The time has now come to set the record straight.

After 12 years of service to the DA and this town I was purged from the DA on the pretext that I owed the party R5 621 in arrear candidates fees from the last election. The truth, however, is that I did not owe the DA a cent in candidates fees or anything else. The records show, unequivocally, that the DA owed me money at the time of my dismissal.

The real reasons for my summary dismissal from the DA relate to irregularities within the DA structures in Plettenberg Bay and the Bitou Council on which I blew the whistle. I refused to turn a blind eye to them and refused to be part of the cover-up of actions which will potentially cost the people of Plett millions.

I immediately submitted detailed reports supported by documentary evidence to the DA party structures and the relevant DA Provincial Ministers and the party leader, Helen Zille. Their ONLY action to date has been to dismiss me from the party.

I am informed that Liz Mundell has stated that I was going to be dismissed on disciplinary charges anyway. The DA has never brought disciplinary charges against me, nor have they ever had reason to. For her to claim otherwise is in direct conflict with the DA’s own affidavit submitted to court.

Liz also informed the DA meeting (on 15 October) that I have been “conducting a vendetta of revenge against those who fired him” (me) Again this is not true. I am taking legal action against the DA. The DA has caused personal and financial damage to me and I have all the right in the world to bring an action against it.  According to the sworn affidavit from the DA, nobody fired me from the DA, it was an “automatic cessation of membership”, triggered by my alleged non-payment of candidate’s fees. How Liz can claim I am waging a vendetta against those who fired me is again in direct conflict with the DA’s own oath submission to court.

In the interests of brevity I will not go into any detail on any of these issues here, but I am willing to allow anybody who is interested access to all supporting documentation. I will also present the documentary proof at the “Primary” debate to be held at 17h30 on 23 October in the Piesang Valley Hall.

I wish to confirm that I will be contesting the vacancy in ward 2 occasioned by the sudden and unexpected passing of Charles Dreyer, as an independent candidate and am not associated in any way with any political party, or any other interest group.

I also wish to set the record straight with regard to the false rumours being spread in this regard, as follows:

1. I am not associated in any way with Mr Hardy Mills. Mills has always been a fervent ANC supporter and vehemently opposed to me. He is in fact closely associated with the other independent candidate, Francois Geldenhuys.

2. Should the people of ward 2 elect me to council, I will continue to serve the people of Plett as I have done in the past.

3. I will work with those other councillors who are also serious about bringing good, clean, efficient and transparent governance to our municipality.

4. I will continue to root out maladministration, unlawfulness and corruption and will not, under any circumstances be a part of cover-ups or misinformation by any political party or person.

5. My record shows that I have been subjected to abuse and victimisation by both the ANC and DA for speaking truth to power and putting the welfare of the town and its people first. I have never compromised on that and I never will. What I do on council will be to the benefit of the town and its people and will not be influenced by any other considerations or affiliations.

6. It is highly unlikely that either the ANC or the DA will want to enter into a coalition with a councillor who stands for what I do. It is therefore a blatant untruth that I have already come to an agreement with anybody, least of all the ANC.

Johann Brummer
082 846 0792
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44 thoughts on “Johann Brummer announces

  1. I agree with you 100% Lol, be it local, provincial or national government, and (see article elsewhere on O!O today) apparently even in our local schools!

  2. Amazed: “With great power comes great responsibility.” and then Abraham Lincoln “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Don’t you agree that those quotes sums up SA’s current troubles. Be it ANC, COPE, DA most current politiciens haven’t passed that test of Power!

  3. I wanted to add to the above – Mr. Brummer mentioned earlier (in reply to one of my posts) that it is not the past that matters, per se. My point being that his past shows that when he was given power, he could not handle it. To quote two wise men: firstly Stan Lee (by way of Uncle Ben in Spiderman) “With great power comes great responsibility.” and then Abraham Lincoln “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

  4. It appears, Mr. Brummer, that you should maybe read the Brummer vs. Mvimbi judgment. I have, a couple of times. Simplistically speaking, you were found to be abusing your power as speaker (ie. NOT according to the statutory duty of a speaker) , which leads me right back to my initial response to this specific post. Do the electorate in Bitou want to run the risk of giving power to someone like that? )In fact, and I am paraphrasing here, but the learned judge basically found that you were unable to separate personal issues from council matters.) Maybe they do, I do not know. But again, you can spin it any which way you want, the Brummer vs Mvimbi judgment stands – unopposed, thus accepted. The reason why the appeal did not proceed doesn’t have something to do with the advice to not proceed? But, and here is the interesting bit, the appeal did not proceed (the reason actually is irrelevant). It is quite easy to now spin a tale of factual incorrect findings etc etc and to try and sell your version (the appeal that wasn’t) as the true reflection of the facts. This is entirely wrong. Your appeal version, was never tested by a court. Your application was, and it was found wanting. Certain findings were made, and they remain unchallenged. Your intentions do not count in this regard. Whether you agree with the judgment or not, does not count. Your opinions as reflected in the abandoned appeal, does not count. They are for all intent and purposes, as wrong as those in your application (which were found to be wrong). The abandoned appeal does not shed any light on the matter.

  5. @ Amazed. Let us look at deviations. Deviations have to be reported to council and are listed in the annual report along with othe rirregularities and must then be dealt with during the Oversight Committee process. The latter has never been done in Plett, not under the DA and not under the ANC. Having a proper oversight process was equally strenuously avoided by the ANC and the DA. The DA did, however, properly report on the deviations which the ANC did not and that is one of the reasons it appears that there were so many deviations under the DA.

    The somewhat cahotic situation when the DA took over and the concommitant haste with which services had to be required led to a spike in the number of deviations at that time. Given that the supply chain management department was for all intents dysfunctional and staffed by people that did not know what to do, it was almost impossible to make use of the correct procedures as the capacity to make them work was not there. That was repared and cometh the hour, cometh the man, one of the guys in that department (I forget his name) took up the challenge, stepped into the breach and started putting things right. I think that you will find that the crisis has passed and that there are no longer so many deviations in his capable hands.

    The point I was trying to make about the BEE thing is that whether or not the form was filled in correctly or not in that regard, it had no influence on the awarding of the rental contract. At that time supply chain was deurmekaar. If you go and look you will see that there were scores of suppliers on the list, whose information was incorrect but getting huge tenders and contracts even though they did not even exist! Atleast one of which I know where the same error with regard to the PDI (It is PDI status by the way, not BEE) and also incorrect local preference information on the records. Mistakes, incorrect information and incomplete information was the norm at that time and in most instances there was nothing sinister or underhanded but simple incompetence and ignorance.

    That said, my understanding of how the PDI aspect should be applied was originally that it included white women but that that was later changed to exclude white women. (I may be wrong on the latter) It certainly excluded Americans and other foreign nationals regardless of race, so in my opinion Debi would have been excluded on both grounds and it was incorrect to list her status as PDI. Who knows why it was recorded as such could have been a misinterpretation of the requirements, a simply mistake, or simply not thinking one step further than that she is a woman.

    Fortunately it did not play any role in the awarding of the contract.

    The speaker thing… If you read Brummer v Mvimbi elsewhere on the blog you will see that your version of the events is simplistic. I don’t blame you for not knowing whether it was slops or slippers, because I was charged with the one and the evidence presented by the ANC was that I wore the other and the Chairman, bless his sole (pun intended) found me guilty as charged in direct contradiction of the evidence presented. So, if you read carefully you will see that the dress code for council as stated under oath by the then Speaker, Lawrence Luiters, was and still is, “Tie and Jacket.” It is a cold, hard, undeniable fact.

    It is a Speaker’s statutory duty to apply the rules in a council meeting. I did that. I could have done what I have seen done before where a tie-less councillor was sent out of the chamber to go and put a tie on before being allowed to return. But that would not have been fair or wise under the circumstances. I was dealing with new councillors who did not necessarily know, with the exception of Lulama who knew, and should have informed his inexperienced colleagues and set the correct example but deliberately did not. Only ANC councillors came without ties and/or jackets either because they did not know better or deliberately, it matters not, and the DA councillors wore ties because they had been properly informed.

    I merely pointed out to those councillors who did not comply with the dress code of council that they did not and must comply in future. No “childish get-you-back” in that, as it would have been had I sent them out to put ties on or if I had admonished them “while they were actually adhering to dress code” as you so boldly but erroneously state for a fact and base your entire attack on my credibility and integrity on. Or even worse if I had spent huge amounts of ratepayers’ money on bringing disciplinary charges against them without foundation or facts.

    And that is not spindoctoring. It is putting the facts on the table and arguing the facts, rather than someone else’s twisted version and prejudices. If you read the appeal document as suggested you will see that even judges make the same mistake of not sticking to the facts but allowing themselves to be swayed by “Silver Tongued Devils.”

  6. Mr. Brummer, you truly are a spindocter of note! I have seen documents where Debi was given a BEE rating, not only does she not qualify for this as a White person, but she also does not qualify since she is not even a South African. I am not going to blame you for the fact that in Bitou Municipality for the first 9 months the DA was in control not one single appointment, tender or contract was awarded on any other manner than by deviation. This (by definition of the word) is unthinkable. Deviation means to deviate from the norm, in other words ONLY in exceptional circumstances, yet, the DA made this their standard operating procedure. But, alas, as I said, I am not going to blame this one on you.

    My reference to your abuse of power as speaker stems from your actions as speaker, which lead to your court application (and we all know what happened there). Among some of the petty things you did whilst being speaker, was to challenge the ANC councillors for not wearing ties (or jackets – I forget). This while they were actually adhering to dress code. You did this as a childish get-you-back for their charge against you a few years back when you attended a council meeting in slop (or slippers – I forget). But, you can spin it any way you want, you can produce all the documents (selectively) you want, it still will not change the facts.

  7. Yah Selina dont you remember the Bitou DA have one set of rules for themselves and the rest of us are subjected to the strictest of rules and treated like trash, while JB was still DA we have been busy behind the scenes building support for a Bitou party.
    I myself becsuse I refused to bow down to their nonsence had been treated like a criminal. They ran the DA here like the mafia!
    But I think we should allow JB to explain himself on Tuesday and support him, now he knows what we went through, personally I feel Liz and Donald were the masterminds, wonder if they own a fluffy white cat (bond villain) lol

  8. @Hardy Mills. Just re read your comment 2012/10/20 19:50 above. Somebody has misinformed you. I have not yet taken the DA on review. Another purged councillor, who also owed them nothing has done so. Her case was inter alia that the clause in the DA’s constitution used to fire us is unConstitutional, against the public mores and therefore non pro scripto.(?) The matter was heard by Judge Mansingh in the Cape High Court on 11 October 2012 with judgement being reserved. We all await the judgement with bated breath. That will determine what I do.

  9. Kenny and Johan please get a room.

    @Drewan I’m waiting for the documents.
    @Kenny I agree with you. I also admire your resilience. Being stabbed by one of Brummer’s soldiers who are now working in Memor)’s office and being purged by Brummer in a most public manner, being accused of all kinds of horrible things and still being able to say let’s forgive and forget….you deserve a Bell’s. All that said Brummer is right when he says I’m his little helper. I feel Johan must learn to truthfully explain himself to the people of Plett. Its no good we want to take the DA out and in the process forget who was really incharge in our haste to see change.

    Not even at this point can Johan be half the man you are by admitting that the ANC wasn’t a quarter as bad as he made everyone belief. And his 18 months in council was a disaster.

    @Johan everyone should know that all White SA women are actually BEE. The problem with your girlfriend is not that she is a white female, its that she is A white AMERICAN citizen. We have till December for you to look for the papers you and Drewan promised me. We are all waiting.

    Last but not the least, you and I both know I am not a streetfighter, I don’t fight dirty and I don’t spread lies.

  10. @Kenny Leluma. Ja, we’ve had our moments haven’t we. But we are both professionals and understand that it is not personal. Yes, it does become directed at the personality from time to time and that happens to both of us from time to time but we understand that it is the pointman, the guy making the running with the ball that attracts the tackles, both high and low, foul and fair. Mostly I made the running for the DA and you often for the ANC. (You were lucky in that respect as you had more guys to run and tackle) But we took and made the tackles.

    We both do what must be done, to achieve that which we set out to do, with a vengeance and fearlessly both fighters.

    I believed the DA was the answer to good governance in Plett and you believed otherwise. I won the battle for the DA and was proved wrong. But, that does not prove you, that held the view that the ANC was the answer, right. In our heart of hearts I think we must admit we were both wrong in our beliefs.


    ” If you want to be a builder in the municipality, you must be prepared to work with everyone, including with the very same ANC you spent most of your time in the council fighting with, and the DA who have treated you badly. If you do so, you will ensure that service delivery takes precedence.”

    You are on the button. Spot on. And I too have come to that realisation. In the past two weeks this has been confirmed to me over and over by many of my past adversaries who have contacted me in one way or another to encourage me and offer their support. They far outnumber those who bear me ill will and indulge in gratuitous personal attacks. It has surprised me. There is great political maturity out there from big people who see the bigger picture and believe like I do that we MUST now all work together to the benefit of the town. We have tried the other ways and they have not worked. To persist in that for the sake of persisting and against better judgement is insanity. The goal has always been the same, but the methods have differed. A new approach is needed. I am 1000% convinced that the necessary goodwill and desire exists.

    Kenny, I’m going to hold you to that!! Imagine Kenny Leluma voting for Johann Brummer! That readers takes a big man with big balls! Do what must be done when it must be done without regard for personal nonsense. I admire that example and am now more than ever convinced that my own intention to do likewise is correct for Bitou council and will work.

    The speech…jy is tog Afrikaans baie beter magtig as ek, so waarom nie. Jou toenadering sal nie van die hand gewys word nie.

  11. Good answers Mr Brummer. We were political opponents but on friendly terms when I left Bitou for Free State. I came back and our relations froze to almost arctic levels. Despite some dramatic conclusions in court cases where you were involved and I had some interest, and which cases didn’t end in your favour, I’m still not really at peace with you.
    But there are few things I will always respect you for. First, you are a fighter. Even though you resorted to some street fight tactics in the past, you don’t fear to walk in the dark for what you believe in. Second, whether the DA wants to publicly or privately acknowledge it or not, you delivered Bitou to them. And for them to have expelled you for that silly reason says a lot about the hearts of their leadership. The DA must tell the people the truth about your expulsion from the party. Third, from your above answers, and despite my not agreeing with you on some of your answers, show that you’re growing as a politician. People who gather honey don’t kick the beehives. If you want to be a builder in the municipality, you must be prepared to work with everyone, including with the very same ANC you spent most of your time in the council fighting with, and the DA who have treated you badly. If you do so, you will ensure that service delivery takes precedence. If any of the parties would refuse to cooperate with you, then nobody would accuse you of vengeance.
    Truth is that you were vitriolic against the ANC when you were the council speaker. But I hope you learned from the debacles of the past because if you didn’t, we would end up with one person who would stall progress, no matter how little, in the municipality. I’m a disciplined and pragmatic ANC member. So, whether it’s you or Mr Geldenhuys who gets the nod on Tuesday, count my vote in your or his favour in this by-election.
    (I’m already writing your first speech as a political come-back kid…hahahaha, I’m joking!)

  12. Love the answers, and great questions. I always liked the idea of heads getting together and coming up with solutions. JB himself will remember the DA workshops where between us all we came up with great ideas, not one was ever implimented.
    Was the DA to blame for this or municipal structures and red tape?
    I can say that as corruption killer says, Bitou is ready for change, the big partys have let us down with just giving us words and no action.
    If this ward votes the DAceivers in again they would have wasted a oppertunity to truely be part of something new and bring politicians under the power of their voters, please dont.

  13. @Selina. Such modesty when YOU are my very own bestest little helper!!

  14. Jammer so lank om te reageer maar ek het connection problems met my internet opgetel. hopelik sal dit nou hou.

    @ Selina. OK. Kom ons kyk gou na jou aantygings. Dit is almal die ou verdraaide, ongestaafde, beswaderende aantygings soos versprei word op Hardy Mills/ANC/ANCYL se blog die sogenaamde JEF.

    As “witmens” het Debi nie BEE status nie. Die status mbt BEE word inag geneem op ‘n punte basis wanner tenders toegewys word. Dit kan daartoe ly dat onder omstandighede waar twee of meer tenderaars is, dit moontlik is dat die persoon wat ‘n hoer prys tender as ‘n ander die wenner is asgevolg van ‘n moontlike hoer BEE status in die punte samestelling.

    In hierdie geval was daar nie ‘n tender proses nie, aangesien daar nie die nodige tyd was om op tender uit te gaan nie. Die wetgewing laat toe vir sulke omstandighede by wyse van ‘n afwykings prosedure wat volgens streng reels geskiet en aan die raad geraporteer moet word. Dit is wat in hierdie geval gebeur het.

    Dit was ‘n totale oop en deursigtige aksie en al die dokumentasie is vrylik beskikbaar in die raad se agenda en rekords. Destyds toe die onware aantygings wat jy nou weer maak geopper is, is ‘n voledige verslag aan die Minister van Plaaslike Regering deurgestuur as deel van ‘n ondersoek wat deur my self aangevra is. Ek het nog nie ‘n uitslag van hierdie ondersoek gesien nie, maar ‘n mens moet in ag neem dat die betrokke minister nie bekend is vir sy flinkheid nie. Die pers, ek dink die Sowetan, het destyds ook die aangeleentheid ondersoek, en nadat hulle van die volle omstandighede verwittig is het hulle blykbaar gevind dat daar nie ‘n storie in le nie.

    Thys Gilliomee is deur die Provinsilae regering aan Bitou gesekondeer en moes as deel van die ooreenkoms tussen die Provinsie en die munisipaliteit deur die munisipaliteit van akkommodasie voorsien word terwyl die Provinsie vir sy vergoeding verantwoordelik was. Hy het NIE in ‘n “council se flat” gebly nie soos jy beweer, maar wel in ‘n derde party se woonstel wat deur die munisipaliteit gehuur was as deel van die ooreenkoms. Dit is waar die probleem ontstaan het.

    Die eienaar van die woonstel in Bell Rock het die huur opgese vir Desember maand om self daarvan gebruik te maak, dit te laat opknap met die oog om dit in die mark te sit en as ek reg onthou om dit teen vakansie tariewe te verhuur. Dit is maar die gewone verloop van sake vir baie die eienaars van baie eindomme in Plett gedurende die valansie tydperk.

    Daar word toe blykbaar wild rondgeval om alternatiewe blyplek te bekom vir Desember maand. Soos jy sal weet is daar daardie tyd van die jaar ‘n tekort en dit is baie duur. Blkbaar het Debi toe aangebied dat sy haaar woonstel sal beskikbaar stel en is ‘n prys van R 8000 vir die tydperk beding met haar.

    Aangesien ons gewoonlik daardie tyd van die jaaar nie in Plett is nie verhuur sy altyd die woonstel deur ‘n agent. Sy doen dit reeds vier jaar lank. Gewoonlik teen R 1 200 per dag, en gewoonlik vir omtrent 21 dae. Na kommissie so ongeveer R 20 000 in totaal. In hierdie geval kom die daaglikse tarief tarief wat deur die munisipaliteit betaal is slegs om en by R200 per dag.

    Omdat sy nie ‘n Suid Afrikaner is nie, en dit dus baie duur is om ‘n Suid Afrikaanse bank rekening te bedryf is die geld in my rekening betaal vanwaar ek dit namens haar op haar instruksie uitbetaal het soos in die verslag wat voor die raad moes dien uiteengesit is. Ek was geensins betrokke by of bewus van die reeling wat getref is nie.

    Soos jy sou gesien het uit die wetgewing aangehaal in die verslag is dit nie onwettig vir naasbestaandes van ‘n raadslid om met die raad besigheid te doen nie, solank die korrekte prosedure gevolg word. Dit is wel in hierdie geval gedoen en die bewyse is daar vir enigiemand om na te slaan. Soos jy ook sal sien uit die verslag het ek persoonlik geen voordeel daaruit gekry nie. In werklikheid het ek ‘n klein persoonlike verlies gelei.

    Jou gevolgtrekking dat munisipale geld kwansuis gebruik is om vir ‘n “housesitter” vir Debi se woonstel te betaal is dus foutief. Kom kyk na die woonstel dan sal jy sien dat dit juis gekies en spesifiek ingerig as ‘n lock-up-and-go en/of maklik verhuurbaar.

    Dit is ‘n growwe onwaarheid dat ek Debi “aangestel” het en dat sy haar eie kantoor gehad het. Sy het aan die begin bloot vir my informeel gehelp omdat ek die hulp nodig gehad het en het in my kantoortjie gesit sonder self ‘n ordentelike lessenaar. Later het sy meer en meer die waarnemende munisipale bestuurders gehelp en is daar ‘n volunteer kontrak met haar gesluit. Daarna het sy meeste van die tyd in daardie kantoor gewerk. Dikwels was daar soveel as vier mense om ‘n tafel in die MM se kantoor almal besig om aan iets anders te werk. Hoe hulle dit reggekry het om so te werk weet ek nie. Dit het tot nog erger en moeiliker omstandighede gely toe daar gepoog is om die munisipale kantoor af te brand.

    Debi is ‘n kommunikasie spesialis met ‘n MBA graad van ‘n vooraanstaande universiteit en het baie bygedra tot die munisipaliteit gedurende ‘n baie moeilike tydperk. Sy is egter twee keer deur DA politicians ontslaan in weerwraak teen my toe ek geskop het teen onreelmatighede. Eerstens deur die Speaker voor daar ‘n formele kontrak was en toe later weer deur die Burgemeester. Stank vir dank en duidelike misbruik van mag in beide gevalle en natuurlik ook klassieke onwettige inmenging in die administrasie van die munisipaliteit om persoonlike vendattas te voer. Herinner aan die ANC, nie? Anyhow, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    Ek wil dit onomwonde stel dat Debi nooit vergoed is vir enige werk en nooit ‘n amptelike pos gevul het by die munisipaliteit wat enigsins deur enigiemand anders gevul kon gewees het nie.

    Daar bestaan eenvoudig nie so ‘n pos soos jy beweer nie. Dus kon daar geen advertensie van die pos of aanstelling van enigiemand in so ‘n pos gewees het nie. Daar is egter ‘n breee versoek gerig vir mense met die nodige vaardighede om hulself beskikbaar te stel om te help.

    Sy het wel kommunikasie werk gedoen. ‘n Voorbeeld daarvan was die “Mayor’s Letter.” namens die Burgemeester. (Jy is sekerlik nie so dom om te glo dat dit was sy werk was nie?) Na die eerste paar briewe het die DA voorsitter van die DA in Plett egter probeer om die kanaal en die intekenaars dadabasis te misbruik vir paty politieke propaganda. Ek en Debi het tensterkste beswaar aangeteken daarteen en dit is een van die groot redes hoekom ek uit die party geskors is. Dit tespyte daarvan dat ‘n ondersoek deur die DA self bevind het dat Liz Mundell hierdeur ingemeng het in die munisipaliteit se sake. Dit is interessant om te let daarop dat die eerste brief wat uitgestuur is nadat Debi deur die burgemeester ontslaan is blatante leuens en waninformasie bevat!

    Om jou vraag sommer reguit te beantwoord, as jy die halwe en verdraaide waarhede, wanindrukke, wanpersepsies en ongegronde aantygings wat jy skryf as die werklikheid en waarheid probeer voorhou, dan moet my antwoord wees, ja.

    @Corruption Killer. Thanks. See you there.

    @ Mfundo. I want to ask you a favour. Can we leave the DA’s internal procedural problems and irregularities out of this debate. I don’t think we should allow ourselves to be distracted from the real debate which I believe is Independents vs Party Politics in local government and of course adressing any issues and allegations relating to me peronally. OK? We can talk about the DA some other time, I really don’t want to waste time on them at this stage. OK?

    @Selina. Ek concur met Drewan, maar wil byvoeg dat ons in gemeenskap het dat ons albei baie sterk voel dat daar moet weggebreek word van party politiek op plaaslikeregeringsvlak. Hy langer as ek, maar ons het dit nou definitief in gemeen. Ons werk albei hard om die ideologie te bevorder en versprei. Ons doen dit openlik. No hidden agendas and personal advantages for us. Straight down the line. Limit and control political partie’s influence on local government.

    Bedoel jy die dokumentasie is aan die OB deurgestuur vir ondersoek? As dit so is, is dit ‘n baie goeie ding. Dit is hoogtyd dat iemand haar aandag op Bitou vestig. Ek sien uit daarna. Ek gaan self ‘n paar dinge onder haar aandag bring nou dat ek nie meer geketting is deur ‘n politieke party nie.

    Daar bestaan nie ‘n e-pos waarin ek kontrakte vir Didata en/of Chris Stroebal of enigiemand anders bepleit nie. Daar bestaan wel ‘n e-pos wat ek aan die Waarnemende MM gestuur het waarin ek vra dat daar nie lukraak dienste afgesny word in die besige vakansieseisoen deur die munisipaliteit opgronde van verskille oor rekeninge nie.

    Aai Selina, tog! Jy loop nou al jare met daardie gesteelde private e-pos rond en verkondig jou halwe waarhede en leuens. Jy maak nou ‘n hond wakker wat eerder op hierdie stadium met rus gelaat moes gewees het.

    Kom ons maak so: As jy nou rerig hierdie ding nou wil uitpluis, dan stuur jy die e-posse aan Drewan om beskikbaar te stel vir almal, want ek het hulle nie ter hande nie, en het rerig nie die tyd om te krap nie. Maak tog net seker dit is die hele teks en nie met ‘n stukkie afgesny soos gebruik is in die disiplinere verhoor teen my nie. OK?

    Wat ek dan sal doen is om al die ander goed uit te krap en ook beskikbaar stel vir publikasie met my verduideliking daarby indien nodig.

    Ek kan jou egter nou al die versekering gee dat dit nie, na my kennis betrekking het op displinere optrede deur die DA teen my nie. Daar is dood eenvoudig nie disiplinere optrede teen my gebring nie.

    @ Selina. Jou eerste paragraaf is weereens ‘n herhaling van ongegronde aantygings, halwe waarhede en verdraaings.

    Scorp. Scorp is aangestel deur die voormalige MM, Mnr Ngoqo. Hy het die korrekte proses gevolg om dit te doen and dit is so aan die raad raporteer en aanvaar. Dit was gedoen op aanbeveling van die relevante MEC.

    Ek hoor ook van die selfoon dreigemente maar dra self geen persoonlike kennis daarvan nie en kan dus nie kommentaar daarop lewer nie. Wat ek wel weet is dat die DA baie streng reels het wat van toepassing is op die indiensname van sg body guards. Onder andere dat dit elke ses maande review moet word. Ek moet aanvaar dat die reels toegepas is, en weerhou my daarvan om te spekuleer of om lukrake gevolgtrekkings te maak. Vra jy maar die munisiplaiteit en die DA verder daaroor uit en laat weet ons wat jy uitvind. Ek stem saam met jou mbt Rica. Jy het kontakte in die polisie en dit behoort maklik vir jou te wees om te bevestig by hulle of die selfoon dreigemente op daardie wyse nagespeur kon word. Vind tog uit vir ons.

    Jou tydsberekening laat jou erg in die steek en jy maak wilde aantygings sonder gronde. Maak eers seker van jou feite.

    Jy het duidelik dieselfde dokumentasie gesien wat ek ‘n paar dae gelede bekom het. In hierdie geval lyk dit op die oog af, asof daar wel ‘n probleem kan wees, maar die dokumentasie is nie detailed genoeg om tot die gevolgtrekkings te kom wat jy maak nie. Ons moet ook onthou dat die betrokke partye nog nie ‘n kans gehad het om hulself te verdedig nie. Blykbaar word dit nog ondersoek.

    ‘n Mens moet ook in ag neem dat daar sekerlik na hierdie registrasies ens gekyk is deur supply chain en die destydse MM toe hulle Scorp aangestel het.

    R 22 000 per maand. Gegewe dat jy dokumentasie in jou besit het wat wys dat dit wat jy se totaal onwaar is, kan ek nie anders as jou stelling as ‘n doelbewuste leuen te beskryf nie.

    Regskostes. Partykeer wanner dit jou pas dig jy hierdie uitlating aan my toe en ander tye aan die Burgemeester. Make up your mind dan deel ons daarmee. OK?

    Die bande. Nog ‘n infame leuen en versinsel. As dit so was en jy het die kleinste greintjie bewys gehad sou daar ‘n kriminele klag teen my aanhangig gemaak gewees het. And rightly so.

    @Hardy. Thanks for the free legal advice. Coming from whence it does I know it is very expensive.

    @ Corruption Killer. Don’t believe everything you read on JEF.

  15. @Corruption Killer…vra maar vir Brummer eks nie seker, maar miskien het hy tog verander en vertel jou die waarheid. Ek dink van al die mense hier skuld hy jou die waarheid na alles wat jy vir hom doen.

  16. We need to remove the bureaucratic and political red tape. The more the political parties regulate their councillors, the more you they provide room for corruption. We need to remove political structures in toto in municipalities. Local government is currently not working and is in distress. There are many failures and weaknesses. If Ward 2 is won by an independent it will propel municipalities towards the ideal state as envisaged in the RDP and White Paper on Local Government (1988) and subsequent legislation eg. the Local Government Act. Innovative approaches and drastic actions are desperately needed to improve the state of municipalities all over the country. The Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations Systems needs to be reviewed. The two tier model of Local Government; and the review of local government legislation and introduction of new and innovative reform legislation in order to depoliticize municipalities are necessary. The ANC and the DA had their chances, now it’s someone else’s chance to give it a shot! All those modern successful countries had a definite and defining moment when their reform and healing started; our country’s moment will come on 5 December 2012, in Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape.

  17. Hi Meid, I really think you have smacked the touchy issue’s squarely on the head, without extracting all your questions/allegations , these are exactly the questions that need asking. Yes, before we could count our chickens “Debbie” had a job running the municipality. Before we could wipe our eye’s ” Scorp” had the job as Bodyguards, which was a no-no. Memo giving his friends and family jobs. And yep, Mr Ord , got the IT millions and still does today(Lets not go there) , But hey, to blame him for the tragic loss of a child’s life on a strategic email, that’s pushing it and totally wrong.

    BTW, Wie is die Meid in die rooi karretjie?

  18. Dear OO. I am extremely impressed with the public and OO readers in particular to see that they take the time to debate issues, raise their concerns and express their views and support for or against any candidate. This is a very positive sign when considering the future for a real balance of power held by independents, and the first step to change the existing legislation and remove politicians all together from local government. I know this might sound a bit unrealistic at this stage but I have been researching this possibility for quite a while now, and it can be done.

    Getting back to the pending by-election, please take note that I will be writing an article during the course of the weekend on how exactly a “swing vote” works and what does a “balance of power” really mean in the context of Bitou. I will also explain how it will practically work in future should an independent win the by-election.

    I agree that the manner in which Brummer was “fired” by “the computer” is against the rules of natural justice, against the spirit of our country’s constitution and done in an appalling manner, considering the fact that he single handily brought the DA into power in Plett. He is a seasoned politician and anyone who does not take him seriously in this by-election is a fool. Whether it was wise of him to take the DA’s decision to expel him on review is another question. All political parties exercise strict control over their councilors in this manner. If a political party does not want you any longer they can and will expel you. Normally the councilor accepts the fact that he is not welcome there anymore. If you challenge them in court, no matter how ridiculous and unfair you were treated, you really do not stand change. Only an extremely lenient and sympathetic judge will come to the expelled councilor’s assistance. Unfortunately for Brummer he didn’t have such a judge that day. I wish Brummer well in his presentation next Tuesday, as I know him it will be explosive stuff! May the best man win!

  19. Dankie Drewan ons wag geduldig vir die dokumente en die verduideliking oor hoe presies ‘n Amerikaanse vrou nou BEE status bereik in Suid Afrika. En hoe presies sy nou al een is wat met die dorp, want meestal Afrikaans sprekend is, kon kommunikeer. Hoe sy aangestel kon word binne dae sonder ‘n advertensie en die volg van enige prosedure. Sy was glo ook die interior decorator, nuwe verf, kunswerke en banke. Verwydering van foto’s van vorige ampsdraers ens, ens, ens.

    Dan kan jy ook sommer vir ons almal verduidelik hoe Scorp “sekuriteit” aangestel is na beweerde dreigemente teen Memory. Die polisie se grootbase kon geen intelligensie optel om die sogenaamde dreigemente te staaf nie. Onthou tog almal was toe al geRICA so dit sou mos nou baie maklik wees om die mensies wat so lelik wass op te spoor.

    Maar soos ek se die polisie dra toe geen kennis daarvan nie, maar Scorp trek van Mosselbaai af na ‘n lekker ete in die Blue Room by die Plettenberg Hotel en word summier aangestel, weereens sonder enige konsiderasie vir die munisipale wette. Scorp het nie ‘n tax clearance gehad nie (ons vind uit hulle word tans deur SARS se bedrog eenheid ondersoek in die verband). Scorp was nie eens ‘n lid van die sekuriteits assosiasie, van hulle werkers het nou nog nie die nodige opleiding of kwalifikasies nie. Scorp huur toe mos sommer memory ‘n huis teen R22 000 per maand in Goose Valley en koop selfs bande vir munisipale karre en verkoop dit dan teen ‘n wins van R500 per band aan Brummer en kie. Brummer se mos almal gaan aanspreeklik gehou word vir legal fees, maar hyself betaal nie die legal fees toe hy verloor nie.

    My Ouma het altyd gese moet nie ‘n mens vertrou wat niks het om te verloor nie. En my Pa het my geleer niemand is so sleg dat hulle nie ‘n tweede kans verdien nie. (Vir Johan is dit waaragtig ‘n vierde kans om Hansie trots te maak waar sy in die hemel is met ander engele netsoos sy)

  20. Seliena, ek het die dikumente omdat ek die stories geskryf het. Ek het dokumente wat Johann self dalk nie het nie, maar die vraag was aan hom gevra…

  21. Vertrou my as ek se dat ek het geen illusie gehad omtrent jou verhouding met die eienaar van O’aanlyn nie en jy het maar net weereens bevestig dat Drewan nie so onafhanklik is dat hy sy lesers se identiteit sal beskerm nie (Sien ook die een waar Grant se vriend aangeval word)
    Maar nou ja ons sal maar geduldig wag vir jou verduideliking en seker maak dit is inderdaad dieselfde as die kopiee wat die openbare beskermer in haar besit het.

    Terwyl jy so krap sal jy sommer die epos waarin jy Chris Stroebel en Didata se kontrakte bepleit het sommer ook pos….oops en die enetjie aan Peter Ahern gedateer 1 Junie 2006, waarin jy besluit het die enigste manier om van die ANC ontslae te raak is deur swart op swart geweld in die townships…. En toe gebeur dit mos en ‘n 2 jarige kind is dood in die proses…. Of was jy nie betrokke nie. Nou wonder ek of die Sedisie saak wat hieruit spruit nie moontlik die rede vir die disiplinere verhoor wat die DA na verwys nie? Die DA het regtig waar nuwe mening aan kondoom gegee…. Gebruik jou, laat jou toe om te kom en dan probeer om jou weg te spoel. A nee A.

  22. @Johann Brummer as you were part of the inner core of the DA Bitou, is Lizz a valid constituency chairperson?

    She lives in Harkerville area, which I believe falls within Ward 7 according to the IEC website….is this correct?If so… can she be the chairperson of the ward where the by-election will be?

    Did the DA Bitou ever have an empowerment plan to capacitate its branches in the black and colored areas……or were,and possibly still are, they happy to dictate to these structures?

    From the outside the DA Bitou are perfect-an idea I think the voters of ward 2 are made to believe……but is this true?

  23. @Selina dk. Hier is so lank ‘n afskrif van my “Declaration” soos voorgele by die gewone raadsvergadering gehou einde Maart 2012 soos voorgeskryf deur die toepaslike wetgewing. Ek soek nog na die ander pampiere. As ek dit nie die naweek kry nie sal ek Maandag vir die munisipaliteit afskrifte vra en dan mooi in detail ingaan.

  24. @Selina die kombuismeid. (Met die rooi karretjie?) Ja, ek is bevrees jy doen wel so as jy dit wat jy se vir die waarheid propageer. Gee my bietjie kans dan krap ek al die papier werk uit sodat ek die eintlike ware FEITE vir jou kan met absolute akuraatheid voorle. Ek sal ook die uil O!O vra of hy die dokumentasie op sy website kan sit, dan kan almal vir hulleself sien wat het werklik gebeur en wat die wet se.

  25. Thank you JB, Mooi Man,, Yes we have been discussing this for a while already in our respective communities, and eerily have not come across a single negative comment, especially amongst our khoi voters, who feel in no uncertain terms, utterly used by both the ANC and now the DA.

    We all believe in the Bitou Party System (BPS), and have total faith that ward2 will embrace this novel and forward looking idea.

    All up’s to you my friend, and we’ll be there routing for you Tuesday. As my fellow comrade loves to say ” We will not be DAceived again”

  26. Johan Brummer ek dink jy moet maar eers vir ons verduidelik hoe jou amerikaanse live in partner sommer BEE status gekry het. Sodat jy R8000 vir ‘n maand se huur in jou bankrekening uit die einste Bitou rekening ontvang het terwyl jy speaker van council was. Thys Gilliomee het gratis in ‘n council se flat gebly, maar toe jy en jou nooi na haar vaderland vertrek toe moes jy ‘n house sitter kry en sommer seker maak Bitou betaal daarvoor. Verder het jy jou nooi summier aangestel as die PR and communications persoon vir Bitou, met haar eie kantoor. Geen adevrtensies, geen prosedure nie. Eks seker die speaker het powers, maar glo nie dit was bedoel om so misbruik te word nie. OF lieg ek nou?

  27. @Corruption Killer. You asked for it and you’re going to get it!

    This whole thing has been very rushed and to my knowledge no actual agreement has been drafted yet. Francois and I simply agreed to the broad principle that we will sign such an agreement after the primary and we will. The legal guys must determine that.

    On the other matter, and this is where you get the whole 9 yards…

    Since being purged from the DA, a number of people, both from outside and inside the DA, who have become disillusioned with the way local government in general is being abused to serve other purely political ends instead of the primary function of establishing effective governments, have contacted me to join with them in a bigger movement to try to solve the problem.

    The debate has been going for quite a long time and I have only become aware of it lately, so the ideas are quite well developed already.

    You may know what I am going to explain but I know that many other people do not, so bear with me in a rough explanation of how the system works.

    Our Constitution and other relevant legislation dictates that we have a democratic government at municipal level based on a proportional system. In other words some councillors are directly elected (ward councillors) and others are appointed by the parties to fill the Proportional Representative (PR) seats. Ours is not a winner takes all system like the UK for example. The loser also gets something.

    There is a ward vote for the candidate and a party vote for the party.

    Example: Ward 4 New Horizons 2011.

    Elaine Paulse (DA) 1055
    Leonard Jonas (ANC) 1180

    Jonas wins the election by just 125 votes. Paulse should be out completely.

    But there is a party vote too.

    DA 1144
    ANC 1152

    The ANC wins again this time by only 8 votes. Or do they? They do not. This vote in isolation is actually meaningless and the only thing it may show is that Paulse as a person is less popular than the party under whose flag she stood and the ANC is less popular than the candidate they fielded. But that could be a wrong conclusion, and probably is.

    To determine who gets the proportional seat, all the votes cast for a party on the second ballot and all the votes cast for the individual ward candidates standing under the banner of that party are added together and a proportion of the total vote per party is then determined and seats allocated accordingly.

    Council has 13 seats. 7 ward seats easily determined by who gets the most votes in the ward. In 2011, 2 went to the DA and 5 to the ANC. The six PR seats are up for grabs on a proportional basis to all registered political parties that took part.

    The total vote picture was as follows:

    DA 16 488
    ANC 15 633
    COPE 784


    The total votes cast in the election 34 252. That divide by 13 determines the “cost” of a seat. 2634 votes.

    In the first round:

    DA 6.259 seats.
    ANC 5.935 seats
    COPE 0.297 seats

    You cannot cut people into fractions so you round up and down.

    DA 6 – 2 ward seats already attained = 4 PRs
    ANC 6 – 5 ward seats already attained = 1 PR
    COPE 0

    One PR seat remains to be allocated.

    Remaining fractions are carried into the next round.

    DA 0.259
    ANC 0.00
    COPE 0.297

    13th seat (6th PR) goes to COPE.

    That is how we ended up with 6 ANC, 6 DA and 1 COPE.

    The reason I went through this whole rigmarole is to high light the fact that under our system a candidate standing as an independent may lose a ward narrowly and is then out, but the candidate who stands under the banner of a registered political party may very well live into round 2. And that a party does not always need to get enough votes for seat, but can get lucky and get one at a fraction of the “cost.” while an independent cannot.

    Another important lesson is that every vote does count! If the DA had got just 0.038 of a percent more votes they would have had an outright victory. Just 100 votes out of 34 thousand made the difference. Actually taking the trouble to vote is important. Your vote can and does make a difference.

    Now that I’ve been halfway around the world, lets get back to your question.

    True local accountability does need a local “Bitou Party” with a recall clause and it MUST be a registered political party, but with no greater ambitions than BITOU and it MUST run candidates in every ward to garner the maximum votes for the proportional division. That is relatively simple to achieve.

    During local government there is a 3rd vote. Also a party vote, for the District municipality which also requires good councillors to prevent it from becoming the plaything of the political parties.

    So, the thinking seems to be that the local parties cannot be confined to a single municipality but must be on a district municipality scale to take care of that aspect of local government.

    It is early days yet, but the idea has support country wide from those councillors who are more into good governance for the people who vote for them at the local level than other peoples’ naked personal ambitions and power hunger.

    The idea is not to take outright control of each and every council, but merely to field really good, honest, capable candidates, dedicated to the cause and to build slowly from there, carefully recruiting and then nurturing and training new talent to grow. No burning ambitions to rule the world at all costs by 2020 or whatever. At the outset just enough to hold the swing vote and to be able to have good enough councillors in place to ensure that the political party hacks behave themselves.

    It is early days yet, but I believe that if taken slowly and carefully this is the solution to the deep and dire problems SA local government is in.

    That’s the big picture and dream and there are many gaps and details still to be addressed by people far more capable than me and I believe that 2016 this baby will take its first steps.

  28. Love all your answers JB,, “The re-call clause makes perfect sense to me. The voters hire, so surely the voters must then be in the position to fire at any time following due process. Nice and logical. The trick is to make it enforceable.” And herein lies the rub, it would be great to see what this clause entails.

    Then looking into the future, while I love the idea of having local accountablity, via independent means. How would this idea translate into local elections? Surely their must be a structure to unite all independent wards, to garner the PR numbers in exchange for seats, and would there then be a independent LIST? Why not just form a BITOU PARTY with the same independent principals in place?
    Make’s sense to me.

  29. @ Frikkels. Thanks. But you have the advantage – I can’t figure out who you are. I have no doubt that the DA is going to play the man and not the ball exactly as they have already in this whole saga, but then again, “As jy jou uitgee vir ‘n toffie moet jy nie huil as hulle jou kou nie,: or as that greatest if ball players said, “Cowboys don’t cry.” And now I’m on dangerous ground, so let me get it out, I’m a Stormers supporter – blind unreasoned support, but I love Cheetahs rugby.

    The chicken did indeed come home unexpectedly and they only have themselves to blame.

    @ Heks. See, it is easy. You have the answer. “…in the interest of the of the community as a whole, transparent government, good and responsible governance.” Simple.

    @ Investigative Public. Dankie. Maar ek glo nie ons moet dinge vooruit loop nie. Dalk skop Francois my agterent Dinsdag. Ek self is baie teleurgesteld dat die sakekamer weereens die politieke arena betree het, veral nadat hulle verlede jaar onderneem het om nie weer as ‘n instansie ‘n politieke party te ondersteun nie. Jy kan nie ‘n speler en die ref wees nie.

    Ek glo dat die sakekamers en die belastingbetalersvereenigings (is dit rerig een woord) ‘n baie belangrike rol het. Hulle is belangegroepe en moet die belange van hulle lede verteenwoordig. Om dit effektief te kan doen kan hulle nie tjomme wees met die raad nie, hulle kan ook nie deel van die raad wees nie. Om effektief te wees moet hulle die raad se base wees en nie bang wees om die harde pad te moet loop vir hulle lede nie. Dit word ‘n klug wanneer die waghond onder die bed in die slaapkamer wil insluip. Nog erger wanneer hulle doelbewus en wetend onwaarhede namens ‘n politieke party aan hulle lede versprei.

    Dit is vir my duidelik dat hulle en Francois uitgebuit word deur individue vir hul eie gewin en dit is tragies.

    Die big guns en die geld kan maar kom. Onthou daar is baie onbeantwoorde vrae wat hulle sommer terselfde tyd kan beantwoord. Ek dink ‘n mens noem dit verantwoordbaarheid? Dit is goed in die politiek.

    @Amazed. It is not the past that matters per se. What is important especially in view of the task the independent will face, but institutional knowledge, especially on a council where there is zero institutional knowledge. A thorough knowledge of how a municipality works is essential. Business principles do apply to a degree, but a municipality is not a business, never will be and in fact is prohibited by numerous laws from being run in that way. It is a complicated field.

    Fortunately my involvement in the sordid past of Bitou municipality was in blowing the whistle on the sordid and corrupt, trying to ensure accountability and preventing further corruption. I am proud of what I achieved in that regard.

    You state as a fact that I was willing to abuse my powers for personal vendettas. By saying that shows that you have no actual knowledge of what has transpired and are merely regurgitating the misinformation you have been fed. It is a very sad thing that some good people, people who are very capable and whom I liked as persons and enjoyed working with were and are involved in irregularities and corruption. It is not nice to have to expose those people and hold them accountable or insist that they be held accountable for what they have done or attempted to do with public money. It is the job of the councillor It is nothing personal. Few of these people have harmed me personally and where they have it has just been verbal nonsense without foundation. I am a politician and cannot allow stuff like that to distract me and make me ineffective, it will play into their hands. I have a thick skin and a sense of humour to protect me. In any event, those that try to cause harm without foundation are invariably exposed. I have been victimised and know what it feels like and have no intention of gratuitously waging personal vendettas and have certainly not done so in the past. I have acted without fear or favour regardless of the personal price to me.

    Certain people in the DA have deliberately and in a very calculated manner set out to cause me personal and financial harm and continue to do so, and will continue to do so. My remedy for that does not lie in a personal vendetta against them or the party. They have done so in the name of the party, and my remedy is to sue the party for restitution in a court. I am in the process of doing so. It is out of my hands now there is no gain for me in waging vendettas against people.

    It is true that a leopard does not change his spots. Go and look therefore at my record and don’t rely on misinformation and rumours from people who need to justify their past wrong doing or that of their friends.

    @Daceived no more. You’re right it will cause a shake up. I can’t speak for Francois, but you have read me wrong if you think I said I will not work with the ANC. One thing I know for sure is that I am going to HAVE to work with EVERYBODY who is represented on council and that any personal likes or dislikes will have to be put aside. I have been in the game a long time and I know from experience that if you exclude people you will have troubles and will not be able to do what you have to do – serve the people with good governance. In that position, if you do not realise that, accept it and apply it you must go home.

    Let me state clearly. I will work with everybody but I will not be put in a position of having to toe any party line simply for the benefit of holding a “position” on council. I will represent the voters who vote for me and nobody else’s interests and that includes my own.

    The success or continued failure of governance in Plett depends entirely on making the council work for everybody in the long-term. I will hopefully get an opportunity to address this really big and important issue on Tuesday evening. See you there.

    @Mfundo. You’re welcome. As I said above, it would be a very tricky and delicate situation and nobody can run the council without COPE’s man under the circumstances so don’t be too quick to discount that power.

    If one looks at it simplistically and personally you could say that my colleagues in the DA “turned against” me. And yes, it did hurt at the time when it dawned on me. But, these are inexperience people who were thoroughly deceived and used as pawns in a power struggle by unethical people. That cannot under the circumstances where as you correctly say I will HAVE to work with them, be held against them. It will be difficult to trust fully again, but that can be worked around. Not only must ward 2 be looked after properly, but the interests of all the people of Plett must be paramount.

    I have indeed been in Plett for a long time, but I do not really know much about the DA’s candidate. I do know that he has two businesses to run in Plett, one of which is still very new, so I very much doubt that he would be living in Cape Town most of the time.

    Just a few weeks ago he was listed by the DA as number 2 on their party list with the DA, so he must certainly be registered to vote in Plett. As far as his or his family’s relationship with Donald Grant is concerned I have no knowledge of that.

    @ Investigative Public. I agree that track record and experience is very important under these circumstances. But I do have the clear advantage in that regard, so I would, wouldn’t I? So take that from whence it comes.

    The re-call clause makes perfect sense to me. The political parties maintain that councillors are not employed by them and we are certainly not employed by the municipality per se. So logically then, we must be employed by the voters. The voters hire, so surely the voters must then be in the position to fire at any time following due process. Nice and logical. The trick is to make it enforceable.

  30. Amazed, truly, i am amazed at your comments. Say hi to your friend GRANT whilst at it, will you ?
    I prefer TRACK RECORD and EXPERIENCE and in the absence of that, look for the next best quality.

    With the RECALL clause hanging over the winning INDEPENDANT, you can sleep well Amazed

    Retire in peace !

  31. @Johann Brummer thanx for answering my questions.

    Given some of the fears expressed by Amazed… will you react,should you win the by-election?

    You will not only hold the swing off power,like the useless COPE deputy mayor slash DJ, but will also have to work with the same people who I gather turned against you.

    It is human to seek revenge, or will you be able to outgrow this burning point and work for the better developmeng of ward 2?

    As you have lived in Plett long-is it true that the DA Candidate works and resides in Cape Town most of the time, and that his is a family friend of the Grant’s?

  32. Ive been reading with great interest, the whole saga, what I would like to know is how are the independants going to make council work? From what I know mayco and the mayor hold the trump cards. So surly the answer would be to put a vote of no cofidence in the mayor and dept mayor? This would mean you will have to work together with the ANC something both have said they would not do. Surly it is a means to an end, and a brief agreement with the ANC so you could become mayor would be benificial for Bitou?

  33. I do not know whether Mr. Geldenhuys has any experience in local politics, or any experience or inside insights in the Bitou Municipality’s past (sordid as it seems to be). Which in my mind makes him the better candidate.

    Mr. Brummer might be a bit too close to everything to be able to retain an objective view. He was also, in my opinion way too involved in much of the sordid past of Bitou. My concern is that Mr. Brummer has too many (personal) axes to grind with both the ANC and now with the DA to remain focused on delivering service to the voters. If he was to be entrusted with the “swing” vote in Plett, I am afraid the voters will be giving huge power to a man who has shown his willingness to abuse that power for his own personal vendetta’s, as was clear from his actions during his short stint as speaker. It is said, a leopard does not change its spots!

  34. Johan Brummer, welgedaan, so n bek kort chocklits !
    Ek vertou dat Francios Geldenhuys na beide jul openbare vertoning die eerbare sal doen, sal terugstaan en dat Plett se Sakekamer jou teen die DA Tirannie en leuens sal help beskerm deur finansieele steun.

    Glo my, die DA gaan met geld en ‘Big Guns” Wyk 2 kom verdedig omdat hul vrek bang is om ‘exposed’ te word en n totale vernedering op die hals te haal. Wanneer David hierdie Goliat verslaan, sal daar landswyd geen keer meer wees vir ONAFHANKLIKES nie, soos n Tsunami en die swape vrees dit tot in hul diepste binneste.

    Alle sterkte Wyk 2, Johan en alle Bitou belastingbetalers en kiesers wat nou al vir jare uitgebyt word in die naam van ‘demokrasie”.

    No Public Recall Clause, no vote !

    Politicians, put your money where your mouth is – ONLY TWO HAVE, Brummer en Geldenhuis, BOTH INDEPENDANTS !!

    Sterkte !!

  35. Ye Frikkels, unfortunately the whistle blowers and those with back-bones and ethical standards acting consequently and fairly (irrespective of which party or who is attempting corruption), are the ones that get booted and even shot by their own party members for standing for what is right and in the interest of the community as a whole, transparent government, good and responsible governance!

  36. Good luck Johan. I met you when you arrived from the Eastern Cape and, although not a full time resident, I had many dealings with you, previous Councillors and Municipal Officials and was always impressed with your vigor and commitment in serving the Bitou community. Feel “sorry” for the DA – their bitou chicken came to roost! Hope Ward 2 voters will vote with their minds and hearts – not be influenced by the fairytales the DA “leaders” & their side-kicks are going to dish up. Strongs!!

  37. @Mfundo. Thanks for the compliment. To answer your questions. Yes, I did. I have been serving as a councillor since 2000 on the votes of the Plett people. As a PR councillor people have not in the past voted for me personally, but I believe that the quality of my service to the community had a direct influence on many voters’ decision to vote for the DA. We shall see. If you do not buy a ticket, you can’t win a prize. I just bought a ticket.

    Apathy is a loser. By its very nature, an apathy vote cannot go to anybody but can only work against the party that relies on it. That there is indeed apathy and disillusionment amongst the DA’s traditional support base in this ward is a fact and it will not have escaped them. One of the big reasons for the DA’s success at the polls, often in areas tradionally closed to them is their proven ability to get the voters who do support them to actually vote on the day. Make no mistake they will throw everything they have at this one and bring out their voters on the day. Opposing them in their heartland can only be done by countering votes with votes. To rely on the erosion of their vote by Apathy will not bear fruit.

    The voters who I hope to attract are those who are willing to think about what they are voting about and take informed and unemotional decisions about who they vote for. If I cannot attract those people to vote for me, then I will be the wrong man for the job.

    The mouse and the cheetah? This is an uphill obstacle race and my money is on the mouse’s agility.

    @ Guardian. Thanks for the compliment and support.

    @ Corruption Killer. I will not and have not treated DA wrongdoing any differently to what I treated ANC wrongdoing. It is for that very reason that I was purged from the DA. Accountability is of paramount importance if you want to achieve good governance and the DA will tell you that themselves, so they will be held accountable.

    @Lol. After all the to-ing and fro-ing Council did adopt a plan and way forward for tourism which I believe would have allowed the industry to take ownership of the process. It was designed to take municipal and especially political interference out of the entity, but unfortunately an individual councillor then thought good to go directly against that council decision and the initiative was still born and will go nowhere. Sad but true.

    You are absolutely right that in our circumstances an independant with the necessary experience and skills can make a huge difference. It will not be easy and will require absolute focus and undivided full-time dedication to achieve. Best of all it will force a shift of focus from a party political battle to concensus government to achieve what is best for PLETT.

    @Keith. Thanks for the compliments and in all modesty, it does. There is a long way to go yet. The trick is to act decisively against wrong-doing and ensure compliance and at the same time, MOST IMPORTANTLY not get distracted from doing the actual job of running the municipality efficiently, effectively and transparently.

    @ Sceptic. Indeed. That is why we must constantly question our beliefs and weigh them against facts and reality to ensure that our beliefs are informed and defendable, and not just blind sheepish beliefs. I believed in the Easter Bunny and I believed in the DA leadership’s bona fides. The facts and reality proved me wrong in both instances. I don’t know which disillusionment was the greater.

    @O!O. (See, Drewan – I do pay attention) Thanks for the role you play in keeping us grounded and forcing us to question even our fondest held beliefs.

  38. “Men, in order to do evil, must first believe that what they are doing is good.” Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

  39. I can only salute you sir….it takes guts,personal sacrifices and commitment to tackle corrupt politicians…..I sincerely hope your voters appreciate your contributions to eradicate corruption and maladministration.

  40. This by-Election will show if the Ward 2 voters are mice/sheep. The financial downturn worldwide has hit Plett very hard and Tourism, our main industry, has been left to drift, drift and drift after some “Very clever residents and a new Association” took control 2 years ago. We have gone back 10+ years and, currently, are going nowhere after spending a vast amount on “Consultants” who knows far less than the average Plettonion.
    Can one Independent make a differance? YES and he/she will be the desiding vote in the Bitou Council Chamber. That Vote will be the voice of the Ward 2 Residents, not the voice from some politician sitting in Cape town looking after his own, and Political Peers, agenda.

  41. @Mufundo you say ” like a mouse taking on a cheetah in a race………what are the odds of the mouse winning?” If you knew Plett ward2 voters you would know that the cheetah is no more but a embarrassment to most of their supporters.
    @JB , Please do not hide the doings of these embarrassments, help us lift our heads again out of the shame they placed upon us.

  42. Johan… If I lived in Bitou…. I could gaurantee you my support and vote…. Keep up the good work…. I just sometimes wish that there would be many more politicians following in your footsteps instead of boarding (and hoarding) the gravy train.

  43. Mr.Brummer

    Firstly, let me salute you for making yourself available as a indipendant candidate.

    Secondly, when you came to the conclusion that you wanted to be a candidate………did you consider that you need support from voters to win?

    Thirdly, do you hope to get support in the form of apathy votes, as ward 2 is considered a DA stronghold due to its white majority of residents?

    Your case is almost like a mouse taking on a cheetah in a race………what are the odds of the mouse winning?

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