“Please don’t reply at all”

The “Leader” has nothing to say;
The “Deputy” Leader won’t talk, nor allow talk;
The Mayor is lying;
The Candidate is muted…
God help Bitou!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 17 October 2012. 06h00. At 07h42 yesterday morning I wrote the DA’s Bitou Ward 2 candidate, Wayne Craig (on his birthday nogal):

Dear Mr Craig

If you are back in Plett and done marathoning, please can you attend to the attached questions from Sunday.

I have new questions for you, but would prefer to have a response to the dated ones first. Just to keep things orderly.

I copied Ivan Meyer (the newly elected – unopposed – Western Cape DA Leader); Theuns Botha (the newly elected – unopposed – Western Cape DA Deputy Leader); Anton Bredell (the newly elected – unopposed – Western Cape DA Chair); Donald Grant (Bitou Constituency Head); Jaco Londt (Manager: East Region); Liz Mundell (Bitou Constituency Chair ); Liza Albrecht (Provincial Media Manager); and Memory Booysen (Bitou Mayor).

At 15h17 the newly elected (unopposed!) Deputy Leader of the DA in the Western Cape – not the newly elected (unopposed) Leader, mind, wrote all:

“Please don’t reply at all”

Sommer so, without punctuation even.

This from a man who once said about OO: “Jou koerant maak oral opslae! Die enigste billike versoek van politici behoort te wees dat die feite korrek weergegee moet word – daarin slaag OO 100%.”

I replied, at 15h19: “And, pray, why not, Mr Botha!?”

I sms’d Botha on Saturday, at the Western Cape DA Congress: “Theuns, maak net seker jy steek die afstandbeheer oor Ivan Meyer so weg dat nie almal dit sien nie!

And within a mere two work days, the “Deputy” Leader issues instructions under the very nose of the “Leader”: Say nothing! Don’t reply!

“Deputy Leader”. Purleaze.

There is no difference whatsoever between the ANC’s banning of OO from the municipal buildings, and this instruction from Botha to ignore OO’s questions.

The pot and the kettle are both pretty black.

Botha’s ludicrous instruction is an obvious breach of the DA’s constitution (see below*) but it also makes a mockery of Bitou Mayor Memory Booysen’s “undertaking” in a recent Mayoral Letter:

“You asked for truth and transparency and that is what I will give you… in order to keep you fully informed we have to be open and transparent.”

You lie, Booysen! You have not answered any of my questions since June – even though you solemnly promised to do so, within earshot of several of your party colleagues at the East Region Conference at Baron’s Palace in Oudtshoorn on July 21!

Risible. Ridiculous. Embarrassing.

The DA has no answers.

This is the selfsame DA that called the presidential hotline a “100% failure” in 2010 when the parliamentary Leader, Athol Trollip, told City Press: “It is clear that there is absolutely no urgency on the part of the ANC government to address complaints from the public.”

The DA said criticisms of the hotline included unresolved issues… and the long time it takes for calls to be answered.

Why won’t the DA respond to OO’s questions?

The answer is obvious: The DA has no answers.

You know what to do on December 5, my many Plett readers – you’re not bloody stupid, that much I know!

* Botha is acting in flagrant disregard of the DA’s “CODE FOR PUBLIC REPRESENTATIVES”, as approved by the federal council on 12 April 2002:

3.6    Availability and Responsiveness

Public representatives are expected to communicate with other members of the Party and with members of the public when they are contacted, and are expected to deal expeditiously and courteously with enquiries from voters.  Public representatives are expected at the very least to acknowledge receipts of voters’ enquiries and to refer these, where appropriate to the correct organ
of government.

3.7    Media Profile

Public representatives are expected to establish contact with the local media operating in their constituency or ward, and should monitor such
publications and contribute articles or letters to them.

Perhaps I should draft a complaint to the DA Federal Executive.

Now that will be a waste of time!

Talk about the ANC ignoring incompetence and irreverence!

Ye gods and faeries.

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20 thoughts on ““Please don’t reply at all”

  1. Colin Bell, i thought so, not a word from you !
    It says it all and i therefore rest my case
    Good riddance
    (Have you done a spell check on the above)

  2. Colin Bell ( once again, i dont want to insult the other Colin)
    Are you done with political manuevering, trying to take the focus away again. Leave the spelling for another day and answer the questions directed at you over and over again before you will gain ANY CREDIBILITY on this forum again
    !) Any ties with the DA and Grant and who are your political Masters Mr Puppet ?
    2) What contribution have you made in society ?
    3)Tell the public who and what Colin Bell is seeing you are so forthcoming, not writing under a pseudonym.
    4)Are you condoning the many waisteful DA/ANC expenditures, also the R28 million on the Wavelengths DA saga and more important, what are YOU going to do about it to ensure the DA repays it and cleans out their corrupt politicians (as your contribution to society) ?
    5) Would you personally vote for an INDEPENDANT in Bitou that fights corruption to the core, like Brummer ?

    Please tell the public i pray, because if you were so open minded and clean and against corruption and hiding DA / ANC corruptness, you would never have tackled OO or Drewan – the Whistle Blower and “Julian Assange of SA” (No side shows please CB, just straight forward honest answers, not adulterated DA-puppet garbish)

  3. Uh… So let me get this straight, Mr Bell: When I critisize the DA, I’m subjective; when I praise the DA, I’m objective!?

    Now there’s a vivid argument, I daresay!

    Here’s an anonimous snippet: It ain’t the things we don’t know that get us into trouble; its the the things we know for sure that ain’t so!

  4. Perhaps you are right, although I thought I was being helpful. In any case the ongoing questioning of my motivation for contributing to your forum and the absurd assumptions is becoming tedious. It’s perhaps unfortunate that you chose to allow your supporters to defend the OO flag.

    Incidentally, an understandable decision to loosen the geographic limitations of the Oudtshoorn connection. The wider base will hopefully offer up a greater supply of material with more substance. I also noticed some evidence of a more positive approach in your Swellendam report which is to be welcomed. For a brief moment it crossed my mind that I might have had some influence on these changes but that would of course be a preposterous assumption.

  5. Investigative Public – your demand to know who I am and what I contribute is pretty rich coming from someone who feels the need to write under a pseudonym. While I think of it can I recommend that you correct your spelling of ‘Independent’ in future as it may help your cause. You might also like to pass on this advice to DAceived ( assuming he is not another alter ego) as he seems to have the same problem.

  6. Colin Bell ( dont want to insult the other Colin)
    Any contributions YOU have made chum ? Still waiting for an answer.
    OO’s credentials are clear for all to see/read, he praises where praising is warrented and attacks the corrupt and unrepentant incompetent from whichever party they come. More balanced you wont get.

    Pray, tell us Colin Bell, THE contributor to society, your back ground and sudden concern for the DA – to compliment them for saving five cents and conveniently looking the other way(velengths) ignoring the fact when they waisted R28 million does’nt sit with me or any taxpaying voter. Thats how YOU come over to the public Colin Bell, another gonner/looser and corruption condoner ! Please explain.

  7. Hi Fred, (and welcome Pletty, you were noticeable by your absence)

    it has never been my intention to promote or endorse the policies and actions of the Bitou coalition and I do not intend to start now. The current DA led council will stand or fall by their achievements and only time will tell. What is beyond dispute is that they inherited an indebted and incompetently managed municipality and will have an uphill task in turning it around.
    I stand by all my earlier comments as I believe them to be a fair and accurate assessment of the character of Mr Baird and the value of his contribution, through this forum, to the community of Bitou.

  8. Colin Bell is the dream party hack. All that is needed is to feed him the party line and he spews it straight back out without giving it any thought at all. Blind unquestioning faith in the party line. And true to DA practice he ignores the messge, doesn’t even pause to think before gleefully mowing down the messenger. I predict that you are in for a very rude awakening, Colin. The feet of clay are crumbling.

  9. Colin Bell, As daar ooit na bewys gesoek is dat jy maar net n lee blik is wat raas, en waarskynlik raas op iemand anders se instruksie, dan is dit hierdie antwoord van jou op n versoek om feite te gee.

    Weereens geen antwoorde op die hoogs relevante vrae oor die skynbare korupsie en gekonkel van die DA raadslede en amptenare nie. Slegs veralgemeende ongesubstansieerde aanvalle op die boodskapper. Dis pseudo politici soos jy wat spesialiseer in verdagmakery in plaas van die feite op die tafel sit, wat gewone vredeliewende kiesers van die politiek vervreem. Meer nog, jou soort met minagting bejeen.

    Mens kannie anders as om te wonder nie, nee aftelei, dat die bewerings van korupsie en wanadministrasie van die DA raad in Plettenbergbaai is niks anders as die waarheid nie. Want hoekom se die DA nie wat werklik gebeur het in al die verdagte transaksies nie? En na hulle hoevele kere daarvoor gevra is, en nouweer deur my, antwoord die DA nie. En JY mnr Colin Bell, wend jou na die veragtelike taktiek van ongesubstansieerde persoonlike beledigings van die boodskapper.

    Ek kannie anders as om te dink nie “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”

    Komaan Colin Bell, Wees n man en antwoord my met die regte inligting. Maak die DA se naam skoon! Ruim die vermoedens van wanadministrasie uit die weg. As jy kan. As dit moontlik is !!

    Of bly n ongerespekteerde naprater!!

  10. Well I’m for one is glad that you are here, nothing like a bit of spice on a good juicy fillet I’d say old chum?

  11. Sorry, did I rattle a few cages? My initial interest in accessing OO was to obtain a different perspective on the political and social issues that faced Bitou. Instead, all I have ever read are the pseudo intellectual rantings of a bigot. His singular failure to acknowledge even the smallest achievement/progress by the current administration and the insults ( which he readily acknowledges in his response to me) he levels at individuals only serve to reinforce my views.
    Like all bigots he will fail to have any meaningful impact as nobody responds to someone who is not prepared to open up his mind to listen. This will hopefully give you some insight into the meaning of my last sentence.

  12. I hereby request all OO readers to please DO NOT confuse me with Colin Bell. I am not Collin Bell. I am also not a sourpuss. I further think for myself and do not believe everything I read in the mainstream media and everything which is fed to me by the political parties. Moreover, I am also luckely still younger than 60 years and do not do business with any DA municipality. Thank you.

  13. OO, this paragraph serves to confirm the public thanks and gratitude for all your contributions to date.

    For OO’s continued unselfish efforts, to expose any corruption, devisiveness , incompetence, surpressing of democracy and information and the abusing of taxpayers money by continued fruitless expenditure and lack of transparency and service delivery to the most vulnerable in our communities.

    Colin and the top brass at the DA will still eat all their hollow hypocritical words some day.

    If anyone has contributed to society, at the risk of property and limb, it is Drewan Baird of OO !
    What have you contributed Colin ? SHAME on YOU and to all your PUPPET MASTERS !!

  14. Ditto Fred, ditto !
    En ek haal Fred sommer aan, kon dit self nie beter gestel het nie, om ” already remote controlled” Colin Bell, (die groot chomma van Grant), op sy plek te sit . “En wat wil jy nou eintlik weet van OO in jou laaste sin (Colin). Jy is so vaag dat mens wonder wat jou regte motief nou eintlik is. Praat n slag reguit en moenie soos n politikus wees wat baie praat en niks se nie.

    Colin,. van watter oningeligte planeet val jy af wat jou klaarblyklik reeds omgekoop het ?
    Antwoord n bietjie al daardie vrae wat die DA so gerieflikerwys ontwyk, ten spyte van menige beloftes van Liza Albrecht (Provincial Media Manager). Dalk soek jy haar pos omdat jy iets weet wat sy nog moet aanleer.

    Come clean boys (DA) You are as rotten to the core as is the ANC. You are not transparent , you are surpressing information and a lot of your own DA cadre cllrs are useless, corrupt and incompetent. The 5 Dec elections in Bitou will prove that, even for the fact that an INDEPENDANT is standing, shows DA dissent, cover ups, corruption and gravy trainers, just like the ANC. Wavelengths….. answer if you can Colin Bell !!!!

  15. Colin, Jy klink soos die mense wat die boodskapper skiet as hy slegte nuus bring.

    Hoekom sien jy nie toe dat al die relevante en indringende vra wat OO vrae oor die DA se bestuur van Plettenbergbaai se munisipaliteit geantwoord word nie. Of hoekom antwoord jy dit nie sommer self nie terwyl jy voorgee om te weet wat in die munisipaliteit aangaan nie! Jy kritiseer net!

    En hoekom gee jy nie liewers die inligting oor wat die DA dan nou sou gedoen het om goeie bestuur in die munisipaliteit terug te bring nie! Dink jy nie die kiesers is honger daarvoor na al die korrupsie en wanbestuur nie?

    En noem tog asb waar OO dan nou verkeerde feite gegee het oor die DA vergadering. Dan kan mens mos vir OO aanvat. Jy klink soos n regte suurgat.

    En wat wil jy nou eintlik weet van OO in jou laaste sin. Jy is so vaag dat mens wonder wat jou regte motief nou eintlik is. Praat n slag reguit en moenie soos n politikus wees wat baie praat en niks se nie.

    Ons wag in spanning om te sien of jy ook maar een van die napraters is en of jy meer bek as binnegoed is.

  16. Theuns is soos Vladimer Putin van Rusland wat nadat sy tweede termyn verstryk het vir Medledev laat verkies het as president en toe sorg dat hy die eerste minister is net om na Medledev se eerste termyn weer oor te neem as president. En ons weet dat Putin al die tyd die de facto president was. Ja en dit gebeur hier ook onder ons neuse met Theuns wat eintlik die de facto DA leier is terwyl Meyer moet maak soos die baas se.

  17. Colin

    I call it as I see it.

    Nothing I write; no words I elect to use, can be more insulting than the actions of the politicians that run Oudtshoorn and Bitou.

    I make no excuses.

    If you don’t like my approach, don’t read – it’s as easy as that.

  18. As I predicted a month or so ago, the substance, value and veracity of your attacks on the DA led Bitou Council have continued to diminish as the coalition continue to make solid progress in restoring good governance to the municipality.

    I assume that as you did not take the opportunity to pose any questions to the Mayor and his team at the Public meeting on Monday that you were not among the 147 residents who attended. Pity. However, it didn’t prevent you from producing another increasingly facile report that was both inaccurate and unedifying. But hey, the pseudos need their daily dose of bile and why let the truth get in the way of a good story.

    Over time, I have attempted to reach some conclusion as to your raison d’etre but I am only reminded of Wim Delvoye’s Cloaca machine. However, with the likely emergence of an independent candidate (which in the spirit of democracy, I welcome) I am reassured that it will galvanize you into a more productive and fulfilling role for the next couple of months. Can I respectfully suggest that you also use the time to reflect on your contribution to the wider society in this age of electronic enlightenment

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