Dissent in the DA threatening Bitou!?

Bitou constituency chair calls fedex chair a liar!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 16 October 2012. 11h35. During last night’s DA public meeting in Plett, the constituency chair, Liz Mundell, was recorded to have said, about Johann Brummer’s membership termination:

“He would have been fired anyway because of disciplinary action against him.”

Clearly this a personal attack on DA fedex chair, James Selfe!

Selfe had meticulously explained, in papers before the High Court, that Brummer’s termination was a mere automatic event.

I quote, at paragraph 7 of Selfe’s answering affidavit: “No disciplinary ‘decision’ was taken by the DA or its structures. The cessation of his membership came about as an automatic consequence of the party’s factual determination that he was in default of his constitutional payment obligations. Once this determination was made, the automatic consequence followed that he lost his membership of the DA.”

So certain was Selfe about the reason for Brummer’s termination that neither him, nor his media department, even bothered to respond to my repeated questions since August 23 – questions which were clearly obsolete, given the deposition.

What on earth is Mundell talking about “disciplinary action”!?

And why would your Bitou constituency chair call her fedex chair a liar in public!?

Will the DA will take disciplinary steps against Mundell for lying to constituents; for bringing the party into disrepute?

Or, God forbid…

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8 thoughts on “Dissent in the DA threatening Bitou!?

  1. None of your considered opinions have been removed, Zukile – you are exactly the kind of ANC spokesman I want!

  2. Zukile, hipe your facts are tested and verified. Still awaiting a reply from you?

  3. No Mfundo this is a fat lousy boy, who just came the other day to Oudtshoorn under a cloud of molestations and he’s record and file will be revieled soon and he’s trying to make a living with this blogger and some people who don’t understand what he’s all about thinks he’s real but the DA even know he’s a chance taker who thought Oudtshoorn is a small town to make a name for himself after he left scandals from where he comes from.

  4. Die strop trek nouer vir beide die DA en daardie arme Mundell.

    Van watter planeet is Mfundo afkomstig ?

  5. My data is correct and verified, mfundo. But of course poor Mundell acted in a lethargic manner. She did not intentionally call Selfe a liar, but her utterances clearly counters Selfe’s affidavit.

  6. Is your information correct, or secondary information received editor?

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