DA’s first election showing in Plett

Promises like the hall… empty. O, and lies too!

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Oudtshoorn. 16 October 2012. 10h10. Billed as a “DA public meeting on political and municipal issues”, the DA last night attracted some 100-odd people in the Pisang Hall to listen to constituency head Donald Grant and mayor Memory Booysen.

The Ward 2 candidate for December 5, Wayne Craig, was absent… taking part, apparently in the Otter Marathon.

OO wonders if the candidate might take the trouble to be present on December 5, during the day, when the residents of Ward 2 vote.

Let us also hope that no personal events of Mr Craig are ever scheduled to clash with council commitments – we now know where his loyalties lie.

Proceedings started with Constituency chair Liz Mundell apologising for the absence of the DA’s by-election candidate and announcing that Johann Brummer was removed because he owed the DA R5,000 and was a trouble-maker in any event.

It’s called, not a Freudian Slip, Liz; it’s called a Freudian F… oul up!

Mundell also blatantly lied to the audience when in reply to a question about Brummer’s termination, she said that he would have been fired anyway because of disciplinary action against him.

We all who read OO know by now that its was the DA IT system that fired Brummer! No lesser personage than the DA fedex boss, James Selfe, told the High Court so! No human intervention was present in the process; only the ghost in the machine was responsible for Brummer’s termination!

Sis, lying Liz!

Later Mundell justified Sumeia Ndayi’s appointment in Brummer’s place by calling the new councillor someone who held high position, or words to that effect – apparently in the backpackers’ of the deceased Charles Dreyer. Really, Liz. Ye gods and faeries.

Donald Grant made a speech.

Then Mayor Memory Booysen took to the podium.

Booysen announced that council needs to borrow more money.

And then Booysen attemted to explain why he did not appoint Grant Easton MM way back in July.

I wrote Booysen after the meeting:

You told tonight’s DA meeting in the Piesang Hall that you decided not to appoint Grant Easton MM as he was a mere CFO and that you preferred rather to appoint Allen Paulse, who had more experience.

Paulse was not even in the equation at the time you failed to execute an instruction from your caucus to appoint Easton at R1.012m!

You also told the meeting that Paulse earns R1m. You refused Easton’s counter offer of R1m when you offered him only R880k.

Can you explain the discrepancies please, Memory?

Come now, my good man… At least try, there’s a good chap!

A poorly attended meeting. Aplogies. Speeches. Borrowing. Lies. A DA meeting on the way to December 5, to be sure.

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7 thoughts on “DA’s first election showing in Plett

  1. Da Bishop. Vote for COPE!!!!!!!!!! What has our esteme deputy mayor achieved??????????????????????????
    apart from getting a nice fat bank transfer every month. NOTHING.Vote for INDEPENDENT – YES.

  2. Well nothing new then, same old same old. In my time in the DA all Liz could do was have hissy fits and lie.

    I can honestly state the DAceivers have gone about their dealings in Bitou with the attitude of the mafia, you dare cross Liz or Donald and well you get booted. The councilors in place now are nothing more then sheep, do as Liz says.

    The poor are fed up, in Kranshoek the DA are going down fast as also the other areas too. We have a huge problem here because the masses no longer trust the DAceivers or the ANC. So it is time to start a Bitou party one that speaks for our town and those that live here, poor rich etc. A party that has no ties to a bigger organization, no big Party politics, a party for the people run by the people.

    I am watching the independents with great interest, you see being a independent who will stand up for his ward makes sense, but what when the poor need a vote , will the indeps vote alongside them? Im not DA or ANC but i see this as a great step forward and opportunity if done correctly and the DA MUST loose this ward! For BITOU’S sake and dare i say “one small step for politics but a giant leap for Bitou!”

  3. “Mundell also blatantly lied to the audience ” in Kranshoek DA AGM 2011,,refusing to listen to audio proof of her lie, the result, a non existent DA in Kranshoek . Yep only 6 people at their meeting last night… Well Done DAcievers !

  4. The advert for the meeting actually read “setting the record straight and the way forward.” Well, all that I heard was a litany of problems and ineptitude at handling the “inherited” problems and vague but befuddled possible ideas as to what could possibly maybe be done if just one person had the ability and/or will to actually tackle the problems. Above all weak excuses.

    Setting the record straight? Not on your life – there was not even an attempt at that, the main thrust was keeping the record hidden, covering-up and perpetuating old lies and excuses.

    The way forward. Well, that’s as easy as pie. They are going to borrow themselves out of the financial mess they’re in!!! Yihaaah! Watch your rates and taxes go up to pay yet another loan. Way to go guys.

    Now we all know from that performance that the way forward is straight off the cliff and deeper into debt.

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