April waarsku teen vrou wat in sy naam geld vra

Maar April self vát sónder om eers te vra!

Nuus met méning!

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Oudtshoorn. 16 Oktober 2012. 15h10. Die Oudtshoorn Courant berig dat die burgemeester van Oudtshoorn, Gordon April, gevra het dat besighede op die uitkyk moet wees vir ‘n vrou wat haarself voorgee as sy dogter en geld by besighede vra. 

Die vrou het alreeds by verskeie besighede aangedoen.

Besighede word gevra om dringend die polisie (10111) of die kantoor van die burgemeester te skakel by 044 203 3013, indien die dame hulle nader vir geld.

OO begryp nie die byrgemeester se besorgdheid nie!

Die burgemeester het homself onlangs aan R31,977.00 uit belastingbetalers se koffers gehelp om sy regskoste in die verdediging van klagtes dat hy homself aan sand en klip van die belastingbetalers gehelp het, te betaal…

En nou maak hy kapsie dat iemand anders in sy naam geld vrá terwyl hy self eenvoudig geld gevát het!

Nee kyk, nóú’t ek áls gehoor!

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8 thoughts on “April waarsku teen vrou wat in sy naam geld vra

  1. Alas Zukile…. I’ve been in Odn for more than a decade and I’ve seen the municipality fall into decay. I agree with you only on one point, (and that is very rare with me) that one does not wake up as a politician, but one has to have a degree of some sorts, correct? Can you show me any of the current Oudtshoorn Municipal “free loaders” credentials? No? O fear ye the gods and fearies…………. Your tirade only shows me 2 things about you: 1. You can actaully live to see the fall the ANC in Odn and I’m assuming that your’re with your back against the wall. 2. Instead of the editor whom you accuse of being disgruntled, I would dare to say that it is you who is the disgruntled. The whole aim of this blog is not to sling mud at any one, but, more importantly, TO IDENTIFY and PINPOINT CORRUPTION.

  2. here’s my response Guardian ( let me remind you I read this rubbish blogger when I’m bored because I cannot take Drewan Baird serious not now and not ever) :

    Very simple they(DA) got to know him and he’s interest , he almost fooled the DA to appoint him as Manager of communications at Oudtshoorn Municipality but luckily the DA did not govern in 18 May 2011 because then he wanted to ride on the DA ticket to get work , luckily the DA have realise that he’s just a “loafer” who came to Odn for greener pastures but surviving currently on those who advertise on his blogger , how stupid can that be to market and spend money on a blogger, but I GUESS the man who use to pay his accomodation, the man who use to fund him has little interest on his services and therefore he must make ends means. He’s passion about the Municipality is driven hunger and survival because Odn feeds his stinking mouth. His views about Badih Chabaan ,Ronny Lottering and the ANC is driven by frustration and the constant plea for Icosa even to govern with the DA is out of frustration. Ask him if he had asked these two parties last year to go it with the DA and that he personally tried to speak to these parties when he had no political standing, so stupid can Drewan be, where have you seen a nobody speaking to parties to go on coalition. Does he thinks that you can just wake up and be a politician from nowhere and does and will never happen , one has to have a constituency and this stupid duck has thought Oudtshoorn is some farm to take advantage of but has not be told of the rich political history of this town but now he’s learning “shame poor fat soul faggart”.

  3. Welcome back Zukile. Am still as to date awaiting a reply on a question I asked you a few months back? For the sake of OO’s long suffering readers I shall once again ask you the question ( just for in case you forgot). You stated that the editor of this blog has to be a DA agent. Please tell me and my fellow readers how you came to that conclusion? If it’s based on scathing critic towards the ANC, then why would the DA get more scathing and damning reports from the editor? You decided that everyone who does not vote ANC is for the DA, but there’s a lot more to the political field these days. It’s called independants.

  4. sy moet maar net haar ID wys as sy bedel dan sal ek haar nie glo nie

  5. Get your self a Woman at least Drewan ,who can keep you busy and assist you in curing your sickness.

  6. Drewan you are really sick and lousy, it’s a shame you really a joke.

  7. Wat n huigelaaragtige vent bly April darem dan nie !
    Sy sondes haal hom in !

    Is hy nog steeds Burgermeester met sy beperkte opleiding. Slaan my dronk !!!
    Arme Oudshoorn !!!!!
    Eers was dit Malema, toe Marikana en nou Mayor April wat heel moontlik beleggings na julle dorp gaan verongeluk. !!!!

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