A letter to the DA candidate in Bitou Ward 2 Plettenberg Bay

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Oudtshoorn. 15 October 2012. 06h00. Let’s be hearing from the DA for a change!

October 14, 2012

Dear Mr Craig

Congratulations on your appointment as DA candidate in Ward 2.

Please respond to the following questions.

1) Is the information that Mayor Booysen offered Mr Grant Easton R825,000 pa, for the position of Municipal Manager, instead of Council’s proposed R1,012,000 pa, correct; and if correct, why did Booysen misrepresent Council’s offer?

2) Did Easton make a counter proposal of R1m pa; and did he decline subsequent to Booysen’s refusal of his counter?

3) How do you justify the second, costly, recruitment process, eventually to appoint Mr Allen Paulse, when the original effort resulted in the identification of a suitable candidate available at a Council approved package?

Booysen, Bitou Mayor of the party which you will represent in council if you should win Ward 2, has persistently refused to answer these questions bearing directly on the DA’s ability, or not, to manage the affairs of ratepayers… since July 16! I repeat: since July 16.

Booysen has also persistently refused to answer the following questions, again bearing directly on the DA’s ability, or not, to manage the affairs of ratepayers… since July 18! I repeat: since July 18.

4) Did Booysen, at any time before June 21, instruct the Acting MM to draft an item advising Council to rescind a decision to institute disciplinary steps against Director Community Services Monde Stratu?

5) If Booysen so instructed the Acting MM, did Booysen act of his own volition, or in consequence of an instruction from any one of more DA Leaders?

6) Did the Council, on July 13, proceed to rescind its earlier decision to institute disciplinary action against Stratu?

7) If Council did so rescind its earlier decision, was the decision to rescind made in consequence of considering advice from the Acting MM?

8) What, in broad terms, was the advice proffered by the Acting MM?

9) Were there any votes recorded against the motion to rescind, and who were the Councillors, if any, who voted against the motion?

10) Please explain, in but a few words only, how Stratu happened to be assessed the third preferred candidate for MM in a report of June 2012, when disciplinary action was at that time pending against him?

Since August 23, I have solicited, with no success, answers from your party’s James Selfe; Anton Bredell; Theuns Botha; Donald Grant; Kobus Marais; Debbi Shafer; Christelle Vosloo; and Liza Albrecht, on questions bearing on the so-called “automatic” termination of Johann Brumer’s DA membership, and the appointment of Ms Sumeia Ndayi as proportional member in Brummer’s place.

I now ask you to respond as this matter bears directly on the interests of the voters of Ward 2:

11) Why was Brummer’s membership “automatically”, as James Selfe deposed before the High Court, terminated when only another 3 Western Cape councillors, out of “about 37” (Selfe again) suffered the same fate?

12) Were you interviewed for the proportional appointment at the time of Ndayi’s selection?

13) Is there any substance to the persistent reports that Ndayi is indebted to the late Speaker, Charles Dreyer, who was at the time of the alleged origin of the debt also her employer?

14) Why has the Western Cape minister of local government, the Western Cape DA Chairperson Anton Bredell, not replied to Brummer’s detailed complaint, of August 2, about the rescission of Bitou Council Resolution C/1/48/4/12?

15) Why has the DA not yet addressed the Rentworks mismanagement brought to Bredell’s attention on May 4?

16) Please let me have your considered assessment of the financial loss to ratepayers as a result of the above DA management.

Mayor Booysen, in a recent Mayoral Letter, declared: “We are scrutinizing every expenditure and concentrating our resources only on our core responsibilities, as set out in the Constitution. You asked for truth and transparency and that is what I will give you… but in order to keep you fully informed we have to be open and transparent.”

The DA Mayor is making a mockery of this principle!

Can you do better, Mr Craig?

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4 thoughts on “A letter to the DA candidate in Bitou Ward 2 Plettenberg Bay

  1. wayne will just be another puppet on a string without any power and will have to jump whenever they say jump.

  2. Dis hoog tyd dat die councillors beginne praat! Hier op Oudtshoorn ook!!!! Ons hoor niks van onse councillors nie!!!!!

  3. While we wait with infinitely bated breath, let us not forget that one Councillor does not a Council make. Even Chuck Norris has only one vote and if he dares to cross the line he will also be fired. The only solution is a independent vote who has the power to vote item for item regardless of party affiliation. One also must ask why the remaining DA councillors have abandoned their followers? Is it maybe the shame that is placed upon them.

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