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Oudtshoorn. 14 October 2012. 06h45. Here is the text of the Chairperson Report delivered by Anton Bredell at yesterday’s DA provincial congress at CTICC.

On 6 March 2010 I was re-elected as Provincial Chairperson at the Congress in Hartenbos.

The biggest task was to keep unity in the Western Cape and build the Party. This was the challenging task of the Elected Executive with Theuns Botha as Provincial Leader.

The three main challenges were:

1. To prevent in house fighting that will prevent us from serving the public which is our main task.

2. To create space for open debates within the Party;

3. To apply strong discipline within the Party. The DA must focus on common factors that bind us together, because we are the most diverse party in the country. Our members and leaders understand where we are headed, and this will dominate everything we do. We may differ, but we will not destroy one another, because the Party, and our goals, are greater than any individual. There will always be differences, but what counts, is how we differ from one another.

I stand here before you today mindful of the fact that we have as the DA team, brilliantly led by Helen Zille, our National Leader, achieved new heights over the past two years.
I mention this because we need to continue our efforts in this regard and focus even more firmly on continuing this growth and success going into the 2014 General Election.
The National Leader, summed it up recently when she said we must stop asking ourselves if the ANC can be beaten at the ballot box, but rather when we are going to do it.

Ons hoofdoelwitte vir die 2014-verkiesing is
– Om landswyd minstens 30% van die stemme op ons te verenig,
– Om die Wes-Kaap met ’n selfs groter meerderheid te behou, en
– Om minstens een ander provinsiale regering in te palm, met die klem op Gauteng en die Noord-Kaap.

Die DA is die kritieke hoeksteen van die ontluikende politieke mag in ’n Suid-Afrika wat deur die volgende gekenmerk word:

1. Oop Geleentheidgedrewe Samelewing

– Oop Samelewing: Is waar elke persoon se regte en vryheid, omskryf en deur die Grondwet, beskerm word.

– Geleentheid Samelewing: Is een waar elke persoon die middele, hulpbronne, geleenthede en mag het om uitvoering te gee aan die voordele soos omskryf in die Grondwet. In ‘n geleentheid samelewing word jou vooruitsigte in die lewe bepaal deur jou talent en pogings.

– Vir Almal: Is een waar elke persoon gelyk is voor die reg, geen persoon word onbillik teen gediskrimineer nie en elke persoon kry die geleentheid om suksesvol te wees.

2. R2D2

Bringing together South Africans who have been divided.

Implementing corrective action in order to make right, the most sustainable way is through economic growth.

Means government that is clean and effective.

Embracing the value of difference in a diverse society.

3. “Fit for Purpose”

4. Better together

We have also been driven by something very special and it is something which has cut across everybody’s life in our province.

Quite simply it’s that wonderful word, “passion”. More importantly it has become the value that we are now seeing at all levels of government in our province.

Die Nasionale Leier het egter in 2010 in ’n toespraak daarop gewys, en ek haal aan:

“Ons heel eerste prioriteit is die burgers van hierdie provinsie, en veral die armes. Hulle is ons vertrekpunt. Dit beteken ons moet alles binne ons vermoë doen om ’n verdienstelike kringloop van ontwikkelings vir die burgers van die Wes-Kaap aan te moedig”

Ons moet dus al ons kragte inspan om goed te regeer.

The DA has always stood up firmly for the “rule of law” and “accountability“; and if we look at the other eight provinces in our country there is no doubt that this is the bedrock of a competent and successful province which in turn is driven by strong political leadership.

If we reflect on the past two years it would be careless of me not to congratulate all of you on the many successes we have achieved.

We need, to every now and then, take a step back and say, “well done”, because its thoroughly earned and we should acknowledge it.

Munisipale verkiesings 2011
Onder talle hoogtepunte, moet die verkiesing van 18 Mei 2011 beslis as die blinkste uitstaan.

Ek glo die klinkende suksesse wat ons in verlede jaar se Munisipale Verkiesing behaal het, getuig van ons Verkiesingspan se groot sukses.

Verkiesingstye is altyd moeilike tye, en die manier waarop ons span dié uitdagings die hoof gebied het, moet veral genoem word.

Die verkiesingspan het elke week vergader waartydens probleme uitgewys is en betyds uitgestryk is.

Die geld wat toegewys is, was ’n warm besprekingspunt, maar almal het bygedra, en die uitslae spreek vanself.

Die Wes-Kaapse DA het 22 uit 30 munisipaliteite gewen.

Dit sal trouens moeilik wees om iemand uit te sonder, want só ’n klinkende sukses word net deur ’n massiewe spanpoging behaal.

Nogtans wil ek die Provinsiale Direkteur, Kiesafdelingshoofde, Voorsitters van Streke, Takke en al hul spanne geluk wens met ’n taak wat uitstekend afgehandel is.

Ons het ook ’n groot aantal vrywillige werkers en nie Openbare Verteenwoordigers waarop die DA trots kan voel en ek wil hulle bedank vir hulle onbaatsigtige bydraes wat help om te verseker dat die DA suksesvol was, is en bly.

As Party besef ons dat die harde werk nou eers begin en kan ons nie nou slap lê nie.

Die wen van die Wes–Kaap is maar een van die vele doelwitte wat die DA vir homself daargestel het.

Successes in the by-elections show that the DA is not about to rest on its laurels and it is good to reflect on the successes.

Since the last Provincial Congress held on 6th March 2010 we have participated in 25 by-elections in the Western Cape and were victorious in 16 of these by-elections.

In the process we took 5 wards off the ANC, two from ICOSA and lost one to the ANC.

Service delivery protests are politically inspired by the ANC as well as the ANC youth league in our province. We are dealing with an opposition party that has run out of all options and are past the point of desperation in trying to merely keep the ANC alive in our province.

Our councillors must not give the people reasons to strike and protest. Therefor it is important to get our house in order. We need to get our ward committees running properly, as well as our feed-back sessions with our communities.

There is very little doubt that the ANC’s cadre deployment across our country has been a massive failure and this has been admitted openly by the National Executive of the ANC.

The performance of ANC dominated Municipal Councils in the other eight provinces bear testimony to this and corruption needs to be dealt with very firmly.

Goeie leierskap gaan nie om self-bevordering nie, maar die BEVORDERING VAN JOU SPAN.

Good Leadership is not about promoting yourself, but on the PROMOTION OF YOUR TEAM


– Leaders are humble and do not mind to serve/ Leiers is nederig, en dien graag.
– Leaders have a clear vision in their hearts/ Leiers het ’n duidelike visie in hul hart.
– Leaders build teams/ Leiers bou spanne.
– Leaders anticipate/ Leiers sien vooruit.
– Leaders innovate and transform/ Leiers vernuwe en transformeer.
– Leaders maintain standards and manage effective utilisation of resources/ Leiers hou standaarde in stand en bestuur die doeltreffende benutting van hulpbronne.
– Leaders understand that respect is their greatest asset and therefore live with character/ Leiers verstaan dat respek hul grootste bate is, en leef dus met karakter.
– Leaders are willing to learn and listen to develop their own abilities/ Leiers leer graag, en luister om hul eie vermoëns te ontwikkel.
– Leaders are enthusiastic and have lots of energy/ Leiers is geesdriftig en het baie energie.
– Leaders are dedicated and live with discipline/ Leiers is toegewyd en leef met dissipline.

More recently we have seen that the ANC actions have now taken a further turn in their efforts to maintain their stranglehold on government and in the process have again exhibited the total disregard for “rule of law” and accountability.
At municipal council level across the country, they continue to ignore legal judgments against them and even disregard majority votes that go against them in council.

The DA is not resting on its laurels and never has. We are the “Government in Waiting” because we are the only alternative to the ANC. The ANC has no sense of value anymore and this is a very significant flaw in their make-up.

We, on the other hand, stand by the values we selected as a Provincial government and it’s a set of values we need to repeat regularly.

Our citizens in our province and the rest of our country deserve better and we have no doubt that the DA is the only political player that can and will deliver.

Winston Churchill once said shortly after becoming Prime Minister in Britain that “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have” something which we in the DA also subscribe to and we also believe it’s the constitutional right of every one of our citizens.

In addition to now controlling SALGA (WC), the DA arranged a number of leader forums and women’s days that were very well attended.

Our Provincial Council and Provincial Executive meetings as well as Mayors/Speakers Forums were all highly successful and was a great source of the exchange of ideas and best management practises amongst the various municipalities,

In closing I want to express a very special word of thanks and appreciation to our Provincial Leader, Theuns Botha, and the members of the Provincial Executive Committee.

We have worked hard over the past two years and it has been a privilege for me, as Chairperson, to work with a team like this. We were also ably supported by a very strong and dedicated provincial team.

I would also like to thank the DA youth as well as DAWN and LEAD for their role in promoting the DA’s growth.

Finally allow me to express my sincere thanks towards the Federal structure of the DA, Chairperson of the Federal Council Mr James Selfe and Federal Chairperson, Dr Wilmot James, for their leadership and example that has been set for all to follow.

(Sms from the congress, by @carienduplessis: “Anton Bredell giving chairperson’s report. People just clapped, apparently in the hope that he had finished reading.” Ed.)

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4 thoughts on “Anton Bredell at DAWCC

  1. Bredell, ek haal jou aan ..”The DA has always stood up firmly for the “rule of law” and “accountability“; and if we look at the other eight provinces in our country there is no doubt that this is the bedrock of a competent and successful province which in turn is driven by strong political leadership.

    As jy dan die waarheid praat hierbo my klong, wil jy tog asseblief vir die volkie vertel wat op Bitou met Wavelenghts aangaan, korrupsie op ODN en Diane de Jager, Stellenbosh, Clanwilliam, en Swellendam om net n paar te noem. Ag nee man, wie is nou die gelowige gekke hier, die publiek of jy Anton ?

    Ons wag op n verduideliking en ook wanneer jy beoog om te bedank !!

  2. To be a local counselor and to be a member of a national political party is like working for 2 bosses. If you do not have a private agenda, you won’t know how to listen to and nothing will get done. However to obtain your own goals you play the one of against , or blame the other. At this time the local politicians are not working for the voters but either looking after curent own interest, or own future interests.
    If the DAceivers just reread their own promises, and party statements, they will know why they will not have a easy time to win elections. A old saying, you can deceive all the people sometimes, you can deceive some people all the time, but you can’t deceive all the people all the time. DA you asked a chance, I gave it, you blown it.

  3. Ek wonder wat van al hierdie “beloftes” sal word, synde dat die DA wel Odn gewen het, maar net terug gestaan het en gekyk het hoe die ANC Odn se koffers geplunder en verwoes het? Watter reg denkende mens sal vir enige party stem wat sulke snert aanvang. OO, ek stem saam met jou, onafhanklikes in elke raad, punt.

  4. The ANC learned on the hard way that the days are over that they may rest on their laurels and expect the entire black populations vote. Last year’s local elections in the Western Cape were a rude awakening for them. The DA will learn the same lesson in Plett on December 5th. Ward 2 is a traditional strong hold for them, the heart of the DA. No one likes a broken heart. What will happen depends entirely if the people will finally say enough is enough and send a strong message to the politicians. This will be the most hotly contested by-election in our country’s history. Very exciting times!

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