Ivan Meyer’s speech at the DA’s WC Congress

Let’s work

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Oudtshoorn. 13 October 2012. 21h00.



Goeiemiddag, good afternoon, molweni

Helen Zille, ons Nasionale leier
Theuns Botha, uittredende provinsiale leier
Ander DA Provinsiale leiers, Andrew Louw, Patricia Kopane
Provinsiale Voorsitter, Anton Bredell
Nuwe lede van die Provinsiale Uitvoerende komitee
Lede van die Nasionale Parlement
Lede van die Provinsiale Parlement
Speaker en Adjunk Speaker van die Provinsiale Parlement
Ministers van die Wes-Kaapse Kabinet
Burgemeesters en Speakers van die DA: Wes-kaap
Takvoorsitters en lede van takke
Besoekers, waarnemers, lede van die media
Dames en here

Dit is vir my ‘n voorreg om vandag hier voor u te staan. Dankie vir u vertroue met my verkiesing as nuwe provinsiale leier in die Wes-Kaap. Ek wil graag hulde bring aan die uittredende provinsiale leier, Mnr Theuns Botha vir sy visionêre leierskap van meer as ‘n dekade. Hy het die Party help bou tot ‘n kragtige wen masjien in die Wes-Kaap. Hy het nie net die Party gelei nie, hy het ook die Party uitgebou. Aan hom en sy vrou Sarie dankie vir wat julle in die DA belê het in die afgelope 10 jaar. Ons ervaar die rente van julle belegging.

Toe Theuns Botha in Mei 2012 die leierskap neerlê het, hy gesê: “A good leader needs to know when to arrive and when to leave.” He sent a subtle message that a leader should not be a president for life. Presidents that cling to power for life, often turn into toxic leaders”

I have worked very closely with Theuns Botha since 2007 when he and Piet Pretorius, recruited me into the Democratic Alliance. I have learned alot from him and want to thank him for his leadership role in the D.A.

Likewise, I want to thank the Mosselbay Constituency for nominating me for the position of Party Leader. Special thanks go to Oom Hannes Bouwer, Gerald Morkel, Gerrit van Rensburg, Marie Ferreira and Harry Levendal. I will fail in my duty if I don’t thank my father, Piet Meyer, my wife, Faeza Meyer and my family for their support. I also want to thank all my staff, especially my advisor, Adv Estienne Pretorius.

Delegates, today I stand before you, in humility and accept the position of Leader of the Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape. Leadership is not a position in the Democratic Alliance. I accept that leadership is a responsibility. By electing me at this Congress, you are giving me a responsibility. I understand that responsibility is to:

1.Help to gain 30% of the national vote in 2014
2.Increase our electoral base from 51% to 60% in 2014. (retain the Western Cape Province) and
3.Support our campaign to win either Gauteng or Northern Cape.

These are not only the national goals of the Democratic Alliance for 2014. It is also part of my leadership responsibilities.

It is against this background that I, deliver my acceptance speech with the theme:

Let us work
Kom ons werk

In the tradition of the Democratic Alliance, I will not have any celebration party after my election. I will start immediately to give effect to my project: Masisebenze (Let us work, kom ons werk).

Again, unlike the ANC, we make no new plans, we have a plan, we have our goals approved by the Federal Council of the Democratic Alliance. It is my responsibility as the newly elected leader to deliver the Western Cape in 2014 with a bigger electoral result. My target is to gain 60% of the electoral vote in 2014. I am both optimistic and confident that we could achieve this. Judging, the results of the recent bi-elections – one thing is clear: the voter base is shifting. It is shifting towards a party that delivers. It is shifting towards a Party that is not corrupt! It is shifting to a Party that protects the rights of the individual. It is shifting to a Party that is truly non-racial. The electoral vote is shifting towards a party that cares for the poor. It is shifting towards a Party that elects people who are fit for purpose. The vote is shifting towards a party that gives opportunities for the youth. It is shifting to a Party that is the best run government in South Africa. Just yesterday, Minister van Rensburg informed me that the Department of Agriculture in the Western Cape was nominated the best Agriculture Department in South Africa.

Delegates and supporters of the Democratic Alliance, this week a DA councillor came to my office and told me that voters are now seeing the DA as really the party of the future.

Dames en Here, dit is nie net die stembasis wat aanskuif nie. Dit is die politieke landskap in Suid-Afrika wat aanbeweeg. Die leier het reeds verwys na die politieke herskikking wat in Suid-Afrika besig is om te gebeur. Ons staan voor interessante tye. Die politiek van die magstaat (d.i. ANC) moet eenvoudig plek maak vir die politiek van die “rechtstaat”. Die politieke herskikking van Suid Afrika gaan vereis dat ons nuwe horisonne sal moet ontdek, en paradigmas moet verander.

Dames en Here, met die politieke herskikking in Suid Afrika gaan die Wes-Kaap nie stilsit en sien hoe Suid-Afrika onder die ANC verval nie. Die DA in Wes-Kaap gaan die politieke wil openbaar om die groter DA projek van die leier te ondersteun, omdat ons nou Suid-Afrika moet red van die hyena kultuur van die ANC.

Delegates, we in the Western Cape:

1.Accept that the political discourse is now beyond the Western Cape.
2.Believe the discourse is now about the future of South Africa.
3.Will promote the new political narrative that is emerging in South Africa: A narrative that sees a new government in the Union Building by 2019 or earlier.
4.Will promote unity in diversity.
5.Will make the DA more attractive to our targeted communities.
6.Will intensify our campaigns to defend the Constitution of South Africa.

Yesterday, I sat next to Patricia de Lille at the Federal Executive meeting. One lesson I have learned from her is that you must defend the Constitution with your whole life. Two months ago, I spoke to Bonginkosi Madikizela and he said to me don’t make new plans – we have a DA Manifesto. As a leader you must take good advice. I will be defending our constitution and give effect to the DA electoral manifesto. I will do so because the:

Constitution protects the rights of individuals and prevent power abuse;
DA Manifesto offer opportunities to all the Voters
(Show the posters of the Constitution and DA Manifesto)

Delegates, in the recent months, we have seen an attack on our Constitution. Dr Mamphele Ramphele recently wrote: “Our democracy hangs in the balance.” She argues that the principle of the rule of law is a critical building block in pursuit of the concept of constitutionalism.

Mamphele Ramphele directs or attention to the role of you as a citizen. She argues and rightfully so that: “Citizens as stewards of this democracy need to stand up and defend the foundations of our constitutional democracy before it is to late.”

The DA is standing up, that’s why we took President Zuma to the Constitutional Court about the appointment of Menzi Simelane as National Director of Public Prosecution. The Constitutional Court ruled in favour of the DA. Paul Hoffman of the Institute of Accountability in Southern Africa puts it this way: “The Simelane judgement is a big win for constitutionalism, the rule of law and for the Democratic Alliance. The loosers are Zuma, Radebe and Simelane.”

The DA is both an effective party and an efficient government. As for the Party in the Western Cape I have 5 goals.

Goal 1:Increase our voter base
Goal 2:Increase our DA visibility in every street, in every community and in every town in the Western Cape.
Goal 3:Prioritise the safety of our citizens in the Province.
Goal 4:Develop a young leaders programme for our Province
Goal 5:Win the 2014 provincial election and the 2016 local government
election with greater majorities, than in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

As a party in Government, I have the following five goals:

Goal 1:Continue to govern well and to expand our governance footprint.
Goal 2:Direct our resources to reduce poverty and inequality.
Goal 3:To implement the 8% economic growth project where we govern.
Goal 4:Increase our service delivery, focusing on basic services, infra-structure and maintenance programmes.
Goal 5:Create opportunities for people to improve their quality of life.

Strategies, goals, plans and targets are political tools to achieve success. The DA, under our leader, Helen Zille has proved our strength in governance and service delivery. Our electoral machine is equally well resourced. Just go to our bi-elections and you will see the steel of our Party. You will see the operational excellence. The steel of our Party is important, because it delivers the results on the ground.

South Africa is a complex plural society and the DA’s responds to this is our project R2D2.
People are now used to the steel of the Party, we must now offer them the soul of the Party. It is not a matter of the steel or the soul of the Party, it is both the steel (efficiency) and the soul (compassion) of the party.

Our reconciliation agenda is to promote the soul of the Party. It is to demonstrate our social compassion and our caring culture. It is to create cultural warmth in the Western Cape.
Our paralympic athletes of the Western Cape created cultural warmth in South Africa with their performance during the 2012 Paralympic Games in London. In this week Premier Zille returned cultural warmth by removing the photos of politicians in her media room and replace it by the Western Cape gold medalist at the Paralympic games in London 2012.

The past weekend, I attended the Khayelitsha Recreational Festival offered by the City of Cape Town. It was a celebration for our sport boys and girls. The cultural warmth was visible. Likewise, I also experiencee cultural warmth during the Mosselbay cultural and sport festival this year.

Die adjunk-president Mothlante het tydens sy erfenistoespraak in Upington verwys na die kulturele warmte wat hy ervaar het toe die Stellenbosch Universiteitskoor in Xhosa en Sotho gesing het. Hy het met groot lof gepraat oor sy ervaring van kulturele warmte in Stellenbosch.

Dames en Here ons moet voortgaan om deur middel van die staal (doeltreffendheid) en die siel (deernis) die DA te bevorder.

Honourable delegates, friends and colleagues, the DA belongs to its members, branches, constituencies and regions. It is my plan to visit every constituency within the next 24 months. We will increase our accountability and feedback to our communities and we will make ward committees work. We will establish more DA branches. I will visit all the DA Student Organisations (DASO) on campusses.

In the weeks to come; we will constitute our AGM’s, elect new branch leaderships based on our audited membership. I will soon meet with the newly elected provincial executive council, visit the west, east and metro regional council structures of the DA. My message to them will be simple:

Let us work
Laat ons werk

The DA Western Cape’s strategy is clear
The goals are clear
The plan is clear
The destination is clear
The voters are clear
The DA is clear
Die DA is duidelik

Die DA is duidelik want ons bied hoop: We offer hope; Sininika ithemba

Hope stands for:
H – Higher
O – Opportunites for
P – People to
E – Excell

The DA offers hope, higher opportunities for people to excel.

Hope translated in isiXhosa is “ithemba”.

Ithemba not only refers to hope, but in isiXhosa it also means trust. Because the DA offers hope, real hope, the voters are now trusting the DA.

In conclusion

Let us work
Laat ons werk

Dankie, enkosi, (masenetoze), thank you very much.

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6 thoughts on “Ivan Meyer’s speech at the DA’s WC Congress

  1. Danie Craven het by geleentheid gese, “Looks at the scoreboard!” Looks ‘n bietjie na die DA se scoreboard hier in Plett. Rule of Law, Constitutionality, Good government, R2D2, wykskommittees, wykstakke… did alles mooi woorde en konsepte wat hulle in werklikheid in hulle dag to dag lewe bogger all aan steur en daar is nie ‘n kat se kans dat dit in die toekoms sal verander nie. Ek dink hulle het ‘n moerse surprise aan die kom in 2016 se verkiesing. Nes die ANC, dink en praat die DA asof ons hulle ons stemme skuld en hulle selfs met blatante swak gedrag en afwykings moet voor gestem word. Woordjie in jou oor Mister DA, daar is ‘n onafhanklike beweging, wat die direkte gevolg is van DA slapgattigheid en leuens, wat julle lelik gaan hap in die nabye toekoms. En dit gaan die DA manne van imbors wees wat daarby betrokke raak. Watch maar!!

  2. Ivan, put your money where your mouth and cheap talk came from
    Please make a public undertaking that if you do not comply with the promises in your inaugural speech, judged by an independent to be agreed upon, that you will resign immediately and pay back your salary till Oct 2012.

    Lets now se how “cheap’ your promises are.
    My guess is you wont even have the decency to respond which in turn is more than enough of an answer to the constituents of Bitou and ODN.

    Ball in your court and Hannes sure to pass this challenge on to you !

  3. Ek hoop die belofte van wykskomitees en wykstakke word waar want dit is waar die storie begin, op grondvlak.

  4. Colin -wil met jou saamstem, dit is om van naar te raak, belofte, beloftes en nogmaal beloftes, g’n wonder die DA mik om nou agtergeblewe kiesers te werf wat hulle leuens en beloftes glo nie. SIES !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ek kon nie verder as die eerste paragraaf lees nie toe begin ek opgooi in my mond. Hoeveel keer het ons nie al dit gehoor nie? Ek sien in my geestesoog die ou verfkwassie en potjie heuning wat gesmeer en gesmeer word. My hart gaan uit aan al die arme mense wat die nonsens moes aanhoor en ‘n reguit gesig deurentyd hou, ek weet ek sou nie kon nie. Bye-bye DA, bye-bye ANC, welkom Onafhanklike.

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