Independents take Bitou Ward 2 by storm

Local politics reinvented!?

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Oudtshoorn. 13 October 2012. 07h15. There has been widespread reaction to the announcement yesterday (see report at 12 October below) of an independent primary to decide the candidate to oppose the DA in ward 2, Bitou.

Hardy Mills and Drewan Baird also assured ward 2 voters that all independent candidates who subscribe to the finality of the primary result and the recall policy are welcome to participate in the primary on October 23.

Chairman of the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance Len Swimmer, said:

“We are going the same way and taking the same path as you have done and we look forward very keenly to see the results of your Ward 2 Local Government by-elections in December at Bitou. Please keep in contact with me and let us know of your progress. If we can help in any way we certainly will.”

Die voorsitter van die Nasionale Belastingbetalersunie, Jaap Kelder, het só gereageer:

“Ons vertrou dat die inwoners van Plettenbergbaai genoeg verstand sal hê om die politiek partye met die rondte uit te skop.

“Neem net waar hoe die twee onafhanklike kandidate eers op ‘n openbare vergadering ‘n nominasie stryd moet voer. Die publiek het dus ‘n goeie geleentheid om tussen die twee te kies. Let weld it is ook plaaslike inwoners en nie candidate van buite die dorp nie.

“Sou die onafhanklike kandidaat die wyk wen sal hy direk aan die INWONERS verantwoordelik wees en nie aan een of ander politiek party se hoofkantoor nie. Neem ook kennis dat die suksevolle kandidaat deur die inwoners verwyder kan word indien hy nie volgens die wense van die inwoners optree nie.

“Sou dit dalk die eerste swaeltjie van ‘n komende somer wees?”

‘n Vooraanstaande politieke funksionaris en administrateur, wat vir die huidige annoniem sal bly, laat weet:

“Jy weet toe die ANC toelaat dat die vorige Nasionale Apartheid Regime Party by die ANC aansluit, toe raak hulle net so korrup en sleg soos die voor 1994 regering! In die 1960’s het ons die slogan gehad POWER TO THE PEOPLE en die independants kan dit weer laat gebeur sodat DEMOKRASIE weer tot sy reg kom!”

Oudtshoorn. 12 October 2012. 14h55.

Joint media release by Hardy Mills and Drewan Baird

No embargo

Plettenberg Bay – Friday, 12 October 2012; 14h00

By-election: Bitou; Ward 2 – Local politics reinvented

The by-election in Ward 2, on December 5, is already dominated by an anticipation of independent candidates to join the race.
Two candidates have emerged and will contest a primary election by the registered voters of Ward 2 on Tuesday, October 23.
The candidates will address voters in a joint public meeting where they will also reply to published questions and take questions from the floor.
The meeting will conclude with a closed ballot to elect the candidate.
This real democratic process exposes the flippant appointment of candidates by political parties, based, for the most, on the candidate’s party allegiance and a leadership expectation of control over the candidate.
Political parties appoint candidates that they can control and dismiss those who don’t carry out instructions – even instructions that may be harmful to ratepayers and residents.
The political parties give voters no choice but to elect their representatives from a list forced upon them and they have to accept that a distant political decision can and will remove their choice of representative without even being consulted.
That the management abuse and financial dereliction of the ANC and the DA councils have alarmed residents and ratepayers and damaged Bitou over the past several years, are undisputed.
Francois Geldenhuys and Johann Brummer are two independents that stand for a renewal in local politics where the residents call the shots and not some distant political party leader.
In a show of how democracy can be made to empower people, the candidates will present a unified front by accepting the primary result and having the winner progress to challenge the DA on December 5.
The independent candidate, to be determined by the voters of Ward 2, will subscribe to a recall policy.
This means that voters can recall the independent at any time after December 5 and before the next election if they are not satisfied with his performance as a councillor. The independent will be obliged to resign the seat and another by-election will be held.
A vote for a democratically appointed independent candidate can not “split the vote” in favour of one or another political party, as the ANC (which received only 95 votes in Ward 2 on May 18 last year) will probably not contest the ward leaving the contest one between the DA’s Cape Town appointed candidate and an Independent appointed by the people of Ward 2.
The DA and the ANC have had their chances – over and over and over and yet again… It’s time for change; it’s time for the ratepayers and the residents to do the job themselves, the job the DA and the ANC so very obviously can’t do.
The winner of the December 5 by-election in Ward 2 will hold the balance of power in the council.
The independent candidates believe this balance of power belongs in the hands of the voters; the ratepayers; the residents – that such power should be held by the people of Bitou and not by a political party.
December 5 is an opportunity for the people of Bitou to show the entire country what democracy means and how democracy can revive and sustain our land if it is entrusted to the people directly.
“It’s your town. It’s your money. It’s your life. It’s your future. Control it yourself.”

Issued by DBC

Media enquiries:
Hardy Mills on 082 894 8223; Drewan Baird on 082 354 2050

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11 thoughts on “Independents take Bitou Ward 2 by storm

  1. Ek like dit sterk. Onafhanklike raadslede wat nie instruksies vat van mannetjies wat in die Kaap sit en skuiwe maak om hulle self en hulle vriende te bevoordeel nie. Ons wil nie meer stem vir ‘n ou wat deur gesiglose mense iewers anders gekies is namens ons nie. Laat ons vroeg in die game al sien wie beskikbaar is, op daai manier WEET ons waarvoor ons ons in laat.

    ‘n Onafhanklike kandidaat moet net dit wees, ONAFHANKLIK!! Nie ‘n lid van een of ander groep wat hom ondersteun nie, dan is hy NIE onafhanklik nie.

    Ons moet oppas Boys. Ons moet kyk na wie die ding KAN doen. Dit help nie ons gaan na ‘n gunfight met ‘n mes nie. En glo my, om die gemors wat hierdie dorpie in sit as gevolg van wanbestuur en buitebelange gaan ‘n gunfight wees.

  2. Ek is ‘n ou DA supporter maar ek sal te skaam wees om DA te stem op 5 Desember. Hierdie primary vote en veral die recall is ‘n briljante skuif! Wie kan daarmee stry?

  3. Baie bly om te sien jou “skoon regering” loop ook verder, Drewan… Tot op skoolvlak! Respek.

  4. Hierdie primary & recall ding het die DA baie onkant gevang! OO, jy laat dit weer gons hier in die Kaap! Die mense wat OO “nie lees nie” is veral bekommerd!

  5. Like any big organisation, it’s Top Structure needs information from the grass route to make decisions. So if things don’t go well in Bitou and Oudtshoorn we first look at our local politicians and Caucus. If they are feeding false/wrong information into the system, you get serious problems. How do we fix it? Take back the control of your own town. Vote for people who are not “On the pay-role’ of a political party and are not given any freedom in desision making. Vote for an Independent who is directly responsible to the electorate and not a political party.
    Come on Bitou lets show the whole of SA how a “Serious problem” can be fixed by Residents who have woken up.

  6. Guys i think you are all on the right path. The big majority of us living and working in Plett are not Politicians, and pray God never want to be Politicians, we are merely residents who live and work here and yearn for a well run town and booming economy with our and our guests safety being guaranteed. That is why this is like a breath of fresh air, to think that at last we might have a candidate who is truly concerned about Plett and its people and will lead in a way that will make us all proud, not for power and money, nor for revenge. Lets stand together and really make a difference, where there is a will there is a way

  7. Well said, Hardy!

    Bitou Ward 2 can be a watershed in South African local politics. The opportunity to make democracy work at grass roots level is overwhelming.

    I have lost all respect for the ANC since Jacob.

    I have no faith left in the DA having considered the party’s track record in Oudtshoorn and Bitou.

    If Hardy and I can work together towards a common goal, we all can do it!

    Bitou Ward 2 is there for the voters to reinvent local politics in SA… And save SA from politicians.

  8. Although I realize that I will open myself up to attack and ridicule by responding to the comment from Corruption Killer, I cannot resist the temptation to respond thereto. Please take note that I have not jumped ship. I still believe in the ANC‘s constitution and core values. My problem is that it is not executed by the current leadership in the Western Cape. I have raised numerous concerns and harshly criticized the ANC in the last year or so through our internal structures to the point where I was almost expelled out of the party. I eventually came to the cruel realization that politics was, is and will always remain the same. It’s a mere game of power and money and we are all being misled and used for other goals and purposes. We are all mere pawns in a game of chess played by very powerful people who don’t play by any set of rules we are accustomed to. No political party really cares for us; they only care about our votes. Those politicians, who do care for us seldom last, like for instance my friend Lulama Mvimbi. I have witnessed firsthand the corruption and “gang rape” being committed by the Oudtshoorn and Bitou municipalities in the last year or so and am sickened by what I have seen. I am prepared to speak out despite the financial implications and suffering which my family is being subjected to. That’s where I found common ground with my previous arch enemy Drewan Baird. I realized that our common grounds exceed our differences. My wife jokingly said she thinks that the reason why we get along so well is because we are both assholes, and perhaps she’s right, but so let it be. I know full well that we are not in complete agreement with all the questions, but I never detected in him the slightest taint of self-interest, other than the self-interest of which we are all guilty of when we are striving for the victory of causes which we believe to be right.

  9. Well Done JB, I hope Bitou’s Madam is quaking in her boots. The Bitou’s Teagirls/Sheep are wondering around like lost Er Sheep at the moment. The funny thing is the ANC/JEF releasing this statement. Has Hardy jumped ship also? Not that it matters. Please JB, we are waiting to assist with D2D in your ward to educate your electorate to how exactly the DAcievers operate. If reports are correct, Mr Craig appointed the candidate with no official interviews/college. DAmocracy SOP’s. BTW DA, Why was the the IT tender cancelled again? Was it to extend the backhanders for another year without quoting?

  10. Well said OO !!
    Bredell sweet nou sy agterent af en Zille sal binnekort aan die gille gaan
    Wat n vernedering as hul die een sou verloor
    Die publiek en ONAFHANKLIKES moet nou FLATOUT GAAN om al die DA se Rampe, skandale en Wavelengths OOR EN OOR uit te bassuin en Rip v Winkel BREDELL uitdaag om bietjie die gemak van sy kantoortie te verlaat en n publieke PAKSLAE op Bitou the kom face ! Die DA se tyd vir korrupsie en toesmeerdery is verby. Tuli Madonsella moet terselfdertyd ook uitgenooi word om DA gemors te kom OOPKRAP, – dit sal die Wyk 2 se oe laat oopgaan

    Enige segoed Hannes ? Jou bedanking sal net jou eie integriteit en ware demokrasie in ere herstel – die besluit is joune !!

  11. What democracy in Bitou come on! Amazing stuff , the DAceivers screwed DAmocracy in Plett, well done Jb, go for it! Vote for him! Then we shall raise the informal areas to vote under a umbrella party, a Bitou party, go!
    Littlejohn out! Im DAceived no more!

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