Mnyimba ignores council

Mnyimba, Mnyimba, Mnyimba… So very typically ANC

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Oudtshoorn. 11 October 2012. 23h15.

Physicians of the Utmost Fame
Were called at once; but when they came
They answered, as they tooks their fees,
There is no cure for this disease.

A couple of people, speaking with a certain what-is-it in their voices, which made me realise that if they were not actually disgruntled, they were far from being gruntled** gathered in front of the main entrance to Verwoerd Sq at around 21h30.

Some of them told me that they wanted (the illicit MM Thandekile) Mnyimba out.

Mnyimba was upstairs in his office.

I called him three times on his cell phone. The first time I got a busy signal; the last two times no reply.

If I did not know better I’d have thought Mnyimba does not want to talk to me!

How dares Mnyimba!? Not talking to OO is the suposed prerogative of the DA!

When he first learned the High Court verdict ruling his appointment ab initio null and void, Mnyimba had sangomas over in his office – in some farcical display attempting to undo reason by throwing chicken bones about and mumbling insensibly.

I sms’d Mnyimba at 21h49: “He-he-he. Get sangomas, Mnyimba. Get some voodoo. Ha-ha-ha! Throw some bones!”

What a joke. People identifying themselves as NPP members who probably voted for the ANC now wants the ANC/NPP/Icosa appointed Mnyimba out.

Ye gods and faeries.

I do believe it’s over. We’ve lost. The morons rule.

* Hilaire Belloc, French-born English poet and writer, Cautionary Tales, ‘Henry King’.

** With apologies to PG Wodehouse.

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2 thoughts on “Mnyimba ignores council

  1. I want to mention the following three incidents which played out in Bitou. Although the topic of magic and sangomas (witch doctors) are readily joked about I can assure you it’s no laughing matter for the people who believe in it (look what happened in Marikana). Memory Booysen “blessed” the Plett council chambers with his sangoma before the commencement of the very first council meeting in June last year. The ANC vehemently objected to this, but unfortunately for the wrong reason; if Memory’s sangoma can bless the chamber, the ANC must also be allowed to bless it with their sangoma! The rest is history and we all know where this meeting ended up and the millions we the tax payers had to fork out for legal costs in sorting out the politicians egos. The second incident happened over the weekend where people in the township developed a great fear and anxiety for Memory Booysen’s witchcraft powers because he “toored” the late Charles Dreyer because of a recent argument the two had. It is common knowledge that Memory underwent a ritual where a songoma cut his head and rubbed a special muti in the wounds “to protect his head” against outside influence and manipulation by his opponents. Have you notices the scars on his head? He consults on a weekly basis with his two local songomas who has a ring of songomas nationally combining their “powers” to assist and protect him. Memory also refused to use the previous mayor’s office out of fear of curses which might be placed there. Although this all seems very weird to many of us, please don’t take it lightly, it is very real!

  2. Moral values are like clothes; they not only cover our negative aspects but also develop our personality, thats why Mnyimba, the cANCer and DAcievers are standing in their birthday suits.

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