Us too, Anton! Us too!

Bredell intervenes in Swellendam…

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 11 October 2012. 05h55. The national CoGTA minister, Richard Baloyi, is meeting this morning with the local government MEC’s after his schedule demanded the conference be moved forward from the original date, tomorrow.

The Western Cape minister, Anton Bredell, and Baloyi will meet seperately on Swellendam.

But what about Oudtshoorn!?

That the ANC fouled up beyond even its lowly expectation of governmental incompetence is a given.

That the DA opposition, and the DA provincial government, have done little but watch (and “monitor”) the gang rape is equally real.

The DA has objected to the assualt, and has assured all that if ever it wins a date with violated maid Oudtshoorn it will refrain from continuing the attack.

But n-o-t-h-i-n-g is d-o-n-e.

And I, for one, is sick and tired of politicians asking me, and us, what we expect them to do.

Fix it, or make way for someone who can.


Oudtshoorn. 10 October 2012. 08h10. On Monday Swellendam councillors Swart, Libazi, Pietersen and Matthysen called a council meeting and appointed one MC Steenkamp Municipal Manager as the s139 intervention by Anton Bredell, to extend the term of acting MM Nico Nel, was disapproved by the national minister of CoGTA.

Anton! You old rascal you! I thought it was “impossible” to intervene ito s139!

But obviously nothing will stand in the way of doing the right thing for someone with your energy and intelligence and resolve and ingenuity, Anton!

You’re the m-a-n, Anton!

But believe you me, Anton: Someone impersonating you told me many times that intervention is not possible.

You need to find this imposter Anton, before he makes more trouble!

Not only is this döppelganger a threat to your ministry, Anton, he’s also a dumb ass!

Bredell informed the Swellendam mayor, Nicholas Myburgh (DA) that the “council meeting” was illegal…

To cut a very long story very short, the long and the short of the matter is that Bredell and the national minister will meet on Friday to discuss Swellendam’s woes.

What about a mention of Oudtshoorn, Anton!?

Oudtshoorn: A town some 400km North-Westerly-ish of Cape Town. Take the N1 to Worcester; Anton; turn right at the traffic lights where the gardens are to the left and you can hardly miss us.

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4 thoughts on “Us too, Anton! Us too!

  1. Please, can someone not URGENTLY get a message to the national minister OF CoGTA or have a confidante whisper in his ear about Oudtshoorn before the meeting today???? Even he will be flabergasted at the disaster called local government in Oudtshoorn (the last post of ingnorance of government, disrespect and contempt of court, the Constitutution and EVERYTHING local government stands for (from the ANC Council, the DA leadership devoid of any crown jewels right through to Anton Bredell).

  2. I wish Anton Goosen could come to ODN and then lead us al in song “Kruitjie roer my nie” as Anton Bredell enters die poorte van Verwardplein. Afterwards we can show him THE PAMPOENE OP DIE DAK and DIE PAMPOENE in the muicipal buildings……maybe it all turns into a fairy tail after the stroke of midnight and we all live happily ever after, The end.

  3. Rip v Winkel, alias Anton se wenkbrou lig, asof Swellendam hom aant wakker maak is.
    Is dit Swellendam wat hom uit sy beswyming laat ontwaak het, of het Zille hom die Riot Act gelees agv skade wat hy “slaap alleen’ aan die DA veroorsaak ?

    Is ODN volgende in sy visier of dalkies Bredell se finale afdanking ?
    Tyd sal leer kom ons kyk wat kom eerste ?
    Hannes, tyd raak min ou knaap en jou integriteit word erg bevraagteken onder al ODN se totale politieke onbekwames. Is jy met ‘hulle’ of die bree publiek ?

    Make your stance, this is a public challenge ! Is Bredell going to go first, or you, because its the right thing to do, in your case. Or will you both eventually leave ?
    The clock is ticking !!

  4. If he does not intervene in Oudtshoorns’ affairs the DA can forget about getting any votes from its current constituents in the next election

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