DA candidate for ward 2

Within 48 hours of Charles Dreyer’s death…

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Oudtshoorn. 8 October 2012. 17h00. The DA already has a candidate in the vacant ward 2 – 48 hours only after the death of Charles Dreyer.

It’s Wayne Craig.

And the by-election is on December 5.

Craig owns the restaurant Off the hook and is the son of Malcolm Craig, owner of Robberg Fisheries.

Wayne is popular with the younger Plett group and it is expected that daddy’s influence and connections can be rather useful.

Malcolm is close to DA constituency head, Donald Grant.

I wonder whether the absent DA leaders will now converge on Plett!?

I wonder whether the so many issues raised by Johann Brummer and ignored by the DA will now be addressed?

I wonder whether the voters will allow the DA to trick them into supporting a party that has stabbed them in the back?

It’s a nervous lot, is the DA in Plett.

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9 thoughts on “DA candidate for ward 2

  1. Where is democracy in Bitou DA? No interviews no voting just appoint who Donald and Liz want, is this not how the mafia is run? The poor man has not even been laid to rest yet, very poor taste.

    I do hope JB runs in the byelection and brings out all their rubbish. The DA and ANC have ruined Plett, they care more about power and money, screw the poor and the running of our town. Time for people to wake up and start a Bitou peoples party and stuff the big two!

    Do not be DAceived!

  2. Also remember Johan is a loose canon and Bitou’s Julius Malema.I dont know if he has all the support behind him.He can only split the DA vote and give the ANC a chance.With the coalition nearly two years in the driving seat,Cope might also do well,if they contest.We will have to watch and see.

  3. For some reason I know Brummer will not let this opportunity pass. He might not win, but he will take a sizeable stake in this pie. Remember Brummer is single-handedly responsible for the DA ruling this town today.

    I am not a DA member and personally have no feelings in who must contest and win.

  4. I agre that Brummer should stand yes, if he will win is another question? Has he ever won a ward while he was a cllr?

  5. Off course somebody will stand against the DA, and they will most probably win if taken into account the performance Bitou residents have had to accept from present and past politicians. Lack of dedication, service, honesty and just genuine no interest in the town, its all been for power and self gain. somebody get out there and do us proud, if you have a REAL calling stand, win, don’t sign any coalition and always make honest decisions in the interest of our town you will be a hero

  6. But as this is a “safe” DA ward……..will anybody stand against the DA’s candidate?

  7. Why not someone’s domestic this time? Perhaps now that there’s only “darkies” left in the Bitou DA council they turn to the “whities”, now that they actually need their votes. I hope that the old faithful DA voter will not be fooled again this time around, I know I won’t. However, and realistically, the voters are begging the DA – “lie to us (again), I promise; I’ll believe you (again).” Old habits die hard.

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