Council meeting: on or off!? Yawn

Who knows what the moronarchy will conjure next!

News with intent!

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Oudtshoorn. 8 October 2012.

16h55. The DA councillors displayed some balls this afternoon when Moron Pieter Luiters (ANC) proposed the idiotic motion that a legal opinion be obtained, seconded by Moron Vlancio Donson (Icosa) and supported by all the Morons from the ANC… And the chief Moron, Johannes Stoffels of the NPP.

The DA forced a head count in opposing the moronic decision to revoke Resolution 60.100/07.2012.

How many “opinions” (at five figures or therabouts apiece, mind) do the Morons want!?

What happened to the socalled “dissident six”!?

My ANC allies call today’s fiasco “treason”.

Don’t talk to me about “honourable” ANC councillors standing for “clean government”!

What a sick joke.

The ANC: Not to be trusted. Period.

Can’t help wondering what would have happened if Friday’s meeting went ahead – if Dianne de Jager did her bloody job.

She should be fired.

15h40. Mnyimba is out for 60 days.

The illicit MM is on special leave; CFO Deon Lott is acting as MM.

Council decided that a legal opinion on Mnyimba’s status, and by definition, on the merit of the appeal against the 1 June High Court verdict ruling Mnyimba’s contract ab initio null and void, must be tabled within 10 days.

If the opinion determines that the appeal is suspect, council be, apparently, have Mnyimba vacate his office. If the opinion supports the appeal… Who knows what council will do!?

This is a moronic decision by morons. And it took hours to effect!

It’s been more than four months since the 1 June verdict, and NOW an opinion will be sought!?

This is simply time wasting.

This is simply money wasting – ratepayer money.

What a bunch of doofuses!

14h35. Nobody seems gto know exactly what is happening in the council chamber at this time.

The ANC was reported to have had a caucus meeting and it is believed that council is still officially in commitee.

It’s ratepayer money that’s at stake, and nobody knows what the councillors are up to.

Nd it is certainly not as if the councillors can be trusted with our goodwill!

Speak up, morons!

12h53. While “special leave” is considered for Mnyimba – at exorbitant cost to ratepayers – OO has learned that Anton Bredell instructed the DA caucus to be proactive and not to rely on the November 1 High Court action.

Readers will remember that the DA’s constituency head, Jac Bekker, said after Friday’s meeting that never was that the best option was to wait on the High Court ruling.

So… What happened to the “deal” that would have seen Resolution 60.100/07.2012 effected?


O, also on the table was the curbing of Gordon April’s delegated powers.


11h35. OO is not covering the council meeting in real-time for two reasons:

1. I am not allowed inside the municipal building, courtesy of the illicit Municipal Manager, Thandekile Mnyimba – so I obviously can not report on something about which I do not have any data;

2. What is to be reported, anyhow!? Whatever is decided won’t necessarily be effected in any event!

Bear in mind that the DA has not raised a sound in objecting to the illegal ban!

Also bear in mind that the DA leadership has instructed the local caucus, and the party’s media management not to reply to my probing questions on DA mismanagement.

No difference.

Yet I am getting text message from the chamber – if something dramatic happens; I’ll let ya’all know…

06h15. There is an expectation that Thandekile Mnyimba will be gone today.

But it’s up to 25 clowns to decide – on our behalf!

So don’t expect too much.

Hopefully all are aware of the possibility of a meeting, and hopefully all will attend.

That, my dear longsuffering readers, is probably the best that can be reasonably expected from our council.

Anything more is a bonus – an unexpected one.


Oudtshoorn. 8 October 2012.

19h15. Ye gods and faeries! The DA caucus is leaking like a sieve! The first sign of discontent. Always!

Hard words fell during the discussion this morning on Wessie van der Westhuizen’s absence Friday.

Is Dianne de Jager still caucus chair!?

But of course.


OO appears, finally, to have solved this mystery.

Watch this space.

Heck, when 5 out of 11 members of a caucus under strict injunction not to speak to me call me of their own volition…

There’s no discipline whatsoever!

Only the Cope gut seems altogether happy. And why not? He’s got a cushy Eden Mayco job – not even a Damascus experience will move him!

15h25. There is an ordinary council meeting scheduled for 10h00 tomorrow.

Whether it will take place is a mystery.

OO can confirm that there was yet another last minute agreement between the ANC and the NPP on Friday afternoon, to postpone a decision on Resolution 60.100/07.2012 determining Mnyimba’s presence.

Tomorrow the agenda for the August meeting, which never took place, will be followed, with the Speaker due to “carry in” the motion to ratify and give effect to Resolution 60.100/07.2012.

The DA caucused at 09h00 this morning to consider the absence on Friday of Wessie van der Westhuizen which caused the special council meeting to collapse.

The DA caucus will reconvene tomorrow at 08h00 to prepare for the 10h00 meeting of the morons.

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6 thoughts on “Council meeting: on or off!? Yawn

  1. A legal opinion is just an opinion and it all depends on who will be instructed by whom (Patel/Korabie?). And the opion will of course be in favour of keeping Mnyimba. Give the morons more rope!

  2. Is the COPE councilor worth his paycheck red/ed?…….or is he just there for the monthly check to cope through the month?

  3. Nou wie het nou eintlik drooggemaak? Wessie wat nie opgedaag het by die vergadering nie, of Diane wat nie toegesien het dat al haar troepe persoonlik kennis kry van hierdie waterskeiding vergadering nie.

    Wanneer gaan ons die waarheid rondom hierdie skandelike onbevoegdheid hoor?

    En gaan daar nou vir n slag iets gedoen word aan diegene wat so traak-my-nie-agtig die party,en erger nog,Oudtshoorn in die steek laat!

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