19521 Verwoerd Sq

Chaos. Bedlam. Throughmegatherness. The April “Administration”.

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Oudtshoorn. 7 October 2012. 13h25. 19521 Chaos is a cubewano (a classical Kuiper belt object that orbits beyond Neptune and is not controlled by an orbital resonance with Neptune) named after the primeval state of existence in Greek mythology, from which the first gods appeared.

Absolute chaos. The only predictable in Gordon April’s pathetic and blunderous mayorship.

What an unfortunate idiot to have at the helm. Yokel April is so completely and utterly clueless, he makes Anton Bredell look competent. What a slur on local government.

Yet, amazingly, Gordon April is not the greatest schmuck in SA politics!

That meretricious distinction must surely belong to Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga.

Speaking at the opening of the new SA Council of Educators offices in Centurion on Friday, at an event also in commemoration of World Teachers Day, she said:

“Priests disappoint… and even journalists disappoint. But it doesn’t mean journalism is bad. It must be known that the shortage of textbooks is not a crisis nor is it a scandal. Out of the 1.3 million books the department ordered for this year, we did not receive 500 000 of them.”

There is indeed a bigger idiot in government than Gordon April!

I supose the worst thing I can call Gordon April, is “Gordon April”. (With apologies to John Hewson.)

After the mayhem of Friday, there is, apparently, speak of an ordinary council meeting on Tuesday.

Why a special council meeting was necessary Friday when an ordinary one is scheduled for the day after the next business day is unknown.

Maybe there won’t be a council meeting on Tuesday; maybe there will be. Who knows!?

OO has learned that the ANC caucus might have rejected a PEC instruction to ensure Mnyimba stays on as MM.

OO hears that certain ANC councillors are under the impression that Friday afternoon’s special council meeting will be continued Monday morning.

Clueless, the whole damn lot.

What, pray, did Speaker Stoffels do when he excused himself for about 10 minutes from the chamber after prayer on Friday afternoon – during the time that his political boss, Ron Lottering, and ANC Regional Secretary Putco Mpitiza arrived at the municipality together?

Will the DA manage to have all caucus members present during Tuesday’s probable meeting, or will some’s presence be demanded at some congress on the sex ethics of the Spodoptera exempta?

In the mean time it has emerged that Bredell’s Rule 49(11) application and April’s application to have Resolution 60.100/07.2012 set aside will be heard together on November 1.

The DA consituency head, Jac Bekker, says it would be best to wait for that verdict.

Bredell is, so OO learns, “not amused” with Friday’s fiasco and prefers a political solution to a legal one.

Our “leaders” are fools.

The pantheons help us!

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